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Posted a photo ZYNDALL 11 BANEWLAND
10/12/19 10:01 A
Picking up our packets HARRYFMUDD 10 DLDMIL
10/12/19 7:25 P
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 22 MDOWER1
10/12/19 4:13 P
Happy Weekend special friends! HOLLYM48 22 PATRICIA-CR
10/12/19 1:45 P
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 14 BANEWLAND
10/12/19 10:01 A
Wasn't able to get to the gym this morning, so I improvised. Carried 8lb weights while I walked the CHRISSY182 77 CLOUDWALKING
10/12/19 9:22 P
As the leafy sign suggests, let get things done this weekend, but have lots of fun doing it! Happy RUTHIEBEAR 31 KITT52
10/12/19 2:39 P
happy healthy Saturday everyone--- raining here today TRAILWALKERJO54 46 KITT52
10/12/19 2:38 P
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 23 READY201811
10/12/19 10:13 A
Getting ready for bootcamp, I got this!! NATASHA_D1 16 JAMER123
10/13/19 11:15 P
10/1/19 9:44 P
10/1/19 9:43 P
After 3 almost 4 weeks I am back to sparking! Getting back to the gym and back to being about me. NATASHA_D1 6 JAMER123
9/29/19 10:11 P
Happiness Cake Recipe: 1 cup of good thoughts 1 cup of kind deeds 1 cup of consideration for other PRINCESSPP 13 75HEALTHYME
9/4/19 7:58 P
9/3/19 2:29 P
Posted a photo CWHITT9999 24 ALLYLIZZY
9/3/19 1:23 P
Happy Taco Tuesday LADY_KATHY 31 DEE107
9/4/19 12:04 A
Breakfast was amazing lunch will be even more amazing JASMINEFAT2FIT 22 SWEETGABROWN1
9/3/19 12:22 P
Posted a photo NIKOLALALA 32 POSEY440
9/3/19 10:49 A
So I made these up for my husband and I to track our weight. I did our measurements as well. This mo MISSYJ0507 16 DLDMIL
9/3/19 7:48 P
Have a blessed Tuesday!! VINTAGE-SOUL 18 DSJB9999
9/3/19 1:50 P
I did have 2 chocolate chip cookies last night tha SWEETTEANFRUIT 23 PWILLOW1
9/3/19 4:09 P
A regular sight in front of our house now. Passing by as I was on my morning walk. GRAMLOCK77 30 GRAMLOCK77
9/4/19 4:06 P
Well I am trying this dieting thing again. Now I have to lose weight. Got diagnosed with Type 2 Diab SUNSHINEFLJENAC 18 LORELEI781
9/2/19 5:25 P
9/2/19 5:45 P
My daily motivation shout out to all you fabulous QUEENBMARIE85 11 POSEY440
9/2/19 9:33 A
What an amazing day yesterday was. We went to the gym the. The hubby and I went kayaking and found t NATASHA_D1 6 JAMER123
9/2/19 11:28 P
#lowcarb Anyone using sparkpeople premium? How is it different from the regular tracker? I just sta MINDYB73 4 MINDYB73
9/2/19 11:56 A
Labor Day is supposed to be a happy time. For many I hope it is , A time for cookouts, picnics, boa TUBLADY 10 AIYANASMAMA
9/3/19 10:47 A
Happy Labor Day! Have a great day! JAS-55 20 FISHGUT3
9/2/19 9:10 A
Did anybody know that Apple Cider Vinegar had a Bible script on it I happened to look over the back JASMINEFAT2FIT 9 EO4WELLNESS
9/2/19 1:19 P
Posted a photo STARVING__POET 14 JIACOLO
9/2/19 9:08 A
Training for zombie apocalypse 😏🤣 ROCALOCABRUSH 6 4CONNIESHEALTH
9/2/19 9:04 A
Day 1 - can the FAFAF plan succeed? #FAFAF FAFAF_PROGRAM 6 FAFAF_PROGRAM
9/2/19 9:30 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 12 SWEETGABROWN1
9/2/19 2:38 P
Well Spark Family, I'm excited!!!!! Some of my family members are driving up from Louisiana now, for F5-FURY 34 STILLSPARKLEIGH
9/2/19 3:25 P
9/3/19 4:16 P
Posted a photo LOVENHWOODS 53 SPEDED2
9/2/19 7:03 P
My am walk ENNAZUS176 12 GEORGE815
9/1/19 3:23 P
9/1/19 5:00 P
"I used to work in a complaint department. But I got tired of listening to amateurs." NANASUEH 19 GABY1948
9/3/19 10:17 A
Calling a "Mulligan", a do-over again! Geezzzz my schedule of meetings last week got the better of ASF220 14 GEORGE815
