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Over the fence 2020 - chat for gardeners CBRINKLEY401 55 CBRINKLEY401
3/31/20 10:48 P
Almost at 20000 steps MTRANCHWOMAN 6 TCANNO
3/31/20 3:04 A
South Beach Lounge KIERAE 8812 KIMJ01
4/1/20 6:03 P
3/29/20 11:47 A
Forsythia in bloom. Find beauty all around you where ever you live. FOcus on positives each day. I RUTHIEBEAR 33 KITT52
3/25/20 6:17 P
Spring is here!!!!! LUVS2BIKE101 19 L_DROUIN
3/19/20 10:01 P
Social distancing means making it work at home. My BENCHED 18 LIZZYMITCH
3/17/20 9:24 P
Started @249lbs 3 weeks ago . Now I'm down to 238lbs. I have a long way to go but it's still excit MSTJP29 11 EVIE4NOW
3/14/20 12:06 A
#taxes are done. Now I can concentrate on fitness. MTRANCHWOMAN 2 MJ7DM33
3/12/20 11:37 P
I am on week 8 of reading the bible.. I will complete it this year.. has anyone else done this progr GIANTOCR1 10 GOODGETNBETR
3/15/20 1:38 A
FIRST DAY!!! 🙂 Trying this challenge any tips or pointers I should know please feel free to commen GALLARDODARLA 8 -RESAMARIE
3/12/20 10:55 A
Sparkers - Do you take supplements? I'm wondering if others have seen positive results from taking ASF220 15 BEYONDOPHELIA
3/12/20 1:13 P
Adopted ths senior pup last week...we're having fun walking together. KAMEL622 33 KAYDE53
3/11/20 7:08 P
Under 200 cafe re-opened! NWME4EVRMARYANN 21 MTRANCHWOMAN
3/11/20 10:13 A
3/10/20 9:20 P
This journey about myself has been the best thing KRYSTALKAYE 159 EVIE4NOW
3/8/20 9:54 P
OK so I started the South Beach diet 4 days ago. Today is day number 4. Weighed in today 5 pounds do MTRANCHWOMAN 6 DGRIFFITH51
3/6/20 9:23 P
Veggie Quiche for breakfats, round one of fitness. MTRANCHWOMAN 3 DGRIFFITH51
3/3/20 9:34 P
First day on app.Wassup everyone. FATDEV 3 SURFIE
2/29/20 10:18 A
Having an off day today. I have a cold and am not feeling well, so eating is off balance and not no GOLDTAG1 7 TOMATOCAFEGAL
2/29/20 8:27 P
I am a homeschool mom and always get dressed first thing (no lounging in pjs around here) but I have RDRUNNER4JESUS 8 -POOKIE-
2/29/20 3:50 A
Starting my journey today! KELLER0321 9 LESLIELENORE
2/28/20 11:27 A
Decided "My" diet plan wasn't working so I am going to start "South Beach" again and see if I can be MTRANCHWOMAN 2 DGRIFFITH51
2/27/20 9:21 P
I feel frustrated. After almost two weeks of logging my food and following the program I am 1 pound 12BMYSELF 5 12BMYSELF
3/1/20 4:14 P
Today is a new day to start again MTRANCHWOMAN 3 DGRIFFITH51
2/26/20 9:34 P
Good Sunday morning-Drinking coffee and watching the birds. NAVYWIFESKI 16 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:14 P
Posted a photo EVIE4NOW 12 _RAMONA
2/23/20 3:13 P
I am just feeling down--still not 100% healthy, can't make plans due to waiting on other people, hav DIANNEMT 4 MTRANCHWOMAN
2/23/20 1:32 P
Not getting my exercises in today as I have done something to my back. Hopefully it will go away wit MTRANCHWOMAN 5 SURFIE
2/21/20 10:20 P
Posted a photo BJO274 57 PEGJW111
2/20/20 6:45 P
I have been struggling the last week. I have gotten down to 215 and then weighed in and was back up ACERESOLA1 2 MTRANCHWOMAN
2/17/20 9:57 A
Had delicious fondue (Coq Au Vin style) last night and managed to stay in my calorie count. First we _TERRA_ 3 CANDLES9103
2/15/20 10:37 A
In need of prayers, health is suffering due to weight. Found out I have fatty liver disease :( I am ONETHM 10 ONETHM
2/21/20 1:55 P
Surprise! Baby #6 is expected to arrive mid September! #BeforeAndAfter WILSOD1 33 PATRICIA-CR
2/11/20 2:00 P
I am sooo excited over something sooo simple. Got a new hair dyer today. Washing my naturally curly YOGA1973 6 GEORGE815
2/10/20 5:09 P
Not gonna lie, this one’s kinda saucy DAD_AINT_HIP 17 NANHBH
2/10/20 9:12 A
Started the day doing my physical therapy exercises. #fitnessfeats PHATPAT18 6 TOMATOCAFEGAL
2/9/20 9:56 P
Today's exercise started with unloading stepping stones from my cat. The big ones weigh 30 pounds ea MTRANCHWOMAN 6 TCANNO
2/8/20 12:24 A
Not very energetic today. Fun avening with friends and Super Bowl but in bed first my shoulder/arm w MTRANCHWOMAN 2 DGRIFFITH51
