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idk about you guys, but I really struggle with my thinking when I have an injury. I pulled a couple RECOVERYMAMA 5 NITEMAN3D
2/24/20 2:43 P
Finally have a standing desk at work, and am working to stand more. I also find I move more at my de RECOVERYMAMA 12 GEORGE815
2/19/20 4:25 P
This is why we can’t have nice things...LOL. I should have used, Before Cats and After Cats. Needles MIAMI_LILLY 96 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
12/13/19 11:09 A
Brisk morning meditation walk in the cold. Feels like winter, and a bit icy - and still just beautif RECOVERYMAMA 3 GEORGE815
10/30/19 5:32 P
Crisp cold early morning walking meditation @ 3.5 mi. Brisk and beautiful out! #grateful RECOVERYMAMA 3 AIYANASMAMA
10/11/19 10:20 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Sunday!!! A little late this morning I overslept and had to rush TEXASHSMOMOF3 34 CGARR442
9/23/19 6:25 P
9/22/19 10:26 P
Tracking the progress of my new mindset to “take a walk” everyday...with no expectations except to m ANNIEONLI 6 ARNETTELEE
9/23/19 7:45 A
Slowly I’m seeing some weight loss from those migraine pills that made me gain so much😊 TBOYD5000 14 STAR135000
9/5/19 11:22 P
Whoop! 3 mi walk done before work! And more to come. Love my glorious almost-Fall mornings, and the RECOVERYMAMA 2 ALLYLIZZY
9/5/19 1:14 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! First I just have to say thank you for all the love TEXASHSMOMOF3 32 TEXASHSMOMOF3
9/5/19 10:34 P
Good morning - have a "spark"tacular day! NORMAJEAN73 35 CD12282919
9/5/19 7:59 P
The scale is finally moving again...25# gone! TORRIESJOURNEY 143 VALLEYGIRLSPAGE
9/5/19 7:21 P
It's vegetable roasting day! -POOKIE- 28 TMP0418
9/5/19 6:06 P
I have weighed in at my heaviest....I have tried weight watchers....but it's discouraging because I KAYLA11426 122 GEORGE815
9/5/19 5:29 P
Working on my morning walking meditation, being focused on a healthier life! and lifestyle. #progres RECOVERYMAMA 3 GEORGE815
9/4/19 5:04 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!!! Today’s post is a little different. Y’all know I’v TEXASHSMOMOF3 225 JUJUBEAR3
9/5/19 7:21 P
Morning meditation walk 7500 steps before work. Peaceful is the best way for me to start the day! RECOVERYMAMA 7 GEORGE815
8/29/19 2:58 P
I wasn't going to post this but thought what the heck! There's bikinis and underwear being posted. I DOUBLELSMOM 140 ALOFA0509
8/22/19 9:40 P
Posted a photo RASOCKS 36 HARROWJET
8/9/19 8:19 P
Hi.. Just joined yesterday...So I’m Learning the Ropes..Right now I’m 148 pounds..Want to get down t THEHOFFSS 10 NEVAPATE3
8/5/19 5:19 P
Morning all I know this isn't about weight loss, but I should start my antidepressants/anxiety meds KINYA4571 7 RECOVERYMAMA
7/31/19 2:10 P
I'm learning to let go of the idea that I absolutely have to get in 20k steps a day, otherwise I'm n ALLYLIZZY 26 LILIWHEELER
8/1/19 11:34 P
7/31/19 2:07 P
Happy Wednesday! Enjoy your day! 💖 ALLYLIZZY 21 123THERESA123
8/1/19 9:15 A
Much needed meditative morning walk today, too much insomnia last couple days. This makes life sooo RECOVERYMAMA 4 GEORGE815
