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"Finally, my winter fat is gone. Now I have spring rolls." NANASUEH 28 SPEDED2
3/31/20 11:20 P
Spring is here! LOCKAMENKA 13 ALICIA363
3/29/20 7:36 P
Status report: I have not gone completely off the rails but I have to say the train is slipping on t PAMBROWN62 23 LIZZYMITCH
3/29/20 4:04 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 16 SPEDED2
3/28/20 11:08 P
500 SPARKGOODIE POINTS Today! Woohoo! who wants a goodie? AALLEY2 8 MADEINBRITAIN
3/26/20 5:36 A
It occurred to me that most fast food, convenience food, and packaged snack food is like a virus. It OOLALA53 6 OOLALA53
3/25/20 7:11 P
Best laid plans and all that. I set a 30 day exercise challenge for myself that started on 3/21. Un PAMBROWN62 21 DRINKALOTH2O
3/26/20 9:13 P
The gradtitude jar team leader just inspired me to share. My DD brought the suggestion home. Name di ALICIA363 10 1CRAZYDOG
3/23/20 7:39 P
"Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods." NANASUEH 14 GABY1948
3/24/20 2:31 P
My job closed down today for a minimum of 30 days. I am going to have to stay on top of my eating a PAMBROWN62 13 DRINKALOTH2O
3/22/20 10:54 A
"The Journey is the reward." Chinese Proverb NANASUEH 22 GABY1948
3/21/20 10:07 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 21 GEORGE815
3/20/20 5:24 P
Is having the last 11 teeth extracted today. Wince for me. :) STRIVERONE 14 LIZZYMITCH
3/17/20 9:57 P
I need to get more and better sleep. Any suggestions? ALICIA363 10 GABY1948
3/14/20 3:38 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 22 GABY1948
3/10/20 3:22 P
I enjoyed my day off yesterday. Going for a repeat today. I hope you are enjoying your week as well PAMBROWN62 17 7STIGGYMT
3/5/20 1:12 P
Posted a photo ALICIA363 20 GABY1948
3/5/20 1:52 P
Less caffeine, avoided sugar = better sleep! ALICIA363 3 _RAMONA
3/2/20 3:02 A
A Friday funny...seems simple, doesn’t it. 😆😆😆 PAMBROWN62 24 7STIGGYMT
2/28/20 9:04 P
I had a day over-packed with “must do’s”, and am thankful to have eaten a healthy breakfast of whole 1BEARWIFE 9 PHATPAT18
2/27/20 7:07 A
"Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength." NANASUEH 19 JUDY1676
2/24/20 9:25 P
Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday. I am taking a little hiatus. I have a cataract procedure sc PAMBROWN62 35 1CRAZYDOG
2/19/20 7:18 P
Happy President’s day. If you are off enjoy. If you have to work, like me, I hope you still have a PAMBROWN62 23 7STIGGYMT
2/17/20 1:56 P
Good afternoon, fellow Sparkers. Here we are again with a brand new week. We have 7 new days of on PAMBROWN62 15 _RAMONA
2/11/20 9:21 P
Be patient, be mindful and strive for a harmonious relationship w/your world both inside and out. G 1CRAZYDOG 3 ALICIA363
2/1/20 5:07 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 39 GABY1948
2/1/20 6:44 P
Truth. This is the bottom line...no one can do it for you. Have a marvelous new week, Spark communi PAMBROWN62 22 7STIGGYMT
1/28/20 9:59 P
Starting for the billionth time. Come on will power...don't fail me again! RAYMEW619 5 ALICIA363
1/26/20 10:29 A
Coffee and breakfast. ✔️ Up next...split pea soup fixings in slow cooker so I have a 😋 supper on a RAERAERAE62 5 STILLSPARKLEIGH
1/26/20 1:52 P
Next painting (not quite final). Boiled eggs last night. It sure seems to a flip of the dice if I do NEEDBU66 15 URBANREDNEK
1/26/20 11:07 A
Since the 90’s are cycling through the fashion loop again, I think I’ll dust off a slogan that’s bee ALICIA363 2 NONYAGUPPY
1/27/20 12:16 A
Surprised to have this low this morning. Yesterday was at the beach in high 70's in the early mornin TUBLADY 8 75HEALTHYME
1/26/20 10:42 P
Your body stores a lifetime of information that must be considered when creating a healthy lifestyle 1CRAZYDOG 8 KAYAHSLOANE1
1/25/20 10:47 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 12 GABY1948
1/23/20 4:31 P
When we focus on what we DO want, rather than what we DON’T want, life becomes easy. Gail Lynne Go 1CRAZYDOG 10 GABY1948
1/20/20 4:26 P
Posted a photo CTUPTON 11 -POOKIE-
1/12/20 8:15 A
I just got notified that a friend made a post to fb... and when I got there this is what I found,... 75HEALTHYME 17 ILOVEROSES
1/6/20 7:40 A
Day 4 of 10 consecutive 25k days is done. . . . and my walking partner has returned, too. I like t JAMESEVER 19 STILLSPARKLEIGH
