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3rd letter starts a new positive word LOSINGLINNDY 684 CHRISTINEM80
11/22/19 12:35 P
Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Tracking Thread LOSINGLINNDY 44 CHRISTINEM80
11/22/19 11:07 A
Getting shopping locked DOWN! KBROWER804 14 MDOWER1
11/20/19 3:26 P
Still have a way to go but certainly not where I w REVENGETIME40 53 GOODGETNBETR
11/22/19 12:58 A
Posted a photo FMAX168 8 WOLFDEFENDER
11/20/19 12:09 P
Posted a photo FMAX168 10 GNAGEY96
11/20/19 3:47 P
Posted a photo FMAX168 9 GNAGEY96
11/20/19 3:47 P
Posted a photo FMAX168 12 LIVEANDLAUGH
11/20/19 12:55 P
11/20/19 8:16 P
Sleigh Bell Slim Down ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 35 LADYPJAY
11/22/19 10:02 A
Guess What? You ARE NOT ‘Out of Contol’ When CRAVINGS pop up and take over Check Out This Chart PELESJEWEL 23 1CRAZYDOG
11/19/19 4:08 P
So yesterday I saw a meme post about how there needed to be more rap songs about staying in on Frida MAYBEMIDLIFE20 9 TEXASHSMOMOF3
11/21/19 11:00 A
Lost 5 pounds on my 2nd week INSPIRED85 28 GEORGE815
11/18/19 6:10 P
I wish to lose 10 to 15 by new years. Or just anything at this point. Tho a recent fall is making th HUFLEPUFANGEL 22 GEORGE815
11/18/19 6:08 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 20 GABY1948
11/21/19 3:08 P
#BeforeAndAfter my birthday party 65 years old and couldn't believe what l looked like l decid NORMA/MAC 110 THINKFLOWERS
11/22/19 10:43 A
The Untold Story NANASUEH 34 GABY1948
11/19/19 9:10 A
A little nervous today I'm going in for my throat cancer check up it's usually clear but I still ge HOOAH19766 238 MJ7DM33
11/18/19 5:58 P
11/21/19 12:48 A
Posted a photo CHRISTINEM80 13 EEJAA70
11/14/19 12:01 A
11/12/19 6:23 P
1 of 3 new kittens Her name is Rose. A friend saved her from idiots kicking her on Halloween. We ado DEFENDERDARKSUN 23 CHRISTINE4956
11/12/19 4:44 P
Pool for an hour this morning....done1 SISSYFEB48 24 GREENFROGETTE
11/12/19 12:58 P
4 mile walk today #moveit CECELW 6 TOMORROW-C
11/13/19 7:17 P
10 mile bike ride in an hour. Beautiful morning here in the desert! Beginning my Sparky adventure # SURLYGURL 9 TOMORROW-C
11/13/19 7:15 P
Posted a photo CHRISTINEM80 12 GEORGE815
11/12/19 1:43 P
Posted a photo DLDMIL 14 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 12:18 A
My 5 year old does this at least 5xs a day......😎 AMYMBUNCH 18 EO4WELLNESS
11/11/19 12:48 P
Tonight for dinner we had chilli with cheese and a bit of sour cream.... It was also my first time m CSEGUIN2 15 KOALA_BEAR
11/10/19 11:46 P
Cute idea for Thanksgiving 🦃 CINDY247 64 EO4WELLNESS
11/11/19 12:47 P
Hit three of my daily goals, 2500 more steps before bed and I will have hit all four! IMIZZY 9 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 12:17 A
The sunset in California this evening. 💕 ALLYLIZZY 22 WOMANOFLOVE
11/11/19 12:32 P
Posted a photo CHRISTINEM80 13 MHUMBERS1950
11/10/19 8:48 P
The girls and I wish you a Happy Sunday! PCK12J 10 ASF220
11/10/19 6:36 P
Making small steps towards success every day! CHRISTINEM80 10 GEORGE815
11/8/19 5:47 P
Fight your mind with your words🗣Speak it! KERICHARISMA 23 GEORGE815
11/8/19 5:59 P
Cauliflower, baby carrots, bit of cheese, lots of pepper! Yummy lunch! JEWELRYLOVER 18 SHOAPIE
11/8/19 8:14 P
Pretty drive today. WNCGIRL 23 JAMER123
11/9/19 10:53 P
Posted a photo FMAX168 14 GEORGE815
11/8/19 5:54 P
Posted a photo FMAX168 13 GEORGE815
11/8/19 5:54 P
Posted a photo FMAX168 17 DLDMIL
11/8/19 8:07 P
Been doing good with goals this week. Had planned to workout this morning but woke up with a headac KARMANNPOWELL 16 DLDMIL
