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Posted a photo ANGIEROD2016 12 GEORGE815
3/28/20 3:53 P
Pray. Now act in accordance with your prayer, acting wisely not foolishly. JWILLIS40 7 GEORGE815
3/28/20 3:54 P
A good reminder. Stay safe, Sparkpeople. L1VEL1FE 100 GEORGE815
3/28/20 3:46 P
Please be safe everyone and stay in. We’re working hard in NY to beat this pandemic. 123THERESA123 128 GINGERMONKEY21
3/28/20 5:36 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 7 NITEMAN3D
3/27/20 9:13 P
It’s been about ten days since I went to the store. They quit doing curbside delivery because they NEEDBU66 19 EVIE4NOW
3/27/20 10:57 P
An eight-year-old was asked if he understands why there is no school. He said, "Yes! They are out of 2BDYNAMIC 40 AQUAGIRL08
3/28/20 2:37 P
Only three more pounds left till I hit the 100 pounds lost mark since 2017! I lost 50 pounds in 2017 WHITBY2020 12 LIZZYMITCH
3/27/20 11:35 P
Enjoying my breakfast cabbage, 2 fried eggs and 1/2 avocado and hot tea w/lemon. FITWITHIN 12 LIZZYMITCH
3/27/20 11:42 P
Super disappointed! I'm getting married in August and my wedding dress no longer fits. I have recent A81934 12 LIZZYMITCH
3/27/20 11:49 P
Have a great Friday everyone. Stay safe and grow your own products. LOL MAMAOFTWINS 31 CANDLES9103
3/27/20 7:46 P
Posted a photo DMT629 15 DININA48MN
3/27/20 2:35 A
In total, I have lost 117 lbs. since July of 2018!!! STREICH3UROUT 41 NIKO27
3/27/20 2:03 P
I've caved and didn't make it to Easter with a coke cola. I had 19 days left. Bummer! FITWITHIN 6 LITTLEREDHEN8
3/26/20 6:07 A
Enjoying life! #goalfeats JSTETSER 28 FITWITHIN
3/26/20 3:16 A
Did Jessica Smith's Cardioflow Yoga. Definitely know I worked out. Pretty nice. Got a good sweat on. FIREBRTHR 27 SURFIE
3/26/20 5:35 A
Got my week 6 day 1 C25K workout done! KIMMYG420 24 CANDLES9103
3/26/20 11:25 A
Anyone else up @ 1 AM and unable to sleep? Missing seeing my best friend! TREKPURRSON 17 NVRGIVINGUP
3/27/20 11:45 P
22 minutes of walk away the pounds. Hoping to get outside since the rain has stopped to walk around LJBOWSER1 17 GEORGE815
3/24/20 4:47 P
Loved this--perfect for today and every day! 2BDYNAMIC 44 52BINCE
3/25/20 6:20 P
70 day streak to day. Logging in, tracking food and water. SUZIEQIAM 11 AOKDIET21
3/26/20 9:10 P
2nd Walk of the Day-90Min #Dead #ExerciseWarrior #Sparktan #280ImComing4U #WhySoManyStairs #IHateSta DEDICATED2ME32 12 CGARR442
3/23/20 11:37 P
Fresh cabbage and asparagus prepared for the weekend. More veggies and less meat. FITWITHIN 13 DININA48MN
3/23/20 2:58 A
Quarantine project. Still some hand stitching, the buttonholes The plaid is the Clan Bell dress NEEDBU66 26 KAWLIGANZ
3/25/20 6:54 P
3/28/20 7:29 A
ate all of my veggies today. I love fruit and veggies #eattherainbow CECELW 6 ALVEDAPERO1
3/22/20 11:16 P
Got actual running shoes today! Looking forward to hitting the payment in the AM! AKIMBRE1 9 FITWITHIN
3/21/20 8:16 P
Light walk bc that heat is too much for my blood lol. Today was a good day 69Min Walk #ExerciseWarri DEDICATED2ME32 19 PIPPAMOUSE
3/24/20 12:26 A
Today i was down 2 pounds!!! I am moving in the right direction again. Gonna try to be in the 340's SBLACKWELL93 8 GEORGE815
3/21/20 4:51 P
I FINALLY DID IT!!! SO HAPPY TODAY! I am officially 30Lbs lighter! Next goal is 280. Let's Get It! DEDICATED2ME32 119 DRINKALOTH2O
3/22/20 10:47 A
Good morning! Don't let this Isolation do this to you! Instead of snacking Get moving! CINDY247 47 CAAWALLS
3/25/20 10:07 A
Just completed my Census. FITWITHIN 2 QUADCMOM
3/20/20 9:18 A
Spring, huh? This is what my first day of Spring looked like. DIVAGLOW 21 GLORYB83
3/20/20 1:32 P
Three weeks since having the mass removed from my neck and my breathing is back to normal. Hardly an TIKITAMI 32 FITWITHIN
3/19/20 6:44 A
happy healthy 1st day of spring everyone a good thing --hope you all have sunshine TRAILWALKERJO54 12 NENEBFIT
3/19/20 6:15 A
I can't believe how far I have come, getting so close to my goal. MRCINDERS 11 NENEBFIT
3/19/20 6:09 A
