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Drank 16 cups water today really hydrated myself. ANNIEROKOV 12 GERRYH2
8/6/20 6:38 A
I got all my water in today also! #h2whoa SWICKER101 9 TURQUROISE
8/6/20 10:14 A
I try to workout at least an hour a day, 5 days a LOTTALOX 20 CATWMNCAT
8/6/20 11:04 A
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 GABY1948
8/5/20 12:07 P
Smoothie for breakfast #foodfeats CKEYES1 4 KENNAN123
8/5/20 10:34 A
120 minutes worth of workouts and walking in. Done for now!! #fitnessfeats LEAMERS7780 11 SUNQUEE
8/5/20 11:29 A
Had an awesome workout this morning. I started in the 4 o'clock hour at the gym. I did a short cardi FITWITHIN 3 SWEDE217
8/5/20 9:16 A
I didn't get a chance to post last night but DH and I went for a bike ride...2 tenths of a mile shor CATHYSFITLIFE 12 GARDENCHRIS
8/5/20 8:05 A
🌮As it's Taco Tuesday, I'm having my version of t RAERAERAE62 14 GRANNYOF05
8/4/20 4:54 P
The struggle is real! NANHBH 25 LWLAR7
8/5/20 12:40 A
Hydration Station in effect. I've already finished 64 ounces from midnight to 7 a.m. Refilled and st FITWITHIN 15 GEORGE815
8/4/20 4:34 P
My scale arrived today and ive been having so much fun weighing everything in the fridge so i though ANNIEROKOV 16 DLMGRAHAM
8/4/20 7:49 A
I just ordered a new pair of sneakers. It's long overdue and my feet are letting me know. I have to FITWITHIN 16 PLCHAPPELL
8/3/20 7:32 A
8/6/20 3:22 P
Today's workout was awesome, enjoyed the morning sweat SOUGHTOUTBYALL 15 JOYCEHARRIS3
8/3/20 7:11 A
Boy did I struggle back and forth about working out this morning. I didn't like to negative discoura FITWITHIN 6 GEORGE815
8/2/20 3:40 P
I bought a dress that I couldn’t have worn 3 months ago when I was 15lbs heavier. I still have a way MONTANAMEESH 76 MONTANAMEESH
8/3/20 12:04 A
Today is my 70th. Birthday! And this granddaughter who was born on MY birthday is 30 today!! They ga MHUMBERS1950 247 GMACAMI
8/2/20 11:33 P
I'll take what I was about to do. I didn't talk myself out of working out. FITWITHIN 2 1BLAZER282005
8/1/20 8:02 P
The afternoon I had to really get myself in the exercise zone. I'm a morning person, but had an appo FITWITHIN 6 MARYJOANNA
8/2/20 5:18 A
Not a fan of bathroom selfies, but wanted to share my #nsv. The pants are a little snug, but I am we HWNHMMBRD 38 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/2/20 8:24 P
Hey y’all long time no see 🗣😘😘😘😘 KEENA47 34 CINDY247
8/2/20 7:46 P
This morning we went to Fleet Feet in search of a pair of shoes that would actually, hopefully, work DEEKELLYE 10 NAVYWIFESKI
8/1/20 6:09 P
Something is happening :-) Boy am I glad I took a photo last month. Pretty cool to see the change so _CRINKLE 57 ELORA101
8/3/20 11:49 A
60 lbs GONE! 😊 #mylossismygain K4KETO 46 K4KETO
8/2/20 7:36 A
Still more to go, but gosh, what a difference. The before photo is from a few days after my retireme KNITTINGKITTY 30 BLOND1E
8/4/20 12:18 P
After a bad night's sleep, seeing this made my morning. SISYPHUS_CLIMBS 142 MARYJOANNA
8/2/20 5:19 A
Another great home cooked meal with the family. FITWITHIN 9 SWIMSTERLING94
7/31/20 10:53 P
Really beautiful, cool morning for a walk-jog. I did it much faster than I thought, so I'll have to BENCHED 13 JOHNMARTINMILES
7/31/20 8:29 A
In the gym 4:30 this morning for my early morning workout. I did a variety of cardio and some Stren FITWITHIN 12 SPARKLINGME176
7/31/20 12:38 P
Picture day! FOTOLEXIC 246 JAMER123
8/1/20 10:50 P
I had just finished exercising hubby went outside I Took my shower and was suprised with 1 single Ro ANNIEROKOV 9 1958TMC
7/30/20 1:39 P
I posted about my most recent weight loss milestone (getting under 140) the other day but I wanted t HIKINGGIRL16 35 GETITDONE79
7/30/20 7:19 P
After a winter day of pruning roses, my garden rewarded me with these. Pale yellow is flowering broc ZOOMTHOM 25 GRANNYOF05
7/30/20 7:20 A
Lasagna with from scratch noodles and marinara accompanied by broccoli and spinach with mustard gree KITTYKATAYAH 16 _RAMONA
7/30/20 1:58 A
Managed to get a walk in early this morning before going to teacher training. Lord knows I need this MUSICLADY923 16 MUSICLADY923
