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75lbs down KBTYLER 66 ERIN_POSCH
9/27/20 10:14 A
Paraprosdokian Wheel of Hangman SASSYJAY 17204 GIRLINMOTION
9/27/20 9:52 A
I got to facetime with my son and granddaughter yesterday...she is still in NICU, up to 3lbs 8oz. S SWALLIS7 161 PWILLOW1
9/26/20 9:12 P
When you choose to live a healthier lifestyle the life you gain is more important than even the weig BOMBCHELL23 20 _RAMONA
9/25/20 11:16 P
#BeforeAndAfter -160 lbs in 17 months. Finally at a normal BMI FABULOUSFAITH65 201 MADPIPER1
9/24/20 1:28 P
End of week 5. I’m so proud of myself!! CHERISHRS 99 RAJEEYAH06
9/23/20 5:24 P
16 pounds down #BeforeAndAfter PAULABLOM 45 CONNIET88
9/23/20 8:01 A
My little cutie turned 4 years old today! He and I took a walk, just the 2 of us. Had a great time t LOVESTYPOS 17 GIRLINMOTION
9/19/20 9:37 A
9/19/20 9:36 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 34 CHEIVOUS
9/19/20 10:18 A
Starting back over isn’t fun but I am starting from experience 😎 AMANDABOND0113 18 MTN_KITTEN
9/19/20 12:12 P
Posted a photo WORKINGWOMAN31 17 CGARR442
9/18/20 9:20 P
Gosh can I relate to this. Tons to do today. EVIE4NOW 20 GEORGE815
9/18/20 4:44 P
#BeforeAndAfter This is me in the raw no judgements please This is me at about 280 got down to 272 b ACG123321 103 _RAMONA
9/19/20 1:20 A
Officially down 50lbs today :) JOESHMODAESKIMO 70 BARBIEE52
9/17/20 6:02 P
Another day of consistent morning workouts. 90 plus minutes.... to think I only started and aimed fo GIRLINMOTION 5 METAFUKARI
9/15/20 5:05 P
I bought these shorts at the end of last summer, because I had “grown” out of all of my shorts. This MONTANAMEESH 29 GIRLINMOTION
9/13/20 9:36 A
I finally completed the finishing touches on my home gym! Going old school in the garage until it’s LORI-K 66 SPARKNB
9/23/20 12:43 A
Baby steps. Taking a two week progress picture. I still see so many things I want to fix but at the MOMMAMIA919 36 GEORGE815
9/13/20 1:59 P
I’m on vacay but my goals are not #moveit #fitnessfeats #goalfeats HAPPY FRIDAY SPARKFRIENDS!! MSMOSTIMPROVED 21 ISNESS
9/12/20 8:34 P
Good morning spark friends, happy Thursday! I need to remind myself this every day. Have a happy a CARLOSLAKELAND 45 CGARR442
9/10/20 8:21 P
CAT LOGIC (and free entertainment) MIMAWELIZABETH 19 ERIN_POSCH
9/10/20 4:13 P
#BeforeAndAfter few days post-op Melanoma removal and few days post suture removal scar. Surgeon did IBHOOKD 19 SWEETGABROWN1
9/10/20 7:21 P
Whisper a prayer for my son today please. He’s seeing a lawyer about a DNA test on his daughter. She VHAYES04 16 STILLSPARKLEIGH
9/9/20 2:41 P
getting there 1 day at a time 💪💪 TAHIR_KELLECI 12 JANTHEBLONDE
9/9/20 11:21 A
"I think it's adorable they're putting jokes on the side of snacks now. Like listen to this one: s NANASUEH 18 GABY1948
9/9/20 1:30 P
9/7/20 9:07 P
Down another pound 236 start and now I am 221 MILKATRENA 16 SARAH_983
9/5/20 12:35 P
9/5/20 12:27 P
In May of this year i could only hold a plank for like 10-20 seconds. Last week I held FIVE 30 secon TH3PH03NIX 34 LIBR@RYL@DY
9/5/20 12:27 P
Not a huge difference but one month of consistency and I am already starting to feel better! The l CRYSTALBROOKS 56 ALLYLIZZY
9/4/20 12:56 P
Good morning and Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and all that. Make the most of all the opportunities BANEWLAND 16 HLTHYGAL
9/4/20 11:10 A
Last night I was feeling a bit restless and put on this homemade lower body workout I found on YouTu ELIR_KVOTHE 26 GEORGE815
9/2/20 3:28 P
So happy with my progress so far! I’ve lost weight, which is GREAT!! But more important, I’ve establ MMITCHELL85 49 CARBY220
8/31/20 10:57 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 11 ERIN_POSCH
8/30/20 11:10 A
Broke my streak of 10,000 plus days yesterday. Today starts a new one. This is what was waiting for ANNKRAN 27 GEORGE815
8/29/20 5:02 P
I did it! I got my butt out of bed at 4:00am to try this early morning workout phenomenon. I feel AM J2002HEIDS 25 GMACAMI
8/26/20 9:12 P