7/30/19 3:08 P
Magnificent morning meditation walk this a.m. Got in 3.15 miles, saw five squirrels playing (which a RECOVERYMAMA 4 LILIANN400
7/17/19 8:29 P
Down another 1.5#, makes it officially 70.5# lost. Woo hoo!! Best part of all, my fav NSV? I can sit RECOVERYMAMA 5 SWEETGABROWN1
7/12/19 11:45 A
Morning walking meditation. Peaceful, beautiful and cool enough out to enjoy it immensely! #peacewit RECOVERYMAMA 3 SWEETGABROWN1
7/12/19 11:48 A
60 min walking meditation this morning, at just over 3 mi. Beautiful and sunny with a little bit of RECOVERYMAMA 8 MOOSIFER1
7/5/19 11:57 A
Refocusing on how I want to proceed forward. Always a good habit to have! #progressnotperfection RECOVERYMAMA 2 KHALIA2
6/27/19 2:28 P
Popped out of bed this a.m., ready to face the day! RECOVERYMAMA 2 NONYAGUPPY
6/27/19 4:48 P
Morning walking meditation this morning was 3.2 miles. Great way to roll into the day! RECOVERYMAMA 12 NIKO27
6/25/19 10:25 A
Spent the weekend with my mom and my daughter. Some times you have to make time, for your own sanity RECOVERYMAMA 5 ALLYLIZZY
6/24/19 1:22 P
Healthy lunch with a cranberry walnut salad and some yummy chicken! RECOVERYMAMA 4 MARKSMOM3
6/20/19 3:04 P
Practiced some focused meditation this morning on my walk. That helped, a good bit. A welcome change RECOVERYMAMA 5 SWEETGABROWN1
6/20/19 3:29 P
skyline with storm clouds last night - perfect view while gardening, watching for the coming rainsto RECOVERYMAMA 13 DIZEIMAGE
6/19/19 2:16 P
Great meditation walk this morning, got in over 3 mi. before work. Makes the day so much more peacef RECOVERYMAMA 2 ALLYLIZZY
6/19/19 1:58 P
Got in a great 3 mi. hour meditation walk this morning. Feels so good! What a great way to start the RECOVERYMAMA 3 ALLYLIZZY
6/13/19 11:47 A
Manage my stress by taking another walk! My favorite 'cure' for the insanity of life. Keep on movin' RECOVERYMAMA 5 ALLYLIZZY
6/11/19 7:04 P
This morning's walking meditation was perfect! Peaceful cool walk in the early morning around campus RECOVERYMAMA 3 DEM-TOM
6/7/19 5:20 P
Semi-healthy? I think so. Graze lemon blueberry flapjack and a cup of coffee for breakfast, blackber RECOVERYMAMA 2 ALLYLIZZY
5/29/19 12:10 P
Beautiful morning meditation walk this morning, slight breeze, and got in 3 mi before work! Helps my RECOVERYMAMA 2 ALLYLIZZY
5/29/19 12:10 P
Beautiful walking meditation this morning around the park and the horticultural center. Love it!! RECOVERYMAMA 4 LILIANN400
5/22/19 4:54 P
Woo hoo! A good night's sleep does make a huge difference! RECOVERYMAMA 4 LILIANN400
5/22/19 4:55 P
Very cold wind this morning for my walk, but that won't stop me! got in 2.6 mi and busy at work! Hap RECOVERYMAMA 5 ALLYLIZZY
5/21/19 12:44 P
Four years ago, I dreamed and imagined that I would become a smaller size to be able to feel confide ALLYLIZZY 147 OPTICALXILLUSIO
5/24/19 3:05 P
Averaging 7 mi. per day - makes me feel happy!! Pushing that number up, up, up! #fitnessfeats RECOVERYMAMA 7 CGEM61
5/18/19 7:49 P
69# gone... feeling like a whole new person! and yet, my biggest happiness is NSVs! I feel better, a RECOVERYMAMA 7 KAS10001
5/16/19 2:47 P
