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Woohoo! I'm so happy I'm finally Hit January's goal. 11 days late, but oh well, I still made it. Bac CARLOSLAKELAND 47 AMYINTHEWILD
2/13/20 7:54 A
Pretty find on my power walk tonight !!! SUNNYWORKOUT30 15 SUNNYWORKOUT30
2/19/20 8:50 P
See yourself through the eyes of a child. I always hated my picture taken. I preferred to be behind DOUBLELSMOM 22 JRDUPREE
2/12/20 12:11 A
I had a moment today in the dressing room at Norby’s. I found this amazing dress and jean jacket tha BEAGLEGIRL79 309 OSHAY58
2/19/20 11:37 A
I have reached my 1st goal! 5 pound weight loss! Yay!!!! Only took 11 days to get there lol Slow & s MAINELYLINDA 6 AMYINTHEWILD
2/5/20 6:21 P
On the recommendation of my new doctor, I started WW Online with my daughter on Monday. I am still WAYSOFGRACE 5 SKCASON
2/5/20 9:40 P
Day 4! Doing good so far! Monday's are weigh in days. Today would have been my father in law's birth ANGELICMOMMA 4 GEORGE815
2/5/20 12:04 P
Message Removed CD25529363 9 ROSALIE28
2/4/20 11:42 P
WOOOHOO!! TY TY to the 5% Challenge!! The 5% Challenge is a fun and supportive way to lose weight. DIANEDOESSMILES 13 GOODGETNBETR
2/5/20 11:05 P
Today is my Hubby's birthday🎈🎂! And I'm proud to say I actually stayed within my calories!!! Wow!! ANGELICMOMMA 15 KOALA_BEAR
2/4/20 2:55 A
from 330 lbs to 294 lbs SGAR36 31 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/27/20 1:20 P
I didn't do great today, but I'll do better tomorrow. I am more determined now than ever!!! (My fur ANGELICMOMMA 7 MJ7DM33
1/23/20 11:13 P
Happy Monday spark friends! January 20, 2011 I quit smoking. I smoked for 30 yrs. If I can quit, CARLOSLAKELAND 185 MHUMBERS1950
1/20/20 9:30 P
Hey all! I went to the doc today and I found out that I'm not diabetic! But so close to being predia ANGELICMOMMA 38 ENNAZUS176
1/20/20 9:10 P
#NeedHelpandSupport Hey everyone! I'm a yo-yo dieter... off and on again. My mind is ALWAYS thinkin ANGELICMOMMA 9 STARROSEGAL
1/17/20 9:32 P
I'm back after being MIA for a while... my father in law passed away the 3rd of November and he live ANGELICMOMMA 12 GEORGE815
12/4/19 5:12 P
April 24, 2018 239 lbs..... lost 75 lbs ......now 164 .......goal weight is 140 lbs. Wahooooooooo!!! DRCARPENTER27 61 DRCARPENTER27
9/23/19 12:08 P
I might need to change something around... my calories are looking a bit evil! Haha ANGELICMOMMA 6 MNABOY
8/20/19 5:13 P
Hello all! I hope everyone is doing good! I need support. Since April My weight has gone up to when ANGELICMOMMA 16 NDSTOIC44
8/19/19 10:32 A
July 2005 vs July 2019. Size 24 vs 14. It has taken me a long time, but totally worth it. My weddin SHAWNTIS0504 178 FISHGUT3
8/1/19 11:00 A
Last night, I decided that I'd set my alarm and do some exercise before breakfast. This morning, I d MONICALY1 4 CLOUDWALKING
7/29/19 5:47 P
This is what I feel like after a 3 day binge! Lol Back on track today! Gonna weigh Thursday! I'm at ANGELICMOMMA 16 LEOS28AD
7/29/19 3:44 P
Today is day 3 of being back on track. I've been more active and my resting heart rate went down fro ANGELICMOMMA 5 KOALA_BEAR
7/25/19 1:15 P
I thought this was funny! ANGELICMOMMA 28 _RAMONA
6/17/19 2:41 A