9/1/19 3:22 P
happy healthy September everyone-- starting our month with rain TRAILWALKERJO54 9 GEORGE815
9/1/19 3:24 P
Both of my boys are finally home safely after being on lock down with my parents in their shop. The AMYMBUNCH 18 DLDMIL
9/1/19 7:55 P
After making the compote yesterday, my 9 year old daughter is making the pie this morning. Sure, I’m DAD_AINT_HIP 14 DLDMIL
9/1/19 7:54 P
Does crying really hard burn calories? Just wondering because we have all cried so hard the last 24 HEALTHYME98 108 LAPPEROO
9/3/19 2:31 P
50 lbs down today!!! ANNANS1984 35 MOONMAMA43
9/1/19 9:13 P
#BeforeAndAfter Down -138 Pounds!! DJSTARRIDER 191 SLASALLE
9/1/19 8:41 P
Fell off the wagon so hard I busted the wheels and I am dragging it behind me. Accountable yes, do b NATASHA_D1 12 EO4WELLNESS
9/1/19 1:59 P
8/25/19 11:21 P
Four more sleeps and we'll get to bring our new Marine home on leave. Yay! That's her, left, durin NANCYANNE55 20 CHEIVOUS
8/26/19 9:33 A
Never, never, never, never give up! NANHBH 20 ROCKYCPA
8/26/19 10:12 P
Me squatting 95 pounds! FAITHPADGETT 22 ELENAWEST1
8/25/19 9:06 P
I started at 400 lbs. I'm now at 228. I want to lose another 60-70 lbs . second picture is today af SUGAMAMA1976 288 FISHGUT3
8/26/19 9:56 A
Did you take your vitamins today? HARLEYANGELONE 61464 SISTERPRETTY
12/15/19 3:43 P
Are You Happy Right Now? SMYLEERED 42017 SISTERPRETTY
12/15/19 3:43 P
How many cups of water today (or yesterday)? SNARDEESNIFF 18364 URBANREDNEK
12/15/19 10:27 A
8/20/19 1:36 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!!! It’s Weigh In Day for me, and I officially weighed in TEXASHSMOMOF3 204 MADEINBRITAIN
8/20/19 4:10 A
Today’s adventures- sea kayaking and I love love love it NATASHA_D1 31 _RAMONA
8/17/19 2:00 A
Did this today!!!! Paddle boarding and it was awesome and tiring. I would do it again. ❤️❤️❤️ NATASHA_D1 26 JAMER123
8/16/19 1:29 A
Thank you for all the birthday wishes! It was an amazing day filled with love and happiness, family NATASHA_D1 8 JAMER123
8/13/19 1:41 A
I received first place for my cross stitched doll at our local Henry County Fair. DGFOWLER 54 GMACAMI
8/12/19 1:38 A
I received first place for my embroidered pillowcases at our local Henry County Fair. DGFOWLER 105 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
8/12/19 9:55 A
Just for kicks ~ PS...I'm home today if anyone wants to bring them to me..lol DGFOWLER 23 REGILIEH
8/11/19 5:47 P
Happy 43rd birthday to me!!! Hubby made me a pancake breakfast and it was delicious. Going kayaking, NATASHA_D1 39 IGSBETH
8/15/19 8:16 P
We did a treasure hunt during the chocolate festival. We came in last but it took 4.5hrs and 13,058 NATASHA_D1 14 EO4WELLNESS
8/6/19 3:34 P
After 14 kilos, I fell off the wagon. Of all life. Up we get. YOGIOFFMAT 9 _LINDA
8/3/19 8:01 A
Just stopping by to say, I wish you a wonderful, goal reaching day. Enjoy your Saturday and your we PAMBROWN62 25 SASYPHRAS
8/3/19 10:53 P
The Cooper-dog would probably argue with the idea of early morning being “good”!! He slept through LESLIELENORE 18 CHERIRIDDELL
8/4/19 1:18 A
Rise and shine! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 22 GARDENCHRIS
8/4/19 2:45 P
Rise and shine! #foodfeats JSTETSER 28 KNYAGENYA
8/5/19 7:51 A
A friend sent me this Tree of Life necklace. It reminds me to keep my feet firmly planted on the gr LESLIELENORE 23 GARDENCHRIS
8/4/19 2:45 P
Put some fun in your exercise today! LITTLEREDHEN8 35 MADEINBRITAIN
8/4/19 5:48 A
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 18 GRAMMYEAC
7/28/19 10:23 P