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Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 77421 MLAN613
1/23/20 6:37 A
A - Z Things you buy at Walmart KAEDE... 39272 IREANIE
1/23/20 1:28 A
BIBLE A-Z , places, names, animals, whatever.. CILLALILLY 64361 HLTHAPPINESS4C
1/22/20 10:28 P
Thanking the Lord for seeing another day I almost choked to death yesterday on a cold medicine pill SWEETIECAKE2 5 3BOYZMA
1/22/20 11:53 P
I have weighed in and lost 16lbs #BeforeAndAfter ANTOINETTEBURCH 38 JBARBER16
1/23/20 10:17 A
Wanted to order takeout but decided to make my own PATRICIAMCCABE 30 SUZIEEQ91
1/22/20 11:32 P
Been keeping up on hydration. I drank coffee, then 2 32 oz bottles of water after my workout. I wen KARMANNPOWELL 14 MJ7DM33
1/22/20 11:17 P
Spaghetti (squash) with onion, garlic, pepper, basil sauce. JEWELRYLOVER 25 SUZIEEQ91
1/22/20 11:32 P
Had a busy day. Took my brother to his Eye Dr. to his shot in his eye for macular degeneration. Took LIVINGLOVINLIFE 14 JOCELYNH711
1/23/20 9:45 A
Feeling like crud tonight!! Felt fine most of the day but now I'm feeling yucky. Most likely off sic CHRISTINEM80 20 ARNETTELEE
1/23/20 7:31 A
Posted a photo LOUN0318 29 PBFITZ
1/23/20 6:42 A
Oh, friends, it’s been almost two years of autoimmune symptoms for my son. We have a specialist app AMYINTHEWILD 19 TEXASHSMOMOF3
1/23/20 10:13 A
Here's a little affirmation courtesy of my Yogi tea. Goodnight Sparkers!! HOWBADDOUWANTIT 13 ROSE-CHA
1/23/20 12:57 A
Preparing for success! CHEZBENTO 13 DININA48MN
1/23/20 2:47 A
Nothing like going into the store finding a shirt for $3 and it's a size medium and it fits very wel RENEEMI 62 PEGJW111
1/23/20 5:16 A
My man did it again! Another amazing meal! KIMMYG420 17 GERRYH2
1/23/20 7:46 A
Tonight’s dinner is eye of round. Dry-brined it for 60 hours in a vacuum-sealed bag then cooked via DAD_AINT_HIP 24 RREDFORD5
1/23/20 10:08 A
Posted a goal MOJOZEN 22 _RAMONA
1/22/20 9:13 P
Posted a photo JENACOLORS 14 _RAMONA
1/22/20 9:13 P
Progress so far this year.. (this month) hehe erm... did actually cry tears of joy when I saw my wai HAPPYKITTYNZ 37 _RAMONA
1/22/20 9:09 P
Posted a photo CHEZBENTO 15 _RAMONA
1/22/20 9:09 P
Posted a photo JESSICA_EDMO1 114 _RAMONA
1/22/20 9:05 P
Posted a photo SAINTBERNARD6 5 LWLAR7
1/22/20 2:35 A
Have a good night and a Sparky Wednesday everyone. we can do it one day at time. SPARKFRAN514 15 75HEALTHYME
1/22/20 10:19 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 13 MACEDO1969
1/20/20 4:55 P
1/22/20 1:15 P
Great day for a walk! Brrrrr! FIT2BETHIN 4 ELSCO55
1/20/20 4:09 P
Good Monday afternoon spark friends!! Hope your MLK day is going great!! Sunny and cold here in Geor GPALMER2019 15 STILLSPARKLEIGH
1/21/20 9:22 A
The ink is black. The page is white. Together we learn to read and write. ACANTHA1 4 NITEMAN3D
1/20/20 6:23 P
I saw my first snowdrops today - and got so excited! I just had to share this. SWEETENUFGILL 29 GABY1948
1/22/20 12:59 P
1/21/20 7:38 A
Made it to Level 20 today and have a 20 day streak so far in 2020...something good about that number OPALMOMMYFIRST 9 DAWNWATERWOMAN
1/20/20 5:13 P
Yummy salad with fresh tomatoes and water for lunch🍅🥕🥦😋 Did my walking video this morning too Ge JERRILYNN7 10 JERRILYNN7
1/20/20 6:01 P
Posted a photo RCLYKE 21 SNOWSPEEDER
1/20/20 8:41 P
These lovely flowers reminding of spring on this very cold day as I walked through the store today. 1BLAZER282005 19 TAWNYABOE
1/21/20 1:37 P
#BeforeAndAfter #9months #TrustTheProcess MSNIKKILMT 44 ANNEARIAS
1/22/20 10:12 P
Posted a photo DAD_AINT_HIP 32 NANHBH
1/20/20 4:41 P
1/20/20 9:24 P
I've been sick today. I only colored one picture and I didn't exercise. :( GETHEALTHYMA1 21 ELSCO55
1/19/20 8:58 P
Doesn’t really need a comment from me… DAD_AINT_HIP 44 TRIPPYHIPPY89
1/21/20 9:31 A
