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TLL Celebrity Name Game KRYS210 47 RIDLEYRIDER
10/20/20 7:12 A
Say it in A WORD! ROG190 4238 MARYJOANNA
10/19/20 2:21 P
I don’t know what this bush is, but it is gorgeous! NANHBH 28 GMACAMI
10/16/20 11:45 A
written 2500 years ago! You have all the characteristics of a popular politician: a horrible voice, MARYALICE411 9 NANASUEH
10/16/20 11:22 A
#keto #lowcarb Dinner: filet mignon & 70 gms baked sweet potato (with butter, cinnamon, & bro RDHDINWV 11 _RAMONA
10/16/20 3:08 A
I commit to taking the necessary steps to reclaim HIGHVIBEHEALING 7 EVIE4NOW
10/15/20 10:26 P
It was very hard, but I made it through the day keeping in my calorie range, no drinks except water, MOONBEAR7 9 EVIE4NOW
10/15/20 10:23 P
10/16/20 8:54 A
Dinner was Garlic Butter Pork Tenderloin and Loaded Brocolli! #yum BOOKGIRL11 29 _RAMONA
10/16/20 3:07 A
Twoface isn’t she pretty? AMYBRO1 42 KINGYENDOR
10/16/20 1:35 A
My love just got back earlier this week from his a MARJEN 14 GEORGE815
10/15/20 8:50 P
15,055 steps today! “Awareness has taught me, what I focus on builds momentum and becomes integrated J2002HEIDS 23 CAPECODDIN
10/18/20 8:55 P
Day 1 of starting over. Accountability post, I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been, and in real danger BOYMOM_KAYLA 87 GMACAMI
10/16/20 11:45 A
Had a glitch trying to get my rings to close with my Apple Watch today so I did way more than the go GCWILLI1 18 OPTICALXILLUSIO
10/15/20 12:32 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 5 MFLOYD6
10/14/20 11:52 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 MFLOYD6
10/14/20 11:50 P
Time to think happy thoughts and not forget our water as summer came to a end i having a h SPARKFRAN514 14 NANHBH
10/15/20 5:37 P
Day 14 - Tracked all my food 😊✅ TOMSGAL85 21 GMACAMI
10/15/20 12:39 P
Don't know what this stuff is, but it's all over the ditches in various shades of red. Guessing wee JEWELRYLOVER 24 SHOAPIE
10/15/20 6:23 P
Five months into my journey and I am very pleased LALAP1012 17 ONEDAY@ATIME1
10/19/20 5:21 P
Have a day and a half of steady work before I can go camping again this weekend. I'm going to be cou HMKITTEN 5 OPTICALXILLUSIO
10/15/20 12:08 A
Another day in the history book Have a great night CARLOSLAKELAND 23 CGARR442
10/15/20 8:52 P
I am staying on track this month with both #h2whoa and #moveit, and journaling ✍️ as suggested in my STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 BARBIEE52
10/15/20 7:44 P
It’s fall, y’all. Keepin’ the magic alive best I can! And taking my vitamin D nightly. _CRINKLE 17 GMACAMI
10/14/20 2:35 P
Posted a photo LPORTER2015 22 AQUAGIRL08
10/14/20 2:04 P
I could eat salmon a couple times per week. A go-to for my family dinners. Low-carb and healthy fats VFR4US 16 ANNIEMAROO
10/14/20 2:33 A
This is two portions! I made much more for two in the past. Weighing and measuring is enlightening. YOULOSEGIRL1 16 CHERIB00
10/13/20 9:51 P
Visited Yellowstone National Park and did some hiking😊 SANDYKK53 9 ANNIEMAROO
10/14/20 2:33 A
Isn’t it funny how you can live somewhere and not have explored a large percentage of what’s around TIKITOMBAN 24 GMACAMI
10/14/20 2:34 P
10/14/20 2:35 P
What an easy way to get the #h2whoa and #moveit goals..... add a picture perfect fall day and two gi STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 LKASOFF
10/14/20 8:08 P
A beautiful day to be outside! RACH2701 49 GMACAMI
10/14/20 2:33 P
Have a good friends that are headed to bed . good morning to those getting up to enjoy H SPARKFRAN514 17 75HEALTHYME
10/14/20 10:39 A
I tried this today. I got it at Costco. I added some ham and pineapple to satisfy my husband. He wou 7STIGGYMT 12 CONNIET88
10/14/20 6:31 A
Didn't exercise yesterday, but back on track today with a great walk around the lake at the local pa GREYGIN 24 DWROBERGE
