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In case you’re wondering what having a kitty could be like for your child. MIMAWELIZABETH 27 PATRICIA-CR
6/28/20 1:29 P
I have decided to HIDE my scale again. No this isn't my weight although it would be awesome if it w BUSEEMOM 15 JODIRICHARDS
6/6/20 10:24 A
The CD titled "Look Up Child", has a thank you in the back of it and I would like to quote it. it is HIMELISSA2007 3 DAMAOF5
5/27/20 10:01 A
Posted a photo HIMELISSA2007 9 ASF220
5/13/20 1:05 P
Posted a photo HIMELISSA2007 7 MUGABI123
5/6/20 10:13 A
Things you should probably clean that you usually don't This morning I was going around the house l HIMELISSA2007 9 LUANN_IN_PA
3/12/20 12:52 P
Message Removed CD25403517 22 MJ7DM33
2/23/20 11:32 P
Today, I had two servings of the Crunchy Cucumber Salad by Chef Meg for only 44 calories per serving HIMELISSA2007 12 _RAMONA
2/24/20 1:26 A
Keeping those yucky cravings under control with my home-made snack packs! 👍 JER-BER 59 ISNESS
7/7/20 9:33 P
Wore makeup today and pinned hair back #BeforeAndAfter HIMELISSA2007 9 KHALIA2
2/12/20 7:48 P
NEW! 10 Pound Challenge 2- Let’s Go ~INDYGIRL 94 POSITIVEHOPE
3/25/20 10:02 P
Had meat for the first time in a few days by choice. Ground turkey, kale with baby spinach cooked am HIMELISSA2007 7 RREDFORD5
1/29/20 6:30 P
What is pictured here are 2 black bean veggie burgers with brown rice added and a crunchy cucumber s HIMELISSA2007 10 LE_SIGH
1/29/20 8:31 A
Having a hard time this week. Not seeing much progress in the last 2 weeks. These pics are 2 weeks NESSA5210 183 LDB122012
1/27/20 6:24 P
Heading home today from a work week full of opportunities, I simply had to pull over, hike across a J2002HEIDS 25 AMYINTHEWILD
1/11/20 10:22 A
Healthy -Check! Free with Kroger coupon - Check! Tastes like chocolate chalk - Check! I'll eat it b VEG_GIRL04 12 HOLLYM48
1/11/20 7:49 A
Sorry for the absence. Working on getting better but its taking a while. No flu just nagging cough a HIMELISSA2007 6 SILVAS7
1/17/20 10:43 P
Praying my cold passes more quickly than my dad's so I can get back to exercising again. I miss it. SHERILIEGH1969 7 SHERILIEGH1969
1/6/20 8:44 P
Hello everyone!! Set out to make and eat a better breakfast this morning. I have been a little under HIMELISSA2007 7 GEORGE815
1/5/20 2:21 P
So, I haven't given up hope. Feeling a little better after rest. Chili tonight! with rinsed beans, HIMELISSA2007 10 EVIE4NOW
1/4/20 10:50 P
Hello, well the day after and the damage wasn't too bad. I enjoyed cooking yesterday for my family a HIMELISSA2007 9 BLUECAFE
12/27/19 2:52 P
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my wonderful spark friends. May happiness abound to you great HIMELISSA2007 18 LEARN211
12/24/19 10:54 A
Just thought I'd share a cool Dollar Tree find. Its only one dollar!! no sugar, salt or preservati HIMELISSA2007 23 L_DROUIN
12/3/19 8:07 A
I’m really proud of myself! On Nov 1st I started the #keto diet and today, one month later, I’ve los FITSTER9 17 COOKWITHME65
12/9/19 12:11 A
advent calendar HIMELISSA2007 7 1DAY-ATA-TIME
12/2/19 6:49 A
Hi everyone. I gained weight over Thanksgiving but I'm sure its mostly water retention. Lost 6 pound HIMELISSA2007 2 EVIE4NOW
12/1/19 5:27 P
Message Removed CD435214 6 HIMELISSA2007
12/1/19 4:34 P
My lunch today: zucchini quinoa patties, serving of penne and sauce and green beans HIMELISSA2007 7 GEORGE815
11/21/19 5:17 P
Made my own dressing! Flaxseed oil, greek yogurt, KGUSHUE 16 MDSCOORD
11/19/19 11:23 P
smoothie time! 😁 KGUSHUE 19 GEORGE815
11/19/19 9:07 P
All this food -feels like a pound- is like 300-400 calories. Plant based for the win! (Though I'm LOHAVI 15 GEORGE815
11/19/19 9:03 P
Hello everyone!! I went out with my mom and daughter today!! I was fortunate to be able to go to HIMELISSA2007 10 KAYDE53
11/19/19 6:40 P
8/12/20 3:35 P
Dinner tonight...some Cajun shrimp and pasta with a side of broccoli. MIAMI_LILLY 40 GINNABOOTS
11/12/19 7:21 A
Since we are getting ready to be hit with an artic blast...❄❄❄ I went out & picked all of my cherry CINDY247 20 PATRICIA-CR
11/12/19 7:52 A
Started my Spark workout today. I'm homebound, so I walked around my house from the kitchen to my LR CBLACKBURN1958 11 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:11 P
Well, its Veteran's Day and I want to say thank you to all the veterans out there and a prayer to al HIMELISSA2007 9 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:06 P
To all Veterans.Thank you for your service and sacrifices. In loving memory of my dad and husband. B LIVINGLOVINLIFE 10 GABY1948
