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Nice chilly day calls for some bone broth with chicken and spinach. Yum! #ketofied #keto #lowcar X-TINAKETOFIED 19 _RAMONA
9/19/20 1:25 A
Today I learned how to start and use the bush hog. How exciting that is. Tomorrow I will be going ge NOLAHORSERIDER 2 RETAT60
9/18/20 11:12 P
What are you looking forward to? GBOOMER 13511 NOLAHORSERIDER
9/18/20 10:35 P
I'm not looking for a short cut! #goalfeats #goalfeats JSTETSER 22 JUDYD207
9/18/20 9:48 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 12 JUDYD207
9/18/20 9:48 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 23 JUDYD207
9/18/20 9:48 P
Happy to be getting back on track. Walked 2000 steps plus over my goal. Woohoo.. NOLAHORSERIDER 4 FLASUN
9/18/20 4:37 A
I had a somewhat great day today. It rained quite a bit today, no lightning and thunder :) I walked NOLAHORSERIDER 1 NOLAHORSERIDER
9/15/20 8:50 P
Always stay true to who you are, deep down inside. . . . there are those around you who will try to 1CRAZYDOG 17 GABY1948
9/17/20 9:48 A
Today was not as productive as I would have liked. I worked on my budget...whew what a chore that NOLAHORSERIDER 5 AQUAGIRL08
9/15/20 12:06 P
Gave myself a little pep talk and took a 30 minute walk just before dark. I had to call it due to da RAMONA1954 13 RAMONA1954
9/15/20 12:13 A
Tracked evert bute even if I did go overboard RAMONA1954 5 GARDENSFORLIFE
9/14/20 10:01 P
I am so excited. I sang a new song to me, at church tonight and got several complements. Tomorrow I NOLAHORSERIDER 10 1CRAZYDOG
9/14/20 8:30 P
9/18/20 10:24 P
9/18/20 7:32 P
Buzz Around the Airport - Coffee Chat KALISWALKER 210 YOGAMUSICIAN
9/18/20 11:08 P
Forgot to post this yesterday, which was my offici CATWMNCAT 231 DAVIS414
9/12/20 4:11 P
First day ✅ It wasn’t too bad!! It felt good to work towards being healthy again. Amazing how miser CARTERRD0 12 PACNWGAL554
9/8/20 11:50 P
I had a pretty productive day today. My step son came and pressure washed the house and a friend cam NOLAHORSERIDER 4 FLUTTERFLI
9/8/20 10:29 P
Had a great time looking for a geocatche today. Although I didn’t find it, I will go again tomorrow. NOLAHORSERIDER 11 IAMAGEMLOVER
9/8/20 10:03 A
9/18/20 8:22 P
9/18/20 5:08 P
I had a wonderful day today. Went to church this morning then out for lunch with church family. Got NOLAHORSERIDER 3 LINDA7677
9/6/20 9:58 P
Today I had a pretty good day. I was able to do yard work, but it was way too hot. at 2:30pm it was NOLAHORSERIDER 6 ILOVEROSES
9/6/20 11:56 A
Have a beautiful weekend! GARDENSFORLIFE 20 IAMAGEMLOVER
9/6/20 9:18 A
Feeling so much better today. I finally walked more than my step goal. WooHoo!!! NOLAHORSERIDER 5 REGILIEH
9/5/20 12:00 P
Humor helps us with so many things in life. In today's time we can use laughter and support. LOL I DIANEDOESSMILES 27 PATRICIA-CR
9/4/20 11:19 A
Thank God the dry socket tooth is not hurting as badly. Tomorrow I am planning a hike with Sami up NOLAHORSERIDER 5 1CRAZYDOG
9/3/20 9:57 P
We had a lotta rain today. My new washing machine was delivered between the downpours. My dogs and NOLAHORSERIDER 3 PBVHCCVH
9/2/20 1:38 A
Determined Daisies KALISWALKER 44 SEAJAE
9/18/20 1:59 P
Who’s hungry? Homemade ricotta pizza is ready to be served! LUVS2BIKE101 29 HAPPYSOUL91
8/31/20 8:51 A
Riding bikes in Indian Springs State Park in GA. Great riding and hiking there. NOLAHORSERIDER 21 LUVS2BIKE101
8/31/20 7:18 A
Wow! As of today I have lost 13 lbs! I am so happy! LOGANSDRAMMAW 10 GEORGE815
8/30/20 5:46 P
Happy Saturday SparkFam! Today, I turn 46 years young. Although I'm not at my goal weight, I'm feel LIVINGHEALTHY16 36 JULIEA7201
8/30/20 1:17 P
What are you reading? ACHRISTIANGIRL 11351 AZIL5678
9/18/20 11:50 A
I have a dry socket from when I had a tooth extracted. Very painful!! Started on Antibiotics today. NOLAHORSERIDER 5 DIANNEMT
8/31/20 8:10 P
Bicycle or no? BROTHERTROY777 19 CHERYLSCOTT54
9/10/20 12:26 P
Did my half-marathon this morning! 2 years ago I never in a million years would have thought I’d be HIKINGGIRL16 86 JEN-JENG
8/28/20 9:06 P
Everyone PLEASE be careful because people are going crazy from being locked down at home! I was just KURTZIE1998 15 JUDYD207
8/28/20 9:33 A
