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FIRST DAY!!! πŸ™‚ Trying this challenge any tips or pointers I should know please feel free to commen GALLARDODARLA 8 -RESAMARIE
3/12/20 10:55 A
In a good mood this morning. Checked my weight and lost another 3 pounds. So I've lost a total of 7 AUNTRENEE 11 CANDLES9103
3/11/20 11:17 A
Please introduce yourself here! SPARK_COACH_JEN 3151 DANYGIRL48
3/10/20 11:53 A
Its OFFICIAL I have reached my first small weightloss goal! I lost 10 pounds. It wasn't easy but I d CEDWARDS684 9 LIZZYMITCH
3/10/20 5:30 P
Really slacking lately, haven't been to the gym in ages! The only thing I've been doing is walking. DANYGIRL48 5 TMP0418
3/10/20 2:28 P
January 2020 Fitness Minutes SKCASON 18 XME501
2/1/20 1:10 P
Got my blood work back, everything was awesome except for my LDL cholesterol. She wants me on medica DANYGIRL48 6 DANYGIRL48
12/16/19 5:32 P
I'm back after being MIA for a while... my father in law passed away the 3rd of November and he live ANGELICMOMMA 12 GEORGE815
12/4/19 5:12 P
Hahahahaha!!! DANYGIRL48 12 PYNETREE
11/27/19 12:14 P
It has been a difficult week that has totally thrown a wrench into my efforts. I could really use s REBECCAM18 12 HAPPYDAZ1
11/21/19 12:24 P
Ok my journey began 2 weeks ago today. Fitness 4 days a week and a lower carb ratio because it works STEPHANIMCD 8 DJAYBX
11/21/19 9:15 A
Am going through a very dark time in my life right now. My husband passed away a week ago, and I am GOLDTAG1 11 STONE815
11/19/19 3:01 P
First day on here and first post as well. What a day to start, it is pouring outside so bad even my LUVADUCK2007 9 GEORGE815
11/15/19 5:28 P
Smoothie for breakfast with 2 cups of spinach, 1 cup banana/strawberry mix and 1/2 cup of mixed berr DANYGIRL48 5 GREEN_EYES2
11/14/19 6:09 P
Fell off the wagon for a little bit, but I'm back :) still trying to stay healthy and get fit! VALLEYOFUNREST 6 GREENFROGETTE
11/12/19 1:01 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!! πŸŽ‰ Guess what today is???? IT’S MY TWO YEAR SPARK-A-V TEXASHSMOMOF3 247 POGIRL17
11/6/19 11:47 A
Question... When you chew gum do you count the calories in your tracker. The average piece of gum is TABATHA_CAIN 5 JERSEYGIRL24
11/5/19 11:08 P
Good Morning. Please send positive thoughts my way and I will return the favor. KATHY1362015 7 MUDDYFOOTS
11/5/19 8:52 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 16 PATRICIA-CR
11/4/19 12:47 P
Did not go to the gym all weekend, but didn’t eat bad either! Back to the gym today. TARYN_XD 4 DANYGIRL48
11/4/19 9:18 A
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 2 DANYGIRL48
11/4/19 9:18 A
Good morning! #moveit GYNGER12 7 EVIE4NOW
11/4/19 9:18 A
Last week I had two big off track days. I'm determined to kick it this week. I WILL NOT BE ONE OF THETROUT 4 DANYGIRL48
11/4/19 9:17 A
Posted a photo CINDY247 23 AMYINTHEWILD
11/4/19 6:16 P
Well, starting off this week right. Back on Spark for the first time in quite a while. Went for a wa SANDYTOES612 10 RO2BENT
11/4/19 9:46 A
Day 4 of feeling like crap. Dutifully got my flu shot a couple of weeks ago, but it sure feels like JLPEASE 4 DANYGIRL48
11/4/19 9:15 A
Did a lot of walking yesterday... hello fluid weight. I seriously hate that just walking makes me ANIMAI27 5 ANIMAI27
11/4/19 9:57 A
This is just random, but being healthy includes being mentally happy.. My kitchen became yellow/lem ANIMAI27 8 ANIMAI27
11/4/19 10:36 A
You've all heard the saying GO BIG, OR GO HOME? Well I want you to think about this... There is p MARYSMILES2020 3 MOUNTAINFARMER
11/4/19 10:30 A
I'm curious for those that have gone to the premium sp -- do you get alot of benefit that you didn't CP_BELIEVE 6 CP_BELIEVE
11/4/19 4:26 P
After the way I've eaten this past weekend I dont even want to think about getting on the scale. But HUFFELPOWELL16 5 EO4WELLNESS
11/4/19 12:10 P
Weekly Challenge - "Healthy Habits" CAROL_31649731 16 XME501
11/7/19 2:11 P
Love handles are going down BECCA_62283 5 1CRAZYDOG
11/1/19 12:27 P
I haven't really been around much with the fact I got married almost 7 months ago. I had lost 104lbs ANIMAI27 50 CD12282919
10/30/19 6:57 P
Motivated by so many posts, today I made time to go to the gym and ended up getting trained on doing WENDOFISH 6 RREDFORD5
10/30/19 9:10 P
Transformation Tuesday! 43.6 pounds down from last year at this time. Different size workout clothes PRSPLACE 133 LUVOFME
11/3/19 3:05 P
6 weeks after surgery, still some minor issues but cleared to go back to work and exercise, soooo ex DANYGIRL48 3 GEORGE815
