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11/8/19 12:05 P
Good Morning. Please send positive thoughts my way and I will return the favor. KATHY1362015 7 MUDDYFOOTS
11/5/19 8:52 A
Apple pie muffins fresh out of the oven. Coffee is on come on over. GIANTOCR1 76 DLDMIL
11/2/19 7:19 P
Playing Christmas music on the piano at my church's bazaar this morning. ANNKETCH 2 ALLTHINGSNEW81
11/2/19 8:27 A
…:::To make for a peaceful day: 2BDYNAMIC 41 GABY1948
10/29/19 6:19 P
Hello Everyone! I decided to change my life style LOPEZ2307 119 LOPEZ2307
10/28/19 12:45 A
So fell off from recording my food log in this week as I had an event for work that took all my time CYNLUWHO 15 KAYDE53
10/27/19 6:45 P
10/27/19 9:32 P
Having a hard time finding motivation in myself, so I made this side by side progress picture. Two m LADYDECEMBER 71 ARNETTELEE
10/28/19 12:08 A
It's been 9 years since I was 335 lbs, . This shows a little of the changes I went through during th TUBLADY 44 AIYANASMAMA
10/28/19 12:38 P
FINALLY broke through a multi week plateau with a 2 pound loss. Whew. HARRYFMUDD 12 KAREN_EDMONDS
10/23/19 9:14 A
That's about right! RD03875 26 JLPEASE
10/16/19 9:24 A
Where on here should I look for inspiration? I need to get started walking or something because I’ve LANISHA22 2 ANNKETCH
10/15/19 9:37 P
Lost another pound for a total of 117 pounds lost! Haven't been this weight since 1993! BECCABOO127 14 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/15/19 3:16 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!! It’s weigh in day for me and I have to be honest the s TEXASHSMOMOF3 165 CGARR442
10/17/19 9:19 P
10/14/19 11:42 A
#thankful Skin tight to swimming in this jacket🙏 DOUBLELSMOM 84 HONEYLC84
10/25/19 12:23 P
This is what losing 100lbs looks like! I reached one of my goals today. It took me 7.5 years. But JENNYRENN 243 GMACAMI
10/4/19 8:30 P
Good morning sparkers!! I hope everybody is still at it and doing what they supposed to do!! Still d GPALMER2019 32 WOMANOFLOVE
10/14/19 10:18 A
Posted a photo LALAP1012 31 CHRISSYWILSON80
9/23/19 10:14 A
True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new. Antoine de Sa TUFKAS 4 GEORGE815
9/22/19 1:47 P
How are you going to spend the last day of summer? NOVMBRBLUE 24 GEORGE815
9/22/19 1:44 P
Well I did all right on not over eating on Saturday but could do better any suggestions people TRACIE761 6 GEORGE815
9/22/19 1:45 P
Posted a photo DINKER0798 24 GEORGE815
9/22/19 1:41 P
…::For me--this says it all. 2BDYNAMIC 34 JANTHEBLONDE
9/22/19 12:09 P
Wish I had the before pic of what my work trash bin used to look like. But love the "after"! No b YOYONOMA 12 GEORGE815
9/19/19 6:09 P
The woman on the left had no idea how much her life would change in a few short days! I put myself f DOUBLELSMOM 28 KAS10001
9/19/19 8:34 P
Today I am 70 years young RUTHIEBEAR 234 LISAPERSISTS60
9/20/19 11:51 A
Good news - my 9 year old daughter has discovered that she likes baking. Bad news - my 9 year old da DAD_AINT_HIP 25 LITTLEWIND53
8/26/19 12:46 A
I started at 400 lbs. I'm now at 228. I want to lose another 60-70 lbs . second picture is today af SUGAMAMA1976 288 FISHGUT3
8/26/19 9:56 A
I hit my goal weight 136.8..now I want see if I can get to 130 and stay ther #BeforeAndAfter EAGLEFLY102 35 BLESSOME
8/27/19 7:41 A
Posted a photo KBURNSED 9 AQUAGIRL08
8/22/19 2:29 P
Good morning spark friends.. I wanted to share a recipe that I made yesterday ..I made it up as I we MHUMBERS1950 13 RAERAERAE62
8/22/19 11:39 P
Took that long library walk today. Was halfway home when my body said, “Calories, please!” Looked at VESTENRAIDER 9 FAITHP44
8/19/19 2:29 P
Good day all. I’m just trying out a new whole foods plant based /vegan granola. It’s in the oven now GINGERMONKEY21 11 GOLFGMA
8/19/19 2:53 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!!! It’s Weigh In Day for me, and I officially weighed in TEXASHSMOMOF3 204 MADEINBRITAIN
8/20/19 4:10 A
8/20/19 12:58 P
I'm here y'all!!! Have been quietly over the summer but have made it to the gym consistently!! Thi PHOXYM 37 PHOXYM
