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Another mile or more walking around the Minneapolis VA today. ACIMPEGGY 3 USMAWIFE
11/30/20 6:41 P
Sparked already, but still on my Kindle listening to my favorite country music. The rhythm...the bea ACIMPEGGY 4 SISTERPRETTY
11/27/20 7:11 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 16 NANASUEH
11/27/20 10:26 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 15 NANASUEH
11/27/20 10:26 A
11/26/20 4:28 P
I am increasing reps on my physical therapy routine. They were getting too easy! ACIMPEGGY 2 KITT52
11/18/20 6:20 P
Happy Veteran's Day to all of us who served...and our families! ACIMPEGGY 2 GEORGE815
11/11/20 7:12 P
Gmail is not responding for me. Other email is fine, but Spark ones are in gmail! Strange... ACIMPEGGY 4 MEYERMIRACLE1
11/10/20 5:26 P
Trying out setting the timer to get up and move at least once an hour. Got in an extra 7 minutes of GREYGIN 17 RUNNER11G
11/11/20 9:45 A
Exercise today was miles of walking around the Minneapolis VA for eye exam, shopping and lunch. ACIMPEGGY 2 KATHYJO56
11/6/20 4:16 P
The silliness continues... Hope you are having a Gr8 Day!😊 CATWMNCAT 21 ANGEISBACK
11/7/20 5:45 A
I graduated! Shirt says: Life is good...physical therapy makes it better! ACIMPEGGY 13 CHERRYZMB60
11/3/20 10:12 P
Dinner lentil soup w/ ritz crackers ( not pic ... 1 piece of Dave’s Seed bread w/jiff PB) ENNAZUS176 11 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/2/20 8:47 P
The door frame that made me join the night my hips grazed both sides. The night I said yes to me! Th DOUBLELSMOM 54 NENEBFIT
10/25/20 12:22 A
My therapist keeps adding things to my routine. Today it was a kettle ball! ACIMPEGGY 3 RETAT60
10/22/20 7:50 P
My friend Cheryl & I climbed a 7-story toboggan hill a couple of times, then walked 2.5 miles around NANHBH 27 ROCKYCPA
9/21/20 7:56 P
My butt was kicked today at PT. 1st it was just body weight exercises. Next day they added a resista ACIMPEGGY 6 GEORGE815
9/17/20 7:16 P
Celebrating our 23rd Anniversary!! 💕 BECCAA7742 51 ERIN_POSCH
9/14/20 10:29 A
Hello, mom of 5, all adults, but still working my butt off to not feel my age. I am 53, wife of dear WIFEY90 9 HAZEL2278
9/13/20 10:32 P
eat the rainbow #eattherainbow AZMOMXTWO 5 MWHIGGINS
9/13/20 6:15 P
I attend my second session with the physical therapist tomorrow. I've been doing the exercises he ga ACIMPEGGY 5 MWHIGGINS
9/13/20 6:15 P
Forgot to post this yesterday, which was my offici CATWMNCAT 231 DAVIS414
9/12/20 4:11 P
April 2019 I was I a size 20 dress faking a smile MSMOSTIMPROVED 237 COCOLEAN
9/9/20 12:05 P
AAU Fall Colors game KRYS210 119 KRYS210
9/30/20 2:52 P
Wow! I just measured: Lost 4 inches in my waist and 2 in my hips! ACIMPEGGY 7 FRABBIT
8/31/20 2:14 P
Part of my fitness today was closet cleaning. Have the litter box in the front half of a double door ACIMPEGGY 5 GARDENSFORLIFE
8/26/20 10:32 P
New computer is set up. I'll be Sparking more! ACIMPEGGY 2 GEORGE815
8/18/20 6:45 P
Lost my pc. I am on my phone. New pc coming by Monday. ACIMPEGGY 4 GEORGE815
8/12/20 7:33 P
Back on track with exercise after totaling my car. Will try my strength video tomorrow being gentle ACIMPEGGY 4 GEORGE815
8/11/20 9:25 P
I had a great 74th birthday Saturday, and the presents are still coming. I am so blessed, and not ju ACIMPEGGY 4 ALLYLIZZY
8/4/20 1:42 A
Heard today that my job is ending after this week, but...I have lots of goodie points! Respond on th ACIMPEGGY 8 DEBIGENE
7/29/20 8:47 P
I will be doing PT at home via the internet. Will call for the appointment tomorrow. If it's hot whe ACIMPEGGY 3 GARDENSFORLIFE
7/26/20 5:32 P
Thanks to my son who helped I have a new ride. Hectic day, but good food wise. Happy weekend all! ACIMPEGGY 3 GARDENSFORLIFE
7/24/20 9:54 P
Less pain today, but did too much around here and am feeling it. That's ok, it's progress. Hope you ACIMPEGGY 2 COOP9002
7/18/20 6:56 P
Exercise always feels so good once I start it. It's the getting started that's the issue! ACIMPEGGY 5 GEORGE815
6/18/20 8:15 P
Walked around the Minneapolis VA today for 3 appointments. The place is HUGE! ACIMPEGGY 3 GARDENSFORLIFE
6/16/20 11:06 P
#BeforeAndAfterbeen In a plateau for a long, long time now. Need to increase my physical activity. LEWOODS55 70 ARNETTELEE
