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2/19/20 11:49 A
Week 3 of my weight loss journey and I'm down 22lbs. Eating better and exercising every morning has JONATHANCHARLES 20 _RAMONA
2/19/20 5:03 P
Posted a photo NATJACK04 15 _RAMONA
2/19/20 5:02 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 21 PWILLOW1
2/19/20 4:22 P
My hair is not reflecting the sassiness I'm feeling inside today. Down another pound. Feeling conf ACERESOLA1 23 _RAMONA
2/19/20 5:07 P
Lots of steps yesterday! We hiked to an old "ship" wreck 😁 WILDBOTANIST 20 _RAMONA
2/19/20 5:07 P
Down 25lbs!! Feeling great! 100 more lbs to go!! ANTMAID81 120 PEGJW111
2/19/20 9:44 P
Had a long talk with my doctor about my weight today. Turns out she thought I was too skinny pre-bab GOODFELINE 5 RASOCKS
2/19/20 10:06 P
2/19/20 9:31 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday! Guys I just want to say thank you so much for all the TEXASHSMOMOF3 34 AMYINTHEWILD
2/19/20 6:30 P
How often do you weigh yourself? AV_MOM2 24148 417-EXERCISE30
2/19/20 11:17 A
Did you walk today? RICK1947 132965 REVENGETIME40
2/19/20 10:02 P
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 38267 HAPPYCPA1965
2/19/20 10:19 A
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 155499 CUSH1932
2/19/20 9:42 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 157021 SUNSHINE99999
2/19/20 8:40 P
2/19/20 11:50 A
What's on your mind - Daily Chat JMERLAU 6399 ANDREA0301
2/19/20 11:52 A
I Love the Country...& here is just one of the reasons BECKY672 16 GMACAMI
2/18/20 9:23 P
Happy Tuesday to you. Hopefully you enjoyed your weekend and you have a great work week ahead. PAMBROWN62 21 GRAMMYEAC
2/18/20 9:55 P
Have a wonderful day 🙂 CARLOSLAKELAND 43 AQUAGIRL08
2/19/20 9:03 A
Posted a photo TBOYD5000 16 AFWWTX
2/18/20 11:58 P
Rye bread with cranberry chicken salad from HEB BLANCAROMERO4 24 PWILLOW1
2/18/20 9:11 P
I've been at work all day. It's dark. It's cold out there. But I have my workout gear on and I'm set SWEETENUFGILL 16 75HEALTHYME
2/19/20 6:32 P
I woke up at 3:30 this morning to tiny hands being shoved into my mouth. My little man had decided i GOODFELINE 4 HAPPYCPA1965
2/18/20 2:41 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!! Thank you all so much for the love yesterday! I am no TEXASHSMOMOF3 59 TOMSGAL85
2/19/20 4:34 A
out of 180s into 170s Hurrah! 179.2# 10XPERLB 67 SIMPLY_JAE
2/19/20 9:32 A
A few months ago I was depressed and desperate to get this weight off about I went to the Copper Wel KATRINAPLUS_TX 32 GEORGE815
2/18/20 4:56 P
Starting young... My 20 month old helped mix these no added sugar or fat, wholemeal banana and sulta -POOKIE- 38 GABY1948
2/18/20 2:21 P
Eggs with some blue cheese, bacon, and fried avocado. Yummy #keto #lowcarb PIPPAMOUSE 20 KHALIA2
2/19/20 8:17 A
Today marks two months post-op gastric sleeve surg JOINMYJOURNEY 46 CHERRYZMB60
2/17/20 7:29 P
The Big 55 today... GIANTOCR1 63 SOOKIE
2/17/20 4:08 P
Still healing, but this was first time working out in a gym in three months 🙌🏻 Slow and steady at SPEAKDARCY2ME 24 _RAMONA
2/18/20 1:17 A
2/18/20 8:31 A
Something to think about 2B-ME-AGAIN 96 GEORGE815
2/17/20 2:23 P
Up and out of the house before 7:30 am woo hoo #goalfeats ZZYYGGY3 3 TOMATOCAFEGAL
2/17/20 8:33 P
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 118271 FISHGUT3
2/19/20 11:40 A
I walked all over my town today! It’s a start! SUSANSISSOM 23 MJ7DM33
2/16/20 11:31 P
2/16/20 10:47 P
Food tracked ✅exercise ✅and challenges met ✅ SILVAS7 4 AQUAGIRL08
2/17/20 9:23 A
