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Favorite Vegan Thanksgiving recipes LE_SIGH 4 LE_SIGH
11/15/19 3:16 P
Click for Greater Good! NIGHTGLOW 293 PAINT-THE-WORLD
11/11/19 11:27 P
How are you doing on No S? HISLOVEENDURES 2466 SWEETENUFGILL
11/15/19 2:54 P
Virtual Coffee Break LIV2RIDE 1973 GRAMCRACKER46
11/15/19 11:30 A
Besides avoiding stalled weight loss, remind me why I don't want to binge on discounted Halloween ca OOLALA53 10 GABY1948
11/2/19 8:29 A
Wondering what kind of incentives you give yourself to help you to keep on going? Not food! GRAMLOCK77 5 GEORGE815
11/1/19 4:51 P
I tossed my diabetes meds because of the side affects and decided to concentrate on diet. My A1C was FMAX168 7 DLDMIL
11/1/19 7:52 P
Have been doing strength training and core and cardio for 13 weeks now. I feel great! I had a spinal EMURDOCK219 16 CKEYES1
11/2/19 9:51 A
Good Afternoon : my exercise today cleaning my house😀😀😀 and believe me that's exercise 😊😊😊😊 JULIAANN12 7 GEORGE815
11/1/19 4:44 P
Weight loss was the first thing on my mind each time I would look at myself in the mirror every morn CAMELIA15 27 LORI-K
11/2/19 2:54 A
i have about 3 inches of snow in places because of the wind, it is not even winter yet! GARDENCHRIS 8 GABY1948
11/5/19 6:49 P
#nosoda didn't do well today. RCLYKE 5 ALLYLIZZY
11/1/19 6:49 P
Laundry done and few other errands done. Got 2 inches cut from my hair and thinned out with layers. AKPIPER 45 MOUNTAINFARMER
11/1/19 11:31 P
New Binge-Free 21 Days Streak! Join us! MARYONE 41615 _WARRIOR4LIFE
11/15/19 2:31 P
LBM- what is my life about between meals? +/- OOLALA53 615 TOTHEFUTURE1
11/15/19 8:42 A
BOOK: Bulimia A Guide To Recovery... MMAANDMUSICNUT 2 OOLALA53
10/27/19 5:55 P
Stop talking about losing weight; talk about changing your eating! That is 90% of losing and maintai OOLALA53 7 GABY1948
10/22/19 3:57 P
Have overnight oats a go. Not completely sold. KRYSTALKAYE 16 KRYSTALKAYE
10/30/19 1:26 P
Eating researcher Traci Mann reports that so-called "comfort" food provides no MORE lift to mood tha OOLALA53 4 GABY1948
10/24/19 9:40 A
Both eating researchers Wansink and Mann say pretty much if you see food, you are likely to eat it. OOLALA53 5 GABY1948
10/20/19 9:54 A
October Chat LINDA! 106 LINDA!
11/1/19 2:14 P
Happy Belated Birthday ETERNALMINDED LINDA! 5 OOLALA53
10/18/19 9:59 A
10/20/19 8:04 A
Daily chat OOLALA53 305 OOLALA53
10/17/19 5:20 P
10/15/19 1:12 P
For long term lower weight with less stress, be willing to prefer simpler food. adapted from neurosc OOLALA53 3 GABY1948
10/16/19 4:49 P
“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art.... It has no survival value; rather it is one KIMJ01 4 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/15/19 3:15 P
Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular. Roy T. Bennett TUFKAS 3 SHARI_D1
10/15/19 10:37 A
You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you TUFKAS 3 PYNETREE
10/15/19 10:47 A
I have been in pain for 3 years. It took forever to find a doctor that would see beyond the fat. I h CRE8TED1 15 AMYHOW2
10/15/19 11:43 A
Definite binge-er & purge-er; sometimes I can stop MMAANDMUSICNUT 3 OOLALA53
10/14/19 12:23 A
#thankful Skin tight to swimming in this jacket🙏 DOUBLELSMOM 84 HONEYLC84
10/25/19 12:23 P
bologna gravy 369 calories , that’s a lot I guess for 1 meal but this was worth it and I had been wa GLENDAK72 15 DJAYBX
10/29/19 4:07 P
I am starting my journey today. I have about 60 lbs to lose. Any advice from those who have successf KATE10715 8 KATE10715
10/13/19 4:15 P
