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Me at my heavy weight MELHERMANN 8 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 11:00 P
Only intended to get 20,000 steps a day for the next few weeks: however, when a friend needs to talk JAMESEVER 10 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 11:00 P
Love Glow Party Zumba!!! SOFTBALLMONKEY 5 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:59 P
New Favorite Dirty Keto Snack..... King Arthur Almond Flour Crackers and Marzetti Cream Cheese Fru PHO3NIXONFIRE 4 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:59 P
Hi had a tiring long day but somehow I kept my eating plan in check and now I can just relax and wat JEANNEW691 5 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:55 P
Not a lot of exercise this weekend unless we count shopping. Did get in some stretches as have been PACO56761 11 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:55 P
Good afternoon spark friends. It is such a blessing to be able to do a quick 2 mile hike after work CARLOSLAKELAND 16 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:54 P
Tonight's Project Angel Heart meal: Vegetable white wine penne with zucchini. I added garlic stuffed JONESEYJR55 9 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:54 P
And, Baby #6 is a... FITMOMMA_OF6 26 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:53 P
2020 has not been my year .. first six weeks spent recovering from a concussion and the last two wee SCHMUNZELN 4 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:52 P
Had a butter burger for dinner because it was close and I was running from one thing to another. Ugh CHEESESANDWICH 2 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:51 P
My cardio today was just walking and cleaning the bath room, hopefully I'll have more energy tomorro HARLEMPAPILLON 5 ALVEDAPERO
2/24/20 11:06 P
Hi everyone. I'm still here. Just been getting my life together. Hope you guys have been doing well! LOTTALOX 11 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:50 P
Going thru sugar withdrawals! 😫 SUNNYMC40FINE 4 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:49 P
Good day. I am tired tonight. I went over on my carbs bad. 5omorrow is a new day. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:48 P
8 and counting! #h2whoa TOMATOCAFEGAL 3 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:47 P
Cardio workout today #moveit BIGRENTMAN 7 ALVEDAPERO
2/24/20 11:05 P
I’m especially exhausted today, but what a wonderful day yesterday! The spay/neuter clinic with a m MIMAWELIZABETH 10 ATHOMPSON606
2/24/20 10:44 P
I'm back up to 280 have no one to blame but ME I've got to do this for my health and my kids I need HJUDIE1 17 EVIE4NOW
2/24/20 10:17 P
Made this delicious shrimp noodle salad for dinner. Fresh and nutritious! Let loose too much last we SHLEE24 11 ANNIEMAROO
2/24/20 10:48 P
Day 104 - got my walk in. Went to mom's to finish up or books for our old TOPS chapter. Tomorrow we CSEGUIN2 25 RHVICK
2/24/20 10:30 P
SORRY its sideways!! This is something many in the south may not understand. Grin. It hit 48 toda DIANEDOESSMILES 9 AALLEY2
2/24/20 10:12 P
P90X Back and Biceps followed by some Ab Ripper X. I was actually able to keep up and finished about ANTMAID81 11 RANGE110-114
2/24/20 10:11 P
2/24/20 10:11 P
The sunset in California this early evening. 🌊✨ ALLYLIZZY 21 ANNIEMAROO
2/24/20 10:47 P
A - Z Occupations KAEDE... 121775 BOSTON481
2/24/20 10:39 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 7 LINOVER
2/24/20 10:08 P
(TL:DR - Life is hard. Exercise is good. Dress is cute. 🤣) Can we just pretend February didn't hap NESSA5210 28 ARTJAC
2/24/20 10:59 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 9 LINOVER
2/24/20 10:08 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 14 4EVERDIETER
2/24/20 10:48 P
Enjoying Progress. I’m no longer the gal in the Middle I’m not the gal on the Right (JLo) I’m the PELESJEWEL 84 ALOFA0509
2/24/20 11:05 P
Gihugic bowl of Cauliflower (Potato) Salad... my go to CANDLES9103 24 L1VEL1FE
2/24/20 11:07 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 24 ARTJAC
