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Some encouragement for today MISSPEACHES3 13 SPEDED2
12/2/19 8:28 P
Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🥰 HOOAH19766 36 NVRGIVINGUP
11/29/19 1:38 A
Looking forward to eating Thanksgiving supper with my oldest brother and his family tomorrow. MISSPEACHES3 13 PURPLEMOON1
11/27/19 9:17 A
Can't make it to the gym today, so I did 2 8 minute Spark Videos. I will do them again tonight also. CHRISSY182 20 ALLYLIZZY
11/13/19 12:14 P
Good morning spark friends!! From 524 lbs, with a 64 inch waist and a 6XL shirt!! To 280 lbs, with a GPALMER2019 165 CHERIRIDDELL
11/14/19 1:49 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!! First I just have to say it is 24° in Texas right now TEXASHSMOMOF3 196 KHALIA2
11/13/19 8:25 A
What Seasonings can I use On My Food. MISSPEACHES3 9 SHOAPIE
11/13/19 11:01 A
Perseverance. Never give up. MISSPEACHES3 20 PURPLEMOON1
11/2/19 2:00 A
I have not had any pop since Tuesday NURSEDAWN05457 7 MISSPEACHES3
10/18/19 10:47 P
My doctor started me on gabapentin for nerve pain, Oh my I am so Woozy and dizzy. Has anyone else be MYKDSRDRVNME2 9 GEORGE815
10/18/19 1:18 P
For a quick post workout snack, I usually eat 2 hard boiled eggs on the car ride home from the gym. MORNINGGLORY481 8 URBANREDNEK
10/11/19 9:50 A
Well I have fallen off the wagon AGAIN. I have never had a problem with eating or should I say snack RODEO66 7 CHRISABROWN1972
10/5/19 9:59 A
Do you Own..........? BRINDA 18996 MISSENG
12/7/19 4:24 P
I have completed my weight loss journey. I began this journey Nov 2017 weighing 251 lbs, as of this AARONGABBY 199 TEEZETOY
9/3/19 3:32 A
Still having to take NSAIDs to get through my day thanks to knee arthritis. Hoping my knees calm dow NEW_CATS_MEOW 7 JAMER123
8/31/19 11:30 P
I need advice. I’ve been at a plateau for 2.5 months. I lose 1.5 pounds one week then gain it back t BETSYM1231 6 KAS10001
8/28/19 8:29 P
Big question for weight loss problem. I am having trouble working on what I drink. I don't drink alc CHOCOLATEHENTA 8 ZELDA13
8/28/19 8:55 P
Donated items to Habitat Re-Store and to Salvation Army. Purging helps get my exercise in MISSPEACHES3 7 ELSCO55
8/28/19 9:59 P
Most days I am up and going... today I am back in bed. Feeling tired MISSPEACHES3 8 TUBLADY
8/21/19 7:21 A
Starting up again. Lost 20 lbs from last August to this March, and I was getting really strong with JRBUTTERFLY77 14 PWILLOW1
8/11/19 10:18 P
Good morning sparkers!! I hope everybody's having a wonderful week and getting it done!! Stop procra GPALMER2019 43 MEAGOP
8/18/19 1:23 P
My stress has hit an all new level. My company is restructuring (I work for a non profit I love), m RAMSEYSJ 11 GEORGE815
8/8/19 12:33 P
Posted a photo SIMPLY_JAE 29 DEE107
8/10/19 12:11 A
Pray for my city, El PASO, TX, today we had a terrible shooting at wal-mart, very near my home. ELIZACG9 16 618LILY1
8/6/19 1:48 P
I’m not sure if I should ditch the military diet where you lose up to 10lbs in 3 days. I’ve never lo LYONSRT 12 DEBYDOINGIT
7/31/19 8:00 P
Something to make us smile MISSPEACHES3 26 WESTERNSAGE
8/1/19 1:23 A
I have been using this calendar the past two weeks almost to track how much soft drink I have been c 21SPONGEBOB21 35 _RAMONA
7/26/19 12:13 A
Today we're supposed to find out if my sons hearing loss is permanent. Trying not to eat out of anxi GOODFELINE 37 GETITDONE79
7/25/19 9:03 P
I had a couple of growths removed from the corner of my eye on yesterday. (biopsy). It hurts, it’s s MISSPEACHES3 10 TUBLADY
7/18/19 9:27 A
Some encouragement for today MISSPEACHES3 18 4CONNIESHEALTH
7/14/19 10:01 A
Cleared out my closet and chest of drawers a few days ago. I had cleared out two drawers and a littl MISSPEACHES3 8 TUBLADY
7/2/19 9:17 A
Does anyone know of any good low impact exercises that I can do that won't hurt my knee and ankle I MCATLEDGE 10 MRSWILCHER39
6/29/19 3:46 A
Am I normal.....No, don't answer that. Today I went to get a bottled water. Only one left in Fridge. MISSPEACHES3 5 GRANDMABEAST63
6/24/19 6:24 A
Feeling pained.... AMYMBUNCH 30 FOREVER_AGAPE
6/22/19 5:16 P
Woke up with a headache and lots of fears ... and still tired and sore but o want to continue... 🙏r LEAHANDD4EVER 6 MISSPEACHES3
6/18/19 7:33 A
Two words - Change one: Game MCDIDDLYD 17965 HEARTMEND
12/9/19 7:57 A
Something to make us smile. MISSPEACHES3 30 _RAMONA
5/29/19 1:57 P
Hopefully will be getting a new room air conditioner Wednesday. For the kitchen window. MISSPEACHES3 1 MISSPEACHES3
