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Good morning Sparklers! As soon as the break of dawn gets here I'll go for my 3 mile daily walk! The MEROBERTS21 22 FITWITHIN
9/27/19 6:50 A
Been up since 3, plus side is I have already burnt 107 calories SONFLOWER199920 7 NATIVEPIXIE
9/27/19 6:36 A
And don't forget to share Smiles today:):) LITTLEREDHEN8 25 MADEINBRITAIN
9/28/19 3:44 A
Good Morning Sparkers! Have a Fantastic Friday 8~) HAPPY-CATHE 21 HOLLYM48
9/28/19 7:31 A
Well i was so exhausted yesterday I didn’t get to post anything. So the picture is what i did before NATIVEPIXIE 18 NISSANGIRL
9/27/19 7:37 A
Didn’t hit my target 12000 but oh so close. New job tomorrow. Can’t wear my step counter there so we NATIVEPIXIE 10 ARNETTELEE
9/26/19 7:35 A
No filters don't know how it came out so pretty & purple PAT48RIC36 13 PRAIRIECROCUS
9/25/19 1:41 A
Three mile brisk walk at lunch and then training i DAD_AINT_HIP 12 RREDFORD5
9/25/19 10:28 A
Had to take off a few days due to a foot injury. But happy to say that I got back to it today. Made NATIVEPIXIE 13 RYCGIRL
9/25/19 7:13 A
Good workout day and 2 oz chicken with zucchini, 1/4 cup cheddar and 2 tbsp bacon! So delicious!! KENNYBARBIE12 18 TMP0418
9/19/19 3:54 P
This was lunch today. CANDOIT54 39 GABY1948
9/22/19 9:12 A
I am new to this site, I am excited and motivated. I want to lose 100 pounds! First goal is to get d SMILESUNLIMITED 6 3BOYZMA
9/19/19 10:04 A
Getting easier to achieve my 12000 step goal. NATIVEPIXIE 13 ARNETTELEE
9/19/19 6:51 A
Took a couple days off. In-laws are in till Friday so it’s kinda weird trying to workout with them w NATIVEPIXIE 17 NATIVEPIXIE
9/18/19 9:09 A
9/18/19 10:11 A
9/13/19 6:46 A
Posted a goal NATIVEPIXIE 13 NIKO27
9/12/19 10:43 A
A reminder that we are all carrying something. Never give up and NEVER lose hope. ♥️ LADYARTIST41 8 KCOMBS11
9/11/19 9:20 A
Yesterday’s steps. Didn’t get in much. My weight even went up which has disappointed me 😩 but what NATIVEPIXIE 7 HAPPYCPA1965
9/11/19 9:54 A
14396 steps yesterday, was exhausted n didn’t post last night. 17239 steps today. Wanting to try so NATIVEPIXIE 20 TCANNO
9/10/19 3:03 A
I fell off track, but I'm still here my weight has stalled but I haven't gained much if not any weig BUTTERFLYPANDA1 19 ARNETTELEE
9/8/19 7:32 A
mainly walking and general activities :) BUTTERFLYPANDA1 8 ARNETTELEE
9/8/19 7:31 A
1lb to start EVAOLIVER 11 KAITLABOO0
9/10/19 12:01 A
This is the hard work that shows. MAMACRUZ87 6 _RAMONA
9/8/19 4:55 P
Today was a crazy day. Was able to get in my steps for the day (target was 12000). No other exercise NATIVEPIXIE 7 RYCGIRL
9/8/19 8:22 A
Didn’t get in as mush steps today but I still succeeded my target of 12000. NATIVEPIXIE 18 RYCGIRL
9/7/19 8:28 A
Rest up now for tomorrow morning. Gotta love those early morning workouts. NATIVEPIXIE 2 FROSTY99
9/5/19 10:57 P
9/6/19 3:51 A
2015 to 2019...I’m loving it... woman power!!! Lad ZYNDALL 17 ZYNDALL
9/6/19 7:01 P
9/6/19 3:49 A
9/6/19 8:23 A
The scale is finally moving again...25# gone! TORRIESJOURNEY 143 VALLEYGIRLSPAGE
9/5/19 7:21 P
Got my steps in for the day. Workouts are going well. Finding less excuses to get them done. NATIVEPIXIE 16 RYCGIRL
9/5/19 7:25 A
Forgot to post yesterday’s steps. Just made it past my 12000 target. NATIVEPIXIE 25 GMACAMI
9/4/19 12:34 P
Today...start today, not tomorrow. Start again, even if you've fallen. Start somewhere even if it's BKLOPPY 3 NATIVEPIXIE
9/3/19 1:20 P
What new experiences are you having? DAD_AINT_HIP 11 _RAMONA
9/3/19 2:06 P
Good morning spark friends.. I've just made this delicious apple and nut salad.. and I wanted to sha MHUMBERS1950 23 MHUMBERS1950
9/3/19 9:19 P
Down 71 pounds in 7 months. JAMES70458 15 MJ7DM33
9/3/19 6:09 P
Treadmill, rainy and thunderstormy. Still got my miles in! #moveit 1CRAZYDOG 12 GABY1948
9/4/19 9:07 A
Today’s breaky. Another late start due to days off. But Bright n early for the rest of the wk NATIVEPIXIE 6 MJ7DM33
9/3/19 5:58 P
I have completed my weight loss journey. I began this journey Nov 2017 weighing 251 lbs, as of this AARONGABBY 199 TEEZETOY
