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Goodngiht every one. Have a safe and Happy weekend. Stay warm or cool. Sweet dreams to all. DXTECH 21 NOCALORIES
1/17/20 11:55 P
My kind of steak. I ate only half 🙂 STILLKICKING33 11 NOCALORIES
1/17/20 11:53 P
Killin' It!!!!🐱‍🚀 DAVIDBRIGMAN 12 EEJAA70
1/18/20 1:10 A
1/18/20 10:42 A
Posted a photo MARJOHN164 10 EEJAA70
1/18/20 12:13 A
drank 9 cups of plain water. I skipped the ground ginger today #h2whoa CECELW 12 CHESTER47
1/18/20 10:02 A
Posted a goal Cold and snow. Still got in an hour MARSHASHADOW 12 EVILCECIL
1/18/20 8:47 A
1/18/20 12:45 P
#BeforeAndAfter still have a long way to go, but I've lost 31 lbs and 13.75 inches since 10/26. PLGRASER 88 L_DROUIN
1/18/20 7:50 A
100 More DWL - Day 8 Set Now Goals FOCUSONME57 50 NOCALORIES
1/16/20 10:00 P
Cut some length off my hair today and had my daughter color it for me. So excited to have it freshe IOWAGIRLRUNS1 14 GARDENCHRIS
1/17/20 12:38 P
I have hit 10,000 steps everyday this week FIT50LISA 8 NIKKINIKKI136
1/16/20 11:05 P
Got my 8 cups in! #h2whoa 1BETTERBETH 10 BONNIE1552
1/17/20 1:01 P
Snow day for us! Six inches of snow was a little too much for me and the push plow, so we had someo AMYINTHEWILD 21 SPARKLINGME176
1/17/20 2:37 P
2 days in a row!! Woohoo! A coworker and I walk during our breaks. I'm so excited. Getting in 100 SARAH-AGAIN 17 SURFIE
1/17/20 8:54 A
Putting together my outfit for work tomorrow. Im really happy about getting myself new clothes, some DAJODU 18 MJ7DM33
1/16/20 9:58 P
This Morning I Reached my initial Weight loss Goal HONEYLC84 152 _RAMONA
1/17/20 1:36 A
Another one bites the dust! FLABULESSME 19 YMWONG22
1/17/20 7:39 A
Final Count, over 4.5 miles and 11,000 + steps . I feel great. I just added more walking time my SGAR36 17 YMWONG22
1/17/20 7:39 A
1/16/20 9:24 P
~*~Roll Call 2020~*~ JULIEJO39 54 HAPPYSOUL91
1/18/20 9:27 A
Started a little over a month ago down 15 pounds!!!! Yay!!!!!! LEECEE76 11 NOCALORIES
1/15/20 10:59 P
It all about LOVE, Love for God Love for self Love for your family Love for your friends Love for y JOWANNA5555 4 NOCALORIES
1/15/20 10:55 P
I drank 9 cups of water today. #h2whoa PATRICIAANN46 6 BONNIE1552
1/16/20 2:20 P
Yum water hahahaha did it #h2whoa ALVEDAPERO1 10 BONNIE1552
1/16/20 2:19 P
I'm getting back on track. I've made small goals that will contribute to a good routine, and I have LILMISSSPARKLES 8 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/18/20 7:55 A
I exercised for a total of 60 minutes today. #moveit PATRICIAANN46 17 HAPPYSOUL91
1/16/20 2:46 P
This was my lunch as I passed up on pizza, garlic rolls, donuts, and cookies at the office! I ha LAM200514 11 LE_SIGH
1/16/20 6:41 A
I beat my mile goal today!! I did my mile in 9 mins and 30 secs!!! 🥳 THISIS4KELLY 86 LE_SIGH
1/16/20 6:39 A
Posted a photo JUSJULS2020 18 LWLAR7
1/16/20 1:11 A
I walked 5 flights of stairs multiple times today because it's STILL faster than my work elevator. A GLITTER_PIGEON 6 EVIE4NOW
1/15/20 12:27 A
I have been gone for a long time. Thought I could things on my own. How wrong I was. Back to start a DAKOPP 6 EVIE4NOW
1/15/20 12:23 A
Subbed in 3 grades this morning. Made a point of walking the school yard at recess and at lunch. I KARMANNPOWELL 17 SURFIE
1/15/20 5:35 A
20 weeks on low carb diet. 42 pounds gone! L1VEL1FE 7 EVIE4NOW
1/15/20 12:10 A
Be happy tonight and tomorrow! GARDENSFORLIFE 9 IAMAGEMLOVER
1/15/20 9:54 A
Drank my water today.#h2whoa Struggled today with migraine symptoms, but I managed to cook dinner an ALATONA 8 BONNIE1552
1/15/20 7:49 P
Posted a photo BOOHOOBEAR6863 10 YMWONG22
1/15/20 3:01 A
I want to be here! SISSYFEB48 23 SABLENESS
1/16/20 6:35 A
Maintenance is hard, so you look for the WINS daily. I remember loving that red/pink outfit, I felt PELESJEWEL 84 DAJODU
1/16/20 3:10 A
#BeforeAndAfter KJENQN 216 LE_SIGH
