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Let's talk CD11232210 4644 HMKITTEN
3/5/21 9:47 P
Last year this time I was still eating in the common lunch room with heavy meals and large portions HMKITTEN 6 GEORGE815
3/4/21 3:34 P
Ate good home cookin' and didn't have to lift a finger! Lean meatloaf for lunch and roasted chicken HMKITTEN 2 ROBBIEY
3/2/21 9:09 P
So Iā€™m still struggling with major depression for 2 years now. I have been on a few meds with no suc KINYA4571 12 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
3/4/21 8:28 A
Managed to eat healthily for lunch despite there being a minefield of food. I was expecting to kill HMKITTEN 4 LINDA7677
3/1/21 7:04 P
Somehow most of my calories today came from fruits and vegetables. And I still came in on my macro-n HMKITTEN 11 LITTLEWIND53
2/28/21 3:45 A
This guy interrupted my walking around the house while waiting for my tea to brew. He dropped a ball HMKITTEN 21 ALLYLIZZY
2/28/21 1:43 A
After almost a month of stagnation, my weight is finally moving again. 215 and on my way down! HMKITTEN 10 HMKITTEN
2/26/21 4:33 P
My fuzzy motivation. And yes, that is his paw near my dad's shoulder and feet past Dad's feet. 55 po HMKITTEN 6 MJ7DM33
2/26/21 10:24 P
I wanna brag about this salad I had šŸ˜ spring mix with Emerald caramelized walnuts, feta cheese, blu JENPSYCHRN 20 MJ7DM33
2/26/21 10:28 P
Down to 215 after almost a month of stagnation. Success! 65 more to go. That's daunting. But it's a HMKITTEN 10 MJ7DM33
2/26/21 10:35 P
Realized that eating healthy is one way that I justify trying new (and expensive) foods. Frivolous? HMKITTEN 3 3TIMESAMOM
2/26/21 12:43 A
Dessert was an apple with cinnamon and a scant sprinkle of sugar--just like a baked goodie but crunc HMKITTEN 1 HMKITTEN
2/24/21 9:44 P
Currently at my parents' house where I spend part of the week for work. The tensions are getting hig HMKITTEN 8 FELICIA1963
2/22/21 8:48 P
Trying not to weigh myself this week (after five weeks of dreading it). I am back on the wagon and p HMKITTEN 9 EVIE4NOW
2/21/21 10:48 P
Dinner was venison chili and cornbread. Not having much food earlier in the day meant I could splurg HMKITTEN 2 HEARTMEND
2/20/21 10:41 P
Looking back on old journals I see that I have been off and on Spark since 2011. That's ten years of HMKITTEN 5 LITTLEFLOWERTC
2/20/21 10:31 P
Woke up this morning and my ring was almost stuck on my finger! No idea what caused it, but I'm espe HMKITTEN 4 MOOKBALL
2/19/21 9:32 P
Itching to get back to my own house. Dog is going to miss Dad over the weekend. Poor Link won't have HMKITTEN 2 GEORGE815
2/19/21 4:00 P
I WILL stay on track with my calories today. Yesterday was the first day in almost two weeks that I HMKITTEN 4 GEORGE815
2/18/21 5:24 P
Hoping that everyone caught in the snow stays safe and warm! HMKITTEN 4 SBLACKWELL93
2/17/21 11:19 P
Going to have a good night. No reason, but I'm telling myself that. Starting with baking homemade la HMKITTEN 5 RKEKES1968
2/17/21 7:19 P
I have to live with my parents part of the week when I'm not living an hour and a half south. But I' HMKITTEN 7 SLIMMERKIWI
2/17/21 2:21 A
Putting weight loss on the back burner as I deal with mental health. Still simmering, but not my mai HMKITTEN 9 OOLALA53
2/15/21 7:58 P
After many days of overeating I stepped on the scale, expecting the worst. I'm back where I was thre HMKITTEN 4 FRIENDLYMSBETSY
2/15/21 12:59 A
After all the overeating I have done, I am back to where I was three weeks ago: 216.5. I guess that HMKITTEN 2 GEORGE815
2/14/21 3:05 P
Housecleaning day SISSYFEB48 5 SPEDED2
2/13/21 9:40 P
proud to have at least one side of the kitchen cleaned and all the outside trees and bushes watered. HMKITTEN 2 REDROBIN47
2/13/21 7:37 P
4 oz trimmed pork loin chop (Shake & Bake), homemade 5-bean salad, sea salt & cracked pepper Brussel WYTCHHAZYL 19 ALLYLIZZY
2/13/21 9:37 P
Back on track after yesterday's eating an entire day's worth of calories all in one hour, then going HMKITTEN 5 WATERBUGETTE
2/13/21 7:20 P
I came home and got breakfast at noon since I had blood work earlier. And then followed by lunch. An HMKITTEN 3 KATIE5668
2/12/21 4:13 P
I'm currently in a funk And want to eat All The Things. Extra pizza my dad sent with me. Fruit. Dair HMKITTEN 5 KOSHIE1
2/11/21 11:54 P
Going to be strong. There will be fresh pizza at the house. I need to watch how much I eat. HMKITTEN 5 WYTCHHAZYL
2/11/21 8:01 P
Learned how to make basic sushi! šŸ˜ LASHONNAABARNES 13 TOMKAIT
2/11/21 12:31 A
I ate healthily over the vacation, so why was I up 4 pounds from where I started two weeks ago? Some HMKITTEN 9 CLSYLADY
2/11/21 4:52 A
Spent most of the day sitting down but somehow managed to get in quite a few steps at the same time. HMKITTEN 15 TEEDEE911
2/10/21 12:54 A