Walking video, 15 minutes - done. Walking plus Arm Toning video, 12 minutes - done. 2 Tae Chi videos COVDAR9 7 BILLTHOMSON
10/14/19 5:32 A
The less junk food a person eats, the more her brain will allow her body to lose fat. From neuroscie OOLALA53 6 GABY1948
10/18/19 1:33 P
Tomorrow has been 12 yrs.here! Thank you Sparkpeople. 61 years old, at goal weight. Member Since: ACACIA21 7 BOOTS
10/17/19 7:27 A
Daily Check In VICKI-B--56 4844 MARYPHONE
11/14/19 11:10 A
Your Favorite Way to Serve.... MRPEABODY 13 SUNNYDAYTLH
11/13/19 10:59 A
What's for breakfast/lu unch/dinner? MAGNOLIA416 109 HOLLYSTORMCLOUD
11/12/19 8:33 A
Daily Focus Saturday -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 6 NEWVINE
9/28/19 2:21 P
What is your weather like today? NOCALOVE1 443 GAYEMC
11/15/19 11:21 A
Having a wonderful day today. AC units had their yearly checkup (and cleaning) everything is good. G JEANUT 7 DEE107
9/27/19 12:12 A
Does anyone keto out there? I'm quite intrigued. RREICHEL2010 7 RREICHEL2010
9/27/19 2:27 P
Wasn't going to spill the beans. But yesterday was my birthday and today I received these beautiful MARYJOHANNAH 72 ARNETTELEE
9/27/19 7:27 A
Today I reached full retirement age and am maintaining (for several years) a 21% reduction in body w OOLALA53 17 GABY1948
9/29/19 10:27 A
10/1/19 4:38 P
11/15/19 9:11 A
New to the team? MAGNOLIA416 181 HOLLYSTORMCLOUD
11/14/19 11:31 A
9/24/19 11:11 A
Currently making a point in the remainder of today to pay myself on the back for the workout I did t SUNNYWORKOUT30 6 SUNNYWORKOUT30
9/24/19 9:05 A
Over 16,300 steps today! This is my new record & less than 3 months after surgery. My legs/feet are FERRETGIRL28 19 MCFITZ2
9/24/19 2:46 A
Posted a goal MARSHASHADOW 11 NIKO27
9/24/19 10:31 A
Hello SHARON-2020 2 OOLALA53
9/22/19 12:16 A
I haven’t been on this app in awhile. It’s changed. Where do you go to see calorie differential? RHAFFEY1304 2 OOLALA53
9/21/19 1:45 P
9/22/19 2:00 P
Not the best couple of weeks of eating (been dealing with depression), BUT, checking in on Spark, ke NEW_CATS_MEOW 6 JAMER123
9/22/19 10:26 P
Trying to get back on track at home. TWEETYKC00 6 GABY1948
9/22/19 8:56 A
9/22/19 10:05 A
I HOPE your weekend is "this" good! LIVEANDLAUGH 8 LILIANN400
9/21/19 4:00 P
I love to bake, so yesterday baked some cupcakes. I had 2 of them and froze the rest. It will be nic NEW_CATS_MEOW 8 DAWNWATERWOMAN
9/22/19 10:58 P
Having a proud moment August 20th I put down cigarettes and now I am loosing weight and getting heal DIANNAWEST180 7 NOCALORIES
9/21/19 5:19 P
Hi I'm cat! CATOGATO 7 GEORGE815
9/21/19 3:02 P
Just beginning but determined CRAFTYGRAM1947 7 ALLYLIZZY
9/22/19 12:41 P
Have missed only one day of yoga (45 minute+ session) since August 15. OOLALA53 4 GABY1948
9/21/19 3:12 P
9/21/19 5:06 A
I lost 5 pounds getting back on spark and watching my calorie intake. Because i can't afford the ex SBLACKWELL93 16 PAMBROWN62
9/21/19 6:14 A
9/21/19 1:13 P
Great visual to understand muscle vs fat mass... REVENGETIME40 14 REVENGETIME40
9/21/19 3:32 P
I am so honored to have gotten an email alert that I am a Spark Motivator today (though I think it m OOLALA53 14 GABY1948
9/18/19 9:51 A
Do you eat by the clock or by your hunger signals? EOWYN24241 40 GABY1948
9/23/19 11:55 A
Name One Thing You are THANKFUL for today WIZZLEWOLF1 2282 MARCHEM
11/15/19 4:11 P
Do you have a cheat day? BANDIIIT 6323 GABY1948
11/14/19 5:29 P
Do You weigh everyday? LOSEWEIGHT1212 6079 BOB5148
11/15/19 4:57 P
Hour commitments JOL1KEY2BOL3 8054 JOL1KEY2BOL3
11/15/19 3:21 P