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Actor...Movie. ...Actor...Movie BUTIFULDAWN 16201 PLANTPOWERGIRL
8/14/20 12:04 P
Actor... Movie... actor... movie MYSTRAL_CERCE 36583 PLANTPOWERGIRL
8/14/20 12:03 P
What are you reading? APRILNYC 2947 LADYCALICO
8/14/20 5:20 P
Double letters aa-zz (aardvark, hubby, succeed...) WHITERAVEN11 3279 REDPEPPERS
8/14/20 3:52 P
Another MOVIE game...see if we can keep this going LEELEE9682 49481 PLANTPOWERGIRL
8/14/20 11:58 A
Spelling Bee (10+ letter words A-Z) OMTIGGER 22312 REDPEPPERS
8/14/20 3:40 P
Spelling Bee (10+ letter words A-Z) CAROLYNCSN 4770 REDPEPPERS
8/14/20 3:41 P
I'm going swimming at the lake this morning. #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 38 GABY1948
8/13/20 7:11 P
Happy Tuesday, stay safe and wear a mask ORTATK 4 LIZZIE138
8/11/20 11:19 A
An attractive blonde from Cork, Ireland arrived at a casino in Australia. She seemed a little intoxi NANASUEH 8 PCK12J
8/13/20 11:21 A
T-shirt collection #36 SPEDED2 22 GABY1948
8/13/20 7:10 P
Good morning! Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here today. Great day for a walk! RYDESKS 25 CHERRYZMB60
8/11/20 7:11 P
8/12/20 11:38 A
Lots of work to do but feeling great!! 5lbs down 150 to go!! I know I can I know I can I know I can! PAULA_KINDERRN3 66 DENNIS99707
8/11/20 5:45 P
It’s been quite a journey body, mind and spirit but life continues to offer amazing things. Grateful 6THOFSIX 168 6THOFSIX
8/11/20 6:17 P
Well I'm over on this weigh-in 🙄😒. I'm ok with this though I had grandson this weekend so I went o HJUDIE1 17 FELICIA1963
8/9/20 7:06 P
Found my gown yesterday extremely happy SEAWITCH10 183 KEONEE
7/28/20 11:23 P
May my little fairy bless you on this Sunday morning. A trip to Dollar Tree & a pair of purple wing LJBOWSER1 28 LIZZIE138
7/26/20 12:17 P
One winter morning, a husband and wife in Detroit, MI were listening to the radio during breakfast. NANASUEH 7 GABY1948
7/27/20 3:46 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 26 TERMITEMOM
7/26/20 9:18 P
Beans snapped and ready to be blanched prior to freezing for the winter. This should fill a gallon b LESLIELENORE 18 HAPPYSOUL91
7/27/20 9:48 A
8/14/20 3:24 P
8/14/20 12:02 P
I'm going CAMPING and I'm gonna bring... (A to Z) NATALIE813 901 NANCY-
8/14/20 11:50 A
What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? SPANKIE3 12434 SPANKIE3
8/13/20 9:00 P
Movie...Actor. ...Movie...Actor BUTIFULDAWN 19433 PLANTPOWERGIRL
7/31/20 5:52 A
May we all be safe! MIMAWELIZABETH 37 LORI-K
7/26/20 2:54 P
Sharing this for anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. Every day is a challenge. There wil SOUTHERNJAVA 25 LORI-K
7/26/20 2:52 P
Cucumber and tomato salsa from Spark Recipes #foodfeats #eattherainbow MSMOSTIMPROVED 14 SUNQUEE
7/25/20 3:05 P
Monsoon season has the best clouds. I'm finally under 190lbs so happy!!!!!! DEFENDERDARKSUN 19 LIZZIE138
7/24/20 5:15 P
Mascot of the year PCK12J 29 LIZZIE138
7/24/20 5:13 P
I ended the day yesterday with a migraine and started the day today with the same one. So, I am taki LESLIELENORE 37 _CRINKLE
7/25/20 12:01 P
Picture to the left - Oct 2019 - 219lbs picture on the right June 2020 -169lbs at that point I had l CHITIRIS 79 KV1035160
7/25/20 5:35 A
Went and bought fruit and prepped snacks for the next couple of days. Had one post workout already. BIGMAMALEAH83 16 LUVNMEA4MEA
7/24/20 7:05 P
8/14/20 3:39 P
A - Z Things you buy at Walmart KAEDE... 40496 REDPEPPERS
8/14/20 3:57 P
My hair says it was a tough workout!! Loving our home gym though! 5-6 days a week of exercise since JANIMOEN 17 DENNIS99707
7/24/20 6:00 P
I am excited and grateful for each year! KAREN_EDMONDS 177 FLASUN
7/14/20 3:08 A
Actor and Movie - Lets Get 500,000 Posts! TARANITUP 200989 COOP9002
