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feeling down today I have so much to do and still have to keep myself in a mode of being successful. HRTBRKR2013 9 HRTBRKR2013
3/8/19 5:49 P
had pork pot roast with Mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and onions and a side of butternut squash. HRTBRKR2013 3 BONNIE1552
3/8/19 8:45 A
had pork pot roast with Mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and onions and a side of butternut squash. HRTBRKR2013 4 BONNIE1552
3/8/19 8:44 A
had pork pot roast with Mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and onions and a side of butternut squash. HRTBRKR2013 4 BONNIE1552
3/8/19 8:45 A
Small term goals are needed ORTATK 3 HRTBRKR2013
3/7/19 5:33 P
It has been a 9 days since I started this journey. Cool things I discovered. The first and most im TIAONYX1 5 TANGERINESPY52
3/7/19 5:52 P
Feeling a little (a lot?) discouraged this morning. Instead of eating my feelings (which I Really wo JEHOVAFAN 140 KAS10001
3/7/19 8:50 P
Early dinner tonight~ some people despise the Spud I embraced the Spud. AKELLY45 16 -POOKIE-
3/8/19 6:09 A
Can someone tell me how to update your current weight, please? YOTERRENCE 8 YOTERRENCE
3/8/19 2:49 P
Sweet sixteen! Sixteen sweet minutes of yoga to end my day. Good night! SWEETENUFGILL 6 ILOVEROSES
3/8/19 7:03 A
Posted a photo KURTZIE1998 23 MADEINBRITAIN
3/8/19 4:54 A
3/8/19 2:10 A
Posted a photo LUISE2512 13 ILOVEROSES
3/8/19 7:03 A
Lent MLAN613 31 MLAN613
4/27/19 8:25 A
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 70980 GABY1948
12/12/19 9:38 A
Did you take your Vitamin(s) today? TEA_LADY 67744 NYARAMULA
12/12/19 12:53 P
Did you make your bed today? KIM22211 18136 PETRA320
12/12/19 7:55 A
A - Z ... USA Locations L0LLYGAGGIN 85134 LIZOFSTAD
12/12/19 2:45 P
BIBLE A-Z , places, names, animals, whatever.. CILLALILLY 64197 EO4WELLNESS
12/11/19 8:41 P
Quick! What's the first word that comes to mind? LEANLIVIN 55363 LIZOFSTAD
12/12/19 12:25 P
Prayers for those in the southern states that have been affected by the Tornados. HRTBRKR2013 4 HRTBRKR2013
3/4/19 3:53 P
A - Z Occupations KAEDE... 120980 LIZOFSTAD
12/12/19 2:36 P
12/11/19 8:25 P
Cold here. I want to go for a walk. But will probably just walk inside WNCGIRL 5 DEE107
3/5/19 12:10 A
Down another pants size when I went shopping this weekend. That's a total of 2 pants sizes down!!!! ITSPURPLESPICE 58 123THERESA123
3/6/19 1:48 P
It’s never going to be Spring here ! ⛄️⛄️⛄️ EQUIPCHICK 148 GEORGE815
3/4/19 3:51 P
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 116 GEORGE815
3/4/19 3:50 P
1” predicted last night. But all this shoveling’s gotta be helping get me to ready for swimsuit sea AMYINTHEWILD 39 AMYINTHEWILD
3/4/19 9:30 P
I got in my fruit and veggies throughout my day today. #eattherainbow MOMMY445 11 JAMER123
3/4/19 9:29 P
3 red apples, vegetable stir fry with chicken, pomegranate seeds #eattherainbow JEAPRI17 9 TOCONNER
3/4/19 2:02 P
I keep a set of small five pound weights on coffee table, so when I'm watching my fave show ,I can s HEATHERMHELMS74 7 HRTBRKR2013
3/3/19 11:12 P
I ate 5 Fruits and 5 Veggies today. #eattherainbow PATRICIAANN46 9 IAMAGEMLOVER
3/4/19 1:51 P
Completed my workout for today! #fitnessfeats IULIANINOSPAM 5 HRTBRKR2013
3/3/19 11:11 P
Zumba Gold and over 10,000 steps today! #fitnessfeats KAREN_EDMONDS 12 HRTBRKR2013
3/3/19 11:11 P
♥ -:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥-* Praise is one of the best, yet inexpensive gifts we c 1CRAZYDOG 9 BONNIE1552
3/4/19 3:40 P
exercised before giving blood since have to rest after. #goalfeats KITTYHAWK1949 4 BONNIE1552
3/4/19 3:40 P