Posted a photo HEATHERE16 19 FITWITHIN
3/19/20 5:43 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 25 GABY1948
3/20/20 10:02 A
Hiking is a great form of social isolation! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 21 LIS193
3/20/20 5:01 A
Hit my 40lbs lost mark today and celebrated with a 5k treadmill run. Pretty pumped. Onward and downw FITSTER9 35 GEORGE815
3/18/20 5:23 P
Drastic times call for drastic measures. I’ll be lifting at home indefinitely. I’m making do with wh LORI-K 58 JAMER123
3/20/20 12:49 A
94 lbs that are gone forever and truly turned my life around!! Even my smile is different!! MANONAMISSION73 80 TMP0418
3/26/20 10:00 A
3/18/20 8:12 P
Gyms are closed, no problem getting ready to break this new machine I got yesterday . I was lucky I LASTARLITA 10 GEORGE815
3/17/20 9:17 P
2nd Walk of the Day--120Min! #BackAtItAgain #Exerc DEDICATED2ME32 19 GOODGETNBETR
3/18/20 1:25 A
Homemade smoothies... KWAKELAND 12 SHOAPIE
3/26/20 11:32 A
Still have a bit to go but I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far #BeforeAndAfter OTAKUCHICK 108 KHALIA2
3/22/20 10:21 A
Please everyone..stop panicking. Buy only what you really need and practice proper hygiene. Don’t le SHERREB 9 KWAKELAND
3/15/20 7:11 P
😂 This was so true in my family! NENEBFIT 30 EVIE4NOW
3/16/20 1:37 A
I will exercise for a total of 60 minutes today and have done 20 so far. #moveit PATRICIAANN46 10 TOCONNER
3/16/20 7:15 A
I saw this on the locker room door at work. Good advice for the current times. LSANDY7 30 FITSTER9
3/15/20 6:44 P
Woohooo, made it back under 180!!!💃💃💃💃💃 ST3PH 45 123THERESA123
3/22/20 5:23 A
I came very close to drinking soda. However, I didn't give into the urge. Still going strong sent Le FITWITHIN 10 BOB5148
3/14/20 6:19 A
It seems like it was just yesterday when I took the pic on the left. I was so excited because my sta SIMPLYKEN32 52 MOMOF4JDRS
3/13/20 11:20 P
10 more lbs off and i Reach my goal 🤞🏾 IM_CRISSY 55 ORTATK
3/12/20 10:11 A
#BeforeAndAfter still have a long way to go, but feel Great 🙂 NADIYA07 84 123THERESA123
3/12/20 11:44 A
Wow, just weighed in for my Biggest Loser challenge and I lost 4 lbs from last week. That made my d RD03875 11 TABATHA_CAIN
3/12/20 6:34 A
My shrimp omelette for brunch today and my ground turkey patty and salad for dinner. 😋 KIMMYG420 30 LIZZYMITCH
3/11/20 12:56 P
Hope your day is happy! GRAMMY065 35 GRAMLOCK77
3/11/20 4:34 P
We have rain just about everyday for the next 10 days. So today I signed up for Planet Fitness. I am KPARTX31 14 LORELEI781
3/11/20 10:20 A
Another 5K training workout complete! I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. Rocking these workouts that KIMMYG420 14 CANDLES9103
3/11/20 11:43 A
He’s grown and I’ve shrunk. July 2019 compared to March 2020. (Me and grandson) GINGERMONKEY21 80 GERRYH2
3/10/20 7:31 A
3/10/20 6:56 A
Started in size 22/24 pants and 2x some 3x shirts. TASHADSLOVE93 73 LILIANN400
3/10/20 1:13 P
Little over a year and down 171 pounds. #BeforeAndAfter EWILHITE74 136 SUZIEQIAM
3/10/20 9:53 A
Found on Instagram. STEVENTHEFIT 14 MOMMACAT57
3/9/20 12:25 P
Where's my puppy? WILSOD1 15 PATRICIA-CR
3/10/20 9:27 A
Yesterday for a treat I met my friends for an early dinner. I knew it was going to be a challenge be THE_FAE 34 _RAMONA
3/10/20 1:38 A
My grandson was born this morning 💕💖 CGARR442 174 FLASUN
3/10/20 5:14 A
Just finished cooking fresh cabbage and Brussels sprouts this morning. Asparagus and greens beans a FITWITHIN 19 JANTHEBLONDE
3/9/20 1:34 P
Good morning spark family ❤ Hope you all had a fan TMP0418 146 ALOFA0509
3/9/20 10:39 P
I hashed it out in the gym this morning. #fitnessfeats FITWITHIN 3 GEORGE815
3/8/20 4:26 P
I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep! 😁☕ Anyone else? CANDACEKINTNER 19 GEORGE815
3/8/20 4:41 P
When I checked in at the gym this morning. I said Good morning and Happy Day Light Saving. There res FITWITHIN 3 GEORGE815
3/8/20 4:28 P
Planning ahead for my next birthday! MIMAWELIZABETH 31 GMACAMI
3/8/20 10:02 P