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Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 15 LAH1222
8/2/20 11:29 P
7/29/20 1:22 P
Treadmill or outdoor walking BEACHLUVER4 392 ENOCRECMAS
7/29/20 1:21 P
Posted a goal CMRKSU12 4 CMRKSU12
7/14/20 10:12 A
Message Removed CD24291603 19 TINA19686
7/14/20 9:21 A
My dinner, because sometimes you just want a big salad lol! CMRKSU12 18 ROX525
7/10/20 6:04 A
6 mile bike ride this afternoon done! Hot out but got 'er done! Never give up! CMRKSU12 2 WHITE-GREEN
7/1/20 3:34 P
My 92 year old Mom wears her mask when anyone comes in to do work in their house just to encourage o SISSYFEB48 25 1958TMC
6/27/20 6:42 A
10 pounds down!🀩 DLMGRAHAM 163 MYTURN19
6/26/20 7:43 P
I chose watermelon instead of biscuits and gravy they had out for us at work this morning. WNCGIRL 143 JAMER123
6/24/20 10:44 P
Added a pinch of cinnamon and a chopped nectarine to my usual overnight oats this morning. Super tas JANIMOEN 10 CHEIVOUS
6/22/20 3:47 P
We are having a beautiful day here in lower Michigan. Sunny and 72 degrees and a nice breeze so I hi GINNABOOTS 42 FLASUN
6/22/20 3:51 A
Fuel for my body. Achieving my goals! #eattherainb NEWRUNNERCLARE 31 MSMOSTIMPROVED
6/20/20 10:24 P
Most nights this is me...I have all intentions to get a good nights sleep and then my insomnia is al SOUTHERNJAVA 17 CATWMNCAT
6/18/20 12:36 A
My goal is to be a healthier me! My reward is a trip to Scotland in 2022. I want to be able to walk SUNSHINEGODDES 25 WITHWOMAN
6/12/20 8:27 P
LOVE watermelon season! AKIMBRE1 24 CSROBERTSON621
6/11/20 10:00 P
My youngest graduated kindergarten his smile says it all😊 I am so proud of him! SONIA_THORNTON 30 ARNETTELEE
6/4/20 10:22 P
Just eat the damn salad! Eat one every day and get crazy with it. Tonight I made a balsamic vinaigre OLLYBIRD 20 MARYMICHELLEBUR
5/28/20 11:58 P
Prepping salads for the week! SPOKENWORD 16 DEE107
5/26/20 12:21 A
Dinner tonight! Kielbasa and veggies, Brown rice, and a little cheese CMRKSU12 13 GEORGE815
5/22/20 9:32 P
Walk in Big Bend National Park, Texas CGARR442 10 TEXASHSMOMOF3
5/23/20 9:03 A
Starting a new journey today! Any tips? IRISISBORED 49 CJTWEED2
5/22/20 9:59 A
Lunch πŸ˜‹ Mediterranean Chickpea Salad and some fresh cherries πŸ’ 🀀 GIRLGETTINGFIT 15 GIRLGETTINGFIT
5/20/20 8:31 P
This is the chicken noodle soup that I'm having for dinner I really do love soup MSAAMAANDAA 23 KATHYJO56
5/16/20 8:53 P
What’s your favorite supplements? (If you take any) NVRGIVINGUP 9 DAWNWATERWOMAN
5/14/20 11:25 A
Married this amazing man today in Hot Springs! Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! KIMMYP420 109 KIMMYP420
5/12/20 3:05 P
Took a nice walk today because it was so beautiful out! It's better than sitting inside in isolation CMRKSU12 22 CMRKSU12
5/11/20 5:07 P
Message Removed CD24291603 15 RREDFORD5
5/6/20 10:53 P
Summer walnut salad!!! πŸ˜πŸ’š MARKARABERMEL62 39 MARKARABERMEL62
5/6/20 6:52 A
98lbs gone forever EMILYJCOLETTA0 208 BERTZ3
6/22/20 10:33 P
Take time to Enjoy the things around you! Do you like the smell of lilacs? LITTLEREDHEN8 35 GRALAN
5/5/20 4:02 A
5/3/20 9:24 P
Update Dad got from hospital was that Mom ate a little at breakfast, and dinner as well as they had REVENGETIME40 19 LIVINHEALTHY9
4/29/20 9:19 P
Breakfast Quesadilla for lunch πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‹! WILD_ONE 18 EVIE4NOW
4/30/20 12:01 A
I didn't eat the whole cake, just a slice. DLBEASYRIDER 31 ALLYLIZZY
4/25/20 12:46 P
Spinach, mushroom, jalapeno, cheddar omelet and polenta slices w/ sf blackberry jam... and of course CATWMNCAT 27 LILIANN400
4/23/20 5:21 P
A view of my yard, where I walk my laps. I am up to 45 minutes of walking. I hope you are all doin RUTHIEBEAR 129 DEE107
