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Good morning spark friends today is the day of my mom's memorial so just trying to stay on track and HOOAH19766 129 MIAMI_LILLY
1/20/20 11:53 A
Happy Monday, Spark Family!! Last night I had fun creating a 2020 MoodBoard. Positive vibes only thi MIAMI_LILLY 29 ALLYLIZZY
1/20/20 1:17 P
😊Good Morning Friends.... can’t wait to catch up on your happenings!!! Ready to crush some goals an STILLSPARKLEIGH 29 PELESJEWEL
1/20/20 1:30 P
Post 7 Times for 21 Points ZELDA13 65631 ZEPHI8RINE
1/20/20 7:54 A
It doesn’t look it, but we had some warmer weather today (at least it was out of the teens), and got AMYINTHEWILD 20 JRDUPREE
1/20/20 10:15 A
I’m proud of myself. Yesterday I did an act of courage and had a moment of bravery. It may seem simp ALLYLIZZY 22 PCK12J
1/20/20 1:33 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 10 SPEDED2
1/20/20 12:07 A
Hello Sparky’s. It’s been a while and I put on a few pounds during the holidays cause I just quit tr MSJWALKER52 74 LIBR@RYL@DY
1/19/20 3:23 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Sunday!!! Yesterday was a pretty good day!! My dad did ok - got TEXASHSMOMOF3 31 MLR_00
1/20/20 9:50 A
One of the hippy type shops I go to has a bin of stickers and I found these fun and semi motivationa DAJODU 16 CSEGUIN2
1/19/20 11:33 A
1/20/20 12:25 P
How weird is this pose? She’s way too comfortable like this. MIAMI_LILLY 30 YOGA1973
1/19/20 9:22 P
First meal...JUST egg. Yeah...a potato and pepper eggless frittata. I actually like them better than MIAMI_LILLY 16 WINTERRAIN
1/19/20 12:05 P
My pride and joy right there! I feel so blessed to be a part of F's life! He brings me great happine LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 17 7STIGGYMT
1/18/20 11:01 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!!! Happy Saturday!! I slept late and have to rush to get things together TEXASHSMOMOF3 42 JRDUPREE
1/19/20 10:23 A
1/18/20 12:45 P
My mom was visiting and she thought she was seeing things when she looked out my window into the bac TWEETY5301 10 L_DROUIN
1/18/20 7:53 A
Been working on wraps all day. But only after my run this morning. What do you think? REVENGETIME40 27 REVENGETIME40
1/17/20 10:40 P
70cm (27”) of snow this morning. City is in a state of emergency and everything is closed. Hopefully LITTLEMISSMOUSE 15 DUCKTURNIP
1/17/20 10:51 P
Friday’s are for Flexin’! Hope you all have a great weekend, Sparkfriends! 💪🏼 #flexfriday LORI-K 22 1CRAZYDOG
1/18/20 5:32 P
Count 1-100 until 10 points SLIMMERJESSE 1601172 LINOVER
1/20/20 2:19 P
TGIF, Spark Family!! My office surprised me this week by giving me a small raise, and I didn’t even MIAMI_LILLY 61 JRDUPREE
1/19/20 10:40 A
Good morning beautiful people! ❤️ I work with a guy who is not a fan of veggies; although, he will e JER-BER 19 LOSE82IN2020
1/17/20 12:00 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Friday!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Yesterday was a fantastic day!!! I love love lo TEXASHSMOMOF3 48 FIREBRTHR
1/18/20 11:05 P
YES!!!!🙌 I've officially lost the 10 pounds I gained over the holidays. BOOM💥 HOOAH19766 191 JRDUPREE
1/19/20 10:39 A
1/18/20 12:21 P
Cut some length off my hair today and had my daughter color it for me. So excited to have it freshe IOWAGIRLRUNS1 14 GARDENCHRIS
1/17/20 12:38 P
Snow day for us! Six inches of snow was a little too much for me and the push plow, so we had someo AMYINTHEWILD 22 JRDUPREE
1/19/20 10:45 A
Putting together my outfit for work tomorrow. Im really happy about getting myself new clothes, some DAJODU 18 MJ7DM33
1/16/20 9:58 P
Something I seem to forget...and need to remember daily 💞 JER-BER 21 HUNNIBEE003
1/17/20 7:41 A
Got my first Daily Harvest box yesterday! This morning, I had my first meal - Spinach + Shiitake Gri VEG_GIRL04 6 MIAMI_LILLY
1/16/20 6:18 P
This came up in my notifications this morning; why today and not 2 days ago, I don't know, ;-) but o RREDFORD5 14 RREDFORD5
1/19/20 6:15 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! I’m here! Everything’s fine just trying to figure TEXASHSMOMOF3 99 MADEINBRITAIN
1/17/20 5:41 P
1/17/20 2:09 P
This Morning I Reached my initial Weight loss Goal HONEYLC84 152 _RAMONA
1/17/20 1:36 A
Good Morning! 🎼Starting My Day with Three of My Favorite Things!🎼 !!❤️🐶 #teamrudy ❤️☕️#teamcoff STILLSPARKLEIGH 35 ROSENYLUND
1/18/20 8:38 P
Bwaaah! Sorry, you won’t get either. Can’t keep any plant in a pot alive, including a low maintenanc MIAMI_LILLY 24 ANNIEONLI