1/5/20 3:05 P
My cat Chase and my "pawprints' in the snow during out hike 🤭💞😍 JARAHLYN1 12 GRAMMYEAC
1/4/20 10:34 P
Full belly, hot drink, kitchen closed. Quiet evening of TV watching ahead. ALICIA363 6 1CRAZYDOG
1/5/20 1:05 P
Day 2 for me. After falling off the wagon for a couple years, I am ready to commit to ME! How about SUEFROMRI 9 ALICIA363
1/3/20 7:24 A
It’s hot beverage time! Tonight is no sugar added cocoa. The kitchen is closed. It has been a day we ALICIA363 5 GABY1948
1/3/20 8:07 P
Today I have officially lost 50 pounds on Sparkpeople! www.sparkpeople.com/ /mypage_public_journal_i KALISWALKER 25 ALICIA363
1/2/20 11:32 A
I'm new from Bradenton Florida HAVINGFAITH81 4 KALISWALKER
1/1/20 12:09 P
Easy does it! Keep building your life one small habit at a time. Be patient and keep going. ALICIA363 8 _RAMONA
1/1/20 5:21 P
Strategies for not overeating at night? TMS1231 64 ARTISTSBRUSH
3/3/20 7:12 P
Hello Spark Friends. Final weekend before the new year. Did you make any resolutions for 2020? I PAMBROWN62 18 CSEGUIN2
12/28/19 11:37 A
It’s a new week but also a Holiday one as well. That probably means we will be stepping away from o PAMBROWN62 15 GLORIA082307
12/27/19 1:01 P
Two years ago I moved to Miami Beach. Left all Christmas decorations behind. First Christmas spent TUBLADY 20 ILOVEROSES
12/24/19 8:27 A
Birthday Queen for a day. Hard to believe its 78 years I have been up, down and all around and I'm h TUBLADY 54 OHMEMEME
12/20/19 3:55 P
Have a great weekend. Remember keep moving forward. Just keep trying to have one good day at a tim PAMBROWN62 24 WOMANOFLOVE
12/15/19 7:19 A
The Holiday goodies have begun rolling in at work! I know if I grab a goodie the floodgates might o KARENRIO9 14 KARENRIO9
12/9/19 4:05 P
Went into work last evening and there were 3 boxes of bakery goods from donuts to sourdough bread wa PAMBROWN62 33 7STIGGYMT
12/9/19 6:56 P
My fitbit was charging and I forgot to wear it on my walk! AALLEY2 6 MADEINBRITAIN
12/6/19 4:32 A
Weight loss or no, life-affirming eating habits are a kind of reward in themselves. OOLALA53 10 _RAMONA
12/1/19 2:55 A
Well, Thanksgiving is done. Enjoyed the love, communion, and fellowship with family and friends, a PAMBROWN62 18 FLASUN
11/30/19 5:09 A
Wishing all of you, my support system in this journey, a lovely day. Eat, drink, and be merry for t PAMBROWN62 9 SDEHNKE
11/28/19 11:59 A
Tried dragon fruit last night. Bought 2 for 99 cents in clearance fruit area at Kroger. Normally $5. 3VEGGIES 16 EO4WELLNESS
11/23/19 2:25 P
If I’m just going to be sitting and reading, I might as well pedal! ALICIA363 4 1CRAZYDOG
11/23/19 3:34 P
Good morning. This is my last work day before I go on vacation. It hasn’t started yet but I’m look PAMBROWN62 26 ALICIA363
11/22/19 5:26 P
tried hard to stay within my caloric range--- succeeded but--was at the high end- LEANJEAN6 42 GABY1948
11/21/19 3:07 P
Posted a photo CTUPTON 25 ALICIA363
11/17/19 8:59 A
Ugh. My willpower's fallen, and it can't get up. AUTIEJ 20 DGRIFFITH51
11/17/19 9:03 P
Sometimes you just gotta rest. For me today is that day. Wishing all an on plan as you want to be PAMBROWN62 32 _RAMONA
11/14/19 10:27 P
Posted a photo CHERALA 29 ALICIA363
11/13/19 5:46 A
New week. I am ready to face whatever it brings. Not 100% , yet, but I’m getting there. Let’s all PAMBROWN62 18 SIMPLY_JAE
10/15/19 9:37 A
I am not feeling well but I will keep moving forward. I hope you are having a good Sunday. PAMBROWN62 16 1CRAZYDOG
10/7/19 3:44 P
Good Morning, Spark friends. I talk a lot about baby steps because I believe they can and do lead t PAMBROWN62 17 ALICIA363
10/4/19 6:03 A
New Year, New Beginnings, may you have peace and fulfillment throughout. TUBLADY 10 ALICIA363
9/29/19 3:26 P
Today I reached full retirement age and am maintaining (for several years) a 21% reduction in body w OOLALA53 17 GABY1948
9/29/19 10:27 A
A little Monday humor for you 😆😆. Seriously though, I wish you a great, positive, and kick-butt k PAMBROWN62 20 TMP0418
9/23/19 1:45 P
For SLIMMERJESSE.... thank you! ALICIA363 19 GABY1948
9/23/19 9:01 A
Want to bring health care costs down? Cut down on the habits that make us sick in the first place! OOLALA53 5 ALICIA363
8/27/19 6:21 P
back on track LEANJEAN6 46 PATRICIA-CR
8/28/19 4:46 P
Have a great weekend. PAMBROWN62 23 1CRAZYDOG
8/24/19 12:49 P