8/14/20 2:10 P
My little streak has now hit double digits day #10 of exercising! #keepimproving #keepmoving #teache WALKIN4JEANIE 4 SPEDED2
7/7/20 10:54 P
A young couple were on their honeymoon and were staying at a hotel with a large swimming pool. They NANASUEH 7 PCK12J
7/8/20 5:57 P
Hope you find something beautiful to wonder at today! SISSYFEB48 6 LIZZIE138
7/7/20 8:10 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 8 LIZZIE138
7/7/20 8:09 P
From the beginning of my Spark journey to today... HUFFELPOWELL16 28 LIZZIE138
7/7/20 8:08 P
We adopted this pretty girl in Nov. and learned she is heartworm positive. she has undergone treatm CINDY4J 22 LIZZIE138
7/7/20 8:07 P
So true. But let’s make this unusual time work for us instead of against us! Let’s commit to makin GRAMMY065 24 GABY1948
7/8/20 10:36 A
Starting photos 7/7/2020. Weight 265. CRITTLEDOLL 20 LIZZIE138
7/7/20 8:05 P
300 days of logging and tracking my food. To date i have lost 45 pounds. I wish that was closer to 8 SBLACKWELL93 13 REDROBIN47
7/7/20 8:23 P
7/9/20 1:06 P
Back from a good, long walk and tackled my fur babies. Obnoxious Dog Mom: (In that awful baby voice J2002HEIDS 21 ALLYLIZZY
7/8/20 1:09 P
Meatloaf, Barley & Mushrooms and Asparagus... that's what's for dinner😋 CATWMNCAT 35 TEXASHSMOMOF3
7/8/20 10:11 A
Saturday will be the 4th of July, a full moon and a lunar eclipse. Gee, what could possibly go wrong IMLOCOLINDA 17 7STIGGYMT
7/5/20 9:34 P
10 pounds down!🤩 DLMGRAHAM 163 MYTURN19
6/26/20 7:43 P
before photo is from Sept. 2011 before i joined Sp CHANGING-TURTLE 84 SPARKNB
6/30/20 6:49 A
Today I woke up exactly 200lbs. I am officially down 28LBS! I am so excited that I'm here. im the sm CEDWARDS684 121 ELORA101
7/1/20 5:36 A
happy healthy Monday everyone stay safe.. TRAILWALKERJO54 16 PWILLOW1
6/22/20 1:41 P
My first day. Looking to loose weight and become healthier. HAPPILYLOOSING 4 HAPPILYLOOSING
6/22/20 4:44 P
6/22/20 10:03 P
The last thing I put in my mouth was.............. CD13748875 148 HANOVERLADY
6/29/20 9:56 P
A-Z ending in ing ANGELIS 16214 REDPEPPERS
8/14/20 4:03 P
It's fair to say my humor is irreverent... that doesn't mean I don't have faith! MIMAWELIZABETH 16 PATRICIA-CR
6/19/20 4:16 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 9 LIZZIE138
6/19/20 11:30 A
Eating fresh strawberries! #goalfeats JSTETSER 37 GABY1948
6/22/20 5:08 P
Use this new cat chart for daily mood checks MIMAWELIZABETH 18 PATRICIA-CR
6/19/20 4:15 P
roadrunner babies from yesterday am. HAVASUROSE 11 PWILLOW1
6/19/20 1:53 P
A young monk arrives at the monastery. He is assigned to helping the other monks in copying the old NANASUEH 11 GABY1948
6/22/20 5:07 P
I am proud to be an American. I may see faults in things that happen here but it is still the place LIVINGLOVINLIFE 24 GABY1948
6/21/20 6:27 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 8 GABY1948
6/22/20 5:07 P
My garden is growing nicely! DEEKELLYE 77 LIZZYMITCH
6/19/20 5:24 P
It is sometimes hard to get people to understand your drive if they do not have the same one!! RUNNINGRAFE 14 _RAMONA
6/19/20 2:34 A
Today I am having a celebration dinner! I was just hired for the position I wanted in the fall! The YISKAMIRYAM 15 7STIGGYMT
6/18/20 9:08 P
I hit 186.0 lbs. this morning so I have lost 30 lbs. from my highest weight of 216 lbs. through Spar WIZARDHOWL 19 KURTZIE1998
6/19/20 4:54 P
#newbie I am completely new to this app. My personal trainer had to download this app to keep record BUBBLYNIKKY 70 JULYRAIN
7/11/20 4:43 P
Me@325 lbs 11/17/2010...my biggest was 401 lbs! WINGSDREAMS 27 GABY1948
6/22/20 5:09 P
Me today@150 lbs...this 1x shirt swims on me now! & used to be so tight on me I couldn’t wear it ear WINGSDREAMS 44 GABY1948
6/22/20 5:09 P