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190... Lose the handles VICINMAINE 2 POSEY440
1/26/20 11:01 A
Happy Sunday! RAERAERAE62 15 POSEY440
1/26/20 11:01 A
Have a Blessed Sunday! VICKI27655 10 POSEY440
1/26/20 11:01 A
Surprised to have this low this morning. Yesterday was at the beach in high 70's in the early mornin TUBLADY 7 POSEY440
1/26/20 11:01 A
Good morning! It's a brand new beautiful Sunday! May your day be blessed! BANEWLAND 4 POSEY440
1/26/20 11:00 A
my weight stayed between 181.8 and 181.0 all month.... equivalent of 4,651 bees (12 ounces)...no mi 10XPERLB 14 POSEY440
1/26/20 11:00 A
Good morning spark friends, happy Sunday! I made biscuits and gravy for my granddaughter years ago CARLOSLAKELAND 43 HEDSTS58
1/26/20 11:05 A
1/26/20 11:13 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 16 BARBARAROSE54
1/26/20 11:12 A
"That moment you lower the music when looking for the street address so you can see better." NANASUEH 19 ONEDAY@ATIME1
1/26/20 11:10 A
I have been putting in a lot of work at the gym on my shoulders nice to finally see a difference fin HOOAH19766 31 BIRBKITTEN1234
1/26/20 11:05 A
"Your beliefs don't make you a better person; your behavior does." NANASUEH 24 RREDFORD5
1/26/20 11:22 A
My journey! #BeforeAndAfter PAMBACH 101 RREDFORD5
1/26/20 11:21 A
My walking buddies! UPTOIT59 88 RREDFORD5
1/26/20 11:22 A
Hahahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ BELLAAURORA 16 1CRAZYDOG
1/25/20 6:14 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 13 GEORGE815
1/25/20 3:05 P
enjoy the day do something you enjoy ! SPARKFRAN514 21 DUCKTURNIP
1/26/20 9:31 A
I never want my kids to be concerned with why I don’t have fun with them, including occasion fun mea NEXTCHAPTERPLZ 25 3BOYZMA
1/25/20 5:36 P
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 19 GEORGE815
1/25/20 3:04 P
I'm finally in Onederland!!!! It took an extra 24 days, but I didn't give up! May our struggles make L1VEL1FE 93 GLORYB83
1/26/20 10:04 A
My baby that helps to keep me active on my off days KITTYM 31 GEORGE815
1/25/20 3:01 P
Happy Saturday, Everyone! Meet my sweet rescue kitty, Lola! πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ˜Ί SCHOPPEK 139 KAYDE53
1/25/20 5:48 P
One of my proudest moments. And I KEPT IT OFF for 5 years. I'm on a couple of meds that can cause AKELLY45 204 7STIGGYMT
1/26/20 11:01 A
My grandma went home to glory yesterday. A joyous moment for her, but sad for the rest of us. πŸ’” She SURFIE 30 DIANEDOESSMILES
1/26/20 12:23 A
Instead of sitting and making my work phone calls, I went outside and walked while I talked! KIMJT8031 8 KIMJT8031
1/24/20 9:00 P
#trackingcomplete for today RCLYKE 3 POSEY440
1/24/20 5:23 P
Check out the podcast β€œFinding Fred,” about Fred Rogers. I walk the house to avoid miserable outdoor CAROLJEAN64 6 SNUZYQ2
1/24/20 5:33 P
To the pool at 6 am for an hour....done! (It does not look this bright and sunny at 6 am in the wint SISSYFEB48 24 MACEDO1969
1/24/20 6:50 P
Posted a photo CRYAN1911 6 LEARN211
1/24/20 7:55 P
I did something that I haven't done in over four months. I had lunch with a friend and didn't have w ANNB517 19 DUCKTURNIP
1/26/20 9:33 A
Snowpocalypse State of Emergency day 7. Finally got my oil tank dig out yesterday. The tank is close LITTLEMISSMOUSE 32 DUCKTURNIP
1/26/20 9:35 A
Swimming for Cardio is what really motivates me. I went this morning and I can't wait to go again t DBALZER 18 GARDENCHRIS
1/24/20 11:41 A
I hope you are enjoying your Thursday, Spark friends. PAMBROWN62 18 _RAMONA
1/24/20 1:17 A
Posted a photo JFRICKER 18 _RAMONA
1/24/20 1:17 A
Posted a goal IAN2409 12 GABY1948
1/24/20 6:35 P
I am sooo tired!!! I started physical therapy today which is ALOT like circuit training but not so h MRSJENNI 9 GEORGE815