Happy Sunday spark family hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!! I been really hard on myself the TMP0418 49 ROSALIE28
6/10/19 6:50 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!!! Yesterday was a wonderful day! But today, today is TEXASHSMOMOF3 275 MADEINBRITAIN
6/6/19 3:57 A
Well, after 2&1/2 years I have hit a personal goal...the scale hit that even 200 mark. Yes it took m CAT27STAR 178 GODLOVESUALL
6/1/19 4:05 P
I've been in a huge slump these last 30 days... but last night I prayed and had a very motivational ANGELICMOMMA 10 GEORGE815
5/25/19 5:15 P
Finally the dinner bell rang- 2 beddar cheddar brats,1 cup broccoli and 6 grape tomatoes CHEYNESMOM948 6 DIAMONDWIFE2018
5/18/19 5:21 P
Ready for sons qedding DEBSANKS 17 CGARR442
5/18/19 11:08 P
Guys, Pit Crew has a show and we are miles from home with tornados coming straight at us! Please pr TEXASHSMOMOF3 40 GETTINGFIT2018B
5/19/19 8:12 A
Needing prayers for my 13 year old daughter (turns ST3PH 278 LOVEKOLE17
5/16/19 3:51 P
Just starting.I’ve used other fitness apps. I’m hoping this one fits my life better than those in th BAMBICIRACO 16 ALLYLIZZY
5/11/19 10:25 P
#hardworkpaysoff I went from 284-188 in about 14 m OPALLYNN16 86 MEGANLORAINE
10/15/19 9:57 A
We did it tied the knot. After 14 years together and living together for over 6 it was time to get m CHANGING-TURTLE 69 RAINBOWMF
5/7/19 12:03 P
it is my first day here. i hope this works i have to lose 159 lbs. i am trying to lose it due to my CD24608621 277 STATSCAT
5/7/19 5:44 A
Good morning!!! I hit a major milestone this morning. As of today I've lost 150lbs 🙌🏼💪 Self love HELLOHOLLY76 209 GEORGE815
5/6/19 7:20 P
Tomorrow is our wedding day!!! We have been together 14 years ago today!!! CHANGING-TURTLE 119 FAITHP44
5/6/19 5:07 P
I💚💙💚💙 my new bike!! The color is called Miami Green.... but it’s definitely got some blue in it CD22994956 75 CD23785358
5/8/19 10:41 A
I'm loving it! No gym today but tomorrow is a new day! (Shhhhh I had a piece of cake!) Hehe ANGELICMOMMA 37 TMP0418
5/6/19 8:26 A
I am so thrilled! I finally got my Fitbit Ionic pebble (just the watch part, I already have the band ANGELICMOMMA 13 BILLIELDANN1
5/2/19 4:41 P
My little sis and I together, she encourages me to keep on my diet and she watches her calories too ANGELICMOMMA 16 KAS10001
5/1/19 10:00 P
Completed my first 50k ultra trail marathon yesterday!!!! BARBARAS21 18 CD12282919
4/29/19 7:33 P
😆 I am just gonna leave this here..... hope a good hard workout later improves the mood lol😂 #atti CD22994956 52 CD22994956
4/30/19 3:24 P
Oh my gosh!!! I flipping did it!!! I’m crying! I made it to onederland y’all!!! I am bawling! TEXASHSMOMOF3 306 JUSTDOITSUZY
8/18/19 10:53 P
Exhausted!!! My daughter and sister and I went to the zoo today and my sister and I worked out for n ANGELICMOMMA 19 PRAIRIECROCUS
4/29/19 2:44 A
Bathing suits on sale this week and this is the cl TMP0418 227 ADVENTURESEEKER
5/12/19 2:15 P
It's been a little bit since I posted here. My little sis is here from Oklahoma (I'm in Washington s ANGELICMOMMA 13 CD22994956
4/28/19 7:39 A
So today was a busy day! I super cleaned! I cleaned my daughters bed room, that took 2 hours with NO ANGELICMOMMA 11 CD22994956
4/22/19 6:34 A
Old depressed unhealthy me..... versus new I love TMP0418 62 LKMANNING7