It’s been a very long week , my daughter had her baby girl, it was a rough start born with no vitals MELISSALYNN38 6 ARNETTELEE
1/20/20 6:43 A
Went for check up with doctor. My BMI is 30. Doctor suggested I go to 100 carbs a day, and to get VIIISTR 14 VIIISTR
1/22/20 4:10 P
I am completely exhausted, but it was worth it... I hosted a cat adoption event yesterday with the MIMAWELIZABETH 16 PATRICIA-CR
1/20/20 9:30 A
Hi! I am on a 4 week street with Peloton and I decided to do Spark People to support nutritional imp ELEVATEU 26 TCANNO
1/20/20 2:26 A
Today was not a good day for my physical health, but it was a good day to give myself a break from e ASEARLE223 5 CAROLSYLVIA
1/19/20 9:08 P
1/19/20 9:50 P
He did it again!!! Love my man and my dinners! KIMMYG420 12 HUNNIBEE003
1/20/20 5:49 A
Low calorie homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner after a long days work, on this cold Michigan ev HEATHERFEATHER0 20 HEATHERFEATHER0
1/20/20 9:23 A
My first week here went better than expected. 7 pounds from 327. Now, if only I could do that every STARROSEGAL 95 HELENATILFORD
1/20/20 3:34 A
It doesn’t look it, but we had some warmer weather today (at least it was out of the teens), and got AMYINTHEWILD 21 ALLYLIZZY
1/20/20 3:08 P
Good night. Pleasant dreams and Peaceful rest. DXTECH 11 LITTLEWIND53
1/18/20 11:40 P
Snowed-in Snugs 🥰 JARAHLYN1 18 LAH1222
1/18/20 11:59 P
Ronnie FINALLY ate her first meal after two days of not eating anything except a few cheese slices a OPTICALXILLUSIO 14 CARLOSLAKELAND
1/19/20 7:57 A
The sky is so beautiful this afternoon, and the water is so calm. 🌊✨ ALLYLIZZY 50 GRAMMY065
1/19/20 12:28 P
I’m so grateful to have a man that loves to cook and loves to make me meals that are great for me. KIMMYG420 29 KIMMYG420
1/19/20 12:10 P
1/19/20 8:32 A
Hiked Shadow Mountain today with my daughter. Had a great time. Took a little break on the way down ANTMAID81 16 ARNETTELEE
1/19/20 7:10 A
For anyone following my Snowpocalypse posts this i LITTLEMISSMOUSE 36 DUCKTURNIP
1/19/20 8:06 P
I’m really loving my little Mrs. Dash collection. As you can see, I’ve used them all quite a bit. 😃 SIMPLYKEN32 13 SIMPLYKEN32
1/19/20 7:02 P
1/19/20 12:29 A
#BeforeAndAfter It is day 3 and already my blood sugar is appreciating my exercise regimen, within r OBIONE686 84 DININA48MN
1/19/20 2:48 A
Lunch today: a pork chop generously seasoned with South African smoke and steamed broccoli with avoc WILDHUNTRESS 23 WILDHUNTRESS
1/21/20 5:00 P
Posted a photo GETHEALTHYMA1 35 SXB990
1/19/20 3:57 A
2 years! :) JESSICALEARLY02 42 LE_SIGH
1/19/20 11:28 A
Hall Closet Found another box of pictures in the hall closet as I cleaned earlier today. This one PELESJEWEL 66 JRDUPREE
1/19/20 10:37 A
Counting calories and exercising regularly I'm down 2 pounds! Its a beginning! CGULLS 15 GEORGE815
1/17/20 7:52 P
My weight loss journey has been going great! I’m now down 152 lbs. BIGDADDY1575 37 NOMYTX
1/17/20 10:49 P
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 14 MJ7DM33
1/17/20 10:03 P
Totally crappy out today. Got a haircut. Walked around Walmart for a bit. The did some exercise in t BJOMOMMA 6 GEORGE815
1/17/20 7:49 P
Salsa chicken with cheddar cheese and sour cream for dinner WALTSGIRL2015 10 EVIE4NOW
1/17/20 11:07 P
ICE on the harbor. Today I stayed INSIDE since at 8 AM it was 11 out with the wind chill of -16. N DIANEDOESSMILES 22 PATRICIA-CR
1/18/20 11:12 A
Look at my colorful healthy dinner... PLUTO12RSH 23 WEARINGTHIN
1/18/20 12:49 A
1/17/20 11:31 P
Made my husband’s day. Grilled pork loin chop, roasted sweet potatoes, cucumber salad and tomatoes. KARMANNPOWELL 21 EVIE4NOW
1/17/20 10:58 P
A picture says a thousand words and I think this one speaks volumes. This is what happened when I da BEAGLEGIRL79 168 GRAMMY065
1/18/20 1:21 A