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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 31,771
4/1/20 3:36 P

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"The calories that are being shown for me to consume is more than my BMR. How does that work???? "

BMR can be compared to if you are in a coma, minimal calories to keep your body functional.
If you are moving at all, doing activities, exercising.... your body needs fuel to do that.

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,766
3/31/20 6:03 P

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BMR is your base rate of you just being alive. Spark takes your BMR and multiplies by your daily activity factor (usually 1.2) to get the calories that you need to maintain your weight (as you presumably get out of bed, play on the computer, shower and do other basic things to live your life). If your activity tracker is not linked, then 1/7 your exercise goal for the week is added to your BMR with Daily activities. If your trackers are linked, then they add as you add. The your deficit is subtracted and your ranges are 250 cals under that number to 100 cals over that number.
This link fully explains the math.

-google first. ask questions later.

CARRIE640's Photo CARRIE640 Posts: 22
3/31/20 5:45 P

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The calories that are being shown for me to consume is more than my BMR. How does that work???? That would mean I would be eating more than I actually burn if I were to have a day of rest (no cardio). I am not the expert so I am asking!


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