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Finally losing weight and feeling wonderful CMBMARIE 1 CMBMARIE
9/3/20 10:02 A
Intermittent Fasting 16:8 -- Day 4 & I'm gaining? CD2361609 84 RODRIGUEZ41508
9/17/20 4:43 P
April 2020 chat OOLALA53 43 OOLALA53
5/11/20 1:04 A
Happy Dyngus Day! No beer, hard boiled eggs and polish sausage at the local bar this year, but that CMBMARIE 2 CONNIET88
4/13/20 8:15 A
Still have a bit to go but I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far #BeforeAndAfter OTAKUCHICK 107 KHALIA2
3/22/20 10:21 A
Good Afternoon Spark Family!! Happy Friday!! It’s already been a very emotional day for me, and yes TEXASHSMOMOF3 34 AZMOMXTWO
3/14/20 1:11 P
Soooooo. Anybody prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse yet? We bought 9 boxes of Kleenex. And cans NEEDBU66 19 KOSHIE1
3/13/20 8:14 P
Hoping all are well and feeling good. Stay safe. CMBMARIE 3 PATRICIAAK
3/13/20 2:34 P
Very scared, very pregnant young cat trapped at the abandoned hoarded house, and brought to our clin MIMAWELIZABETH 31 PATRICIA-CR
3/12/20 10:23 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 51 GABY1948
3/13/20 8:57 A
2 Words Change One KALISWALKER 1107 HARRIETT14
9/2/20 11:02 A
Double down- gained a 1/4 pound this week GRRRRR. New day, new week, keeping on. CMBMARIE 3 AMYHOW2
3/9/20 11:48 A
NSV - moved belt to the next hole as I hit 235 for the first time in 25 years! DAD_AINT_HIP 63 1CRAZYDOG
3/9/20 7:13 P
Our sweet Toby crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. He’ll be so missed!😒 GMAM48 45 DGRIFFITH51
3/6/20 9:25 P
Counting Up the Emoticons KALISWALKER 249 KAYELENE
6/21/20 6:48 P
Difference in my face over the years :) BUTTERFLYPANDA1 23 _RAMONA
3/4/20 11:57 P
My food...tastes so good after a fast!! Yes there is one egg!! TDCABAL45 13 _RAMONA
3/4/20 11:51 P
This i know all to well. QUEL38 19 _RAMONA
3/4/20 11:52 P
Posted a photo NOLALIJE11 38 EVIE4NOW
3/4/20 11:25 P
Today is Day 1. I've had many 1st days. Maybe this time it'll stick DJRENEW 34 EVIE4NOW
3/4/20 11:23 P
3 Things to Be Happy About Today KALISWALKER 185 MYDIETINFO1
5/18/20 11:04 P
4/27/20 8:55 P
3/2/20 8:12 P
Hoping to join the Spring 5% Challenge Community CMBMARIE 1 CMBMARIE
3/2/20 8:09 P
3/27/20 12:20 P
I've lost so far 118 lbs THANKS to the 5% Challenge!! Here's the description of this AMAZING team: DIANEDOESSMILES 10 BABYCAKESUWILL
6/9/20 7:32 A
I just completed Coach Nicole's 12 Minute Seated Core Workout. Oh my, do I need this! I can feel i CMBMARIE 7 _RAMONA
2/29/20 11:12 P
Intermittent fasting - yes, no? What are your experiences with it? I am referring to the type where CMBMARIE 4 _RAMONA
2/29/20 10:05 P
Today was interesting. My husband and I went to Costco today to do some shopping and wound up havin CMBMARIE 13 _RAMONA
2/26/20 4:15 P
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 6 GEORGE815
2/25/20 2:56 P
Posted a photo BBJ0718 18 PWILLOW1
2/25/20 6:40 P
#BeforeAndAfter Not sure I see it yet physically but according to the scale there is 10lbs less on t LYN135 34 GEORGE815
2/25/20 2:50 P
Just for laughs πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Good morning spark family hope you all have a super fabulous day 😘 TMP0418 73 10XPERLB
2/26/20 11:49 A
Working hard to pay attention to the signals telling me that I am full and to stop eating. Raised i CMBMARIE 9 _RAMONA
2/25/20 1:31 A
Today was a better day for me... Turns out, I was OPTICALXILLUSIO 30 AMYINTHEWILD
2/24/20 9:15 A
Longest dog walk of the day (so far)... the Cooper-dog got a new harness and he is happier walking w LESLIELENORE 12 WIZARDHOWL
2/24/20 8:39 P
Message Removed CD14919812 23 _RAMONA
12/21/19 3:52 A
I had space for 214 calories 😏🀣 ROCALOCABRUSH 22 ARNETTELEE
12/19/19 5:44 A
Maybe I am finally getting the message CMBMARIE 5 JUNETTA2002
2/16/20 1:33 P
Little by little I'm closer to my goal weight INSPIRED85 10 GEORGE815
12/16/19 1:02 P
I don't like water. I have a daily battle to drink any water. I have to make myself drink the stuff. 1BLAZER282005 12 LUANN_IN_PA
12/16/19 2:16 P
Posted a photo VHAYES04 76 CHUBBYNOMORE3
12/15/19 10:48 P
Throwback Thursday: Picture of me when I lived in North Dakota (2013). I was about 200lbs here. I'v DEDICATED2ME32 10 DEDICATED2ME32
12/13/19 9:55 A
To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. At one point this week I was 330.2 and I really though DISCOVERING_VAL 22 ANNIEMAROO
12/8/19 7:40 P
Canadian Pacific Christmas train crosses Bow River near Calgary _BABE_ 33 _RAMONA
12/9/19 1:59 P
Ok seriously? Guess I am staying indoors today! LOVIN_LISS 19 GEORGE815
12/8/19 2:40 P
Darn it. Caught a cold and spent the day sniffling in bed surrounded by a mountain of tissues. Luck MSGNIX 7 L_DROUIN
12/8/19 6:19 P
1.5 Miles Recumbent Bike 3X15 Chest Flys 3X15 Back Rows 3X15 Chest Presses 3X15 Kickbacks 3X15 Sk DISCOVERING_VAL 13 MJ7DM33
12/7/19 9:56 P
I'm now at 60 lbs lost.... The picture on the right is my highest weight, the middle one is at 40lbs BUTTERFLY59 55 DEBMARIN1
12/8/19 7:05 A
Still have a LONG way to go, but I am down 61 lbs. and those are my goal jeans for the first leg of BERRYBLUE02 112 BERRYBLUE02
12/8/19 11:46 A
I was really tired today and didn't want to walk, but I made myself get off my butt and get outside. CMBMARIE 7 GORDONED
12/7/19 11:23 P
On this day in 1985 two hearts became one. Celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary today. She was 1 CARLOSLAKELAND 136 HAPPYLIFE43
3/26/20 12:34 A
So... I didn't eat the pie! I really, really wanted the freakin' pie, but I put it back in the fridg DLUCYU 12 FEARTOLOVE77
12/6/19 11:29 P
40lbs lost in a year equals 3.3lbs/month. Doesn't sound like much does it? Until you realize you've DOUBLELSMOM 125 SNOWSPEEDER
12/5/19 11:28 P
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 39504 NASFKAB
9/24/20 6:48 P
How often do you weigh yourself? AV_MOM2 24869 SEAJAE
9/24/20 5:01 P
Winded today CMBMARIE 5 JOANN25
6/2/18 11:36 P
Anyone born in 1948? JAYELAITCH 19454 KATHLEEN624
9/24/20 6:08 P