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Day2. Good day so far got a quick walk in forgot my mask and walked super fast before anyone saw me. CACHANILLA64 6 MJ7DM33
1/14/21 5:45 P
I had my first Covid shot today. The clinic was very organized. My next appointment is set up Februa BIENKE 11 HAZEL2278
1/15/21 5:57 A
Tonight’s dinner: Thai Shrimp Soup. Paleo, Whole 30, Low Carb...delicious! https://www.paleorunnin MIAMI_LILLY 29 EVILCECIL
1/14/21 5:57 A
2021 Nachrichten BIENKE 9 BIENKE
1/10/21 1:01 A
Here I am....again. Gained over Christmas. I want to try (again( I have 50 lbs to lose and I cannot SPUNKISAM0914 8 SPUNKISAM0914
1/9/21 11:21 P
Breakfast for Dinner... Eggs over Sweet Potatoes & Spinach w/ Onion and Garlic and of course... Coff CATWMNCAT 44 ALLENJOSEPH
1/14/21 9:42 P
How many more days until Spring? I'm freezing and the layered look makes me feel fat! BIENKE 2 LIZZYMITCH
1/7/21 11:56 P
Hey Everyone, just wanted to share a 5 year comparison photo. Left was me at 34, drinking soda at ev CHAANNE81 205 CHAANNE81
1/8/21 1:10 P
Happy Birthday to me! Today I turn 48 years old. I also celebrate having lost ONE HUNDRED POUNDS. Ev FASHIONROADKILL 280 GMACAMI
1/5/21 2:23 P
I'm about halfway to my goal weight. I'm so glad that I'm making progress and didn't wait until the LISA_AT_50 30 KAYDE53
1/1/21 2:12 A
I have to get used to listing my household chores as exercise. Do you do that too? BIENKE 6 ISNESS
12/30/20 7:15 P
Daily Team Chatter! ANGLER491 6125 BIENKE
12/22/20 9:29 P
So i am having some really bad days. Emotional and irritated. I don't know if it is the holidays or SBLACKWELL93 11 HAZEL2278
12/23/20 4:35 A
ABOUT TO GIVE UP. Just counting calories and exercising isn't working very well but I don't want to YOULOSEGIRL1 9 VLL723
12/21/20 6:37 P
A Getting to Know You Questionnaire BKWERM 101 BIENKE
12/11/20 10:53 P
my frozen dinners BIENKE 14 ISNESS
11/30/20 9:29 A
I spent Thanksgiving home alone because we had to social distance. My family brought me so much that BIENKE 11 ISNESS
11/30/20 9:30 A
11/25/20 8:36 P
I need some tips on gaining some energy back during exercise. I'm morbidly obese and 23 weeks pregn AMAYAKIYOSHI 12 WLHOPE
11/17/20 9:22 P
Picasso making faces 😸 KRISUA 20 KRISUA
11/14/20 3:40 A
Day two clean. Withdrawal was the worst this time. OPTICALXILLUSIO 45 JANS-JOURNEY
11/9/20 11:35 P
Ham/Mango/Avocado Salad and 1/2 Avocado Salad Roll w/ Thai Chili Sauce... that's what's for lunch! CATWMNCAT 30 ISNESS
11/2/20 7:16 A
I did what I was scared to do in all of 2020, I updated my weight in the SP app. I've gained 39 lbs WRITING_ZEBRA 40 PWILLOW1
10/25/20 2:58 P
The plan was grilled turkey ham and cheese but teen son did not leave a serving of meat. Reduced fat MSMOSTIMPROVED 34 BILLTHOMSON
10/24/20 6:13 A
What all are you listing for your fitness? Do you really exercise that much to get these 1500 Fitnes BIENKE 4 ISNESS
10/15/20 7:07 A
Yummy Deutch veggie soup and a salad for lunch. ELIZABETHBECK1 21 GARDENCHRIS
10/14/20 12:01 P
I learned something this past week, or just had forgotten about it .. if you're stuck on a plateau a CAT27STAR 12 GRANDMABABA
10/5/20 11:32 P
I’m so relieved, I just got the call letting me know that I do not have COVID-19. I was tested Wedne TBOYD5000 30 NVRGIVINGUP
10/3/20 5:59 P
I'm having a problem. Ever since I started my diet I've been exhausted and depressed despite eating RYUNRYUNWILLRUN 15 JUNGLEGIRL8
10/1/20 5:37 A
Hi, I'm new here! Saw the cardiologist today and he suggested I lose weight with a dietician, so I r LADANCING 87 STORMYG56
10/12/20 11:03 A
Today is my birthday and I turn 37. It's not at all a happy birthday though. My sister passed away SPASTASTIC 17 KAYDE53
9/4/20 4:42 P
For those of you that are on WW and SparkPeople, do you track food and activity on both? Thanks. 4LJNME 8 4LJNME
8/6/20 11:36 P
That thing when you use the same weight app for 11+ years and can see just how yo-yo your weight is! SPARKLAURAK 8 GEORGE815
7/28/20 5:47 P