5/21/19 11:44 P
How do I turn off my constant thinking at night? MISSPEACHES3 3 GRALAN
6/23/19 3:37 P
I had to get a Cortisone shot in my right arm yesterday. Rotator Cuff was very ouchie. Hoping this w MISSPEACHES3 11 TUBLADY
5/17/19 8:24 A
Went to the Colonoscopy Doc Monday. He wants to see me in 3 years to do another colonoscopy. I told MISSPEACHES3 9 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
5/14/19 9:05 A
Support and healing prayers needed. My eldest daug COOKWITHME65 23 GARDENCHRIS
5/11/19 1:23 P
Started at 358lbs now I'm 323lbs 35lbs lost since Feb 2019 I'm excited beyond measures! I feel so mu JASMINEFAT2FIT 53 EO4WELLNESS
5/8/19 9:05 P
I have not been able to post on the Community Feed for a while. Someone posted that you could click MISSPEACHES3 3 SPEDED2
4/30/19 9:36 P
I am drinking so much water I feel sloshy. Hoping these kidney stones will wash out with these gallo MISSPEACHES3 2 SPEDED2
4/26/19 5:12 P
Chickens are going to town!! So tried out some deviled egg options from the food network magazine! OKIECHEFMOM 20 LOF7203
4/8/19 3:24 A
My Quote: "You weren't defeated, you just did not succeed yet." Never give up. You can do this. MISSPEACHES3 6 FRISKYCRITTER
4/7/19 8:45 A
Please keep me in your prayers. Having a Barium Enema tomorrow. Had to drink prep today....NOT fun. MISSPEACHES3 6 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
3/19/19 10:03 P
Question about Walking and I Phone 7 MISSPEACHES3 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/14/19 11:07 P
Seeking love light and strength - 1 year ago tonight was the last time I talked to my son - I found MOMS3KIDS 58 123THERESA123
3/13/19 2:04 P
Where do you chart your weight? IHOPALONG 4 CHERYLHURT
3/1/19 7:39 P
110 lbs GONE!! 44.5 to go!! If I can do it, so can you! LINZHORN 243 KAS10001
2/28/19 9:25 A
#friendfinder Hi! I'm back to SparkPeople and glad to be here :-) I'm looking for friends, weight lo TAM1991 53 KJWITT
2/18/19 8:27 P
Lab results: No cancer on my hand biopsy. Yahoo. MISSPEACHES3 19 SPEDED2
2/12/19 9:48 P
#BeforeAndAfter Woohoo made it to 80 pounds gone! 40 more to go. I am doing this!💪 JHONNMIDWAY 114 EBLOOMING
2/15/19 12:59 P
Posted a photo 618LILY1 10 DEE107
2/1/19 12:13 A
Sister died suddenly yesterday on way to church. Was lovely talented person. Will miss her. Two o WENDYHARPER45 65 KRISTYGAL
1/29/19 8:12 A
I am finding it very hard to stay connected to this. Without someone to talk to about what we're doi SMS45601 9 MIMAWELIZABETH
1/29/19 3:04 A
Hey family 🤪 passed out at the gym.... didn't hurt myself but had a 911 ride to the hospital. Still TMP0418 172 VEGANNATURELOVE
2/4/19 11:39 P
Been a little sad today. It is my 71st birthday. Grateful for being alive but still sad. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 47 PATRICIA-CR
1/27/19 3:41 P
Hi! I'm new and trying to find my way around, lol. I am 45, and struggling with hypothyroidism. I ke SANDYMALONE333 8 LASOLA1
1/26/19 10:42 P
After so many failed attempts here I am back at it again on my weight loss journey. I will not give DEALMARTY 72 LASOLA1
1/22/19 1:50 P
Feeling good that I made myself go out to my husband's Legion Post Spaghetti Dinner, last night. A PYNETREE 4 1CRAZYDOG
1/16/19 2:08 P
Frustrated the scale went up today, but cannot give up!! Here's to another day of my journey! Cheer SAMMY6981 3 REYNAJUST4KIX
1/16/19 10:03 A
Weight loss Wednesday 2016 vs 2019 ✨😊 SWEETHEART4321 34 AZMEMA
1/16/19 4:30 P
Asking for prayer. In pain and nauseous. Thanks. MISSPEACHES3 6 GLASSHUNTER
1/16/19 11:07 A
So I did it I bought the stones and glasses to track my progress! I lost 5#s in 2 weeks! #LoseForT PINKFIT2011 36 PINKFIT2011
1/2/19 11:19 A
This is so true. Happy New Year to all. MISSPEACHES3 6 ALLYLIZZY
12/31/18 1:08 P
Bent down and picked up a piece of paper on the floor. MISTAKE!!!!! My low back locked up and I've b CHEFTONITO 11 PATSYGO
12/30/18 3:51 A
This is the first Christmas I can remember spending by myself. Family not feeling so good.Maybe this MISSPEACHES3 6 SPEDED2
12/28/18 12:34 A
I can not believe 2 yrs ago I was in a size 26. Today I'm in a size 14. I cant even remember when th ANIMAI27 93 SP_COACH_DENISE
12/28/18 11:58 P
A short trip with my Mom STARMONICA 12 STARMONICA
12/11/18 8:24 A
Even though I’ve been struggling a lot lately, I did have a NSV this morning that put things into pe DRBENGSCH2021 19 DESERTDREAMERS
12/9/18 3:35 P
7/30/18 4:21 P
Two Words Change One JUDYGENTRY 34849 NASFKAB
12/9/19 11:18 A