10/13/20 12:07 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 14 GABY1948
10/15/20 12:38 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 14 GABY1948
10/16/20 12:31 P
10/12/20 7:39 P
I’m pooped today, but I did it! BEBABY77 21 ALOHAALO
10/13/20 12:06 A
My husband and I had the day off work today, and the kids had school. We spent it going on an hour b TIKITOMBAN 31 GMACAMI
10/13/20 12:45 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 20 GABY1948
10/15/20 12:38 P
#Keto #Lowcarb Breakfast: Cinnamon roll Chaffle with cream cheese frosting & bacon! RDHDINWV 12 KROBINSON062
10/13/20 9:47 A
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 22 BTTRFLY64
10/11/20 12:22 P
Anniversary getaway was fun! Walked up a trail to WIFEY90 15 GEORGE815
10/11/20 3:07 P
Good morning on this glorious Sunday. Make it an awesome day and be blessed. BANEWLAND 25 POSEY440
10/11/20 11:05 A
I know most people don’t care for these, but I love them and they are my weakness at Halloween. I ju LEMOW72 16 _RAMONA
10/11/20 9:30 P
Was blessed to see one of the beautiful double rainbows across our area yesterday. It is amazing th LOPAMA1 19 GEORGE815
10/11/20 3:04 P
After 7 mile walk, I needed more than cereal. Tried the massaged kale salad recipe. Of course I put MSMOSTIMPROVED 29 MIMIOH
10/12/20 7:58 A
Enjoy the natural beauty life has blessed us with! ❤️ SWALLIS7 73 EVILCECIL
10/12/20 6:55 A
Wishing everyone a most wonderful Sunday. GRANDMOTHER20 15 MURPH53
10/11/20 11:23 A
Had some difficulty yesterday with a package of Sandy Pecan cookies!!! Getting back on track today! DM2020 71 GEORGE815
10/11/20 3:03 P
I've been away for a long while, and now back. My main goal is to get my lipids back where they sho KRSCHUSTER54 20 GEORGE815
10/10/20 4:46 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 15 GABY1948
10/11/20 2:42 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 16 GABY1948
10/11/20 2:41 P
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 18 NANCYANNE55
10/11/20 12:03 P
Found an app on Google Play called Yoga by Down Dog that has a 3 week free trial and then just $40/y TH3PH03NIX 7 GEORGE815
10/10/20 4:46 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 16 GABY1948
10/13/20 1:05 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 17 GABY1948
10/13/20 1:03 P
I went on the bus today. It's the first time I've 'dared' to go on a bus since before the pandemic SWEETENUFGILL 22 GABY1948
10/13/20 1:03 P
Posted a goal BEBABY77 14 7STIGGYMT
10/9/20 8:35 P
Baby's first hike today. C25K Week One. Done! Working on a handful of strength circuits to start ne FITMOMMA_OF6 18 SWEETNECESSITY
10/10/20 7:50 A
🧡🍂🍁 Hello Weekend! 🍁🍂🧡 POGIRL17 17 QUARTERMASTER3
10/9/20 11:58 P
15 minutes less than Wednesday!!! How? My dad put air in my tires I'm not slow I just only was ridin HEATHER12O 7 SISTERPRETTY
10/9/20 8:30 P
Hello! I’m having a nice healthy meal this evening!! NANCYANND55 21 SUMMERTIME20
10/9/20 11:33 P
😂😂😂 Can anyone else relate to having Portion Distortion where healthy fats are concerned?!?! Pean STILLSPARKLEIGH 32 ALLYLIZZY
10/10/20 4:38 P
Posted a photo JENNIFERBR51 45 _RAMONA
10/10/20 2:16 A
TLL Best part of today was... KRYS210 377 BEACHCOMBER16
10/19/20 7:41 P
..::Just for fun! 2BDYNAMIC 40 PICKIE98
10/10/20 7:11 P
Have a great day! CAROLINAGIRL69 12 GMACAMI
10/8/20 4:41 P
Just a pretty picture I'm sharing - this is England's Sheffield Park Gardens PATTYSPENCER 37 GMACAMI
10/8/20 4:41 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 8 GABY1948
10/8/20 11:31 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 14 JUDYD207
10/9/20 9:51 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 15 GABY1948
10/10/20 11:39 A
Family LOTTALOX 28 CD26458987
10/8/20 1:41 P
I certainly don't. EVIE4NOW 91 KAYDE53
10/8/20 8:35 P