1/23/20 6:39 P
He likes to look over my budget to make sure there is enough for kitty litter JIMIPAGE29 45 ALLYLIZZY
1/24/20 1:42 P
Started at 230 a month ago. Now at 217.5! I have drastically changed my eating habits by cooking a KIMJT8031 49 _RAMONA
1/24/20 1:15 A
Vacation, aaahhhh. Really having a lot of knee pain. Hope it passes cause this was not in the plan! BCHARIE 19 GABY1948
1/24/20 6:29 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 7 GOODYBAR58
1/22/20 9:50 A
True M33624 32 HARROWJET
1/22/20 10:07 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 7 POSEY440
1/22/20 9:45 A
Happy Wednesday!! GEMSHEART 16 GEORGE815
1/22/20 6:59 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 14 GEORGE815
1/22/20 7:00 P
One always keeps their legs crossed in polite society. #thatdogthough #ladylike DAD_AINT_HIP 34 _RAMONA
1/22/20 8:26 P
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 26 _RAMONA
1/22/20 8:27 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 8 GEORGE815
1/22/20 5:46 P
Post any comments, successes, troubles or just how life is going in general. The goal is 4 day, I d MISSA526 8 SILVAS7
1/23/20 9:36 P
1/23/20 7:50 A
Snow yesterday! Tomorrow is the big day! I'm excited and looking forward to hitting the gym agai FREEDOMSKEY 15 FIREBRTHR
1/23/20 1:08 A
I'm still here. Plugging away at the holiday weight gain. Winter makes me so incredibly lazy. Was up DOUBLELSMOM 148 KAYDE53
1/22/20 6:17 P
So happy about the new hair color I got. It was the first time in over a year that I got it done and AMYZGARDEN 19 GEORGE815
1/22/20 5:43 P
My car has recall repairs. My loaner car is a brand new 2020 Subaru Ascent that holds 7. AOKDIET21 27 7STIGGYMT
1/22/20 5:56 P
NSV. Put on this blazer yesterday and its getting quite loose. Great feeling!! I'll be back into my APEG202 28 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/24/20 9:20 A
Snowpocalypse State of Emergency day 6. I am allowed to go to work! I do blood collections for peopl LITTLEMISSMOUSE 179 KAYDE53
1/22/20 6:28 P
Started 12/21 and just hit the 10lbs lost milestone! Can I get a Woot Woot! SARAOMG13 74 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/23/20 11:15 A
1/21/20 5:21 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 7 GEORGE815
1/21/20 11:37 A
Quick breakfast! 3 hard boiled eggs, 1/2 cup of lo CHERIRODRIGUEZ 7 GEORGE815
1/21/20 11:37 A
Time to lift weights? #moveit BONNIE1552 8 GEORGE815
1/21/20 11:35 A
Happy Taco Tuesday LADY_KATHY 7 CHEIVOUS
1/21/20 11:37 A
1/21/20 11:33 A
Never give up - but you might want to check to see if your goals are realistic. #goalfeats BONNIE1552 12 KAYAHSLOANE1
1/22/20 4:28 A
1/21/20 11:18 P
Good morning spark friends. Make today a great one! TRIPPYHIPPY89 16 OPTICALXILLUSIO
1/21/20 6:47 P
I'm going for my water goal today. #h2whoa BONNIE1552 19 ALVEDAPERO1
1/21/20 9:54 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!! Yesterday felt like a β€˜real’ day of work - there were TEXASHSMOMOF3 93 AZMOMXTWO
1/22/20 7:13 A
Everyone have a Beautiful Tuesday❀️ MCADENA4 13 GEORGE815
1/21/20 11:32 A
1/26/20 7:28 A
New low weight today. I had made it to 182.5 back in October.Β  Today 182!!! Another goal crushed. 35 APEG202 153 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/25/20 6:57 A
Posted a photo STEPHANIEPAEZ 13 ASF220
1/20/20 9:59 A
Taking a peek at the week this MOnday morning. Training at the gym this morning. Meals are planned RUTHIEBEAR 17 GARDENSFORLIFE
1/20/20 11:31 P
πŸ’ž M33624 14 HARROWJET
1/20/20 9:50 P
Literally feel like this all the time, but still have barely even tried for years. Time to push thro JESSIEKAITLIN16 11 KOSHIE1
1/20/20 12:42 P
1/20/20 1:27 P