4/24/20 12:23 A
Spark friends please I need your prayers for my Mom right now. My parents live in UK my poor Mom has REVENGETIME40 164 VRAGGAMUFFIN
4/24/20 3:22 P
Coffee Creamer JHISEROTE 33 CHARNA18
7/8/20 8:29 A
Need to find humor, especially these days. BOSS_OF_MY_BODY 22 1965KAREN
5/27/20 9:35 P
Sometimes you have to see where you started in order to appreciate how far you've come! I can't bel JENS1974 46 123THERESA123
4/17/20 9:37 A
So excited for this badge!! 😻😻 KENNYBARBIE12 28 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/15/20 7:17 A
What is it with dogs and yoga mats? LINSEYBAKER82 12 LIZZYMITCH
4/14/20 9:31 P
I haven't been on this page in quite some time. I thought I'd change it up and keep better at it. He DARDI39 43 EVIE4NOW
4/14/20 11:54 P
#moveit Yes friends the Home Gym!😜I don't know how many of you had to buy gym equipment online bec COMEBACKKID12 19 WIZARDHOWL
4/15/20 9:07 P
I'm trying so hard to keep myself as positive as possible but it is really hard right now! This pho MSMITCHELL2696 134 TIGERSEYEHEART
4/1/20 3:51 P
I’m so glad our walking trail is still open. JENNIFERBR51 50 ALLYLIZZY
3/31/20 1:59 P
3/31/20 4:13 A
Finding myself wanting to snack or eat all the time, especially carbs since this pandemic social iso CMRKSU12 9 EVIE4NOW
3/27/20 10:32 P
Posted a goal CMRKSU12 9 TCANNO
3/27/20 11:40 P
That's us. Can't wait for this mess to be over. We all need to pray. BIENKE 22 ARNETTELEE
3/28/20 6:51 A
With this coronavirus crisis, my kitchen is stocked up, but that makes me want to eat more. Yikes! CMRKSU12 2 OOLALA53
3/21/20 1:59 P
How are you staying active during this time? MLAN613 48 SBURDEN
6/5/20 2:08 P
Posted a photo FIT4LIFEANNE 13 FELICIA1963
3/19/20 6:36 P
What are you planning for dinner? LOVECAROL 1961 LOTUS737
8/3/20 10:32 A
Walked outside today as it reached 55Β°. Seeing more flowers with each outing: NITEMAN3D 36 GARDENCHRIS
3/5/20 11:51 A
So, next week I am going on a soft foods diet lol. What is that you ask? lol Well, I am getting all CMRKSU12 5 CMRKSU12
3/3/20 7:10 P
Good day. I am tired tonight. I went over on my carbs bad. 5omorrow is a new day. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 20 GABY1948
2/25/20 9:28 A
Today makes me sad. My furbaby died 2 yrs ago. Still miss her PDAWN12 5 EVIE4NOW
2/20/20 11:07 P
My dog Dax is 5 years old and the sweetest dog I have ever seen! Love you girl! CMRKSU12 9 ALLYLIZZY
2/20/20 8:57 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 33 CHEIVOUS
2/16/20 10:08 A
Messed up today big time with the diet. I had 3 grandkids over all day yesterday and today. Yesterda CMRKSU12 9 CMRKSU12
2/2/20 10:12 P
Do these count as a serving of veggies? REWEMCLA 14 _RAMONA
2/1/20 12:07 A
For Real πŸ˜³πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ WILD_ONE 21 LE_SIGH
1/29/20 8:38 A
Posted a photo SAMMA4120 119 _RAMONA
1/29/20 2:29 A
How often do you strength train? NOCALOVE1 140 SBURDEN
3/16/20 11:55 A
2/16/20 5:21 P
Have a fabulously sparkly Friday! RAERAERAE62 22 GEORGE815
1/24/20 5:30 P
Man! I have so much on these salads, I can’t name them all! Lol. I’ll try! Spinach leaves, carrots, SPOKENWORD 32 1CRAZYDOG
1/23/20 3:57 P
#BeforeAndAfter KJENQN 216 LE_SIGH
1/15/20 6:39 A
Protein Powder HEALTHYKIM101 16 SHOAPIE
2/17/20 5:41 P
I got off of work at midnight and I have to be in at 8am. It's going to be a long day. DGFOWLER 31 BLUE7684
1/13/20 8:26 A
Posted a photo MIMAWELIZABETH 121 DEE107
1/8/20 4:00 P
A terrific day for a hike in the woods. 7% grade in some parts. 4.08 miles in 1hr:18min!! CARLIESHKA1 21 OSHAY58
1/6/20 12:41 P
Day 1 starting my journey TIGEREYES35401 31 EVIE4NOW
1/4/20 10:34 P