1/17/20 7:48 P
38 years young and I am loving life; the truly amazing parts, the good parts, the bad parts and yes, J2002HEIDS 31 ALLYLIZZY
1/16/20 12:23 P
Current situation 😳 HOOAH19766 28 1STBUCKETITEM
1/17/20 12:32 A
So excited they re-opened Aldi a day early afternoon remodeling. Got all my plant-based goodies!! I’ MIAMI_LILLY 18 RREDFORD5
1/15/20 10:17 P
I've been back for two weeks. I am starting to feel so much better about myself already. I missed th THELUCKYWIFE 5 ALLYLIZZY
1/15/20 11:58 A
How will you MOVE IT to get over the Hump today?!? ST and the elliptical will get me there!! 🚴🏼‍♀️ STILLSPARKLEIGH 23 STILLSPARKLEIGH
1/15/20 3:55 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!!! Oh my goodness!! Thank you all so much for the lov TEXASHSMOMOF3 42 JRDUPREE
1/19/20 10:55 A
My son stayed home from school again today for his migraine, but he felt good enough to want to go o AMYINTHEWILD 11 MIAMI_LILLY
1/15/20 7:22 A
Goals were not met yesterday. 😢 Today is a new day! I will meet my goals today. #foodfeats CHRISTIAN_V3GAN 7 BONNIE1552
1/15/20 8:04 P
Is it too early to plan tonight’s dinner?!?! 🤔 I think not! So I tried this recipe pretty much as w STILLSPARKLEIGH 26 TERRAMAR13
1/15/20 5:02 P
My little visitor this afternoon. I went to water my plants on the screen porch, and found this lit GREEN-EYED-LADY 39 BLUEJEAN_GIRL
1/15/20 3:36 P
Smiling because I just workout for 30min with 2 wa COUNTRYBEEE2296 25 MJ7DM33
1/14/20 10:24 P
These little fellows are pretty smart they knew just where to turn. Took me 40 min. I wonder how lon CARLOSLAKELAND 28 PELESJEWEL
1/15/20 2:12 P
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The lady I care for tells me my overnight oats “look gross.” I MIAMI_LILLY 21 HOOAH19766
1/16/20 7:39 A
I packed on over 20 pounds over the Holidays, but did I let that spoil my Birthday? Absolutely not! ALLYLIZZY 41 OPTICALXILLUSIO
1/16/20 2:45 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!! So this is my accountability post! Yesterday was weig TEXASHSMOMOF3 193 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/15/20 7:43 A
Good morning spark family 🥰 Monday is over and today is brand new! Let’s take today and OWN IT!! co JER-BER 28 ALLYLIZZY
1/14/20 1:50 P
1/14/20 6:21 P
Got lots of exercise in walking around with this guy, yesterday, but I’m back on migraine back-rub d AMYINTHEWILD 21 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/15/20 5:29 A
Awesome hike so far 🙂 CARLOSLAKELAND 19 SURFIE
1/14/20 6:13 A
Happy Monday Spark Family! Buster says, “Hi!” too! 😸 YOGA1973 15 WANABFREFROMFAT
1/13/20 8:52 P
Posted a photo VHAYES04 14 NONYAGUPPY
1/19/20 1:19 A
Sounds about right 😆 HOOAH19766 31 AMYINTHEWILD
1/13/20 7:29 P
😂😂😂 A Rose By Any Other Name..... Drink Up Lil Monsters 👻😈👹🤡🤠👽👾🤖It’s MONDAY! #sipsipSMILE STILLSPARKLEIGH 74 FLASUN
1/14/20 2:44 A
Sautéed zucchini, cherry tomatoes, corn and hallou MIAMI_LILLY 30 BERRY4
1/15/20 1:31 A
My cat is fascinated with sleeping on clothes, hats included. MIAMI_LILLY 43 BERRY4
1/15/20 1:30 A
Any #vegans out there? I need some #plantbased friends :) or if you are interested in the lifestyle DANNIINPROGRESS 5 DANNIINPROGRESS
1/13/20 9:06 A
All I said was...”cheese”...😂 I actually took a long walk with DH, sore back now but I will work th JER-BER 10 KOALA_BEAR
1/12/20 10:40 P
Yup😂 .... However, great prepped options at the ready to start the week and THAT makes me a happy k STILLSPARKLEIGH 45 RREDFORD5
1/13/20 9:46 A
Skyler is such a curious girl. RAINBOWFALLS 25 IAMAGEMLOVER
1/13/20 9:02 A
It’s my 28th Birthday today!!! 🎉💖⭐️ ALLYLIZZY 307 LILIWHEELER
1/14/20 11:45 P
Ok guys...2nd week in a row no weight loss. I'm re GABY9327 13 DEBSANKS
1/19/20 10:42 P
I call this The Secret Garden. I took this one at Longwood Gardens. A secret garden can be my happ RUTHIEBEAR 30 GMACAMI
1/12/20 9:21 P
…:Smart to watch for the signs! Have a good day! 2BDYNAMIC 31 GABY1948
1/14/20 1:02 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 28 GABY1948
1/14/20 1:01 P
1/12/20 8:31 P
A Sunday morning walk - the roads and paths all quiet at this time of year SWEETENUFGILL 93 SWEETENUFGILL
1/13/20 6:03 A
Happy sunday everyone! I as usual couldn't sleep so I sewed instead! I looked up a video and made a LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 51 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
1/15/20 3:26 P
Happy Sunday let's do this 🏋️🏃 HOOAH19766 25 STILLSPARKLEIGH
1/12/20 7:10 P