4/25/19 12:00 A
Happy Easter! From the Easter Bunny's wife! Haha I hope y'all have a wonderful day! ANGELICMOMMA 4 JANTHEBLONDE
4/21/19 1:28 P
Hey guys...I have been working out 3-4 days a week. But today I'm feeling lazy besides I don't have LATINCOFFEE 16 KAS10001
4/21/19 2:52 P
Finally felt good enough to add photo. Today total of 43 lbs lost. Some before SparkCommunity but mo DJMCVAZ 6 KAS10001
4/21/19 2:52 P
4 days left until my little sis gets here (finally after 12 years!!!) and almost 1lb lost like I wan ANGELICMOMMA 10 CD22994956
4/20/19 6:26 A
I baked lemon poppyseed muffins. 🍋💛 ALLYLIZZY 27 TMP0418
4/21/19 9:35 A
I love this! Haha! I have this hunger that won't stop! But I'm trying to keep control. 😁💜 ANGELICMOMMA 22 GRAMMYEAC
4/17/19 9:54 P
Down 225 pounds! Sw:450 (445 in first photo) Cw:22 BREBBY3 237 _RAMONA
4/18/19 1:39 A
I have 3 growing boys, so I end up making HUGE cookies. The picture doesn’t show just how big they a DRAGONFLAMERS 9 GEORGE815
4/17/19 2:15 P
To loose weight I don't buy sweets sooo when roommate buys sweets .. he wants to share. Which do HORNC64 6 GEORGE815
4/16/19 8:06 P
My #ketobaby was born 4/10 at a teenie tiny 6 lbs and I'm in love💗 unfortunately, I ended up havin X-TINAKETOFIED 287 MYDIET1862
4/23/19 3:19 P
Took my BRAND NEW glasses out for a nice long walk. WALKIN4JEANIE 15 ROCKYCPA
4/17/19 3:50 P
Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm still recovering from my fall last week. Hoping to get back to it in t COLEYBANANA 13 GEORGE815
4/16/19 8:04 P
THE RECIPE IS IN THE COMMENTS BELLOW I made this #lowcarb chocolate cheesecake with pecan crunch for DEM-TOM 31 ALL-NEW-SARAH
4/27/19 9:10 A
Had to get a hair cut! Didn't color it, it was left from last year! Haha but I love it! 7 more days ANGELICMOMMA 10 GEORGE815
4/16/19 8:01 P
We went to Ross today to look at dresses (okay, so I went with the intention of looking at dresses, JEHOVAFAN 34 BEAR-POOH
4/30/19 2:31 P
Hi all, Not feeling it today. Hubby is still sick, and Doctors have no answers. I am trying to hold MSJOSIEFOREVER 41 WOODSYGIRL
4/15/19 6:06 P
I try not to have treat meals much, I end up binging. 10 more days till my lil sis comes! I'm hoping ANGELICMOMMA 10 ANGELICMOMMA
4/14/19 4:28 P
I'm kinda out of commission today.. to put it nicely... womanly issues. Ouch. I'll go on the treadmi ANGELICMOMMA 4 TMP0418
4/14/19 6:35 P
I participated in flower arranging workshop with a theme EASTER and this is the result... I'm very p DEM-TOM 25 1CRAZYDOG
4/15/19 3:22 P
Happy Sunday spark family 😊 Totally needed to see this pic today weird but true sometimes I still f TMP0418 191 GENEVATURTLE1
4/16/19 7:23 P
Yesterday’s storm caused this to happen, less than a mile from my house! CAROLINAGIRL69 66 CAROLINAGIRL69
4/15/19 8:28 A
Homemade #chilidog. Raw onions really makes chili LEOS28AD 12 KOALA_BEAR
4/14/19 4:30 A
Spring has finally sprung! Was 17 degrees Celsius KIBBGIRL 13 CLOUDWALKING
4/13/19 10:16 P
I ran my first half marathon for this year. I'm glad I finished, but disappointed with my finish ti ELISAJANE57 43 LARKDC
4/14/19 9:28 P
Finally got “extended butterfly” down this week! Another “pole goal” reached! 🙌🏻🥳 JUSTDOIT011 19 MDOWER1
4/13/19 7:17 P