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5 letter words A-Z OLDSCHOOLDIVA 19237 TOKIEMOON
1/25/20 1:11 A
1/25/20 12:11 A
1/25/20 1:15 A
1/24/20 11:30 P
1/24/20 10:04 P
Giving up is NOT an option. EVIE4NOW 25 GEORGE815
1/24/20 5:37 P
My son figured out how to crawl! I'll definitely be getting my exercise in now - chasing him everywh GOODFELINE 19 CGARR442
1/24/20 11:05 P
I have started walking in the house with my Leslie DVDs. I hate wearing shoes so have been doing it LMB121255 8 FIREBRTHR
1/24/20 11:30 P
Have a fabulously sparkly Friday! RAERAERAE62 22 GEORGE815
1/24/20 5:30 P
What you do when it’s raining and you’re home alone. You do another 15 minutes of walk away the pou LJBOWSER1 4 GEORGE815
1/24/20 5:30 P
So I'm down another pound... But of hair! My daughter suffers from alopecia, last night we shaved h SARAH-AGAIN 109 JEN-JENG
1/24/20 7:19 P
Funny how some of my best cardio workouts come when I feel the most exhausted time to go lift 🏋️ HOOAH19766 15 JULIEA7201
1/24/20 11:16 P
Posted a photo SPEDED2 18 RREDFORD5
1/24/20 7:10 P
#BeforeAndAfter 2 week progression!!! ME_CHALLENGE 138 MJ7DM33
1/24/20 7:02 P
Snowpocalypse State of Emergency day 7. Finally got my oil tank dig out yesterday. The tank is close LITTLEMISSMOUSE 31 _RAMONA
1/24/20 1:40 A
Down 37 lbs from 330 lbs to 293 lbs . SGAR36 83 _RAMONA
1/24/20 1:43 A
Cake in the break room... not just any cake, but my favorite, pineapple upside down cake. Glad I did OKTEACHER94 13 GEORGE815
1/23/20 6:45 P
Snack time: 1 oz cheese, 1 oz red grapes, 1 hard boiled egg and 5 cheese wisps. It was good. Had tr SWEETTEANFRUIT 18 GEORGE815
1/23/20 6:44 P
Whatever this is can go away now!!! My son, of course, feels 100% better and I feel worse than I did CHRISTINEM80 11 NONYAGUPPY
1/23/20 10:44 P
Swimming for Cardio is what really motivates me. I went this morning and I can't wait to go again t DBALZER 18 GARDENCHRIS
1/24/20 11:41 A
He likes to look over my budget to make sure there is enough for kitty litter JIMIPAGE29 45 ALLYLIZZY
1/24/20 1:42 P
A - Z ... USA Locations L0LLYGAGGIN 85741 TOKIEMOON
1/25/20 1:10 A
A-Z ending in ing ANGELIS 13328 TOKIEMOON
1/25/20 1:09 A
A-Z words ending in "Y" WOLFSPIRITS 46162 HLTHAPPINESS4C
1/24/20 4:19 P
It may be a simple trick, but putting a sticker on my calendar for each day I stayed on track is sup LADYBUGHOME 35 _RAMONA
1/22/20 8:15 P
Snack time! 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese and 1 cup of fresh strawberries 🍓 CHERIRODRIGUEZ 28 _RAMONA
1/22/20 6:29 P
Another cold, windy day here but I went to a local walking path and walked for 40 minutes. I stopped SALTLIFE45 38 _RAMONA
1/22/20 8:16 P
**This is not my story but it’s too funny not to pass along! I literally died laughing! So, I wen WILSOD1 10 PATRICIA-CR
1/23/20 10:26 A
150 days of checking in on Sparkpeople daily! Tracking food, exercise, weight, not perfectly, but co L1VEL1FE 37 DEBSANKS
1/24/20 8:06 P
Work Your Plan Daily, Healthy Actions! This blue outfit is a Christmas present from my Sister. I o PELESJEWEL 46 GREENIETEANIE
1/23/20 1:24 P
I'm still here. Plugging away at the holiday weight gain. Winter makes me so incredibly lazy. Was up DOUBLELSMOM 148 KAYDE53
1/22/20 6:17 P
Went to the pool for an hour at 6am....not very many people there today. SISSYFEB48 18 KAYDE53
1/22/20 6:21 P
Another great dinner! Turkey burgers on whole wheat pita, with goat cheese, grilled kale, sauteed mu ANTMAID81 24 YMWONG22
1/22/20 4:34 A
Posted a photo JESSICA_EDMO1 114 _RAMONA
1/22/20 9:05 P
Taking some time to visit family in another State. I have stayed true to my diet, although travel da TWEETY5301 16 YMWONG22
1/22/20 4:34 A
I'm so grateful for the keto diet, I can't believe I get to eat cream, cheese, bacon, and lose weigh HAPPYKITTYNZ 24 _RAMONA
1/22/20 9:07 P
Got in 2 miles tonight, and I’m feeling accomplished, determined, and motivated to keep it up! 💪 HEATHERFEATHER0 16 _RAMONA
1/22/20 9:06 P
Posted a photo MARJOHN164 12 ARNETTELEE
1/22/20 5:39 A
