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With a wacky sleep schedule I'm often looking out the window if I see the floods lights have been tr LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 23 7STIGGYMT
3/30/20 12:52 P
Just a quick funny- sent from my sister in law!!😻😻 KENNYBARBIE12 24 PEGJW111
3/25/20 8:24 A
Hmmmm- little bookends lol!! KENNYBARBIE12 27 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
3/23/20 1:16 A
Earlier in the day we worked at our rescue. I worked on the outside catio building a mini picket fen LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 18 -POOKIE-
3/24/20 4:25 A
Why are 7 year olds so honest? I worked on the catio this morning. Not thinking about the sun. I w LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 13 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
3/23/20 12:34 A
We've been busy! Tonight we started making mask for the health care providers. F modeled his very ow LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 17 -POOKIE-
3/24/20 4:26 A
#FacetoFaceFriday Sometimes, we just need a reminder of how far we’ve come!! MIAMI_LILLY 54 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
3/22/20 1:02 A
Friday Calls For Fancy Water!!! 💋 #h2whoa STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 AMYINTHEWILD
3/14/20 9:24 A
Good morning spark family ❤ Hope you all had a fan TMP0418 146 ALOFA0509
3/9/20 10:39 P
Same weight a year later. Give or take a few One year of powerlifting!!! See a change? Y'all go PHOXYM 29 PHOXYM
3/7/20 10:12 A
What Healthy Things will you do today ?!? I will CRUSH that water goal 💧💦💧 #h2whoa and I will see STILLSPARKLEIGH 81 TOMSGAL85
3/7/20 5:34 A
Good morning spark family 🥰 Weekly weigh in 2 mo TMP0418 118 JULIEA7201
3/7/20 12:01 P
2.5 miles walked to get a BP check in. Textbook perfect! And enjoyed the cold, crisp sunshiney day. -POOKIE- 82 KITT52
3/7/20 2:20 P
Breakfast 420 calories which includes my first pot TMP0418 26 TMP0418
3/6/20 8:03 A
Posted a photo -POOKIE- 24 GABY1948
3/2/20 7:54 A
Keeping those yucky cravings under control with my home-made snack packs! 👍 JER-BER 58 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
2/24/20 3:22 P
One of my three girls. Sir Galahad (who is a hen AMYINTHEWILD 13 JRDUPREE
2/22/20 1:39 A
2 days no sodas. No fast food. No cafeteria at work...until tonight. Only purchased 2 waters. Smal LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 61 7STIGGYMT
2/20/20 1:15 P
So my mom said that her cat, Rambo, is getting fat. Really, mom? Like...he’s way beyond the “getting MIAMI_LILLY 55 JER-BER
2/20/20 7:03 P
With every potential bite, I try to remember this.... TIGERSEYEHEART 27 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
2/18/20 5:04 A
I'm still here but I've been on the wrong road since Thanksgiving and I was driving! Today I'm goin LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 36 TIGERSEYEHEART
2/18/20 2:35 P
Starting young... My 20 month old helped mix these no added sugar or fat, wholemeal banana and sulta -POOKIE- 38 GABY1948
2/18/20 2:21 P
☀️ Good Morning ☀️ Trying to Find My Sunshine Again 😊 Hope YOU Have a WONDERFUL day 🌈 STILLSPARKLEIGH 54 CHARLEYGIRL5
2/18/20 4:37 A
Sometimes I don't see the changes myself and I need to remind myself that there is a 54lb weight dif MICHAYLERS 144 SUNSHINE150
2/12/20 7:24 P
My middle son tackled me during a meltdown and threw out my back last Thursday, so I’ve been out of AMYINTHEWILD 15 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
2/12/20 8:06 A
Picture from yesterday when my Stepmom and I went out for Brunch... The smallest order of pancakes ALLYLIZZY 19 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
2/12/20 8:04 A
I live right on the coast, Storm Ciara has sent winds of up to 80mph across my town. There is some f -POOKIE- 19 HIPPICHICK1
2/12/20 4:11 P
Happy Taco Tuesday Let’s Taco-bout it! PELESJEWEL 60 AMYINTHEWILD
2/13/20 7:55 A
Today, I am officially 49!! Can I tell you all something? It’s the best birthday yet! If you don’t l MIAMI_LILLY 159 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
2/12/20 7:45 A
Happy Hump Day, guys!! Ugh...life is just STRESS right now. My mind feels like that upper right box. MIAMI_LILLY 26 AMYINTHEWILD
2/13/20 7:51 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!! Yesterday was a good day!!! A really good day!! 1. TEXASHSMOMOF3 50 JRDUPREE
2/12/20 11:52 P
When depression takes hold you can only be kind to yourself as you try to pull out of it 2AWESOME4U 5 EDLEAR
2/15/20 5:31 A
Oh yeah...garlic Parmesan wings are done!! MIAMI_LILLY 38 GINNABOOTS
2/3/20 9:42 A
5 year difference. Happy Friday! 💕 ALLYLIZZY 84 JRDUPREE
2/2/20 12:22 A
I was being pretty productive until I sat down. Smores ran up on me and plopped down. She's a ploppe LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 56 JER-BER
2/3/20 6:14 A
Happy TGIF everyone M33624 46 SLASALLE
1/31/20 12:04 P
😆😆😆Just Chillin’ Before Bedtime - All Zen and Stuff 😝🤪🙃🤣 #selfcare STILLSPARKLEIGH 70 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/31/20 3:05 A
