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Change one Word 2BDYNAMIC 8906 SUNNY332
6/17/19 6:44 P
Monday Funny ๐Ÿ˜‚ I WILL make my Water Goal SPARKLEIGH61 60 QUARTERMASTER3
6/17/19 6:06 P
Sharing Something SO Cute! 2BDYNAMIC 118 52BINCE
6/17/19 5:16 P
Down to 160 lbs. My starting weight was 260. Still have a few more pounds to lose. STEVE4476 170 FIDDLISH
6/16/19 7:55 A
What are you planning for dinner? LOVECAROL 438 LE_SIGH
6/17/19 8:12 P
Itโ€™s True!!! Youโ€™ll know when you get there and try on a โ€œrangeโ€ of healthy numbers.... mine sits in SPARKLEIGH61 105 LILIANN400
6/13/19 9:51 P
How often do you strength train? NOCALOVE1 13 LE_SIGH
6/16/19 9:51 A
Champions in the Kitchen KALISWALKER 43 CERIUSLY
6/15/19 8:15 A
I cannot believe this! I was looking at my pictures from last year and then from just this week... I KEVSHAS 100 PEGJW111
6/12/19 6:53 A
April 2018 to today๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‹๏ธโ€โ™€๏ธ definitely have all my motivation back. TASHADSLOVE93 144 MWHIGGINS
6/11/19 10:15 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 34 PATRICIA-CR
6/11/19 11:40 P
30 POUNDS DOWN SINCE MARCH 12!!! I've gone from a size 18 to a frickin TWELVE! Nothing can ruin my m MRSFITPANDA 189 ALLYLIZZY
6/11/19 6:51 P
โ€œYou canโ€™t get much done if you only workout on days you feel good." DGFOWLER 27 SWEETGABROWN1
6/11/19 9:46 A
Just for kicks ~ I bet many of us have quiet veggies! DGFOWLER 40 SPARKLINGME176
6/11/19 3:10 P
Finally I have entered Onederland! From 300 lbs Sep 1, 18 to 199.8 lbs. Ready to knock off the last SCRIMP1 212 GMACAMI
6/10/19 6:54 P
Everytime I tried to put my goal information in, it says there is an error. What do I do? M45775 3 ALL-FOR-ME80
6/9/19 8:10 P
Finished the caveman 5k trail-run..my time was not my best, but I did my best, injuries and all. I d QUEENMOXIE 42 OBIESMOM2
6/10/19 9:20 A
The picture on the left was at the beginning of what I call "my heaviest time." I have no idea how m WINDMILLS18 144 TESSWILDFLOWER
6/8/19 3:37 P
I still have more to go but itโ€™s a big difference and I feel wayyyyy better#BeforeAndAfter EVYLOVESRUGER 120 JDB50177
6/13/19 7:22 A
#BeforeAndNow I'm wearing shorts! With a belt!! What the?๐Ÿ‘Š Both have never happened like ever in m DOUBLELSMOM 162 _RAMONA
6/8/19 2:54 A
Introduce Yourself to Team Forum KALISWALKER 94 MOMPOIRIER
6/17/19 6:51 P
As of today I am down 51 pounds Since December. Pretty proud of myself for eating healthier, smaller KSWIOSKOWSKI 185 NEEK66
6/7/19 9:50 P
It's roast vegetable dinner day! Easy to do and 5 servings vegetables in one meal. We all love this -POOKIE- 109 DEM-TOM
6/7/19 5:23 P
Good morning spark family happy hump day ๐Ÿ˜Š So I'm TMP0418 122 JEWELRYLOVER
6/6/19 11:29 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!!! Yesterday was a wonderful day! But today, today is TEXASHSMOMOF3 275 MADEINBRITAIN
6/6/19 3:57 A
I just had to share this.....holy moly u guys! Iโ€™m so close to 199! Praise the Lord! My hard work is TORRIESJOURNEY 206 GEORGE815
6/5/19 8:06 P
What is your go to pre and post exercise snack? DARCY-B 21 BGRAEF
6/15/19 5:08 P
Finally Lost a whole 10 pounds!! Took me a month and half cause I was playing around but this time t HONEYLC84 149 LYNNBELTONLOSES
6/5/19 9:54 A
Just for kicks ~ I guess you can't have it both ways, but everything in moderation right? DGFOWLER 70 HAPPYSOUL91
6/4/19 11:57 A
From 258 in sep 18' to 222.2 this morning I have finally hit 30+ pounds lost!!!! #BeforeAndAfter LUCKY1964 106 ELAINE856
6/3/19 10:57 P
Happy Monday morning!! It is a GREAT weigh in day today!!! Weighed in at 3.2lbs less then last week 2B-ME-AGAIN 163 GMACAMI
6/3/19 8:22 P
How to lose 80 pounds, all tried already! ALFREDMARTINEZ 17 MARTHA324
6/1/19 9:02 P
Welcoming the month of June with positive thoughts MSMITCHELL2696 18 REYNAJUST4KIX
6/1/19 10:52 P
Here it is: my May weigh in: whomp whomp ๐Ÿ˜ž (up 1. TORRIESJOURNEY 53 ALLYLIZZY
5/31/19 1:32 P
Fed up (and overfed), no support at home SARAPIANI 6 STARVING__POET
6/9/19 8:12 A
do you buy new clothes while you are still losing? KIMOKIKO 163 MARYJOANNA
6/8/19 7:08 A
Posted a photo GABROWNBEAUTY1 34 FELICIA1963
5/30/19 8:46 A
I just have to say how thankful I am for my man. Iโ€™ve been struggling so much lately with my diet an DRKUHL2017 22 DRKUHL2017