Managed to eat just right today so I can have an ice cream bar and not blow my calories. Heath Dilly HMKITTEN 4 FRABBIT
2/8/21 11:27 P
I don't want to be back to regular life and back from vacation. Now I have all the temptations of a HMKITTEN 19 ALLYLIZZY
2/9/21 12:53 A
Said goodbye to the cabin this morning. Back to the real world again. This protected knight bid me f HMKITTEN 5 PRAIRIECROCUS
2/7/21 5:53 P
Afternoon, my son just left! First time I am alone since my husband passed away! The Funeral is not BILLIELDANN1 14 TRIMNUP
2/7/21 5:04 P
Imperfect produce gave me yams. I don't like yams - I cooked them in the instant pot and paired them KIRDAY 4 FUNNYFACE101002
2/6/21 4:44 P
I may be fretting. He is not. HMKITTEN 7 GOFORGIN
2/6/21 5:43 P
I think the dog knows how to relax better than I do! After two weeks being with my father and eating HMKITTEN 9 MSMITCHELL2696
2/6/21 5:29 P
Having a night to just reflect on where this journey has taken me over the past six months since bei HMKITTEN 20 BERRY4
2/6/21 4:09 A
I'm on vacation--eating healthily and enjoying the weather (no really--it's 50 F and calm in the mou HMKITTEN 21 ASHLEYRX12
2/5/21 7:39 P
Public Service Announcement: When washing knives and dropping one: DO NOT try to catch it. Even if i HMKITTEN 10 SLIMMERKIWI
2/5/21 2:41 A
Made up a big batch of roasted brussles sprouts. I ate almost half of the pan! But I got my fiber an HMKITTEN 5 HMKITTEN
2/4/21 8:26 P
Trying to take one day at a time. I can do this. I am my own happiness. TIKISHA_LEI 19 GMACAMI
2/5/21 1:59 A
These two greeted me at the cabin. Not hiking today since A: it is chilly with wind, and B: Both do HMKITTEN 10 LSIG14
2/4/21 3:50 P
Tasty dessert for a vacation: Bake cored apples with a little bit of Craisens and top with a little HMKITTEN 11 LINDA-TREKKING
2/3/21 11:37 P
Went hiking and got sprinkled on. I love how damp forest smells! Got in all my steps and then some! HMKITTEN 9 GMACAMI
2/4/21 1:14 A
2/4/21 9:55 P
Today is brought to you by the letter T(ea)! With milk and a smidge of sugar in a biiiiiiig mug. HMKITTEN 7 SLIMMERKIWI
2/4/21 2:28 A
Today is brought to you by the letter T(ea). I'm a biiiiig mug. HMKITTEN 2 GEORGE815
2/3/21 3:34 P
Feeling guilty for splurging on a vacation that means work is going to pile up and my own bills come HMKITTEN 3 JOAN214
2/2/21 10:14 P
2/3/21 9:15 P
I'm Free!!! Taking a short vacation to the mountains to recharge. Also to get in a little walking/hi HMKITTEN 15 KAYDE53
2/2/21 10:22 P
It's been two weeks since I saw my pooch. I'm happy to see that he has managed well without me. Too HMKITTEN 2 CHERYLSCOTT54
2/1/21 9:27 P
Flounder and lightly dressed caesar salad for dinner. After platelet donation I need to up my protei HMKITTEN 2 MJ7DM33
2/1/21 8:34 P
Almost ready to go out on vacation. Did some shopping today and am dead tired. Have platelets donati HMKITTEN 2 RETAT60
1/31/21 7:52 P
I thought yesterday I was going to completely blow the day's calories. I was only a little bit out o HMKITTEN 4 SISTERPRETTY
1/30/21 6:51 P
I need to start listening to my body when I am tired, cranky, and hungry. Most often it seems to be HMKITTEN 10 MILPAM3
1/29/21 4:50 A
256.5 back in mid July. and 216.5 this morning--even after a week of overeating. Maybe I just had to HMKITTEN 117 BLOND1E
1/29/21 8:49 A
I was over my ideal calories yesterday. Going to be high, but not overly so, today.. so long as I do HMKITTEN 7 CUPKAKE137
1/23/21 9:54 P
"Self," I tell myself, "ya messed up again and ate way too much food." Then I tell myself, once agai HMKITTEN 7 EVIE4NOW
1/23/21 12:20 A
Today I ate over twice my normal food intake. Yeah, a big blow to the mental (in)stability. Tomorrow HMKITTEN 6 LIZZYMITCH
1/20/21 11:54 P
Tried upping my calories a smidge to the upper limit for my Spark plan so I didn't feel so deprived. HMKITTEN 2 CATWMNCAT
1/20/21 8:08 P
1/17/21 8:52 P
Could I be exercising right now? Yes. Am I taking care of myself after earlier overloading myself? A HMKITTEN 3 LIZZYMITCH
1/14/21 11:59 P
Went and got tested for covid my daughter that lives with me tested positive for it im so worried ab 3TIMESAMOM 9 MS_TWISTER
1/13/21 10:15 P
After a week of severe overeating I am back in the game. Now for a pear before I dig into the cookie HMKITTEN 3 FLUTTERFLI
1/13/21 9:08 P
Back on the healthy wagon after a few days of gorging myself. Hoping to hold that up for a while! HMKITTEN 2 ERINSOLAKIAN
1/12/21 8:16 P
Time to get back on track after a week of scarfing down everything in sight. Three pounds up in a we HMKITTEN 7 GEORGE815
1/11/21 2:37 P
Gained back a couple pounds this week after being sick. You would think that being sick would Drop p HMKITTEN 4 GEORGE815
1/9/21 5:03 P
After being sick the last three days (one really sick and the last two just dragging) I'm trying to HMKITTEN 9 SLIMMERKIWI
1/8/21 1:38 A