2/3/20 4:24 P
Cooking up a storm. But with lots of fresh vehhies with dip, hummus, pita chips, shrimp, chicken que MTRANCHWOMAN 3 DGRIFFITH51
2/2/20 7:55 P
Great day yesterday and today will be great too. MTRANCHWOMAN 4 DGRIFFITH51
2/1/20 9:07 P
Glad to know my weight gain was water from the steam room and then the water I used for hydration af MTRANCHWOMAN 7 DGRIFFITH51
1/31/20 9:20 P
I can totally relate! POOKIEWOO 22 _RAMONA
2/1/20 12:02 A
Finally below 150!!! Let’s maintain our go lower NUSHARGURL 32 QUARTERMASTER3
1/28/20 7:20 P
Holy smokes I finally broke into the 230's Barely lol 239.8lbs but I'll take it! Pic of me at gym to REVENGETIME40 22 _RAMONA
1/28/20 12:53 A
Welp I can't complain I'm still down 15lbs...even if I'm busting my butt to lose and haven't seen th DEDICATED2ME32 16 CGARR442
1/26/20 10:30 P
Hello everyone just wanted to share my struggles and solicit help and encouragement. I had weight lo PHILLYPEACH1914 8 GEORGE815
1/25/20 3:08 P
Instead of rolling back the emphasis on nutrition for school lunches to reduce waste, the government LEARN211 4 GEORGE815
1/25/20 3:09 P
Down 10 pounds since December 5th. Wha hoo RMERRITT37 5 DLJONES50
1/24/20 5:53 P
What's Your Weather Like Today? IMLOCOLINDA 75 IMLOCOLINDA
3/15/20 2:01 A
Started the day with a hike and got 10,000 steps by 9:30 am. #fitness FITFABJENN 10 FLASUN
1/21/20 3:53 A
All seems cool between Mrs. Cardinal and the Blue Jay. ALLENJOSEPH 18 RREDFORD5
1/20/20 11:15 A
So here my story.... A few years ago (3?) I had the moment where you look in the mirror and are jus MBIERAUGLE 10 ARNETTELEE
1/20/20 6:46 A
Also 30 minutes on the stationary bike doing interval training. Today instead of increasing resistan MTRANCHWOMAN 10 -WRKNG2ABTTRME-
1/20/20 6:47 A
This was a hard week, but something good happened. According to some BMI chart, I am no longer morbi WIJEN72 5 CSEGUIN2
1/19/20 11:34 A
2 lbs away from first goal. So close I can almost taste it. JSSMCCULLY 6 CSEGUIN2
1/18/20 1:30 P
Down almost 5 pounds in 2 weeks! Let's see if I can keep it going!! MOTAMAMA 5 ABBY-ETHIE
1/18/20 12:23 P
I am officially back to where I was pre-holidays! 10 down about 14 to go to hit my first goal by Apr ANDREARCOHEN 16 APEG202
1/17/20 9:27 P
Results of giving up soda after 1 week. Used to drink only soda all day. Now I am drinking green t MRSPK6 19 FUTUREFOCUSED
1/17/20 9:41 P
I spent most of yesterday in the er I am sick with bronchitis and they wanted to put me in the hospi MCATLEDGE 6 GEORGE815
1/14/20 6:17 P
Down 1.2 lbs through good nutrition. Frustrated due to frequent asthma flairs, can’t exercise when i SUSANT15 3 MTRANCHWOMAN
1/13/20 12:03 P
Back at tracking trying to reduce my sugar in take NDRAUGHN 6 MFLEESAK
1/13/20 12:16 P
I need this right about now. I'm doing what I think is right, what everyone including my doctors te ROCKYCATSMAMMA 11 DUCKTURNIP
1/13/20 9:53 P
I've never had a problem with late night snacking, but all I wanted to do around 10:00 last night wa GOODFELINE 4 CGARR442
1/13/20 8:38 P
Thought this was kinda funny. Reminds me of ME!!!!😉🍔🥩 F5-FURY 18 _RAMONA
1/13/20 12:19 A
How are things going? Check in here! SPARK_COACH_JEN 10996 SPARKLINGME176
3/26/20 3:54 P
Feeling great. Last warm (37) day before the deep freeze. Beautiful clear day. Life is good. MTRANCHWOMAN 2 GEORGE815
1/11/20 4:34 P
Message Removed CD24632345 5 GEORGE815
1/10/20 2:47 P
About 10 years ago a doctor told me that I would be headed for a wheelchair before my 50th birthday SGDISIS 80 SUNSET09
1/10/20 11:26 P
Will be shoveling snow today! L3DESIGNS 4 GEORGE815
1/10/20 2:50 P
Feeling great, 33 minutes on my stationary bike, over 12000 steps, stayed withing my calorie goals. MTRANCHWOMAN 7 IMPROVINGME
1/8/20 11:59 P
Share a challenge you would like to see next NWME4EVRMARYANN 2 MTRANCHWOMAN
1/8/20 1:47 P
1/3/20 12:48 P
Over 4000 steps getting Christmas Decorations down, changing beds and doing laundry. Great start to MTRANCHWOMAN 4 DGRIFFITH51
1/3/20 9:19 P
How do you balance relationships and healthy stuff like working out? I have put on 40 pounds since m HEATHER12O 8 CSEGUIN2
12/16/19 7:30 P