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URBANREDNEK Posts: 13,578
1/16/20 12:09 A

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What type of "replacement snack products" are you talking about? If you're referring to most "snack-type" baked goods (doughnuts, cookies, cakes, sweet breads), then it really doesn't matter whether they are made with or without gluten: they are all loaded with sugars and fats for addictive flavour!

As mentioned, if you want delicious and healthier versions that meet your need for gluten-free, then you are best to make them yourself - or find a good local bakery that does certified gluten-free goods. I used to keep a gluten-free sourdough starter going, and baked a lot of gluten-free sourdough breads for family members who are sensitive to gluten. While these weren't quite the same in texture or flavour to my usual bakes, they didn't have any added fats or sugars and were delicious in their own way. I often baked muffins and cookies and other desserts for them, too - all with gluten free flours. There are some great recipes to be found on various coeliac blogs, as well as keto / low carb sites, and low FODMAP sites. I never found it necessary to add in extra sugar (usually used pureed strawberries as my main sweetener), and found that the recipes were often easier and faster than traditional grain-based recipes.

While it can be frustrating making changes due to necessity instead of choice, I hope you can get past that and start looking for new options that you really enjoy. I would recommend avoiding "replacement" items - they are never the same and won't live up to your memory of the original. Instead, look for new-to-you choices so that you can appreciate them for what they ARE (and not be annoyed that they aren't "the same").

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1/15/20 6:05 A

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I, too, have family members with gluten sensitivities. Making your own baked goods with non-gluten containing flours works. My dad makes the best Belgian style waffles with buckwheat flour.

And as Kris mentioned, look into non-flour based snacks. I love Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of chia, hemp seeds, or raw cocoa nibs. Cottage cheese is another favorite.

If you really want a gluten free option, I recommend Aldi's Live G Free products, if you have an Aldi near you. Their boxed brownie mix is good! Trader Joe's also has some reasonably priced and tasty gluten free options.

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1/14/20 9:39 P

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My son-in-law has Celiac Disease, and I find I quite enjoy some of his snack foods, which aren't junk. I guess it depends on what type of snack you are wanting and to keep checking the nutrition labels.

Another option for snack foods are
Greek yoghurt (check labels just in case)
hard boiled eggs.

Another option for you is to make your own. There are heaps of gluten free baking options.


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1/14/20 9:19 P

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