7/28/20 11:18 A
I am finally getting serious about this! #BeforeAndAfter ATHLETELORI 74 REVENGETIME40
7/29/20 11:21 P
Message Removed CD24291603 30 MADEINBRITAIN
7/28/20 4:22 A
Recently I started to do strength training 2X’s a week with a personal trainer live sessions via Zoo SHEILASANFORD20 10 ALLYLIZZY
7/28/20 2:23 P
I DID IT !!! Thru all my hard work today at weighed in I have Offically lost #150lbs just 25 more to ANNIEROKOV 229 LSALITE
7/28/20 7:39 A
Progress! #BeforeAndAfter FRITZYS_MAMA 15 GARDENCHRIS
7/26/20 11:26 A
I'm officially down 15 lbs, which means I've lost the weight of this handsome boy! It doesn't feel l PLUTONIANGIRL87 17 7STIGGYMT
7/26/20 5:09 P
Practicing today. I have laid off my instrument for a while due to “no where to play “ syndrome. Bu AMUSICALLIFE 17 TERMITEMOM
7/25/20 9:30 P
Ran/walked a “virtual” 5K this morning to end homelessness. My time wasn’t anything to write home ab IAN2409 22 GABY1948
7/27/20 3:49 P
Posted a photo PATJOONWW 8 ROCKRS
7/25/20 9:11 A
I had an great workout at the gym this morning. I was only 4 of us at the time I went. I did cardio FITWITHIN 2 KAREN_EDMONDS
7/25/20 9:05 A
Going for a swim #goalfeats JSTETSER 48 KEITATP
7/27/20 5:32 P
Emotional eating has me feeling like a can of busted biscuits 🤦🏻‍♀️ SOUTHERNJAVA 22 ALLYLIZZY
7/25/20 12:42 A
My cardio workout today biking #moveit BIGRENTMAN 16 CECELW
7/25/20 4:55 P
Picture to the left - Oct 2019 - 219lbs picture on the right June 2020 -169lbs at that point I had l CHITIRIS 79 KV1035160
7/25/20 5:35 A
Made Sheet Pan Roasted Veggies for the 1st Time Tonight ....So Good! HEALTHYKIM101 27 KV1035160
7/25/20 5:35 A
Logging my food really is making a difference as well as keeping me accountable PICTUREMAN1 3 FITWITHIN
7/23/20 4:00 P
Fresh Purple beans 💜 from my garden! 😋 KGUSHUE 18 KGUSHUE
7/24/20 8:46 A
Wow..2 months ago 174.9 to this ..Really helps to put in food intake in an app ..know now fast foods MUMZYS-66 95 CHERRYZMB60
7/23/20 9:29 P
I cut it all off yesterday. FITWITHIN 17 LKASOFF
7/23/20 9:31 A
l made it over 11k steps today. We've had some nasty thunderstorms for the last two days. I ran be NITEMAN3D 32 CGARR442
7/23/20 9:40 P
I managed to beat the rain and got 3 miles in this morning. I shaved 29 seconds of the second mile, FITWITHIN 10 LOTUS737
7/23/20 9:29 A
Well, I’ll be. After nearly a month tracking, it’s the day I try out my own cooking (One Pan Morocca _CRINKLE 13 _CRINKLE
7/23/20 3:32 P
HAPPY "Thirsty Thursday" How many glasses of water are you drinking today? FLASUN 21 JAMER123
7/23/20 11:22 P
It’s my birthday!! Hello 35!!👋🏽🥳 SIMPLYKEN32 38 CATWMNCAT
7/23/20 4:48 P
I'm so happy to be back running. This week I've logged 20KM and want to push to 30. I love combing n TIKITAMI 9 GEORGE815
7/22/20 10:03 P
My new bottle! Love it! #h2whoa XOKITXO 20 FLUTTERFLI
7/22/20 5:08 P
Today is my Birthday and YES.. I will eat cake❤️ SYDNEYSHERMANAU 236 PWILLOW1
7/21/20 9:48 P
Chapter 50! Wow! I don’t feel 50 at all! But I can say that I have lost 52lbs since Nov! 🎉 PAMPEREDPEACH 38 MJ7DM33
7/21/20 10:40 P
My dad passed early this morning from the corona virus. He had Alzheimers, was legally blind (macula RECOVERYMAMA 307 TREECE1922
7/21/20 10:41 P
Making changes #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 22 LIS193
7/21/20 3:47 A
Out early before sunrise and hashed out 3 miles. Walked 1.5 and jogged 1.5 miles. Calves are burning FITWITHIN 6 KATHYJO56
7/20/20 10:17 A
Steps so far today, and I’m not done ✅ I’m just getting started WORKINGWOMAN31 20 WORKINGWOMAN31
7/22/20 8:24 A
My new grandson. #goalfeats JSTETSER 55 GABY1948
7/22/20 5:07 P
12 points for first day! Signed up after our walk. First time doing this kind of challenge. (countin JPISME 7 MJ7DM33
7/19/20 9:32 P
So true! Always stay moving! CHERIRODRIGUEZ 21 CEEDEEJEY
7/20/20 1:55 A
#BeforeAndAfter AMHITE 97 KAYDE53
7/19/20 7:18 P
Still have lots to go, but so proud of where I am! BLESSEDMOM0F3 224 EDWARDS1411
7/20/20 1:46 A
Summer Goal til Sept ~INDYGIRL 17 CHARNA18
7/25/20 4:16 A
Have a good weekend. From my garden. Yay! FIREBRTHR 22 ALLYLIZZY
7/18/20 2:03 P