8/19/19 11:10 P
9/3/19 8:15 A
#BeforeAndAfter I didn't really see a big difference until I put these pictures side by side. BAKEDWITHCHEESE 36 123THERESA123
8/21/19 8:00 A
My hard work paid off. TANYANIKITA 233 CHERRYZMB60
8/14/19 9:12 P
Last night, at the end of a business dinner, I dec AUNTLYNYRD 138 CINDY247
8/27/19 4:58 A
#BeforeAndAfter 20 pound difference. I'm starting to actually see my face again! THOMPSONK23 20 CRAZYINSPIRED11
8/12/19 11:52 P
One month ago I was 340lbs. Today at 315lbs. Down 25lbs in one month. I am pretty happy with the BENBRYANT888 164 BENBRYANT888
8/11/19 9:13 A
8/7/19 11:00 A
This morning makes a total of -130 POUNDS!!! Praise God! I still have 60 to go, but WOW! DJSTARRIDER 220 DINZEL
8/7/19 9:03 P
Today, I decided to reset my goals, and decided to deleted my one-time and self-reported trophies. T LIZLOVEROSES 24 LIZLOVEROSES
8/2/19 11:58 A
Good morning spark family! I want to share that today is my birthday ..I'm 69 and blessed! I'm so g MHUMBERS1950 307 GMACAMI
8/3/19 2:07 P
I won second place in a street art competition yesterday! I could never have spent 7 hours crouching KNITTINGKITTY 201 CSROBERTSON621
7/28/19 11:53 P
Today I’m starting over. Over the last number of months, I have stopped mindlessly snacking, having SQUEAKMOUSE 10 SHARI_D1
7/27/19 8:49 A
Trying to be patient as I work my way through a pl ILOVEME2016 8 SHARI_D1
7/27/19 8:50 A
Just a funny! RANDERS33 33 SHARI_D1
7/27/19 8:49 A
Oh my, my, my..... If this picture doesn't inspire & motivate me to eat healthy & stay active... N CINDY247 84 VIRGINIAGIRL
7/29/19 11:45 A
7/26/19 3:35 P
It happened! 220s! Focused now on the next ten! I've lost over 10% of my weight! Yay! NEWLINDSAY2019 155 BUTTERFLY59
7/26/19 4:13 P
Down 92 lbs as of today!!! Woo hoo!! JANET_B 116 KHALIA2
8/6/19 12:23 P
Been MIA for a while. Giving this a shot again! The first step is scariest! VICKIEDEW 9 PB1959
7/19/19 9:51 A
Minnesota summertime; it doesn't get better than this! Yoga on the lakeshore this morning. “Love lif J2002HEIDS 107 DLDMIL
7/19/19 4:46 P
10000 steps before 8 am PUPPYTUMMY0 26 WILD_ONE
7/18/19 5:07 P
Yappy Thursday FIT2FINISH 17 GEORGE815
7/18/19 4:57 P
Good morning so excited I officially got rid of 60lbs that will never get back on me ever again... S JASMINEFAT2FIT 188 FITWITHIN
7/21/19 7:03 A
Ok I should totally have saved this for #throwbackthursday or #transformationtuesday but the fact is TEXASHSMOMOF3 63 MLR_00
7/15/19 7:44 A
Disappointed yes! Too much sodium this week and it definitely shows on the scales. 2 steps forward a DISCOVERING_VAL 32 JRDUPREE
7/14/19 6:50 P
Posted a photo JENNIFERBR51 35 _RAMONA
7/13/19 2:06 P
Posted a photo NISSANGIRL 53 LIS193
7/14/19 3:25 A
62 pounds down now! I haven't worn a dress in a long time! KSWIOSKOWSKI 159 DLDMIL
7/13/19 7:07 P
Good morning! What better time to review my goals (and evaluate my process and progress) than on my LESLIELENORE 259 HAPPYSOUL91
7/11/19 12:45 P
Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a junk food and sweet food addict 🤗. I am here restarting my diet LASTDIET88 7 _LINDA
7/9/19 12:09 P
I jogged a mile with no breaks last night for the first time in several years. Very proud of myself! LINDSAYB2013 8 STAR135000
7/9/19 8:15 P
3.19 miles of jogging the last bit of my 3.3 mile plan was evil hill and I had to walk it. Longest j LORILOVEWELL 20 _RAMONA
7/9/19 3:25 P
Hope you have a terrific Tuesday. Just a friendly reminder...your only competition is YOU. PAMBROWN62 26 _RAMONA
7/9/19 3:07 P
Good Tuesday my friends!! You know I've been on this journey a long time!! I tried all kinds of thin GPALMER2019 189 MEL-ROY
7/11/19 11:09 P
53.2lbs lost! I'm almost out of 3s I am going to scream when I hit 299lbs. JASMINEFAT2FIT 229 MMMMD59
7/6/19 10:30 P
84 pounds down. 183 days into my journey. LORILOVEWELL 184 PURPLEMOON1
7/3/19 10:56 P
I caved........I had the best of intentions when we went camping with friends over the weekend but I TADOORE1 33 MNABOY
7/2/19 9:58 A