9/3/19 3:32 A
Took a couple days off from workouts. Was way too sick, but ready to get back at it. Walk n 30 min w NATIVEPIXIE 4 SWEETGABROWN1
9/2/19 1:53 P
Day 3 of a new lifestyle. Getting ready for work. Slept in so no workout this morning but I’ll squee NATIVEPIXIE 15 TCANNO
8/23/19 9:07 P
A berry blend smoothie to help with a new start NATIVEPIXIE 14 GEORGE815
8/21/19 5:11 P
Arm day today. Oohh the pain, but i like it. NATIVEPIXIE 5 AMYDEES
6/13/19 6:34 A
Well... back after being off for just over a month. Found a new gym that I think I’m gonna really li NATIVEPIXIE 4 WOMANOFLOVE
6/10/19 11:46 P
15571 steps today. Early morning tomorrow so heading to bed shortly NATIVEPIXIE 3 AMYDEES
5/2/19 9:11 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!! I finally took the pic!! Do you have any idea how l TEXASHSMOMOF3 305 JANA58
5/1/19 10:13 P
Got in a quick workout. 9216 steps in today as well. See what tomorrow brings NATIVEPIXIE 6 AMYDEES
5/2/19 9:10 A
Official before and after photos from Beachbody's Transform:20. 6 days a week for 20 minutes a day i ZIGGYSTARSHAY 49 ZIGGYSTARSHAY
4/29/19 8:37 P
So I’m having a hard time finding the time to workout, in between jobs so exhausted. Still watching NATIVEPIXIE 27 AMYDEES
5/2/19 9:09 A
Went to visit my family for the wknd. Didn’t have the best cell service out there, so I didn’t post NATIVEPIXIE 10 AMYDEES
4/24/19 6:48 P
It has been 1 year today since I started back here. Been here everyday, lost 130 lbs so far, 5x shi PLANAR 151 REYNAJUST4KIX
4/18/19 10:49 P
11056 steps today. NATIVEPIXIE 5 ZRIE014
4/17/19 12:32 A
I'm putting on my walking shoes, hoping it will help me to motivate to walk to the gym. GLASSHUNTER 4 KERRIBERRI86
4/16/19 4:09 P
Got the strength training in (30 mins) as well as my walk (30 mins) Very nice day out today. Thinki NATIVEPIXIE 3 NIKO27
4/16/19 4:41 P
This is the best #NSV for me so far... I was cleaning my closets to get rid off and donate anything DEM-TOM 43 123THERESA123
4/19/19 7:14 A
"The best way to predict the future is to create it." NANASUEH 18 CHERIRIDDELL
4/17/19 1:19 A
It’s a celebration day! I’m down 80 pounds and have returned to One-Derland! Thank you, Sparkfrien YNNIGNNA 21 CD12282919
4/16/19 2:42 P
An NSV for #transformationtuesday. This tshirt has been in my closet since 2011. It's a MEDIUM!! Yes DOUBLELSMOM 130 PWILLOW1
4/16/19 10:08 P
Got my walk in this evening.🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️ 12836 steps today. That is all for today. NATIVEPIXIE 3 GERRYH2
4/16/19 5:32 A
Got up without hitting the snooze n got my workout done before 10am today. Work in a couple hrs. Hai NATIVEPIXIE 21 WOODSYGIRL
4/15/19 6:01 P
4/15/19 10:30 P
Anyone else up for a little Dancing? HOPELOVECHRIST 16 MHUMBERS1950
4/15/19 8:56 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 20 PATRICIA-CR
4/15/19 3:45 P
Didn’t do my workout last night. Watched hockey n indulged on some not so good food. But I did get i NATIVEPIXIE 2 ALLYLIZZY
4/15/19 12:31 P
Message Removed CD24507309 127 LKWQUILTER
4/15/19 3:34 P
Ah. I just rejoined spark people. My birthday is on Tuesday, I'll be 34 years old and I'm in probab SARAH_LADYBUG 76 LIZZIE138
4/14/19 5:07 P
Happy Sunday spark family 😊 Totally needed to see this pic today weird but true sometimes I still f TMP0418 191 GENEVATURTLE1
4/16/19 7:23 P
30 pounds GONE! These shorts fit SO much better. #NSVs . . RIVERBENEDICTA 40 REYNAJUST4KIX
4/14/19 4:17 P
Woohoo strength training in. No walk today but still got in 8784 steps n the day isn’t over yet NATIVEPIXIE 3 KOFFEENUT
4/14/19 3:33 A
Day 1 down ... a billion more to go. I’ve had many “day 1s” so wish me luck. MRSGOLDENSNITCH 13 MRSGOLDENSNITCH
4/13/19 11:12 P
I need a little encouragement today, please. I'm eating exactly what I'm supposed to eat, staying in CMSFOOD 10 CMSFOOD
4/12/19 7:49 P
Got my strength training in. NATIVEPIXIE 4 KOHINOOR2
4/11/19 12:53 P
I have 20lbs to go and I'm so excited!!! #youcanttakemysunshineaway KIWIKAT48 128 LAPPEROO
4/11/19 7:55 P