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In 2 1/2 weeks there's a wedding scheduled here in Indiana, and we weren't sure we were going to hav NANCYANNE55 34 NANHBH
7/14/20 6:52 P
T-shirt collection #8 SPEDED2 28 CHERRYZMB60
7/14/20 9:32 P
So hot out. Glad the run is over HIKINGGIRL16 18 GEORGE815
7/14/20 5:29 P
I hit onederland this morning! I thank God and my dad in heaven for helping me thru this journey! I JASMINEGETFIT 224 QUARTERMASTER3
7/14/20 10:32 P
I finally did it...made my own nut butter. I was s MIAMI_LILLY 46 ALLYLIZZY
7/14/20 9:50 P
Good morning fellow Sparkers. Shrimp, spinach, hot JUSTSTICKWITHIT 39 GETITDONE79
7/14/20 10:08 P
Truthful Tuesday: It doesn’t matter how much weight you lose if you still carry the weight of the o MIAMI_LILLY 24 JRDUPREE
7/14/20 10:30 P
Post 7 messages for 21 points FLYER99 278892 RAZZOOZLE
7/14/20 6:04 P
Count 1-100 until 10 points SLIMMERJESSE 1664708 SLIMMERJESSE
7/14/20 9:53 P
Posted a photo KB8277 15 LIL-VIXEN
7/13/20 11:34 P
I need a jar of positivity! SOUTHERNJAVA 147 CRETACEOUS
7/14/20 12:23 P
sparkpeople makes you reach your goal JONASHUZ 8 MIAMI_LILLY
7/13/20 7:34 P
Posted a photo MJOHNSON0212 11 KMMR87
7/13/20 7:51 P
Dinner was great!!! Salmon with panko bread crumbs, sweet potatoes, and zucchini!!! Fiber one browni JASMINEGETFIT 19 TINA19686
7/14/20 9:21 A
PRETTY PLEASE?!? 👅❤️☕️❣️❣️❣️ After I caffeinate I am Team Water 💧💦💧 #h2whoa STILLSPARKLEIGH 66 FLASUN
7/14/20 3:09 A
A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. JONASHUZ 9 OOKLATHEMOK
7/13/20 8:26 A
Happy Monday!! I enjoyed a great weekend at my parent’s house. Got in plenty of exercise this weeke MIAMI_LILLY 35 GETITDONE79
7/13/20 9:24 P
I did some interesting gardening yoga this afternoon, trying to get the ripe berries without getting AMYINTHEWILD 27 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/13/20 7:05 P
Post 'til you get your 10 pts for every 100 posts GOOMBASHOES 787940 BUTEAFULL
7/14/20 2:39 A
So I ended up picking up a pre workout...a new one. Called LIT AF I am just sayin... It is insane. I REVENGETIME40 11 LIVINHEALTHY9
7/13/20 8:24 A
Today's sunset brought to you by the stifling 115 degree heat index with 77% humidity. Had to wait f KEENRN 24 GMACAMI
7/13/20 4:20 P
Hi beautiful spark people! 🥰 Lost 10 lbs! Thank you spark family for being you which has helped me! JER-BER 29 BARBIEE52
7/13/20 3:45 P
One simple rule: If it came from a plant eat it, i OPTICALXILLUSIO 5 MIAMI_LILLY
7/12/20 8:03 P
Good evening friends. Shrimp, french cut green beans and hot sauce!! The dinner of champions, lol. H JUSTSTICKWITHIT 28 EVILCECIL
7/13/20 6:04 A
Good Morning 😊 Counting Blessings & Feeling Happy ✨✨✨ STILLSPARKLEIGH 56 GPALMER2019
7/14/20 4:28 P
7/14/20 9:40 P
Count 1 to 100 for 10 points YMWONG22 22657 DEBBRALE
7/14/20 4:14 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Friday!!! 🎉 I met my goals yesterday! 🎉🎉 Water - 105 ozs ✔️ TEXASHSMOMOF3 28 AZMOMXTWO
7/11/20 12:21 P
Execution NOT Excuses!! Get it Done Sparkle People... the Grind includes Friday❣️💪🏼 #finishstrong STILLSPARKLEIGH 86 EVIE4NOW
7/10/20 11:33 P
Post until you get your 10 pts! EVILCECIL 252567 LINOVER
7/14/20 10:01 P
Happy Friday spark friends! We got this! ☕☕🙂 #betterTogether #letyourlightshine CARLOSLAKELAND 44 AQUAGIRL08
7/10/20 9:02 P
A little Friday humor! Have a wonderful Friday, full of healthy choices! But first, coffee! ☕️☕️☕️ SOUTHERNJAVA 43 JRDUPREE
7/11/20 1:00 A
Strapless anything are my new fave, now that I have collar bones! I've always admired other peoples. DOUBLELSMOM 21 JRDUPREE
7/9/20 10:20 P
I had a strange dream last night. It involved Iron Man 😆 I was kissing him 😳 lol I wonder what GIRLGETTINGFIT 12 DAMAOF5
7/9/20 11:53 P
Help me out with my work out.... I'll check this tomorrow morning for my daily workout. Make tomorro MORETHANAMOMOF4 59 8324285
7/9/20 10:00 P
Good Morning Spark Family! Happy Thursday!! I just want to say thanks for the love yesterday! It w TEXASHSMOMOF3 34 75HEALTHYME
7/10/20 3:56 P
Happy Thursday! This post is real... Dating after years of verbal abuse has been a challenge. Negat MIAMI_LILLY 32 BERRY4
7/10/20 12:47 A
Got my hair chopped off today! Feels so good. IOWAGIRLRUNS1 19 MADEINBRITAIN
7/9/20 3:52 P
Maybe I need new glasses?? What do you see?? BARBIEE52 31 ELIZACG9
7/13/20 11:33 A
Im going to step way out of my comfort zone for a minute. I hope this helps someone even if just one RASMUSSEN5 30 NOCALORIES