2/24/20 10:59 P
Turning Monday into FUNDAY with some kindness confetti!!! I will try to keep up with @dad_aint_hip a STILLSPARKLEIGH 45 JRDUPREE
2/24/20 11:00 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!! Ok I’ve tried to post this like 4 times and the inter TEXASHSMOMOF3 34 JRDUPREE
2/24/20 10:54 P
Girls names A-Z SKEETER45 39183 BOSTON481
2/24/20 10:41 P
Posted a photo IOWAGIRLRUNS1 22 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:31 P
Posted a photo SWEETNEEY 8 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:31 P
breakfast- quaker oats in whole milk with strawberries and sliced banana. A glass of Innocent smooth BECCA199207 2 EVIE4NOW
2/23/20 12:05 P
today: milk, oats, strawberries, banana, mango, passionfruit, carrot, chicken, broccoli, red onion BECCA199207 5 LAURALLANCE
2/24/20 7:22 A
"I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination NANASUEH 30 KHALIA2
2/24/20 1:52 P
2nd dog walk of the day. It’s a gorgeous day for walking. Close to 50F, sunny, and very little wind. LESLIELENORE 7 DUCKTURNIP
2/24/20 8:39 P
No matter what cards life deals us, we are all still so blessed to have the precious gift of life. W SIMPLYKEN32 22 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
2/23/20 8:49 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 12 PATRICIA-CR
2/24/20 9:27 A
#SnackTime On the ball today! TITANIA23 22 KAYDE53
2/23/20 6:42 P
Posted a photo MYAN1959 3 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:33 P
2/23/20 4:42 P
2/23/20 8:34 P
Trying to start off right. Happy Sunday!😊 CYNLUWHO 14 DEBBIEDOODLE65
2/23/20 1:17 P
What the heck?? First time this has ever happened to me!! VHAYES04 29 PWILLOW1
2/23/20 10:32 P
Feeling strong today. 8.1 miles in 101 mins. I’m kinda slow.. but hey slow and steady wins the race AKIMBRE1 20 QUARTERMASTER3
2/23/20 4:41 P
Sunday "brunch" (not really brunch, just a late br FITMOMMA_OF6 23 FITMOMMA_OF6
2/23/20 2:33 P
178.2 down -2.2lbs from last week 10XPERLB 36 SPEDED2
2/24/20 12:05 P
Posted a photo MZADAMS 53 CEEDEEJEY
2/23/20 2:49 P
Sunday morning feast! For some reason🤔 I was craving bacon and eggs. 🥓🍳 Oh yeah! @STILLSPARKLEIGH CARLOSLAKELAND 22 PCK12J
2/23/20 11:35 P
SUNDAY SILLY! Woke Up Hungry.... What To Eat?!?! 🤔 Definitely want to be a warrior 😉.... ok I am i STILLSPARKLEIGH 49 PCK12J
2/24/20 12:00 A
Posted a photo EVIE4NOW 12 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:13 P
Day three of my new me journey. I refuse to quit this time. NPROCTOR3383 5 GERRYH2
2/22/20 10:19 A
Had a bad day on Friday. Gastric distress. Ok now. I will spare you the details. Feel fine today JOBUNCE4243 3 GLITTER_PIGEON
2/22/20 2:29 P
Good Morning Spark friends ! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Suppose to be a decent day tod MLSM3381 4 MRSMICHELLEMARI
2/22/20 1:41 P
Good morning! NEPTUNE1939 4 FISHGUT3
2/22/20 11:43 A
Good morning! #moveit GYNGER12 2 EVIE4NOW
2/22/20 9:59 A
35 min walk today. NEPTUNE1939 4 GERRYH2
2/22/20 10:18 A
Have a great day! NEPTUNE1939 4 FISHGUT3
2/22/20 11:43 A
It's 18 degrees O/S. NEPTUNE1939 4 DGRIFFITH51
2/22/20 9:14 P
It's Coffee time! NEPTUNE1939 3 EVIE4NOW
2/22/20 9:58 A
I am back to conquer losing more weight after a year of losing self control. Over a job that worked MAUREENESTER4 6 MRSMICHELLEMARI
2/22/20 1:40 P
Time for another cup of coffee. NEPTUNE1939 5 MRSMICHELLEMARI
2/22/20 1:40 P
♥ -:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥-* The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculou 1CRAZYDOG 6 IAMAGEMLOVER
2/22/20 4:43 P
Hi, A great gramma here. Trying to restart. Need to loose 30-50#. Hard time breaking long term h JOBUNCE4243 7 SLASALLE
2/22/20 10:45 A
So, fast food for the first time in 6 months.... Makes me sick. OLIVIAVSTABLER 2 EVIE4NOW
2/22/20 9:55 A
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 9 GEORGE815
2/22/20 2:52 P
Works the night shift. It's happy hour! Woohoo! BBJ0718 2 EVIE4NOW
2/22/20 9:54 A
2/22/20 10:19 A
So now my daughter and husband are on the #eattherainbowchallenge with me. Its funner that way. At t SWEETTEANFRUIT 21 _RAMONA
2/22/20 12:15 P