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Did you sleep well last night? ILOVESP 43914 NYARAMULA
1/18/20 11:27 A
Did you make someone smile today ? PATTYGIVENS 2121 NYARAMULA
1/17/20 2:10 P
What Spark Level are you on? RITAROSE 13997 NANA2PRINCESSES
1/18/20 9:10 A
Have you been outside yet today? SCOTLA 24446 PETRA320
1/18/20 6:48 P
change a word 102633 36558 ROX525
1/18/20 6:23 A
Are you choosing to be happy today? JAROL7 9344 PETRA320
1/18/20 6:47 P
Did You Take A Vitamin D JOEH71 13909 PETRA320
1/18/20 6:47 P
My wheel points today CCTWENTYLESS 22822 ROX525
1/18/20 6:21 A
Posted a photo ALLYSONBETH1 18 CLO333
8/7/19 1:52 P
Found Jaxxon relaxing under the big oak in the back yard. #dogdaysofsummer #rottweiler #rottweilerat J2002HEIDS 24 AMYINTHEWILD
8/7/19 2:59 P
Homemade tuna casserole with green beans for dinner. πŸ’• ALLYLIZZY 29 GOODFELINE
8/7/19 10:38 A
Back injury a year ago stopped my running, but tonight did a 2 mile run/walk with my hubby!! Feeling MAMAJACKIE2 6 SIMPLYME_LORI
8/6/19 11:53 P
Day 16: Had another good day, walked tonight, working on getting more steps. I got caught in the MIMIGETSHEALTHY 7 MCFITZ2
8/7/19 3:51 A
#lowcarb Omgness I have made chaffles before but tonight my husband made me some and added butter a DEEO12 19 COOKWITHME65
8/8/19 8:10 A
Thank you Spark Buddies! Here is a picture of the award! SPOKENWORD 29 CGARR442
8/7/19 7:34 P
Day 2 of surpassing my daily goal. MAMACRUZ87 21 MCFITZ2
8/7/19 3:50 A
My new favorite! MRSPOLLY 8 INPRAYER
8/6/19 11:35 P
Feeling accomplished I've been walking several days and have been working on building up to a mile.. DISCOVERING_VAL 34 JRDUPREE
8/7/19 8:30 A
So we saw this beautiful face posted on FB yesterd SPIDERLADY1313 60 ALLYLIZZY
8/7/19 11:05 A
1/18/20 11:23 A
Did you sleep well last night? TPETRIE 10909 NYARAMULA
1/18/20 11:22 A
Did you go outside today??? ROXYZMOM 21553 PETRA320
1/18/20 6:49 P
Do You Make Time To Exercise? MJRVIC2000 13494 NYARAMULA
1/18/20 11:26 A
I piece of fruit a day BARBARAHOYE 40582 SBURDEN
1/17/20 11:29 A
Lunch at an event today ENNAZUS176 5 JAZZII4
8/5/19 4:58 P
Second workout is complete I'm tired on my way to get my nails done!! JASMINEFAT2FIT 13 GODLOVESUALL
8/5/19 11:34 P
I have returned to spark people to help me lose the weight i have been trying to lose for some time DEEBECK1 6 NITEMAN3D
8/5/19 5:50 P
So I did my second official weigh in today. I'm down 10 pounds so a total of 19 pounds since May 23r FROMTHEASHES79 68 IULIANINOSPAM
8/11/19 3:05 P
50 pounds off. Feeling amazing. Slow and steady pace wins the race. Started in February. SBROWNELL43 129 29WINEGAL
8/5/19 7:33 P
Goal: Drop 100+lbs in 14 months. :) (107.4 to be exact) Here's to putting sincere FREEDOMSKEY 14 FREEDOMSKEY
8/14/19 9:02 P
Haven’t been sleeping well past few nights wanted to lay back down but I got myself together and wen KARRI75 14 CKEYES1
8/6/19 8:19 A
This really put "all or nothing" thinking into perspective... NANHBH 11 ROCKYCPA
8/5/19 11:17 P
Celery Prep & Regrow: I cut the stalks for dishes or raw, I cut the good top ends for soups & broth GINGERMONKEY21 23 OTEN36
11/30/19 8:08 P
Don't forget to take some ME time today. IMUSTLOSEIT1 26 READY201811
8/4/19 6:36 P
My meatless lunch! PINKIM61 20 LAVVON
8/4/19 4:54 P
Please let me in🌞Have a fantastic and fun week my Spark community 🌞😁 MBLANKFORD 19 7STIGGYMT
8/7/19 11:14 P
Posted a photo KLYNNACE5 32 READY201811
8/4/19 6:36 P
...and a really colorful flower NITEMAN3D 22 CGARR442
8/4/19 9:53 P
A long ways to go but closer than I was 😊 -SHELLY- 24 MCFITZ2
8/4/19 5:36 P
Peaceful Sunday! MSROZZIE 34 MSROZZIE
8/5/19 10:24 P
A lovely day out walking with my friend. This is St Michael's Mount, in Cornwall, UK SWEETENUFGILL 41 LILIWHEELER