I do not remember nor can I find any records of being this weight. At 350, I was super morbidly obes LOVINGMYSELF101 159 UNWRITTENSOFAR
8/27/20 5:35 P
It is 85 degrees here today and the humidity is 88. Yuk. It would be a great day outside if the hum NOLAHORSERIDER 4 FLASUN
8/25/20 4:11 A
Did a 1 mile walk with Leslie Sansone. Took 2 short walks afterwards. RAMONA1954 12 JAMER123
8/24/20 10:08 P
Posted a goal RAMONA1954 5 JAMER123
8/24/20 10:08 P
Posted a goal RAMONA1954 7 JAMER123
8/24/20 10:08 P
So pleased with my progress on my plank! Form has improved, 30 seconds is nothing now. The worst par TH3PH03NIX 24 TH3PH03NIX
8/24/20 7:13 A
Finished with my half-marathon training (running my race next weekend!) and wanted to share my progr HIKINGGIRL16 49 GETITDONE79
8/23/20 9:47 P
Although I am still having tooth pain, I am carrying on. Going to church then playing ball with the NOLAHORSERIDER 6 GARDENSFORLIFE
8/23/20 11:09 P
Today I cleaned out my desk drawer. It looks so empty. Our home doesn't qualify as a tiny house, b LINDALEE24 20 CGARR442
8/23/20 1:04 P
Today I was able to get over 15,000 steps in. Played fetch with Sami and Holly several times today NOLAHORSERIDER 12 IAMAGEMLOVER
8/23/20 9:25 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 19 GABY1948
8/25/20 9:05 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 13 NANASUEH
8/22/20 11:32 A
10 bean mix soaking overnight to make bean strew in slow cooker tomorrow. I love bean mix, it looks -POOKIE- 26 GABY1948
8/25/20 9:04 A
4.5 mile solo workout. Average pace by mile... Mile 1 15’53” (warm up)... mile 2 12’00” (intervals) LESLIELENORE 9 WIZARDHOWL
8/22/20 2:49 P
Went to the dentist yesterday. I had pain on the left lower jaw. Come to find out the tooth has a hu NOLAHORSERIDER 7 ILOVEROSES
8/22/20 9:35 A
Today was a rest day. I feel every muscle in my body. I fell on the bike/hike trail while riding my NOLAHORSERIDER 6 LUVS2BIKE101
8/19/20 8:30 A
What a beautiful painting He has created😊 CATWMNCAT 74 _RAMONA
8/18/20 3:19 A
Last day of camping for this week I am in Georgia right now. I will be heading back to Florida in th NOLAHORSERIDER 2 GARDENSFORLIFE
8/16/20 10:58 P
Such beauty in God’s creation LUVS2BIKE101 17 JERSEYGIRL24
8/17/20 11:31 P
13.5 years on SparkPeople and still enjoying the journey ~INDYGIRL 25 GABY1948
8/17/20 4:29 P
Getting lots of exercise here at the state park. Lots of hills to hike over and ride bikes over. The NOLAHORSERIDER 5 GARDENSFORLIFE
8/16/20 11:00 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 27 GRAMMY065
8/15/20 10:44 P
still say something is wrong with my scale - but can not get a new one yet - goes up & own like a yo -SPIRITSEEKER2- 3 DEE107
8/13/20 8:12 P
The heat has broken and the air feels great. I plan to do the garden work I did not do in the heat. ORTATK 6 SPEDED2
8/13/20 8:01 P
Hydrangea heart in my garden. I hope you feel the love today. Have a beautiful day. RUTHIEBEAR 38 GARDENSFORLIFE
8/13/20 11:37 P
Today I am pretending it is Saturday! I'm hiking the nature preserve, VERY soon! Saturday will be 11 SPARKLINGME176 32 -POOKIE-
8/14/20 4:01 A
Getting lots of steps here in Georgia. Hiked yesterday at High Falls SP, and today I rode on a bike NOLAHORSERIDER 6 AQUAGIRL08
8/14/20 7:10 P
Today is our Kayla baby's adoption birthday, she is 5 years old. She is so spoiled. KURTZIE1998 22 SPARKFRAN514
8/15/20 5:39 P
8/13/20 9:33 A
I had day surgery this morning. I'll do the best I can for the next few days. 7STIGGYMT 3 7STIGGYMT
8/11/20 11:03 P
Having a wonderful time here in Georgia. Rode my bike today up these awesome hills, and walked my do NOLAHORSERIDER 8 FLASUN
8/12/20 5:07 A
YEAH YEAH!! I'm a member of the 5% Challenge and I just WON my 50% weight loss badge!! GONE is 5 lb DIANEDOESSMILES 21 CATWMNCAT
8/10/20 11:13 A
18..6k run/ 17k ride/5k run /10k ride ...."....under 3 weeks till adventure race.. ouch" #adventur SURFTOSEA 15 _RAMONA
8/11/20 1:16 A
Not a good day. Stomach problems until mid afternoon. Hope everyone else had a great weekend and JOANN25 6 1CRAZYDOG
8/10/20 9:28 P
Got the camper loaded and I am ready to travel. Going to Georgia for one week. Can't wait to kayak, NOLAHORSERIDER 8 MOMOF4JDRS
8/9/20 11:27 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 23 JUDYD207
8/9/20 3:39 P