11/12/19 2:34 P
Brought dinner to work for my overnight shift. Mor ELIZABETHEDEN08 15 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:17 P
Happy veterans day... And happy pajama day for me that is. A day to chill and eat rice krispies trea HIMELISSA2007 4 LINDAMARIEZ1
11/11/19 6:19 P
Dinner 🤩 Roasted baby Bella mushrooms seasoned with liquid aminos, steamed broccoli, and meatless m ELIZABETHEDEN08 13 ZRIE014
11/11/19 12:37 A
A family tragedy hit and got me back into my bad eating habits. So trying to turn it around and get CASEYNJ91 14 LUVOFME
11/10/19 7:15 A
Does anyone know how to change my account so it's for diabetics? I can't figure it out. Tia SARAW1981 4 GEORGE815
11/8/19 6:04 P
Hello everyone.. thought I would post lunch today. It has been a few days since I have been on here. HIMELISSA2007 12 GEORGE815
11/8/19 5:56 P
. I felt like something different today. I ate this the other day and thought it was yum. A kid insp HIMELISSA2007 9 EDWARDS1411
11/3/19 6:44 P
Two months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. Two tumors shower up this tim HAPPYMEG 33 CHERI*ANN7
11/11/19 11:44 A
Hello everyone I hope you all have a great weekend 💋 KEENA47 27 CGARR442
11/3/19 5:36 P
4/8/20 6:15 A
Paid for letting a lot of fast food in the house. I am swollen all over and i gained 4 pounds. Time SBLACKWELL93 3 KOFFEENUT
11/2/19 4:54 P
Oh the difference just 3 years makes!! *Almost 100lbs difference. ANIMAI27 29 EVIE4NOW
11/2/19 10:56 P
]Part of my lunch today consisted of tuna, canned in water, with light mayonnaise and a romaine lett HIMELISSA2007 12 CLOUDWALKING
11/2/19 6:22 P
Its Day 8! I've made it past a week. Let's go! TINA876 5 GEORGE815
11/2/19 1:42 P
Has anyone else tried only eating 1000 calories a day. If so let me know the results. GSM746571 10 GEORGE815
11/2/19 1:41 P
My birthday is coming up so yesterday I bought pajamas. Rarely do I ever relax. I realized I need a HIMELISSA2007 9 CD12282919
11/2/19 7:25 P
Day #2. What are you grateful for today? I’m grateful for the fact that my family lives close by. MIMILIFE 19 GEORGE815
11/2/19 1:36 P
Lol. Wearing today. Wanted to take pic with my grandson as dogman but not enough time this morning. HIMELISSA2007 6 GEORGE815
10/31/19 2:03 P
It's Thursday so what day is it at my house? Roastie Veggie day! -POOKIE- 78 FITWITHIN
11/1/19 5:11 A
Dogman pic for Book-o-ween at school today. My grandson had to dress as book character. He thourough HIMELISSA2007 6 GEORGE815
10/31/19 2:04 P
Stop by here to introduce yourself! Welcome! THM_DEB 232 LINDAF49
2/21/20 12:25 A
Carpenters Cafe BBLESSED32 2603 BBLESSED32
8/11/20 7:37 A
#keto #lowcarb #BeforeAndAfter A little difference, 7 months in.. Really want the next 5 months to b DAIZYJ527 38 LEILANIS1069
12/7/19 3:34 P
A morning of prep work produces this....s simple beef stew from a recipe I found online. It's cookin MATTHEWP24 25 SDEHNKE
10/30/19 10:36 A
Hi there! Well, I managed to have cabbage soup today which I froze in bulk a couple of months ago. A HIMELISSA2007 8 EVIE4NOW
10/29/19 11:45 P
My heart is so sad today.. I'm sitting in the swing ,and I've been crying.. and I'm not one to cry MHUMBERS1950 88 MHUMBERS1950
11/10/19 2:30 P
Meal 2 ( TBC)...feeling super grumpy... body hurts .. trying to stay positive & up beat but today i ENNAZUS176 13 EVIE4NOW
10/28/19 10:14 P
Beautiful snowy day outside. Trying to meditate and keep my spirits up. Can't see the light at the JANCELEE51 7 KWOOD1955
12/8/19 12:04 P
I've been doing pretty decently, food wise. Then my roommate brought home Chips Ahoy chewy cookie MCASKEY6 3 HIMELISSA2007
10/28/19 3:23 P
Someone who 💜me and knew I would rofl 😂🤣 shared this on another site.....too good not to share... STILLSPARKLEIGH 36 JRDUPREE
10/29/19 12:20 A
Sorry haven't been posting I've had a cold😢 and it wasn't pretty. Just returned back to work today JULIAANN12 5 JULIAANN12
10/31/19 4:45 P
Lunch: Ham and swiss on bun. Apple and V8 juice MATTHEWP24 11 LE_SIGH
10/29/19 9:15 A
Well today's lunch consisted of beer battered fish fillets, black beans, brown rice,sambal (chili pa HIMELISSA2007 6 EVIE4NOW
10/28/19 11:46 P
Posted a photo HIMELISSA2007 9 EVIE4NOW
10/28/19 11:49 P
Hi I'm new to the group and was woundering is anybody has any Diet suggestions. I have PCOS and Hypo MUGSLEY20074 5 GORDONED
11/21/19 9:21 A
Depressed.... Keep trying to count calories keep going over. I just really want this weight off. Any DRAKE16 12 GEORGE815
10/27/19 3:54 P
Well, this is something. I currently weight less than 200 pounds. It’s been years since I could say JUPO0110 14 _RAMONA
10/28/19 12:09 P