5/29/19 7:53 P
Working on getting my mind back on track , i need to take a breath, count to 10 and go !! I know I c KEEPINGITOFF3 12 DUCKTURNIP
5/29/19 8:48 P
This was taken last weekend-about sixty pounds lighter than last year at this time. PASTORVIC 24 IUHRYTR
6/2/19 9:15 P
Today marks the one year anniversary of me dreaming a dream and wishing a wish. I am amazed and blo BEAGLEGIRL79 308 URBANWARRIOR
6/8/19 9:55 A
I will be happy until 7:43 when I walk into work... So over my supervisors sad depressed pity me lif 2B-ME-AGAIN 60 BCHARIE
5/29/19 9:29 A
5/29/19 2:03 P
Posted a photo PCOH051610 28 TERMITEMOM
5/29/19 10:53 A
Mixed veggie-ham salad for dinner. With homemade yogurt-garlic dressing. Enjoyed eating it al fresc DEM-TOM 97 ANHELIC
5/30/19 12:42 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!!! Happy Tuesday!! Thanks for the love and advice yesterday, Iโ€™m working TEXASHSMOMOF3 176 SAMITHESWEET1
5/29/19 12:00 P
Our new puppy ACG123321 134 MJ7DM33
5/28/19 6:06 P
My journey started again on March 4th. I changed my eating habits and joined a 16 week boot camp for BLEST1IAM 30 123THERESA123
5/28/19 6:19 A
Beautiful day in Idaho! SILVERSHOOK 24 GMACAMI
5/28/19 4:41 P
#BeforeAndAfter Finally made healthy category on BMI yesterday. WOOHOO! MOOKMAMA 164 MAHEDAGO
6/3/19 3:21 A
I love water but this is a good mix up:lemon,cucumber and mint in the diffuser. Yum!! AKIMBRE1 13 WHITEANGEL4
5/25/19 10:54 P
Still not at goal but better than I was#BeforeAndAfter CLARE_B08816 109 123THERESA123
5/26/19 9:14 A
๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ LOS101 57 GRAMMYEAC
5/23/19 10:54 P
One day at a time got me here. I still have bad days but they no longer turn in to bad weeks or even DOUBLELSMOM 203 DOUBLELSMOM
5/24/19 7:21 A
Definitely LJACQUELY 14 MJ7DM33
5/23/19 11:16 P
I started my journey this time last January, I do not have a picture from then but I had only lost a JESSIC242002 156 NIKKIG15
5/29/19 3:08 P
Just wrapped up dinner, ended up having 8.5 oz of sirloin steak, and a couple of pickles. Earlier, I W2GFIT 8 BAILE1MA
5/23/19 2:31 P
#BeforeAndAfter First one I've done and boy is my double chin shrinking! HEAT730 21 ALLYLIZZY
5/23/19 11:53 A
tonightโ€™s dinner may not look great but itโ€™s delis TASHAGAINES3 27 L_DROUIN
5/23/19 1:12 A
Here is another victory!! I went down another pants size yesterday!! 24-12 ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ the last time I OPALLYNN16 274 123THERESA123
6/1/19 7:35 A
Posted a goal SUPERMAX101 22 LE_SIGH
5/21/19 6:48 A
18 servings fruit and vegetables today including 5 in my lunch with brown basmati rice and chicken. -POOKIE- 71 _RAMONA
5/23/19 3:38 P
It has not been an easy or fast journey of lifestyle changes. I have had months of plateau and month JULIE8265 175 JEN-JENG
5/20/19 7:49 P
Ran the New Jersey 10 Miler today. They give awards to the final 3 finishers so I was the "2nd Hard SUGIRL06 48 MOSLEYG1
5/18/19 10:49 P
Went for a walk with my SIL and her son by the river... the goslings were still fuzzy... LESLIELENORE 24 GARDENCHRIS
5/18/19 9:12 P
Doggy park walks are all the workout I can do for now. INGLESUSAN1133 11 CLOUDWALKING
5/17/19 10:03 P
My reminder. Never wanna go back JESSICABELL620 34 ARNETTELEE
5/18/19 12:01 A
Hit rock bottom when I was admitted to the hospital on April 15th, 2019, for severe asthma exasperat HANDREW0916 172 GRAMANORMA
5/28/19 8:55 P
50 minutes of bicycling. First time in a long while. Felt good to be active again after my foot su WHEELIEA 7 RETAT60
5/15/19 11:11 P
Hey guys, walked around my apartment complex today, up and down stairs, wandered hallways and around KYPTORY 10 ALLYLIZZY
5/16/19 11:55 A
A much needed active rest day! A beautiful day for a walk! COLORADOGIRL95 17 KKLEYLACOOK
5/15/19 7:58 P
Healthy Frozen Veggies! SLASALLE 9 -POOKIE-
5/20/19 8:20 A
I promised myself that this week I will make it to my goal of -100lb loss.... stay tuned until Frida OPALLYNN16 115 ALLYLIZZY
5/16/19 11:21 A
#keto not the big 30 I wanted!! But not bad for 8 weeks of hard work either... Now onto phase 2 of 4 DAIZYJ527 44 COOKWITHME65
5/16/19 5:40 A
Today is special b/c my daughter is still alive. She had an accident last night and is not hurt Than BOMBCHELL23 93 ALLYLIZZY
5/15/19 3:52 P