10/24/19 5:52 P
10/24/19 9:47 P
So excited. I’ve been working on my eating and gave up all alcoholic beverages one month ago. The sc GINA_JODY 66 _RAMONA
10/25/19 2:28 A
Getting surgery next week, going to be out of commission for 4-6 weeks. Dear lord in heaven I must DANYGIRL48 6 TMP0418
9/5/19 6:14 P
I knew I had to catch a super early train this morning so yesterday was a double session. The evenin OUTSIDEJOJO 59 CD12282919
8/21/19 7:24 P
Spark friends, our family needs your prayers. On Saturday morning, our youngest grandson, Brayden (1 LILIANN400 64 CINDY247
7/9/19 4:39 A
First time under 300 in about 3 years. Starting weight 315. About 16 pounds in 9 weeks. Feels slow g HSTEWART76 102 KAS10001
6/13/19 6:54 P
Why do we only believe the negative? Let's work on the mental positive part of ourselves as well, se DANYGIRL48 8 TMP0418
6/11/19 10:22 A
#BeforeAndAfter I wish these pictures were reversed. I have gained 50-60 pounds since the before pi CARDIOQUEEN82 24 MERRILYLIFE
6/14/19 8:13 A
When you've had a hell of a week and it's only Monday, you take that nonsense and leave it at the gy DANYGIRL48 6 TMP0418
6/11/19 7:26 A
60lbs down 30 more to go. COERON 41 PURPLEMOON1
6/5/19 12:13 A
Got home from my Annual Girls Weekend yesterday!! All I can say is I'm back to the grind today. Bet DANYGIRL48 8 TMP0418
6/4/19 4:20 P
πŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ LOS101 57 GRAMMYEAC
5/23/19 10:54 P
Ugggg, I'm so annoyed and I hope you don't mind but I need to vent! I just found out that I've been DANYGIRL48 4 TMP0418
4/21/19 9:37 A
#BeforeAndAfter 42 lbs down and finally brave enough to share my "before" picture. That's the same t LINDSLOVESBRIAN 213 BROOKESMOM10
2/15/20 7:45 A
I need some advice from people who follow an Atkins/Keto-type diet. I usually have trouble sticking CRYSMAE 6 CRYSMAE
4/17/19 1:09 P
I've fell off the wagon since Friday & weighed this morning to find out I've gained back 7.5 poundsοΏ½ NOOKIE95 7 NOOKIE95
4/16/19 3:25 P
Today's theme is grateful, take a moment! DANYGIRL48 12 TMP0418
4/17/19 8:18 A
Starting SparkPeople today! I’m looking forward to the exploration and journey! MOONPATTY 8 CD24507309
4/16/19 8:58 A
Ok so after being on ahigh protein replacement meal shakes for almost 2 weeks. I've lost 7 pounds ga CHEYNESMOM948 7 FRISKYCRITTER
4/15/19 10:47 A
I’m having a pretty big surgery today and have to stay at least 1 night in the hospital. I sure hop MELJOKELLEY 8 MELJOKELLEY
4/17/19 3:30 A
My mind and my body are finally on the same page, be good to yourself friends! You can't pour from DANYGIRL48 4 CHEIVOUS
4/13/19 7:51 A
Made Baklava yesterday. Something I have always wanted to make. Made it and ate a "few" pieces witho FITCOFFEEMOM357 22 QUARTERMASTER3
4/7/19 4:19 P
Good Sunday morning everyone..I'm up and dressed for church..an NSV this morning is I can now wear MHUMBERS1950 119 GEORGE815
4/7/19 4:08 P
Sunday thought, have a great day friends!! DANYGIRL48 16 GEORGE815
4/7/19 4:14 P
5k for the day! I have some catching up to do. I’m having a very rough week, and having trouble ge AMYINTHEWILD 12 JAY61
4/7/19 8:42 A
I have been back to tracking my food, exercise, and weight on SparkPeople after a few months away fr DLREYNOLDS2000 19 ARNETTELEE
4/7/19 7:45 A
4/7/19 1:14 P
Earlier this week I posted about hitting the 40 lb mark on my weight loss. Yesterday, I took this pi GINGINB 142 ALLYLIZZY
4/7/19 1:12 P
#feelgoodfriday #facetofacefriday #flashbackfriday I used to hate candid, surprise photos. I need DOUBLELSMOM 18 REYNAJUST4KIX
4/5/19 1:53 P
Have a great Friday friends!! DANYGIRL48 24 AMYDEES
4/5/19 1:28 P
#FaceToFace Friday. I can't believe the difference. I am so glad I took pictures along this journe BEAGLEGIRL79 148 KATYNB
4/5/19 3:26 P
Just getting started. I was at 173 when I started, lost a couple lbs., then a mild bout of diverticu MEGNLYDSMOM 11 GEORGE815
4/4/19 5:56 P
Here’s to day 1 of a healthier life πŸ‘πŸΌβ€οΈ VICTORIAM_37 5 DANYGIRL48
4/4/19 1:08 P
Today's tip was "Don't eat out". And I have plans to lunch with a good friend. Good thing I looked CALICOCAC6 3 DANYGIRL48
4/3/19 11:21 A
I hurdled over the 30 lb mark! 31.6 pounds gone for good! LESERLOU 5 LOTUS737
4/3/19 11:41 A
I am so close to goal weight, 20 more lbs.! SHAR-PEI_LOVER 70 MRSWILLLOWERY
4/3/19 5:05 P
4/3/19 10:09 P
Ok so today's walk included a trip to Walmart because I needed something quick for dinner and I real CUPKAKE137 8 REYNAJUST4KIX
4/3/19 6:15 P