2.6 mi morning walking meditation done, took a walk through the campus park, peaceful, beautiful, an RECOVERYMAMA 4 KAYAHSLOANE1
5/18/19 11:27 A
Needing prayers for my 13 year old daughter (turns ST3PH 278 LOVEKOLE17
5/16/19 3:51 P
50 min morning walking meditation! #meditation #fitnessfeats RECOVERYMAMA 5 KAYAHSLOANE1
5/14/19 1:12 P
Woo!! Saw the doc this morning about sinus stuff and for some blood work. I don't weigh often, bc I RECOVERYMAMA 6 LILIANN400
5/13/19 9:27 P
My pet's name would be cucumber... 🤪 DEM-TOM 304 RECOVERYMAMA
5/10/19 10:01 A
walked 3 miles today #fitnessfeats CECELW 9 BONNIE1552
5/11/19 5:05 P
Morning pit stop today to feed the smidget Burger King (ew, but once in a while, I am ok doing this RECOVERYMAMA 6 ALLYLIZZY
5/10/19 11:33 A
Yeah, on Fridays I especially vote Nope! lol have a great day y'all! RECOVERYMAMA 11 SLASALLE
5/10/19 11:32 A
Fitness planned! Good walk this morning, another planned for noon, and some strength training in bet RECOVERYMAMA 4 BONNIE1552
5/11/19 5:05 P
Glorious morning meditation walk today, perfect cool and cloudy weather, got in 6K, and feel so peac RECOVERYMAMA 1 RECOVERYMAMA
5/9/19 9:52 A
13,932 steps yesterday, goal was 14K. I still call that a win, and yay for progress not perfection!! RECOVERYMAMA 3 BONNIE1552
5/9/19 4:34 P
Shorter meditation walk this morning, but also got in another short one mid-morning!! Do whatever it RECOVERYMAMA 4 GEORGE815
5/8/19 5:18 P
Slacked just a little yesterday (only 11K steps) but it's my first 'rest' day in a long time so I'm RECOVERYMAMA 3 BONNIE1552
5/9/19 5:20 P
Must add more to the daily routine!! Walking a lot now, need more strength training! #fitnessfeats RECOVERYMAMA 3 RECOVERYMAMA
5/3/19 9:45 A
Morning meditation walk done, 50 min and lots more peace!! RECOVERYMAMA 4 YMWONG22
5/3/19 2:42 A
Healthy breakfast, Nutri Grain bar and coffee, follow by apple. Yum! RECOVERYMAMA 2 YMWONG22
4/30/19 11:23 A
Beautiful morning sky when I dropped the smidget off, and got to enjoy it during the morning meditat RECOVERYMAMA 11 YMWONG22
4/30/19 11:23 A
Morning meditation walk was glorious this morning! The sky is full of clouds and rain, and it just f RECOVERYMAMA 21 ELSCO55
4/26/19 9:43 P
Amazing sky this morning meditation walk! RECOVERYMAMA 20 ALLYLIZZY
4/24/19 12:28 P
Healthy breakfast done, multi grain oatmeal with seeds and nuts and blueberries. RECOVERYMAMA 2 GEORGE815
4/22/19 1:38 P
Forgetful morning, forgot my keys, so my morning meditation walk was only 45 minutes. Still a beauti RECOVERYMAMA 12 ALLYLIZZY
4/22/19 1:51 P
Grumpy walking meditation this morning. And still did it! I don't care if it hurts when I start, I k RECOVERYMAMA 5 GEORGE815
4/17/19 2:33 P
Morning walking meditation - my pathway to peace!! RECOVERYMAMA 3 CD24115281
4/16/19 11:36 A
Yesterday a.m. got in a 4.6 mi walk (which was wonderful!) for my walking meditation, this morning g RECOVERYMAMA 5 WHYTEBROWN
4/15/19 1:21 P
Took a nice brisk walk half hour ago, great stress reliever!! RECOVERYMAMA 4 RETAT60
4/15/19 3:40 P
Struggled to eat right this weekend, had a total off day on Saturday, having to get myself back on t RECOVERYMAMA 4 LASOLA1
4/15/19 2:20 P