1/15/20 6:39 A
10 cups today #h2whoa CECELW 10 ALVEDAPERO1
1/14/20 3:55 P
Posted a photo KATCHNFLAK4296 17 EVIE4NOW
1/13/20 11:34 P
Yay! Week 1 in the books. It wasn't perfect, but I lost 2.5 pounds!! JELSON7 6 _RAMONA
1/14/20 3:48 A
1hr and 20Min power walk in the A.M and Gym Flow 1hr tonight. #ExerciseWarrior I plan to look like DEDICATED2ME32 19 CGARR442
1/14/20 9:31 P
I love my fitbit!!! This is most steps so far...just makes me want to beat it lol REVENGETIME40 19 REVENGETIME40
1/14/20 7:03 A
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 14 GABY1948
1/16/20 2:02 P
End of year Awards Banquet with my husband, down 20lbs so celebrated with new dress! Proud of my hus IBHOOKD 89 WATHENCR
1/15/20 1:11 P
Day 61 - afternoon walk ✔️, yoga ✔️ CSEGUIN2 5 NOCALORIES
1/12/20 7:58 P
I'm so excited--my first week back to tracking, and I'm down 3 lbs! I know using this app works, be CWOOD2016 6 NOCALORIES
1/12/20 7:56 P
I am ready to start getting healthy. I have had a tough few years. My dad passed away (pancreatic BECKYI50 8 JULESFORD
1/12/20 9:11 P
Hi All... I've been with Sparkpeople for (many) years... but never really utilize this website. Th NANWSAMMY 6 NOCALORIES
1/12/20 7:53 P
This last week I started and i had this journey all planned . Well it got so busy with hubby gone fo SCHWABENGIRL 5 KOALA_BEAR
1/12/20 10:38 P
1/13/20 9:37 A
my problem area is my middle tummy lol. I am trying to limit sweets and control portions. I have had GLOWB5111 9 CLOUDWALKING
1/12/20 9:42 P
It’s my 28th Birthday today!!! 🎉💖⭐️ ALLYLIZZY 307 LILIWHEELER
1/14/20 11:45 P
Overdid my walking today,(90 minutes)on top of a big day yesterday (70 minutes) and my ankle is tel GREYGIN 13 BONNIE1552
1/11/20 1:49 P
My whole department was eating Doritos this afternoon. I knew if I had a couple, I wouldn't be able BENCHED 23 NOCALORIES
1/10/20 10:05 P
We have a beautiful full moon tonight CINDY247 18 NIGHTGLOW
1/11/20 9:37 P
Lordy, Lordy, guess who’s 40? Hard to be upset when I feel like I’m 20. I’m in the best shape of my MOONMAMA43 32 CONNIET88
1/11/20 7:43 A
Went for a walk in nature in the rain with my best friend 🐶 headphones in, world out 🎧🎶 (yoga tim OPTICALXILLUSIO 10 IGSBETH
1/12/20 2:40 P
Feel really good after today’s workout and got to practice some new exercises from PT. Gonna be sor RUNNINGBEARS80 15 CANDACEKINTNER
1/11/20 1:40 A
The sunset in California this late afternoon. 🌊✨ ALLYLIZZY 25 DRINKALOTH2O
1/11/20 9:21 A
Well, I’m 5 days in. I’ve kept within my calorie limits and have been exercising each day. I have a ASHGALLENTINE 26 KOALA_BEAR
1/11/20 3:40 A
Actually walked 2.5 miles today with the family at a decent pace. That is the farthest I have walked HISANDHERNANDEZ 17 BONNIE1552
1/11/20 1:48 P
How do I make sure the flaked coconut I consume is fresh and has nothing but coconut in it? DIY. :) FASHIONROADKILL 19 FASHIONROADKILL
1/14/20 11:02 A
100 More DWL- Day 4 Today I'm on My Plan FOCUSONME57 62 NOCALORIES
1/9/20 10:55 P
New year new hair cut DEBSANKS 19 EEJAA70
1/9/20 11:56 P
This is my lost 20lbs and got a haircut selfie. I figure it will also make a good progress photo, s SHARKTOOTH84 55 SHARKTOOTH84
1/11/20 3:18 P
Yeah, I drank 8 cups today! I drink 8oz before each meal and drink another 8oz after each meal. Thi CHARMIN28 10 BONNIE1552
1/10/20 5:29 P
First 5K hike for the year. TIKITAMI 40 _RAMONA
1/10/20 2:11 A
Walked for 20 minutes not much but it’s a start!!! #moveit DELIALAYNE635 15 BONNIE1552
1/10/20 5:24 P
Posted a photo KATHRYNJ1959 6 NUMBER1PUMPKIN
1/9/20 10:07 P
First 10 pounds, done. #BeforeAndAfter MEEKERAL 86 MEEKERAL
1/10/20 9:10 P
100 More DWL - Day 3 What if I Fail? FOCUSONME57 66 FUNLOVEN
1/9/20 12:07 P
#BeforeAndAfter...looking backwards can help you keep moving forward. Sometimes i don't see myself c SCRAPALICIOUS 71 VIRGINIAGIRL
1/9/20 11:45 A