7/8/20 9:27 P
Good Self Talk ALWAYS Spark Super ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Make This Day AMAZING✨✨✨ #blessed #smile😊 STILLSPARKLEIGH 59 JER-BER
7/9/20 6:27 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Wednesday!! Running late this morning, had to wait for the rain TEXASHSMOMOF3 32 75HEALTHYME
7/10/20 3:47 P
Lemon Blueberry Almond Overnight Oats🤤💕 and Time to Drink the Coffee☕☕😁 Happy Hump Day🐪 CATWMNCAT 24 GRAMMY065
7/8/20 9:29 P
Sending my wonderful Spark friends a virtual hug! Because Ya'll are the best!! ❤ CINDY247 37 ALLYLIZZY
7/8/20 12:31 P
Happy Hump Day! The struggle is real. These 12 hour work days got me like 🤪. Two down, two to go be MIAMI_LILLY 29 JRDUPREE
7/8/20 11:30 P
Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! 😃 Not much of a fish eater, but MMMMM this was good! Send JER-BER 19 ISNESS
7/8/20 9:34 P
Accountability Post: I got to goal on all my areas of focus today. My favorite challenge is the yumm STILLSPARKLEIGH 37 PCK12J
7/8/20 6:07 P
Almond butter pecan cookies😃 BLANCAROMERO4 25 ALLYLIZZY
7/8/20 1:12 P
🤪 YUP!!! Moving Slow, but my Hot Hero will help!! ❤️☕️✨ Tracking Every Healthy Bite Today #eatthera STILLSPARKLEIGH 49 PCK12J
7/8/20 5:54 P
Happy Tuesday!! Are we forgetting what day it is? Helloooo. This must be on my checklist for my futu MIAMI_LILLY 17 BERRY4
7/8/20 1:17 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday!! I’m home! I got in kinda late last night, but I’m here. TEXASHSMOMOF3 42 MYCOMMITMENT2ME
7/8/20 9:32 A
Well this little Queen of mine Holly shown rockin COOKWITHME65 41 AMYINTHEWILD
7/7/20 9:02 P
Wolf Sanctuary I-AM-TITANIUM-2 16 FISHGUT3
7/7/20 12:47 P
Good morning spark friends, happy Tuesday! Move CARLOSLAKELAND 49 PCK12J
7/8/20 5:53 P
Rona has me down and at my heaviest. Trying to get back on track and keep smiling. KELSEYJO06 6 WINTERRAIN
7/7/20 11:44 A
All the makings for a Vegan BLT. The Lightlife smoked tempeh strips are soooooo good. I've seen the MYSUNLITPATH 9 CANNAWRITER2020
7/7/20 5:14 A
7/7/20 1:31 P
Skinnytaste Broccoli Beef with cauliflower rice. Delicious!!! 😋 KCTORI 9 LAH1222
7/6/20 11:58 P
We are all perfectly imperfect! I ran across this little ditty today..."Big butts are cool. Small bu J2002HEIDS 9 CINDY247
7/7/20 6:51 A
Being Covid responsible while getting healthy groceries JOHNGLOVER211 22 BAILE1MA
7/6/20 9:31 P
Thai Peanut Soba noodles for dinner. Soba noodles are gluten free since they are made with buckwheat MIAMI_LILLY 17 SURFIE
7/7/20 6:32 A
Happy Monday,friends. You will notice my posts will be minimal for a bit. I'm trying to focus on the SOUTHERNJAVA 17 JRDUPREE
7/6/20 11:19 P
Posted a photo JIMIPAGE29 6 ALICIA214
7/6/20 5:28 P
Monday’s a GREAT DAY❤️✨ Starting with ☕️☕️☕️then getting my #h2whoa on💧💦 and ALWAYS that #moveit � STILLSPARKLEIGH 52 AOKDIET21
7/8/20 12:27 A
Good morning and Happy Monday!! My battery is fully recharged! The weather was total crap yesterday, MIAMI_LILLY 18 ISNESS
7/6/20 5:22 P
7/13/20 7:00 A
Boneless buffalo wings...made with tofu. These were amazing...my son’s friends tried them and though MIAMI_LILLY 21 ISNESS
7/6/20 5:26 P
Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Reb OPTICALXILLUSIO 17 AMYINTHEWILD
7/5/20 7:57 P
Mussels with garlic, white wine, tomato sauce and fresh, home-baked white bread, glass of wine! Yumi ISNESS 15 DAMAOF5
7/5/20 7:42 P
So GRATEFUL for simple Homegrown Celebrations and for all the different kinds of L❤️VE in my life! M STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 HELLOHOLLY76
7/6/20 7:21 A
Not feeling much like celebrating this year but my daughter and I got our 4 miles in for the 4th! Tw LORI-K 43 LORI-K
7/6/20 3:36 P
4th of July dessert! Angel food cake, vanilla pudding, strawberries, blueberries and whip cream SHOPGIRL422 28 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/5/20 7:19 P
Happy 4th of July my friends!! May each and every one of you have an amazing day and weekend. Many l JUSTSTICKWITHIT 15 MIAMI_LILLY
7/4/20 9:01 P
The 4th is more than just fireworks and cookouts. SOUTHERNJAVA 36 ALLYLIZZY
7/4/20 3:29 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Independence Day!!! 🎇 I’ve got nothing y’all! 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤣 Have TEXASHSMOMOF3 27 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/5/20 7:20 P