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I had to take Annie the kitten back to the vet. He increased the lactulose. I will monitor her for a NOLAHORSERIDER 5 LUVOFME
11/12/19 7:17 P
Sweet dreams to all the Sparkers out there. Thanks to our Veterans for keeping us safe! NOLAHORSERIDER 7 IAMAGEMLOVER
11/12/19 9:01 A
Birthday Yesterday! 72 years young. Did my 4 mile walk this morning in 90 minutes. Happy Veterans CANTHONYEPPS 15 BILLTHOMSON
11/12/19 5:53 A
Thankful to be able to live Free, and not have to stop at a check point when attending church or goi NOLAHORSERIDER 8 GARDENSFORLIFE
11/11/19 11:20 P
This is my Mom. Mom survived the Death Camps of WWII if not for the Veterans I would not be here, an STEEPERSLOUNGE 46 BETRHO48
11/12/19 3:30 P
Thanks to all who severed SPARKFRAN514 20 DUCKTURNIP
11/11/19 10:01 P
I am just loving this cooler weather. Not so hard working outside! NOLAHORSERIDER 11 ILOVEROSES
11/11/19 7:27 A
11/11/19 12:47 P
Weekly Landing Bonus Information! HICIM705 152 QTEALADY20031
11/10/19 7:20 P
He wanted to taste the blueberries/raspberries! He loved them as much as I did. WENDYWRITES 26 SPEDED2
11/7/19 9:57 P
I am struggling with stress.... Mom diagnosed with cancer. Trying to balance my own health issues, w JWBRIGHTEYES 33 ARNETTELEE
11/7/19 6:41 A
Jan 2nd and last picture is from last week ACG123321 20 ARNETTELEE
11/7/19 6:42 A
Hee hee hee. I would *never* do this DAD_AINT_HIP 46 NANHBH
11/7/19 11:00 A
What Motivates you to check in with SP every day? LOSINGSEVRYTHNG 76 SOFT_VAL67
11/12/19 7:37 P
Having a blah night. I really want to sit down with a jar of peanuts or some chips but that would be SBLACKWELL93 12 ELIZA361
11/5/19 11:10 P
Woohooo!! Went from there 90s yesterday to 52 this morning. Our high is supposed to be around 67. NOLAHORSERIDER 5 LOVENHWOODS
11/2/19 8:39 A
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 19 GABY1948
11/2/19 8:30 A
I had a tiring day today. Couldn't get motivated to do too much! Planning to rake more pine needles NOLAHORSERIDER 2 CYNFIT4LIFE
10/31/19 11:41 P
Today I took Sami and the new kitten we found to the vet. Sami has a lump on her right jaw that is h NOLAHORSERIDER 4 1CRAZYDOG
10/31/19 4:14 P
There has been a small kitten that was dumped at our church. I finally caught it tonight. Now to fig NOLAHORSERIDER 9 1CRAZYDOG
10/31/19 4:27 P
Today I made a new to me recipe for sandwich bread. I can’t wait to cut it and have a sandwich. NOLAHORSERIDER 9 LOVENHWOODS
10/29/19 1:07 P
New toy!! Finally bought a Fitbit versa lite. It'll be easier, more accurate than always grabbing DIANEDOESSMILES 21 THETROUT
10/28/19 7:48 A
Can’t seem to get in the rhyme again of eating right and exercising. I suck SUZANNEE5 6 EVIE4NOW
10/24/19 10:33 P
Oh me, oh my, I'm sore! I thought planking for 1+minute wouldn't be enough for soreness but combine FREEDOMSKEY 5 EVIE4NOW
10/24/19 10:37 P
I won't be camping this weekend. I have opted to do some yard work, and house work. I will be going NOLAHORSERIDER 3 EVIE4NOW
10/24/19 10:37 P
How do you deal with cravings when they come up? MOMPOIRIER 44 MEMEQ2
11/7/19 12:34 P
Post Your Daily Log-In and Team Bonus Flags Here ! CANNINGNANNY 4660 GREYTDOLPHIN
11/13/19 12:49 A
Making plans for camping this week. WooHoo! NOLAHORSERIDER 4 GOODGETNBETR
10/23/19 11:13 P
Happy transformation tuesday! Not every day is a great day. I have my battles and the war with sodiu HELLOHOLLY76 87 MADEINBRITAIN
10/23/19 3:31 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was a good day! So a few good things... 1. I g TEXASHSMOMOF3 163 MADEINBRITAIN
10/23/19 3:28 A
Sundance’s windows! We are still going to make shutters ! ENERGY4777 12 SAISHA100CJ
10/22/19 8:17 A
Had a pretty productive day today. A tire pressure sensor was bad in my truck and thank God it is st NOLAHORSERIDER 5 ILOVEROSES
10/22/19 7:51 A
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 18 GABY1948
10/24/19 9:38 A
True story. Lol BARKER_77D 19 TRIMNUP
10/21/19 8:13 A
My first goal is a two # per week loss coupled with a new exercise regimen that will get me below 30 DJTAYLOR4140 13 MILMOM2000NEW
10/21/19 7:05 A
Weighed in at 249.2 this morning. I'm down from my hw of 310. So many feelings. I still have a lot IGOT2START 186 GOODGETNBETR
10/23/19 11:20 P
