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Meal Planning Roasting Vegetables, Soaking Bolito Beans, changing my diet to reflect the produce of PELESJEWEL 49 _RAMONA
9/30/19 12:34 P
Today I RAN for the first time in I don't know how many years. 4/10 of a mile as part of my 2.5 mile KNITTINGKITTY 4 JOYCEHARRIS3
9/20/19 5:53 A
⭐The struggle is real!⭐ MST_617 19 _RAMONA
9/11/19 1:50 A
How or DID you Sleep last night? RBCJALANI 22313 TWEETYKC00
10/12/19 4:44 P
what was your worst moment today USMAWIFE 1914 USMAWIFE
10/14/19 3:25 A
3 Things To Do Today JAJABEE1717 290 MILPAM3
9/22/19 3:22 P
Cut grass and brush this morning and that gave me 5000 steps. Decided to walk before supper to get t KNITTINGKITTY 6 JOYCEHARRIS3
9/1/19 6:25 A
So this happened. DARLINGD1970 29 ALLYLIZZY
9/1/19 11:08 A
Girls trip starting tomorrow for the long weekend. Do calories count at the beach?? VIRGINIAGIRL 10 CHEIVOUS
8/28/19 7:59 P
Take some time to Enjoy the things around you! LITTLEREDHEN8 26 MADEINBRITAIN
8/28/19 3:25 A
8/20/19 10:33 P
Update on regrowing celery. I know a few of you we GINGERMONKEY21 17 GINGERMONKEY21
8/12/19 6:45 P
Who weighs everyday I usually do it on mondays TANGERINE44 4 LIZZYMITCH
8/12/19 9:04 A
Made THIS pizza last night. It is good. I have to freeze the slices because I can only eat one at a SHYSUGARBABY 15 COOKWITHME65
8/13/19 8:16 A
Vents or Struggles ...Share here -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 765 KNITTINGKITTY
8/9/19 10:03 A
What's Your Decluttering Project For Today? SIERRASAGE 8193 LITTLEGUYSMOM1
10/14/19 9:36 A
My momma’s zucchini cornbread recipe. THE_FAE 12 _CYNDY55_
8/6/19 10:43 P
#lowcarb Omgness I have made chaffles before but tonight my husband made me some and added butter a DEEO12 19 COOKWITHME65
8/8/19 8:10 A
Trying out some Organic Traditional Kombucha. Time to put some good bacteria in my stomach. GINGERMONKEY21 6 GINGERMONKEY21
8/2/19 10:14 P
I won second place in a street art competition yesterday! I could never have spent 7 hours crouching KNITTINGKITTY 201 CSROBERTSON621
7/28/19 11:53 P
Missed grocery shopping so running low on veggies ~ 12 oz bags have 4 servings and using last 2 til AVEHURLEY 7 GEORGE815
7/12/19 6:35 P
I have been doing this off and on for a LONG time. I'm at a point where I HAVE to change. Blood work JELLYBEANSTAR 11 BEASGIRL
7/10/19 4:36 P
When you really really want the “good” ice cream for dessert 😉 Dinner is zoodles in marinara sauce ALLTHINGSNEW81 15 LE_SIGH
7/8/19 8:00 A
Sunday morning Sundae or anytime of the day for that matter. I had banana split for breakfast: 1 ban DXTECH 70 DXTECH
7/8/19 7:43 A
Be happy and enjoy your day!! NIKOLALALA 24 ALLYLIZZY
7/4/19 12:22 P
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 14 GETITDONE79
7/3/19 5:35 P
Hi. I'm new to sp and am trying to figure out how to get to the group's with the app. Can anyone hel TDLUGO2015 3 JESSICA1902
7/2/19 10:03 P
Brunch. 517 calories (16 net carbs) 9 grape tomatoes, 1 small avocado, 1/2 c. Cottage cheese, 14 raw ANITAWIN1 19 KAYDE53
6/26/19 6:20 P
Two Words--Change One (game) -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 1476 PAULALALALA
9/23/19 11:12 P
10/6/19 11:31 A
Any success stories getting off of BP meds ECCLESTOND 23 HARRIETT14
6/19/19 8:59 P
6/19/19 4:45 P
Said no to fast food 🍔🍟👎while out running errands. 🐶😺 It's a small step but I'm counting all th HAPPYMEG 7 TCANNO
6/20/19 4:39 A
6/20/19 6:16 P
Chilly here today so I made homemade chicken tortellini soup. KNITTINGKITTY 24 JOYCEHARRIS3
6/17/19 6:04 A
Not quite before and after - more like - before and halfway. #BeforeAndAfter KNITTINGKITTY 82 123THERESA123
6/20/19 10:12 A
Finished the caveman 5k trail-run..my time was not my best, but I did my best, injuries and all. I d QUEENMOXIE 42 OBIESMOM2
6/10/19 9:20 A
😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪🤪 MISSYJ0507 10 2B-ME-AGAIN