Goal Feats are met. #goalfeats PATRICIAANN46 7 BONNIE1552
3/4/19 3:39 P
Actor...Movie. ...Actor...Movie BUTIFULDAWN 16043 LIZZIE138
10/3/19 11:24 A
Famous Person Game LUNACELTA 14447 ZOEYBLU
12/11/19 9:45 P
write the first word this word makes you think of KEEPITUP 100996 LIZOFSTAD
12/12/19 1:47 P
12/12/19 2:04 P
Hey all I hope you all are doing great on your journey. I know it can be rough at times but those ar LISA2326 6 HRTBRKR2013
3/3/19 3:21 P
Hi everyone how’s everyone doing today? I hope you all have had a great day, but if not that’s ok to LISA2326 8 HRTBRKR2013
3/3/19 3:21 P
The Chicken and Shrimp jambalaya from SparkRecipes was DELICIOUS. I highly recommend it! Getting b CHARLENE0401 4 GEORGE815
3/3/19 4:57 P
Usually, I hire someone to shovel or my husband does it if he is not working. I decided today I woul AMBER6108 6 GEORGE815
3/3/19 4:49 P
Cold, snow, sunshine and Sunday. LUVSBULLDOGS 4 GEORGE815
3/3/19 4:55 P
This post is tmi but I didn't know how much healthy foods make you poop! I always had poop problems JASMINEFAT2FIT 10 LASOLA1
3/3/19 9:13 P
Knowing that for the foreseeable future my life will revolve around measuring cups and tracking ever EDSUNSHINE 9 WLHOPE
3/3/19 6:09 P
The best thing I've seen today. :) See the video on Youtube: www.youtube.c com/watch?v=NU-WyFdwrLI IAMBLESSED103 10 NANHBH
3/4/19 10:54 A
12/12/19 11:22 A
My old friend PINKGLOW9 13 ALLYLIZZY
3/1/19 5:14 P
Time to start a new challenge tomorrow. #goalfeats HRTBRKR2013 2 KITTYHAWK1949
2/28/19 10:20 P
It is hard at times for me to do vegies,v not because I don't like them because I love veggies. It i HRTBRKR2013 5 ANHELIC
3/1/19 12:39 A
Such a dreary day outside. But it inside I'm bright and sunny today. #h2whoa HRTBRKR2013 3 CHESTER47
3/1/19 8:09 A
Challenging for today we walking past my favorite sweet treat at the store and not looking back at i HRTBRKR2013 1 HRTBRKR2013
2/28/19 6:24 P
Don't ya just hate it when you have a long heartfelt blog going and then just before you post it Spa PENONE 7 ZRIE014
2/27/19 12:32 A
I had veggies with breakfast. A large salad with lunch and dinner. Snacks consisted of a banana and DRAGONFLY631 9 ECOAXUM
2/27/19 2:17 P
Good Morning! LOVEME44 214 MOMMA48
10/22/19 1:54 P
How often do you weigh in? GWE204 311 MARYJOANNA
10/29/19 7:24 A
3/7/19 10:51 P
Lets count DOWN from 9999... OREGONHOPE 208233 ANASONIC
12/12/19 9:54 A
Question with a Question CATHY1970 135173 SHANTI-1
11/1/19 5:31 P
Post something red MINDYJ1 17880 NASFKAB
12/12/19 10:10 A
What do you do with your grey hairs? EOWYN2424 2302 GABY1948
3/8/19 9:52 A
Songs with Animals in the Title CRSMITH75 389 TOJOHO2005
12/11/19 6:40 P
Movie...Actor. ...Movie...Actor BUTIFULDAWN 19297 LIZOFSTAD
11/25/19 3:44 P
Sunny or cloudy today? TRISHZ 50233 HEDSTS58
12/1/19 8:43 A
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 77232 KEKEIKO
12/12/19 11:09 A
Let's count up from 1 - see how high we can go?? HJFOGARTY 64837 MOMMA48
12/9/19 1:25 P
Finally dyeing these roots deep velvet violet again, renewing my passport in case of more internatio BONNIEMARGAY 6 TCANNO
2/20/19 4:02 A
Hey all, struggling today it’s been a rough day. I have not eaten much today but have drank a lot of LISA2326 20 LISA2326
2/24/19 1:26 P
Here I am at work another cold day I am proud of myself that I am thinking about what I'm eating and KARENFLINT1 33 GERRYH2
2/20/19 5:20 A
In 2013 I ran the Chicago marathon, after losing 100 lbs, and going from a couch potato to a runner. LOTUSFLOWER 30 YMWONG22
2/20/19 3:01 A
2/20/19 5:19 A
Had to say goodbye to my sweet little old man...my shadow. He was the best walking partner and alway KARABELLA03 144 KARABELLA03
2/20/19 10:37 P