11/8/19 8:07 P
I made this a few days ago and was hesitant to post.... Why I have no clue.... It's crazy to be thi PHOXYM 160 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
11/9/19 8:38 A
Every little bit counts!! 😊 YES2HEALTHYLIFE 16 GEORGE815
11/7/19 5:24 P
Walk in Limpopo, South Africa CGARR442 13 YELLOW09RED
11/8/19 7:31 A
Off work today and, HAPPY!!!!! Gettin' prepared to grill catfish fillets for Tiffany and I for suppe F5-FURY 14 EVIE4NOW
11/7/19 10:51 P
Good afternoon Sparkers. So I finally rewarded myself in a non food way for losing 49 lbs. And bough AKPIPER 23 DSPARKYRN2
11/8/19 1:00 P
I needed a reminder today to help me keep on track! MSJWALKER52 10 DLDMIL
11/7/19 7:08 P
Felt lazy all morning and did not want to run but I forced myself off the couch and got it done and HIKINGGIRL16 8 EVIE4NOW
11/7/19 10:43 P
Posted a photo TEMET-NOSCE101 14 EVIE4NOW
11/7/19 10:42 P
Posted a photo W-OO-F 22 DSPARKYRN2
11/8/19 12:53 P
The snow held off for the walk to and from my morning appointment, but it’s snowing heavily now with LESLIELENORE 31 1CRAZYDOG
11/8/19 3:25 P
I used today as a recovery day. But that doesn't mean I didn't do anything. I was still up at 5 AM a CHRISTINEM80 13 EVIE4NOW
11/7/19 10:40 P
Do not rely on the praise of others to keep you motivated. Be your own cheerleader!!! CHRISTINEM80 20 ALLYLIZZY
11/6/19 12:14 P
from DEE107 My sister had been ill, so I called to see how she was doing. My ten-year-old niece answ NANASUEH 14 GABY1948
11/7/19 9:10 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 19 GABY1948
11/7/19 9:10 A
It is day 1 in the desert after a good sleep. Not used to the heat and will begin with daily limber GGRSPARK 16 GARDENCHRIS
11/6/19 8:15 A
The most brutally honest machine at the gym for me is the scale. I was hoping today's weigh in would DCRAIGMILE 6 CHRISTINEM80
11/5/19 11:42 A
11/5/19 2:18 P
Hello all! I’m starting today (for the millionth time). I am a 42 year old, Mom of two. I’m a full- LESLIEJJ 6 BARBIEIAMNOT
11/5/19 11:48 A
And here I am. Back up to 224 pounds, 22 more tha VGORDON3 5 KITT52
11/5/19 12:18 P
Getting stronger every day CHRISTINEM80 6 LITTLEWIND53
11/5/19 1:20 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Sunday!! Yesterday was an ok kinda day! I did really good holdin TEXASHSMOMOF3 55 TEXASHSMOMOF3
11/3/19 9:59 P
Motivational Quote of the Day ~ DGFOWLER 14 GARDENSFORLIFE
11/3/19 10:56 P
Well, not a Bad Start .. 3 lbs in two weeks , I Got my Husband on the Sparklin' Bandwagon this time DARPALMIERI 30 GORDONED
11/3/19 7:52 P
I’m better than I use to be but still need more progress on my responding to rude people. BLONDIEJAME 16 EVIE4NOW
11/3/19 4:00 P
The struggle everyday. Lol BARKER_77D 31 EVIE4NOW
11/3/19 4:01 P
11/3/19 10:54 P
Oh how true this is....... LCAREY58 10 EVIE4NOW
11/3/19 3:47 P
11/3/19 I have decided to use Sparkpeople more to help me journal and track my weight loss journey. GAY_LOPES 46 MAHEDAGO
11/6/19 5:56 A
Good morning to me!! Even if the number on the scale isnt going down... my blood sugar numbers are g ANIMAI27 35 EVIE4NOW
11/3/19 3:35 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 17 GABY1948
10/30/19 12:31 P
Recently I won a contest. Part of the prize was a special ice cream flavor of which I would get 10 p RUTHIEBEAR 27 _RAMONA
10/28/19 12:13 P
Finished my FIRST HALF MARATHON yesterday! SUPER TOUGH trail race! #13.1milesrunhike #celebratewith MAYDAY62 41 TEXASHSMOMOF3
10/27/19 9:56 P
I lost my mother 3 days ago in hospice. Please keep me in your thoughts. I could you a friend.😂🙏 OADETERMINED1 9 GEORGE815
10/27/19 4:06 P