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Hello Sparkers! Can I get a woot woot?! I did my 5k treadmill run today and got a faster time than l MAYBEMIDLIFE20 29 EVIE4NOW
11/25/19 10:58 P
#newbie I am looking to find the new me there are so many diets to choose to help on the journey fro JAYDENJACE1828 7 LEARN211
11/24/19 4:00 P
It’s the truth, right @stillsparkleigh and @pelesjewel ? DAD_AINT_HIP 22 -POOKIE-
11/16/19 3:54 A
Posted a photo A72738 20 GEORGE815
11/15/19 5:22 P
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 30 AMYINTHEWILD
11/16/19 8:58 A
Bad things happened yesterday. The cat, my anxiety buddy, ran away and my dad was sent by ambulance ALLTHINGSNEW81 11 FEARTOLOVE77
11/15/19 9:00 P
I AM SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE: Today I hit the 200 Pounds Lost mark!!!!! I am so so happy. I've worked h DAWNWATERWOMAN 26 JLEE123
11/22/19 1:13 P
Old-fashioned oatmeal with raisins from scratch - I made enough for 6 days. A comforting healthy br HAZEL_SPIRE 5 GEORGE815
11/14/19 2:48 P
So excited for dinner tonight! I used to think “dieting” (not a fan of that word) meant constant dep HIKINGGIRL16 14 GETITDONE79
11/4/19 8:19 P
Hey everyone I'm new DIETRISHA69 9 ALLYLIZZY
11/4/19 1:22 P
Two months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. Two tumors shower up this tim HAPPYMEG 33 CHERI*ANN7
11/11/19 11:44 A
It feels so amazing to be able to do the times the number of pushups that I could do three weeks ago ANNARBANANAR 7 ANNARBANANAR
11/5/19 8:49 P
11/3/19 12:38 P
Officially down 100lbs as on Nov 1!!! Made it in just under 2 years (Nov 17). On to the next 100! SARAHCAMILLE198 15 LITTLEWIND53
11/3/19 12:10 A
i started to doubt myself on this new me diet the new normal. seeing that bathroom scales stay on th CATHYSHELEG 8 CATHYSHELEG
10/30/19 9:18 A
Just have to say it and get it out of my system. I am realizing why my weight is super getting to me LITTLECR 4 PETERCONSTANTIN
10/19/19 12:33 P
Woohoo! A NSV for me! I started my journey in may2019 due to an injury! Trying to get my blood pre ROXANNE98 12 DEBYDOINGIT
10/18/19 2:17 A
Scale Says 209.8. -40.4 pounds since May 28th. - 57.9 pounds since finding Spark. A1C is 5.9 and I h DEBYDOINGIT 4 DLDMIL
10/16/19 7:43 P
I am sitting here crying. I fasted for my blood work yesterday and I got the results of my A1C today DEBYDOINGIT 14 ALLYLIZZY
10/15/19 8:51 P
So I’m trying to start on my healthy lifestyle journey but I don’t eat. I just don’t have an appetit KSHAW0818 14 EVIE4NOW
10/15/19 8:28 A
Fasting for blood work complete. there was a line so it took a while. I brought a banana. Everyone i DEBYDOINGIT 2 ROXANNE98
10/14/19 12:18 P
Blood Sugar was 137 today. At first I was frustrated thinking, "Surely a med. sweet potato that I di JEANUT 3 DEBYDOINGIT
10/14/19 10:03 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!! It’s weigh in day for me and I have to be honest the s TEXASHSMOMOF3 166 SEDONACAT
1/15/20 7:33 A
TMI warning. Must have a sense of humor to read this post. I had my yearly mammogram. It was easier DEBYDOINGIT 9 KARMANNPOWELL
10/13/19 10:51 P
Watch Added Sugar Challenge LITTLEREDHEN8 10 MELVEGGIE
10/25/19 1:02 P
I have to fast for blood work. Wish me luck. last time my sugar was real low. from the fasting. Last DEBYDOINGIT 7 PELESJEWEL
10/13/19 9:01 P
I've been struggling to get my routine back on track. I'm gettin6there but it's slow. I was wonderin VIKINGWITCH79 7 AJGEMRICH
10/13/19 11:07 P
I just got a apple watch and I am trying to connect My 'Health' app to SP so that I can track my act GYORGYB 3 DEBYDOINGIT
10/13/19 5:11 P
I'm on day 8 and I'm not doing so good. I don't like being on my phone all the time, that's what I f HCC430 10 JOCELYNH711
10/14/19 6:47 A
I’ve been using spark for almost 90 days now and have stuck to my calories and working out. Im frust KEEPERSLADY777 7 KOALA_BEAR
10/13/19 2:14 A
Last week my reliable Fitbit bit the dust (so to speak) so this week I have a nice new one and even MISS_STELLA1 3 GOODGETNBETR
10/13/19 1:59 A
So....3 weeks ago I had a miscarriage. It has shattered me more than I care to admit. My husband t SWEETEVE13 16 KNEESOCKS1945
10/13/19 4:17 A
1/14/20 11:24 A
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 7 GABY1948
10/14/19 10:59 A
I do not feel my current plan is working for me so I am in the process of revising it. My biggest ob MIZM75 3 MCJULIEO
10/12/19 9:37 P
The past few days have been bad. I've just been so drained mentally. Depression has just been beatin ABBYCHUGGLES123 9 ABBYCHUGGLES123
10/13/19 11:00 A