i wish we had a chat thing. I am torn on wither to exercise or not today. I am hurting more that the SBLACKWELL93 10 ALLYLIZZY
7/28/20 2:22 P
Yesterday was so beautiful at Garden of the Gods! I am sore from the hike but it hurts so good...🦶 RUMBLETUMMY 47 GMACAMI
6/22/20 1:45 P
I love all the fresh fruits and veggies at our local market! #eattherainbow MARCISGRATEFUL 18 NEWRUNNERCLARE
6/10/20 4:58 P
Ya girl survived ! I am in extreme pain , but my nurse is coming by in 30 minutes to make life so mu ASHELYLADY 23 NAVYWIFESKI
6/10/20 7:29 A
Tomorrow is the first day of June. My weekly goal is to slim down 3 lbs a week. My monthly goal is t LYHADAWN1 5 LYHADAWN1
5/31/20 3:11 P
Turned 53 today. Things must change if I want to see 55 and beyond. Need motivation, tips etc. How d RIVOR67 38 RIVOR67
5/31/20 8:19 P
Starting weight 290. Disgusted. It took me 8 years to gain 100 pounds back after my gastric sleeve. DDUNN917 215 MISSPIGGEY
6/1/20 12:19 A
I'll be moving some time next month and started my seeds in plastic pots that I can handle and throw BIENKE 7 GEORGE815
5/18/20 4:22 P
My husband has been fat shaming me. He blames me for our sex life. He tells me if it wasn't for my ZACHSMOM0597 13 LILGUITARGAL
4/22/20 2:23 P
The new me BIENKE 5 EVIE4NOW
4/13/20 12:09 A
My Dad made baked chicken seasoned with pepper and paprika, and brown rice made with cream of mushro ALLYLIZZY 38 JER-BER
4/8/20 6:01 A
How does thawed and unthawed make such a differenc JUDYGIRL72501 9 LUANN_IN_PA
4/7/20 5:30 P
Day 1. Not enough sleep, exercise, or good nutrition. Losing the job I loved and worked so hard fo ARTTHERAPY4LIFE 24 DIANEDOESSMILES
4/7/20 1:06 A
That's us. Can't wait for this mess to be over. We all need to pray. BIENKE 22 ARNETTELEE
3/28/20 6:51 A
I'm working on following a plan today which includes at least 30 minutes outside. I've been staying BIENKE 12 OPTICALXILLUSIO
1/14/21 4:18 P
I had to figure out something to make me laugh during this time we were a lot of my condos are cance DEBSANKS 28 CGARR442
3/21/20 9:30 P
Eating the rainbow! Had to take a family member to the ER last night so I’m making sure I get extra GINGERMONKEY21 33 TERRI1458
3/15/20 5:30 P
#BeforeAndAfter RNULL65 48 KHALIA2
3/22/20 10:22 A
Ok. I have never posted a "before" picture, and since I gained alot of my weight back, at 193 lbs, t CBDREWS 15 CD25702860
2/26/20 10:56 P
@stillsparkleigh bahahaha!! I ain’t scured! Snowman pants #causemommadidntdolaundry Love you Sis TEXASHSMOMOF3 26 AQUAGIRL08
2/26/20 8:07 A
Take steps to enjoy your journey! ASLWORDS6 14 _RAMONA
2/19/20 1:33 A
It stopped snowing about an hour ago. Brrrr.... I'm not going anywhere. BIENKE 20 AFWWTX
2/18/20 11:58 P
Ok please don’t laugh. Does anyone have a trick for easily getting swim suit top off. I have a tank SMAT527 7 SMAT527
2/10/20 10:59 P
Pre-Superbowl/Lunch munchies CATWMNCAT 16 KAYDE53
2/2/20 6:27 P
Had meat for the first time in a few days by choice. Ground turkey, kale with baby spinach cooked am HIMELISSA2007 7 RREDFORD5
1/29/20 6:30 P
GM Spark friends! I am feeling truly blessed. Today is my 70th birthday! LOSEWEIGHT1212 308 EEJAA70
1/27/20 10:04 P
This is the LAST DOGGONE time I'm putting up a pho BARBIEIAMNOT 145 BETHSCHULTZ178
2/2/20 7:25 P
Kaffeekränzchen SCHNOOTIE 5811 BIENKE
8/22/19 5:29 P
Vorstellung der neuen Mitglieder SCHNOOTIE 166 BIENKE
8/2/19 4:30 P
Coffee Klatsch - English Version BIENKE 195 BIENKE
7/27/19 5:31 P
Daily Focus Wednesday -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 10 LKWQUILTER
7/25/19 7:01 A
QOD~7/22-7/23 BARBIEE52 12 GRANNIE221
7/24/19 11:37 A
Hey everyone! Been a long time since I have posted to the feed! I'm just checking in. I'm down from BIRBKITTEN1234 43 ISNESS
6/24/20 3:44 P
4/15/19 1:19 P
Februar 2019: Chat SAMZA83 4 SAMZA83
2/21/19 2:01 P
6/24/18 10:16 A
6/14/18 1:50 P
Woher wir alle kommen.... SCHNOOTIE 311 SAMZA83
1/4/19 4:07 P
8/9/17 11:54 A
7/16/17 8:05 P
Berlin Brigade Reunion GMCAULAY 2 BIENKE
3/7/17 12:40 A
Favorite thing about living in CO? SPRAY00 97 PAULA3420
6/11/20 7:29 P