6/7/19 9:40 P
Going out to lunch. I'm nervous; Mexican food doesn't come in small servings. Even if the scale hasn MUDDYFOOTS 10 SWEETGABROWN1
6/6/19 10:40 A
Thought to share this... before learning yo count calories and macros, I've tried every diet out the JCMURILLOF 13 MJ7DM33
6/6/19 2:45 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 57 HAPPYSOUL91
6/6/19 6:00 P
I have come to a conclusion that I have always come back to what I ate as I was young .I go back to DELLAS57 18 CONNIET88
6/16/19 8:58 A
Shifting to summer clothes. These shorts are the largest size I've worn. I don't remember if I wore KNITTINGKITTY 21 ALLYLIZZY
6/5/19 8:43 P
While yard tools recharge, so will I. #measureeverything LKMANNING7 28 TMP0418
6/6/19 11:02 A
Today me and my husband went on a date to the movies and dinner. We usually don't go anywhere but I' JASMINEFAT2FIT 34 ALLFORETHAN
7/27/19 9:12 P
This change from winter to spring to summer is great, but for the most part, my winter clothes are m KNITTINGKITTY 5 JOYCEHARRIS3
6/2/19 6:16 A
Declutter At Least One Thing Today! JAJABEE1717 79 LITTLEGUYSMOM1
8/6/19 6:01 P
I ran/walked my first 5k today! I am really excited. I did jog about 5 and then walk 1 and so forth. RAMSEYSJ 24 _LINDA
5/19/19 7:08 A
Found the secret! Lol PIXIEDUST04 38 DREAMERSPIRITT
5/12/19 11:47 P
This dress is a size medium! I haven’t been that size in years!!! I’m so happy!!! FLUFFYMOM29 27 FREEDOMSKEY
5/12/19 7:58 A
From yesterday's walk because we had rain today. Don't know what this one is? NITEMAN3D 14 CGARR442
5/12/19 8:38 P
5/10/19 8:53 P
Walked three miles around the lake with a friend. Time flies with all the talking! KNITTINGKITTY 11 JOYCEHARRIS3
5/11/19 6:16 A
Hi everyone I’m new here :) just getting started I hope to make some friends along this journey as w TORRIEPAULETTE 16 DININA48MN
5/11/19 3:00 A
A friend shared this on FB. This is so true! HWNHMMBRD 18 ZINGIE825
5/11/19 10:49 A
Today I am down six more pounds! I am 98 pounds from goal! SHOES17 30 TLV106
5/10/19 10:20 P
My ideal weather for a walk on the river trail! ANDI1017 8 EGGBASKET1
5/10/19 10:38 P
Lost 15 lbs since January. I haven’t been consistent at all, but trying to really kick it in gear no ANDI1017 18 TCANNO
5/11/19 3:08 A
Got myself a denim jacket as a reward for hitting 100 miles this year so far. Yay me!! 🏃🏻‍♀️ SILVERY_STRAND 28 DLDMIL
5/9/19 9:01 P
Forgot to post this on Sunday - Happy belated Cinco de Mayo! KNITTINGKITTY 11 LUVSCLASSICS
8/18/19 1:28 A
“I believe in the hands that work, in the brains that think, and in the hearts that love...I believe KIMJ01 2 KNITTINGKITTY
5/9/19 3:40 P
“There are two things that men should never weary of, goodness and humility; we get none too much of KIMJ01 2 KNITTINGKITTY
5/9/19 3:40 P
Spring onions, radishes and spinach compliments of my garden....love this season! BARBARAS21 6 GEORGE815
5/9/19 6:46 P
Eggs and bacon on the back porch. #carnivore #foodallergies #sugarfree #keto #lowcarb SADIEMYERS 21 BLESSOME
5/12/19 1:35 P
My pet's name would be cucumber... 🤪 DEM-TOM 304 RECOVERYMAMA
5/10/19 10:01 A
NEW: 5 letter Anagrams, change 1 letter. TERRACOTTAGE 37 LEN_VERSION37
5/15/19 12:35 A
Has anyone else noticed that some of the Spark Teams for when we joined are gone It was brought to m LIVINGLOVINLIFE 12 _RAMONA
5/8/19 12:55 P
10/2/19 3:42 P
Share Your Workout Today: LILY_SPARK 907 JSTETSER
9/30/19 5:33 A
4/30/19 11:49 A
Did you sleep well last night? KAYSEA6 3658 JSTETSER
10/6/19 5:59 A
4/25/19 10:17 P
Have a beautiful night sleep. Pleasant dreams. COROCKYMTNS 18 KNITTINGKITTY
4/25/19 3:56 A
Only 324 calories and all delicious! Romaine, grapes, tomato, peppers, mushrooms, bacon, hard boiled KNITTINGKITTY 13 CHAIRMASTER
4/27/19 11:00 A
I am so excited to start my strength training routine tomorrow. Soon, I will no longer be a wimpy th HEAT730 7 KNITTINGKITTY
4/24/19 5:26 A