Somehow my son's date night ends with me making apple pie. They went on a train ride and picked appl DEBYDOINGIT 8 BARKER_77D
10/12/19 9:43 P
New central AC, New Roof. Heater needed fixing today. Next lol. These things used to make me come un DEBYDOINGIT 6 GOODGETNBETR
10/13/19 2:03 A
Well I have started again and cannot look back I am at my all time highest weight 230 and I'm only GRAMMAGLORYA 11 STEVENKIND
10/12/19 9:03 P
Dinner same as lunch:) FREEDOMSKEY 18 TOKIEMOON
10/13/19 1:31 A
Starting Saturday off annoyed. This can't be good. DEBYDOINGIT 3 DEBYDOINGIT
10/12/19 10:06 A
Just getting started again today. My husband challenged me to get back to my taekwondo championship JLTINSLEY 16 COOKWITHME65
10/20/19 10:40 A
I have been doing well. I am leaving in a cruise on Monday and a bit nervous about what kind and how ANDREADEANG 9 FIREBRTHR
10/12/19 11:36 A
Short but effective Run before I go to work later…wishing each of you Sparkplugs a great Fall weeken MAYDAY62 24 MAYDAY62
10/12/19 10:54 P
I just started this app, and hoping to make real progress in my weight loss this time around. No pro NIGHTOWLGUARD 4 DEBYDOINGIT
10/12/19 9:27 A
211 pounds today. 12 pounds to Onederland I am excited. DEBYDOINGIT 10 KERRIBERRI86
10/10/19 1:52 P
Am I drinking too much water as I do around 10 a day? #h2whoa WILLIAMJM 9 CHESTER47
10/10/19 9:00 A
hey everyone! i'm new to the app and i've really been trying to lose weight but i keep hitting bumps MARINAMATTI 4 DEBYDOINGIT
10/10/19 12:56 A
A little fun shall we? I am Cancer... And because I usually am!!! Ha ha ha and you? REVENGETIME40 14 DAD_AINT_HIP
10/10/19 10:48 A
Only ate 6 today along with olives. Are olives considered a veggie? #eattherainbow DJAYBX 5 -POOKIE-
10/10/19 6:02 A
Yesterdays victory - went to Starbucks and got an unsweet iced tea - zero calories! What was your vi BASEBALLNOLE 3 GMAM48
10/9/19 6:51 P
Good morning folks. Wishing you all a fantastic day. I'm headed to doctor to see about my legs an MATTHEWP24 4 LIVINHEALTHY9
10/9/19 7:11 P
I am 12 pounds from Onederland. Stuck in your weight loss? Take an honest look at your logging.You h DEBYDOINGIT 2 BANKER-CHUCK
10/9/19 11:15 A
3rd day back at it. Wish i could stay on track. Need to take one day at a time and stay focused. Fee KAYZRIP77 7 KAYZRIP77
10/9/19 12:28 P
So far I have done grocery shopping, made the kids Mac_N_Cheese, and prepped food. I made enough tof DEBYDOINGIT 2 EVIE4NOW
10/6/19 7:58 P
Someone commented on one of my post earlier today about a 21 day new member challenge. Does anyone k HCC430 2 DEBYDOINGIT
10/6/19 6:12 P
Hope everyone's doing well. I was decluttering yesterday and came across my Weight Watchers weight- TEXINPA 6 DEBYDOINGIT
10/6/19 6:09 P
Don't text while driving today. NEPTUNE1939 5 DEBYDOINGIT
10/5/19 11:13 P
Lady Mountain in Zion National Park 6 hours total to summit and back. ADELEMESA 17 DEBYDOINGIT
10/5/19 11:13 P
Since December 9, 2018, my goal has been to weigh 140 pounds. After resetting that goal date for the BFLOGRL 9 DEBYDOINGIT
10/5/19 11:09 P
So I feel awkward posting this but I think you might be the only people who can understand and help. LADYVAMPIRICA 5 DEBYDOINGIT
10/5/19 11:08 P
I have tried to lose weight on numerous occasions and I've always lost and then gained weight like a CRYSTALLH1981 35 KHALIA2
1/4/20 7:53 A
I've wanted to and tried to lose weight for years. DIOSA123 12 CHERRYZMB60
10/6/19 1:59 A
Hi so I didn't know where else to post this question but if there's a better community chat room ple RAVENSKIE33 8 DEBYDOINGIT
10/5/19 9:22 P
Went way over my calories goal today, try it again tomorrow. NIKO75NIKI 3 DEBYDOINGIT
10/5/19 9:18 P
Stress eating always seems to get the best of me... I must find a way to overcome this! I've gotten KERRIBERRI86 19 DIANEDOESSMILES
10/5/19 9:20 P
Weight Loss By Halloween LITTLEREDHEN8 12 LEGENDIS
10/31/19 1:05 A
10/5/19 1:38 P
So here’s my 1 month progress started Sept 5th...I WVERRECCHIO 49 WVERRECCHIO
10/5/19 12:40 P
Personal Trainer took my measurements today and I've taken 2.25" off my waist, 1/4" on my arms, 1" o CATHYSFITLIFE 9 HAPPYDAZ1
10/6/19 6:14 P
So I was plateaued for over a month was getting fr DONNABOWLED700 4 GEORGE815
10/4/19 2:26 P
I have never been so happy to be disappointed. I have been trying to fit in these old jeans. So I tr DEBYDOINGIT 5 CBRINKLEY401
10/4/19 3:59 P
Hmmm, it seems my app doesn’t track my weigh ins w SAILINGAMETHYST 6 ALLFORELIFE
10/3/19 1:00 P
Food tracked and packed, over half water drank, exercise complete. All I have to do is shower, go to DEBYDOINGIT 6 GEORGE815
10/2/19 9:33 P
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 6 GRANNYOF05
10/2/19 12:26 P