Knocked out another workout . Goodnight I’m exhausted 😴 1BUGZZY 12 EEJAA70
2/16/20 11:44 P
I managed to catch this while grilling. So glad I did because it was gone so quickly! A rainy day ma AUGUST131 25 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
2/17/20 12:28 A
Posted a photo JEANNEW691 19 HOBBESIS49
2/17/20 2:43 A
The sky after sunset. 🌟✨💫 ALLYLIZZY 10 RREDFORD5
2/17/20 12:55 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Sunday!!! Guys yesterday was the most AMAZING day ever!!! And th TEXASHSMOMOF3 33 NVRGIVINGUP
2/18/20 10:08 P
Spaceship clouds in the sky tonight! GRAMMY065 51 GABY1948
2/18/20 2:24 P
All I want is for my thighs to quit rubbing😩😩😂😂 MZADAMS 8 ALLYLIZZY
2/15/20 8:22 P
I made it 10 mins longer on the elliptical today! Non scale victory! Getting stronger every day! Woo PINKIM61 18 EEJAA70
2/15/20 7:44 P
Happy Saturday! Have a fun weekend! 💕 ALLYLIZZY 20 PCK12J
2/15/20 11:19 P
Delicious plant based hotdog! MZADAMS 12 STARS2000
2/15/20 6:44 P
35 minutes of Cardio so far today. #moveit COVDAR9 9 BILLTHOMSON
2/16/20 5:36 A
Food, food, food! Make good choices and our bodies won't fight, they'll work properly and give us th LRJUSTUS1 15 KHALIA2
2/19/20 8:20 A
Someone needed a bath after breakfast 😂 GOODFELINE 11 GEORGE815
2/15/20 4:58 P
2/15/20 8:03 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Saturday!!! First I just have to say I’m still in bed y’all!!! TEXASHSMOMOF3 109 MLR_00
2/16/20 10:43 A
Walk in Cala Gonone, Italy CGARR442 10 FLASUN
2/15/20 5:06 A
Have a blessed Valentine's Day Everyone. SHIRLEYJG7 3 HAPPYCPA1965
2/14/20 4:51 P
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone. CHERIJ16 8 GEORGE815
2/14/20 6:30 P
Happy Valentines Day! NANHBH 13 GEORGE815
2/14/20 6:30 P
Happy Valentine's Day! #moveit 1CRAZYDOG 38 GABY1948
2/16/20 10:23 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 19 GABY1948
2/17/20 10:26 A
Happy Valentine's day.....the origin of this day has evolved into love day....so squeeze your honey BARBIEIAMNOT 15 MJ7DM33
2/14/20 9:45 P
I went extra hard this week guys.. Proud of myself DHART71277 25 _RAMONA
2/15/20 3:20 A
Happy Valentines to me! Did I want to hop on the treadmill today? No Did I do it anyway? Yes Was it MARYJONES6 27 _RAMONA
2/15/20 3:14 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ Yesterday was a weird, long, painful, bor TEXASHSMOMOF3 30 TOMSGAL85
2/14/20 9:51 P
Pay no attention to the weapon! Happy Valentines Sparklers! JUSTFURKIDS 16 JAMER123
2/15/20 12:28 A
My work is catering in lunch today (soup, salad, rolls, and Valentine cookies). I have enough calori GOODFELINE 6 CGARR442
2/14/20 8:55 P
In need of prayers, health is suffering due to weight. Found out I have fatty liver disease :( I am ONETHM 9 GEORGE815
2/13/20 6:36 P
Posted a photo TBOYD5000 35 GEORGE815
2/13/20 6:33 P
Breakfast-2 large eggs with kale and sriracha, chicken bacon, and gf toast. 240 calories. NAVYWIFESKI 28 KAYDE53
2/13/20 8:23 P
My breakfast today! Who else likes fruit for breakfast? 🤤😋 MUSTLOVEROCK 14 GEORGE815
2/13/20 6:28 P
2/14/20 3:22 P
Apparently im still sick so no gym for me the last couple of days but I have been going walking to g DEDICATED2ME32 40 DRINKALOTH2O
2/13/20 11:35 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! Yesterday was a good day!!! The sun came out for a t TEXASHSMOMOF3 27 CGARR442
2/13/20 11:11 P
Today's lunch: sweet potato and baked beans and a side salad. KAWLIGANZ 16 1BLAZER282005
2/13/20 6:48 P
My dual wielding baby! Always ready for food! I don't know why it won't post right side up. GOODFELINE 23 CGARR442
2/13/20 11:08 P