8/6/19 4:31 A
Planning on eating a whole bag of β€œchips” today #eattherainbow ALLTHINGSNEW81 21 ANHELIC
8/5/19 1:07 A
Change A Word STINAMARIE86 28793 PETRA320
1/18/20 6:49 P
Did you take your Fish Oil (Omega 3) today? SPADABEK 28895 PETRA320
1/18/20 6:48 P
Did you take your Vitamin(s) today? TEA_LADY 68123 SHAZMOLA
1/18/20 5:47 P
Did you make your bed today? KIM22211 18293 HILDEGARDE48
1/18/20 3:42 P
my 2 before photos. the one on th4e left is me a 2 years ago, the one on the right is me a year ago. SNHUAR1103 171 MHUMBERS1950
8/3/19 10:39 P
Just read this. Thought it was worth sharing RCLYKE 18 PILGRIM1
9/10/19 6:18 P
Going to a potluck in an hour, wish me luck! I'm taking some fruit to share and my own water just in ALLTHINGSNEW81 6 LIZLOVEROSES
8/3/19 7:13 P
Happy weekend all! Even though Im down 10 lbs I've also lost 2 inches around my waist. Im pushing ev DPATRICIA70 20 LORI-K
8/3/19 10:37 P
"Never give up on your dreams. Belief is a powerful word; the state of knowing and feeling certain t J2002HEIDS 11 COLLAM57
8/6/19 5:13 P
This is an average day for me now. I used to just get to the 600 calorie and 30 minute rings closed LINSEYBAKER82 16 JULIEA7201
8/4/19 1:47 P
Dubu-jorin (spicy braised tofu). MRSPOLLY 10 LE_SIGH
8/3/19 7:29 A
Over 10 miles today. Feeling awesome about it. DARCY-B 7 _RAMONA
8/3/19 1:27 A
My version of fish and grits. Pan grilled catfish BBDELTA 12 LE_SIGH
8/3/19 7:28 A
Note to self drop the cup before the finish line...πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ TZAPP22 23 75HEALTHYME
8/3/19 10:34 P
Not real hungry ..kind of an "eh" night for me but I have to eat something ..4% lean burger wrapped DPATRICIA70 8 GMACAMI
8/3/19 1:46 P
My poor grand daughter has an ear infection and pinkeye in both eyes. πŸ˜” They are watching her to ma CGARR442 29 FLASUN
8/3/19 8:20 A
Good times 🀩 Dinner with Hubby & some friends 😁 LRJUSTUS1 15 BLESSOME
8/3/19 2:53 P
name one of the fifty states SPBECKIE2024 12908 FREEYOURMIND22
1/14/20 10:15 A
Berry smoothie for breakfast. Green bean, cabbage, crushed tomatoes, broccoli, and multicolored carr LAURALLANCE 4 TUBLADY
8/2/19 8:38 A
First week back on SP and getting used to calorie counting vs weight watchers point system. I have a BWATTS8 36 OCIKAT
8/4/19 12:25 P
Here's to a new month of crushing goals! I'm hoping to finally be in a new decade this month. πŸ’ͺStil DOUBLELSMOM 34 OCIKAT
8/4/19 12:24 P
#eattherainbow MRSPOLLY 12 OCIKAT
8/4/19 12:24 P
Started painting again after about 20 years of not. Oh boy, trying to remember techniques. 😁 BUT, i BRENDA196122 43 OCIKAT
8/4/19 12:24 P
So today is my first day and I can honestly say I have never posted a full body pic anywhere......bi SMKW1991 131 OCIKAT
8/4/19 12:23 P
Walked just over a mile with the two dogs... too hot for them to go farther. What am I saying? Too LESLIELENORE 23 OCIKAT
8/4/19 12:23 P
Taking this baby for a walk... EJBURK 13 TCANNO
8/1/19 4:02 A
Tomorrow is a new month and I am so ready for it! I've felt super out of sorts for awhile now and I' YISKAMIRYAM 9 7STIGGYMT
7/31/19 11:27 P
Pulled out one of my firm dvds for 45 minutes! #moveit WALKERWEN 6 CKEYES1
8/1/19 8:21 A
Stadium stairs MCOLLINS28 9 OCEANLORD
8/1/19 1:20 A
So, just started on this journey going on a week ago at 214 lbs. and already down to 205 lbs. It’s w MRSLUCK 43 MRSLUCK
8/10/19 11:35 A
Posted a photo SHAWNIE112869 2 JAZZII4
7/31/19 9:38 P
I'm struggling with the fact I'll be 46 yrs old next week... I'm still 100lbs down. I'm just maintai ANIMAI27 25 MCFITZ2
8/1/19 3:47 A
Relaxing evening fishing! I read today a great stress management tool is to do something fun that yo KARENR317 21 FROLICINFLORIDA
8/1/19 12:42 A