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I tested my ketones and sugar about 30 minutes aft NMESANDY 2 ALLYLIZZY
2/6/19 12:01 P
Happy Tuesday All JULIECOURTNE1 3 GEORGE815
1/15/19 5:12 P
Dad and I took on the gym again for the 2nd day in a row since we joined. 30 minute goal crushed # PIVOT22WELLNESS 6 BONNIE1552
1/16/19 8:26 A
Chilling with my employer’s cat, Diablo. Feeling relaxed myself. I have a question to anyone who h NMESANDY 8 GEORGE815
1/15/19 5:08 P
This is my new goal to follow for my macros to lose my last 10 pounds. I am truly loving ketogenic NMESANDY 7 HEDSTS58
1/8/19 6:41 P
Today is my 56th Birthday. My gift to myself is gonna be to better take care of me. This will be the PATJOONWW 301 SWALLIS7
1/8/19 7:20 P
No one has heard from me in a while . . . I am doing fine. I had a corrective surgery recently done NMESANDY 6 BLESSOME
12/18/18 8:24 A
I can't say this journey has been easy but it sure is fun 😊 I love who I am today!! This took a lot TMP0418 102 DOLPHINAGGIE
12/10/18 10:24 P
3X to an XL!! Oh how I love not seeing a number before the X anymore! 67lbs between these photos. 86 DOUBLELSMOM 157 DOUBLELSMOM
1/9/19 3:56 A
Saturday morning keto breakfast with hubby. NMESANDY 12 PWILLOW1
11/10/18 2:41 P
Supper tonight. Fried cabbage and hamburger with NMESANDY 13 ALLENJOSEPH
11/7/18 9:48 P
Broke my 25.5 hour fast with this delicious meal an hour ago. Pork and beef roast, broccoli with but DRBENGSCH2021 13 DRBENGSCH2021
11/4/18 11:21 P
Peanut butter fluff fat bombs. Prepared new fat bombs to try this week. Keto on! #ketofied NMESANDY 3 MOMMALGT
11/4/18 7:42 P
I started this journey on 8-24-18 weighing 238, but I weighed myself today and I am at my half way p CINNYV 74 GINA515
11/4/18 2:05 P
Best husband in the world! He made me this keto omelette and we are eating breakfast in bed. #keto NMESANDY 12 MSGO72
11/6/18 9:44 P
It was a beautiful start to a Friday this morning. Finally, no clouds and rain in south Texas SOUTHTXXRNNR 16 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
10/26/18 7:15 P
Happy 39th to me!🎂🎁💕 My last year in my 30s and I plan on finally reaching my goal weight beforw HAPPILY_ME 305 GPALMER29
10/26/18 9:15 P
Feeling a little stuck I am only 40 pounds away from my final goal. Could use some tips please USER18OP357 6 NMESANDY
10/19/18 2:08 P
Hello everyone I am back and wanting to start being healthy again ..... here's the story about my DROPINTHEOCEAN 9 CGH-ARTYPANTS
10/19/18 3:34 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 13 NANASUEH
10/20/18 12:31 P
10/21/18 7:07 P
I have never posted a pic that showed my waist....so extremely nervous about that. But i know, this BRANDICOOK 101 SHOWKINDNESS
10/20/18 12:41 A
Preparing for supper . . . Keto meatloaf. 45 minutes in oven at 400 degrees. Can’t wait! NMESANDY 5 HOTPINKCAMARO49
10/14/18 6:07 P
First mega cooking day in a month. I love the Diet Doctor’s recipe for garlic chicken and broccoli. NMESANDY 13 COOKWITHME65
10/15/18 11:20 P
My goal was under 200 by my birthday... I still have 2 weeks to go. Look who did it!!!! ASHLEEMICAHSMOM 304 J-ALEXIS
9/25/19 10:52 A
Please share your Goals 2BDYNAMIC 530 MISSLORI5
11/19/18 12:14 A