6/14/20 7:38 A
Family hiking in Devil’s Lake State Park, Wisconsin. Yes, we hiked all the way from the bottom! REBECCATKD 33 GMACAMI
6/13/20 12:59 A
Finally found the motivation to get healthy. This is the before picture. Looking forward to adding t SCOTTR4031 43 EDWARDS1411
6/10/20 1:03 A
On my plant based diet do I count green beans as a veggie or a legume...or maybe a veggie with a leg ACIMPEGGY 1 ACIMPEGGY
5/26/20 6:30 P
35 minutes on my elliptical exercise bike! ACIMPEGGY 5 GARDENSFORLIFE
5/2/20 8:26 P
Due to someone who went to a local food pantry and wanted to share a BIG bowl of fresh cubed waterme ACIMPEGGY 7 GARDENSFORLIFE
4/24/20 10:36 P
Message Removed CD23951588 202 JAMER123
4/15/20 11:30 P
Please read my important to everyone blog. ACIMPEGGY 2 GEORGE815
4/11/20 6:38 P
I have a very loving family that likes to share. Unfortunately, we have been sharing a yucky stomach LISALISA28 5 ARNETTELEE
3/27/20 7:55 A
Did over 20 minutes on my elliptical exercise bike today...plus cool down stretches. ACIMPEGGY 3 RETAT60
3/26/20 10:48 P
Corned beef and cabbage, hooray! ACIMPEGGY 5 GOOZLEBEAR
3/18/20 10:51 A
DO NOT give in to fear! Stay positive and buy TP! ACIMPEGGY 9 NOLALIJE11
3/15/20 9:41 P
Living in MN in a hilly area, I walk in our huge Walmart! They are moving everything around and conf ACIMPEGGY 5 EVIE4NOW
3/2/20 12:07 A
First day of sunshine. Blizzard last 2 days. Roads closed but finally made it out of the house and t BBBONNIE1 10 MDOWER1
2/29/20 6:28 P
#BeforeAndAfter Down 24lbs today! My shirt is a 4X that only just fit 6Mo ago and now is showing too DEDICATED2ME32 68 ICECUB
3/21/20 4:44 P
Music, dancing, karaoke tonight. If I can...I'm tired! ACIMPEGGY 3 ONEDAY@ATIME1
2/29/20 5:38 P
Message Removed CD25577070 10 _RAMONA
2/23/20 2:17 P
SP says I have 21 days of meditating...I got news for them! I have over 900 days of meditating. Just ACIMPEGGY 4 _RAMONA
2/23/20 12:57 P
Hope all are having a wonderful St Valentine's Day. Please do something special for yourself and/or ACIMPEGGY 4 GOOZLEBEAR
2/15/20 9:08 A
Flu is 95% gone. Now it's time to start my exercise routine again! ACIMPEGGY 1 ACIMPEGGY
2/3/20 6:48 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!! It’s a brand new week and mommas got some goals BUT FI TEXASHSMOMOF3 40 AZMOMXTWO
1/28/20 2:34 P
5 days of flu now and feeling better...on and off. I start a chore and have to give up in the middle ACIMPEGGY 3 CSEGUIN2
1/27/20 7:15 P
This is a motivating post....let me start! My word of the year is accomplish because I am going to k CHERIRODRIGUEZ 26 CLIVECHRISTY
1/25/20 7:14 A
Not much Sparking today. I'm on the 3rd day of the flu and still have a temp. ACIMPEGGY 14 CLIMBOVERARIES
1/25/20 1:13 A
The flu is rampant in my senior apartment building. I am attempting to attract health and vitality. ACIMPEGGY 4 GARDENSFORLIFE
1/22/20 11:46 P
Had to replace my keyboard and mouse, (changing batteries did not work), but I am Sparking on! ACIMPEGGY 2 GARDENSFORLIFE
1/20/20 11:29 P
The links in my SP emails are not working today! ACIMPEGGY 2 BECCAISDOINGIT
1/14/20 7:46 P
Karaoke with the seniors from my building tonight. I'll be dancing the twist (country line dance mov ACIMPEGGY 6 OOLALA53
1/11/20 4:09 P
With exercise and meditation, I feel great! ACIMPEGGY 4 EVIE4NOW
1/7/20 12:28 A
Hey @MIAMI_LILLY - here are some cookies that are really easy to make! LOL DAD_AINT_HIP 40 NANHBH
1/3/20 9:04 P
All we all can do is try...and don't beat ourselves up if we need to start again! ACIMPEGGY 6 GARDENSFORLIFE
1/2/20 11:37 P
12/26/19 11:16 P
Happy Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! ACIMPEGGY 6 MCATLEDGE
12/24/19 10:44 P
I no longer see my total fitness minutes from when I started years ago. Help, please! ACIMPEGGY 1 ACIMPEGGY
12/3/19 7:55 P
Thanksgiving may be over, but we can always find something for which to be grateful...like Spark Peo ACIMPEGGY 13 _RAMONA
12/1/19 2:44 A
Emotion of how you are reaching your goals! SPARKLINGME176 48 SPARKLINGME176
11/3/20 2:25 P
Let's make this team active again!!!!!! JOURNEYWOMYN08 3 ACIMPEGGY
8/21/16 10:00 P
Positive Thinking DEBIGENE 7 ACIMPEGGY
1/20/16 5:48 P
ABC's of Television CJANSEN40 3190 EDWARDS1411
12/2/18 5:44 P