It's been a long time since I've done over 15k steps. FITWITHIN 27 _RAMONA
1/22/20 9:05 P
Walk in Morocco Point, Oregon CGARR442 5 FLASUN
1/21/20 3:52 A
These lovely flowers reminding of spring on this very cold day as I walked through the store today. 1BLAZER282005 19 TAWNYABOE
1/21/20 1:37 P
Visiting my daughter and she made me curry chicken and veggies. YUM! STARRYEYES1985 12 WHITEANGEL4
1/20/20 8:00 P
Pretty good on the calories and I got myself to run today. Thank you God for another great day. SCTT123 5 SURFIE
1/20/20 7:51 P
I recieved several compliments on my 11lbs weight loss since 31st of December. 16-8 fast works . Gym QSHEPP 8 7STIGGYMT
1/21/20 8:51 P
My daughter made this hat for me! SANDYCRANE 23 SISSYSTEPHENS28
1/21/20 1:11 P
It was a beautiful day for a 5-mile walk by the river. I did it in 1:04:38. MOMOF4JDRS 14 MHUMBERS1950
1/20/20 9:25 P
Officially down 5 pounds in two weeks! Hope I can drop a couple more in the next two weeks, 135 here MOTAMAMA 23 GMACAMI
1/19/20 7:26 P
Less than 3 hours, which is slow for many, but a new record for me! Now I’m going home to take a bat LINSEYBAKER82 27 JULIEA7201
1/20/20 11:58 A
My new version of relaxing on the weekend. Husband took my eldest shopping with him, my youngest 2 a KITTEN_351 11 KITTEN_351
1/19/20 4:24 P
#BeforeAndAfter One year ago today I married Diane. Today I'm onsite at #IBS2020, and nearly 40 pou TISTYEN 21 GMACAMI
1/19/20 7:26 P
Working on getting daily exercise in for a week and a half now. Today I actually enjoyed my experien IBMEUBU779 15 GMACAMI
1/19/20 7:28 P
2019 was a year for transformation, changed my eating and exercise, lost 40 lbs, now want to maintai CYNDISM 43 EEJAA70
1/19/20 9:36 P
When I look back I can see how uncomfortable and unhealthy I was, but back then I really couldn't se HONEYLC84 52 HONEYLC84
1/20/20 8:03 P
First day back to the gym. I know it was only 15 mins, but I am still proud of myself. MKPARKE77 26 EVIE4NOW
1/18/20 11:13 P
Quick Dinner: kAME Hokkien wheat (vegan) noodles with steamed veggies mix, bamboo, rice vinegar, tam GINGERMONKEY21 10 KOALA_BEAR
1/19/20 12:24 A
#BeforeAndAfter To leaving the past behind me and focusing on the road ahead. Still have a lot of wo ACES_PLACE 64 ANNEARIAS
1/22/20 10:13 P
Last night I had 2 servings of a digiorno pizza and a couple of beers.. I was afraid to see how much CAMN2010 10 KOALA_BEAR
1/18/20 11:51 P
walked 2 miles today #moveit CECELW 9 TOCONNER
1/19/20 6:09 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 43 GABY1948
1/19/20 5:28 P
drank just plain water today. #h2whoa CECELW 4 EVIE4NOW
1/18/20 10:51 P
The sky is so beautiful this afternoon, and the water is so calm. 🌊✨ ALLYLIZZY 50 GRAMMY065
1/19/20 12:28 P
Look who is 8 months now CJ... 🥰🥰🥰🥰 KEENA47 39 FITWITHIN
1/20/20 7:48 A
Ahhh!! I stayed under in my Carbs today! SPRITEPRINCESS 7 SPRITEPRINCESS
1/17/20 10:59 P
Posted a photo VHAYES04 26 NONYAGUPPY
1/19/20 1:16 A
Killin' It!!!!🐱‍🚀 DLBEASYRIDER 12 EEJAA70
1/18/20 1:10 A
What a wonderful morning surprise! A moose trying to jump on my trampoline! CHARLYSUE 28 AKPIPER
1/18/20 2:27 A
Dinner- riced cauliflower, 3 oz of rotisserie chicken(skinless), garlic ginger stir fry kit. Total STARRYEYES1985 22 L_DROUIN
1/18/20 7:55 A
I am no where near done with the weight I want to lose but, I decided to take a photo a week or so a BROOKEBUSCUS 55 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/19/20 2:24 P
#BeforeAndAfter still have a long way to go, but I've lost 31 lbs and 13.75 inches since 10/26. PLGRASER 90 ANNEARIAS
1/22/20 10:13 P
I have to delete my cookies if I want to lose weight. AMUSICALLIFE 18 LITTLEWIND53
1/16/20 9:53 P
1/16/20 7:26 P
Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends - strength training helped me move this heavy box about 20 feet awa. AOKDIET21 18 EVILCECIL
1/17/20 6:27 A
Face to Face #beforandafter💪🏾 HONEYLC84 9 GEORGE815
1/16/20 7:07 P
Need More Time? MSROZZIE 10 HOLLYM48
1/18/20 7:39 A
Hope you all have a great day ahead... JUDITH316 23 GABY1948
1/19/20 5:38 P