Hit my goal weight plus built a ton of muscle!! #BeforeAndAfter JANIMOEN 145 QUARTERMASTER3
8/26/20 10:55 P
Good Morning Everyone! Before. Activity. After. After close up. Sweat droplets. #Insanity #Day2 #S LOTTALOX 16 LOTTALOX
8/25/20 8:45 P
Yeah, kind of like that! NANHBH 25 ROCKYCPA
8/25/20 7:41 P
😆🤣 Oh Mercy!!! Let’s Try This Again..... Tuesday Caffeine Needed STAT!! ☕️❣️✨Then it’s all about t STILLSPARKLEIGH 84 SILVAS7
8/26/20 7:49 A
Finished with my half-marathon training (running my race next weekend!) and wanted to share my progr HIKINGGIRL16 49 GETITDONE79
8/23/20 9:47 P
8/19/20 11:12 A
Last August I met my goal of losing 100#. I have maintained that loss and even lost an additional 10 SUECHANTRY2 95 MMASON15
8/18/20 11:22 A
It's so strange to see myself and feel, yes feel, the way those piddly 14 pounds I lost have changed HMKITTEN 21 ELIR_KVOTHE
8/18/20 9:08 A
#BeforeAndAfter The hard work paid off! At goal and maintaining, I haven't weighed this since I was ITSREALLYONLYME 163 GIVENTHANKS
8/31/20 9:17 A
MASK IT MONDAY😷 #doitfortheonesyoulove CATWMNCAT 21 PCK12J
8/17/20 9:52 P
I love getting new Brooks delivered to my front door 😁 I cannot wait to try them out on my run tom GIRLGETTINGFIT 21 GIRLINMOTION
8/17/20 6:02 P
#BeforeAndAfter I was able to get into a pair of p MILKATRENA 27 LIZZIE138
8/15/20 5:20 P
Good morning! Today I am sore all over! It's a good sore... I wish I could walk tho... lol! CINDY247 60 FLASUN
8/15/20 2:56 A
Back in the dress 8/12/20. It’s not comfortable at all and my belly pooches out. But I got it zipped GLIMLADYMERMAID 50 GEORGE815
8/14/20 3:42 P
8/13/20 9:33 A
Still working on my transformation 300 lbs -vs- 190 lbs MANONAMISSION73 18 1958TMC
8/13/20 3:01 P
Just completed LIIFT4. My 8 week results would've been even more amazing if I had used actual weight LALAP1012 40 JENNJHARRISON72
8/20/20 5:55 P
The Cat in the Hat. Dr. Seuss 🤣 ZOOMTHOM 19 GIRLINMOTION
8/13/20 9:24 A
12 days? 12 DAYS!? I don’t remember the last time I was sober for 12 days. I am pretty damn proud of LILMEMEJEAN 60 GIRLINMOTION
8/13/20 9:23 A
16 months of consistency #BeforeAndAfter After photo is AUGUST 12th NOT 19th 2020 FABULOUSFAIT1 157 _RAMONA
8/14/20 1:38 A
#BeforeAndAfter just posting to show how I'm doing FRITZYS_MAMA 15 ROCKYCPA
8/13/20 11:21 P
#BeforeAndAfter I am mistaken. The first picture should read 339. I am so sorry. I checked with the VERUKAS71 34 VERUKAS71
8/26/20 3:57 A
Okay time for me to post a before picture. Now that I am starting over and getting serious about th DOODLEB 19 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/12/20 3:43 P
Started Wt (5)Today and im down 14.4 lbs, 20 more to my Goal of #150 #BeforeAndAfter GRNEYEDSPANIARD 28 WIZARDHOWL
8/14/20 11:26 P
I look different then before my face and my skin my shoulder. This blouse fit. My stomach area look ANAGARCIA1991 25 GIRLINMOTION
8/12/20 9:42 A
Hit my goal of 140lbs this past Saturday... -60lbs in 48weeks... slow and steady, baby steps the who CATWMNCAT 194 MAMACAT65
8/14/20 7:18 A
Something for us parents when we get the kids back to the actual school 🤣 KRISUA 26 KRISUA
8/13/20 12:55 A
8/12/20 5:12 P
Learning about cats Lesson 2 MIMAWELIZABETH 6 PATRICIA-CR
8/12/20 5:13 P
Learning about cats Lesson 1 MIMAWELIZABETH 17 PATRICIA-CR
8/12/20 5:12 P
Learning about cats Lesson 5 Being blind rarely slows them down! MIMAWELIZABETH 9 PATRICIA-CR
8/12/20 5:12 P
Learning about cats Lesson 6 If you feed it, they will come. MIMAWELIZABETH 27 MIMAWELIZABETH
8/13/20 5:57 A
Learning about cats Lesson 4 Sometimes when they sleep, they look like they’re recovering from a b MIMAWELIZABETH 14 PATRICIA-CR
8/12/20 5:11 P
Learning about cats Lesson 7 (end) Two are better than one! They need each other. Just like you MIMAWELIZABETH 33 MIMAWELIZABETH
8/13/20 5:50 A
8/12/20 2:34 P
I’m watching birds and making breakfast instead of overtraining. I am listening to my body. #goalfea MSMOSTIMPROVED 19 ANGGALL
8/12/20 4:21 P
Progress (up and down) between Nov. 2017 & Aug. 2020 AMANDAHAC 33 TRIMNUP
8/12/20 7:03 P
8/11/20 9:27 A