I love this photo! DH and his Mom before the Alzheimer’s took her mind. Now he is in a care facili MIMAWELIZABETH 13 DEE107
10/21/19 12:06 A
It's 32 degrees O/S. NEPTUNE1939 7 DGRIFFITH51
10/20/19 9:28 P
Good morning! Stayed up late & Woke up early.... Last night's reunion dinner & dance was Awesome! CINDY247 27 FLASUN
10/21/19 5:33 A
Enjoy the Beauty around you! LITTLEREDHEN8 29 DEE107
10/21/19 12:05 A
I wanted a photo of myself depicting how much weight I’ve lost, thought 50 lbs of potatoes would wor THEVEGANWEIGH 55 LILIWHEELER
10/24/19 9:14 P
Going well with the exercising and (mostly) keeping away from temptation. Last night, my car had kit VANTHOM 10 KAREN_EDMONDS
10/20/19 9:11 A
I am trying my best to get stronger so I can go home from rehab. Have a Granddaughter who is five d JANCELEE51 9 LLOURAY
10/19/19 6:12 P
Making pajama pants today WILSOD1 5 NOLAHORSERIDER
10/19/19 5:28 P
Hi guys thought I would share... I have been getting a lot if gf products... Kinda spendy... I am no MARNALABELLE69 5 MARNALABELLE69
10/19/19 5:31 P
Hoping to get the motivation to get back on track . TANICETO30 4 SPINECCO
10/19/19 6:03 P
Went camping at Goethe State Forest Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We had a great time despite the r NOLAHORSERIDER 9 JUDYD207
10/20/19 12:52 P
The Gazebo ENERGY4777 26 HAPPYSOUL91
10/20/19 10:15 A
What is not photographed is the 29lb I gained in between 😏🤣 LOL! I have learned a very important l ROCALOCABRUSH 14 NOLAHORSERIDER
10/16/19 11:52 P
90 second bread, not bad! #lowcarb L1VEL1FE 5 NOLAHORSERIDER
10/16/19 11:51 P
Had the neighbors over for dinner. Hubby's here for the weekend 🥰 Roasted brussel sprouts, Cole sla LRJUSTUS1 22 SARAH_983
10/17/19 10:30 A
Spicy Low Carb Chicken Soup With Spaghetti Squash For Dinner 💛 #lowcarb EARTH-ANGEL3 13 NOLAHORSERIDER
10/16/19 11:49 P
Today I will be making bread for my camping trip and making menus for the three days I will be gone. NOLAHORSERIDER 6 LOVENHWOODS
10/17/19 9:15 A
GiGi’s baby had arrived! #IamInLove SPOKENWORD 42 ARNETTELEE
10/16/19 5:56 A
Posted a photo FMAX168 12 GEORGE815
10/15/19 7:02 P
The weather is changing DIZEIMAGE 10 GEORGE815
10/15/19 7:00 P
An amazing sunset last night! I just made it to the beach to get the tail end of it. GINNABOOTS 9 ALLYLIZZY
10/15/19 8:42 P
My brother was active, fit and seemingly healthy a CGARR442 73 COMEBACKKID12
10/13/19 10:04 P
We had a wonderfully informative ladies meeting today. Then an awesome meal. NOLAHORSERIDER 5 LOVENHWOODS
10/13/19 1:04 P
Half way there. Started at 245 currently 190 goal is 135. I am trying to get healthy, lower blood pr EHOBKIRK 108 ARNETTELEE
10/10/19 7:45 A
I went for a walk around the property with my dogs for the second time today. NOLAHORSERIDER 5 GOODGETNBETR
10/10/19 1:57 A
Motivation moment.... RHOOK20047 20 PICKIE98
10/7/19 11:44 A
320 pounds. Goal weight is 200 lbs. ALVINAS 24 SLIMMERJESSE
10/6/19 9:46 A
Cream 'anything' squares. Prefer them a little on LRJUSTUS1 19 L1VEL1FE
11/11/19 10:16 P
Finally made chaffles, and they did NOT disappoint L1VEL1FE 11 NOLAHORSERIDER
10/5/19 4:52 P
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb It's been awhile since I've I've chaffled. Steak tomato onion mayo lettuce X-TINAKETOFIED 16 EARTH-ANGEL3
10/28/19 5:39 P
Pan grilled Salmon, Buttery Garlic Shrimp, Rice Cauliflower, and Roasted Brussel Sprouts. #Keto #low NVRGIVINGUP 15 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/6/19 11:46 P
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb Simple. Salmon and asparagus with mushrooms. X-TINAKETOFIED 9 EARTH-ANGEL3
10/28/19 5:39 P
I feel good, and Im going to enjoy it! 😏🤣💪 ROCALOCABRUSH 10 EVIE4NOW
10/2/19 11:56 P
I'm new here and trying to lose about 15 pounds. Any tips and advice are appreciated! This looks lik SKINNYSISTER3 6 EVIE4NOW
10/2/19 11:56 P
Question: I quit drinking soda and only drink water and unsweet tea now. However I'm kind of getting CSTARKS71 17 LINSEYBAKER82
10/3/19 7:06 A
I ran in my first competitive race. Half Marathon!!! CREMEENS3 12 KOALA_BEAR
10/2/19 1:54 A
1st October Sunset A fiery orange, purple, combustion then fade to black. We enjoyed being outside l PELESJEWEL 35 1CRAZYDOG
10/2/19 1:30 P
First sunset on the new month. ✨ ALLYLIZZY 28 CHEIVOUS
10/2/19 10:21 A
Kitty pumpkin done 😀 SETGONOW 19 FLUTTERFLI
10/2/19 1:06 A