Springtime garden dreaming tonight. Trying to make plans to lay out my new garden for the coming sp AMYINTHEWILD 24 DAISY*CHICK
2/5/20 12:03 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! Sorry guys, there is just no way to get my Thursday TEXASHSMOMOF3 35 TOMSGAL85
2/3/20 5:29 A
I packed on over 20 pounds over the Holidays, but did I let that spoil my Birthday? Absolutely not! ALLYLIZZY 43 TYPAR82
2/24/20 8:18 P
Don’t you hate it when you do a perfect job grocery shopping for only what you need, and then later ALLYLIZZY 33 SURFIE
1/26/20 4:06 P
A wee treat for Burn's Night. Veggie haggis, neeps and tatties later! Miss living in Scotland someti -POOKIE- 13 GABY1948
1/28/20 9:24 A
Newbie here. Just thought I'd pop in and say howdy! Sending good vibes your way. Peace & Blessings. GYPSYEYES77 21 BILLIELDANN1
1/25/20 3:08 P
Just a little humor for my Spark friends. I'm definitely on this bus! But I'm still ridin!!! 🤪🤣😍� LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 15 STILLSPARKLEIGH
1/25/20 9:26 P
Pretty excited! This would be my first hem where you keep the original seam but actually cut out the LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 18 STILLSPARKLEIGH
1/25/20 9:26 P
1/25/20 4:56 A
6 servings of vegetables each in one meal prepared ready to roast later on for dinner! 80g serving -POOKIE- 42 GABY1948
1/26/20 7:19 P
Ready to BIG BATCH cook veggie chili! -POOKIE- 19 GABY1948
1/20/20 4:29 P
This was me out tonight. Was really afraid to go out. I didn’t wanna be seen but I wanted to see oth LOTTALOX 22 ALLYLIZZY
1/18/20 12:36 P
I have fallen of my Spark community wagon 😭. I have not been eating correctly or have been consiste MBLANKFORD 18 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/18/20 1:34 A
Shameless beggar!! This is Summit, she is 18 yrs old and has taken up the role of queen, she is not MSMITCHELL2696 17 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/18/20 1:29 A
My pride and joy right there! I feel so blessed to be a part of F's life! He brings me great happine LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 18 TIGERSEYEHEART
1/23/20 1:18 A
@stillsparkleleigh- Selfies for self esteem! I need to learn to take selfies lol!! Loving the gre KENNYBARBIE12 14 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/18/20 12:43 A
Making my Friday productive! Having more fun with a sewing machine than any man will ever admit in p LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 26 TIGERSEYEHEART
1/23/20 1:19 A
1/18/20 12:21 P
TGIF, Spark Family!! My office surprised me this week by giving me a small raise, and I didn’t even MIAMI_LILLY 61 JRDUPREE
1/19/20 10:40 A
A picture says a thousand words and I think this one speaks volumes. This is what happened when I da BEAGLEGIRL79 168 GRAMMY065
1/18/20 1:21 A
Snow day for us! Six inches of snow was a little too much for me and the push plow, so we had someo AMYINTHEWILD 23 OPTICALXILLUSIO
2/23/20 7:03 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! I’m here! Everything’s fine just trying to figure TEXASHSMOMOF3 99 MADEINBRITAIN
1/17/20 5:41 P
Happy sunday everyone! I as usual couldn't sleep so I sewed instead! I looked up a video and made a LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 51 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/15/20 3:26 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!! So this is my accountability post! Yesterday was weig TEXASHSMOMOF3 193 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/15/20 7:43 A
Got lots of exercise in walking around with this guy, yesterday, but I’m back on migraine back-rub d AMYINTHEWILD 21 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/15/20 5:29 A
Blue sky at last after a battering from a storm. Very windy still and cold! But not rain! -POOKIE- 14 PELESJEWEL
1/15/20 2:10 P
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The lady I care for tells me my overnight oats “look gross.” I MIAMI_LILLY 21 HOOAH19766
1/16/20 7:39 A
My son stayed home from school again today for his migraine, but he felt good enough to want to go o AMYINTHEWILD 11 MIAMI_LILLY
1/15/20 7:22 A
Posted a goal CINDY247 53 LILIANN400
1/14/20 1:48 P
Posted a photo -POOKIE- 102 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/13/20 6:46 P
Most are starting their new revised health for 2020. I'm tinkering with my favorite and unexpected C LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 18 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/13/20 5:06 A
My cat is fascinated with sleeping on clothes, hats included. MIAMI_LILLY 43 BERRY4
1/15/20 1:30 A
Sleepy puppy. SNOWTGRR 18 HAPPYSOUL91
1/13/20 7:36 P
Another great day. Managed to eat on plan and drink water. LORELEI781 13 KAYDE53
1/12/20 8:39 P
It’s my 28th Birthday today!!! 🎉💖⭐️ ALLYLIZZY 306 LILIWHEELER
1/14/20 11:45 P
Finally got up the will to go to my apartment's fitness center today! It was empty and echo-ey. Glor LIZARDIE 29 L_DROUIN
1/10/20 8:53 A
An hour and 20 minutes of housecleaning today plus walking. ⭐️ ALLYLIZZY 29 PCK12J
1/10/20 2:21 P
Me at the Mall last night. Happy Monday! 💕 ALLYLIZZY 25 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/9/20 12:44 P