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…:::Did you know? In Switzerland it is illegal to own just one guinea pig. 2BDYNAMIC 31 BARB4HEALTH
2/17/20 10:46 P
Happy Monday - "President's Day" - Going grocery shopping! Enjoy your Week!!! FLASUN 29 LIS193
2/18/20 3:29 A
Good morning! Morning stretching routine done ✅... this morning I had spectators. Either they were LESLIELENORE 21 ROCKYCPA
2/17/20 10:18 P
I really enjoyed my swim, this morning ! #moveit PRAIRIECROCUS 7 DWROBERGE
2/18/20 5:00 A
I spent a couple hours scrubbing walls, baseboards, and everything in the kitchen and bathroom and t LESLIELENORE 18 ALLYLIZZY
2/18/20 12:04 P
Had not run in MONTHs and dusted the shoes today a week after the flu. We all enjoyed some outside t CARRIELYNNG 15 ROCKYCPA
2/17/20 10:14 P
Tonight’s sunset❣️ NANHBH 14 _RAMONA
2/18/20 1:43 A
My little girl likes to play hide and seek BJO274 20 ARTJAC
2/16/20 7:57 P
Morning stretching routine done ✅ LESLIELENORE 18 DUCKTURNIP
2/16/20 7:46 P
2/17/20 2:56 P
Happy Sunday Spark Friends! Yesterday's steps -walked Church rummage sale, Lowe's and went out danci FLASUN 37 MADEINBRITAIN
2/17/20 2:57 P
I was moving a few things this morning... but then I got started putting things away. How frustratin LESLIELENORE 10 PELESJEWEL
2/16/20 8:59 P
We went to the Sarasota Classic Car Museum today. Here’s a Flintstone’s era vehicle! NANHBH 24 GEORGE815
2/16/20 6:56 P
Went out for a short walk to clear my head... only sorta worked. My head was clear when I was outsid LESLIELENORE 15 GARDENSFORLIFE
2/16/20 10:37 P
Happy Valentine's Day!! Today hubby & I celebrate our 44th Wedding Anniversary! Tonight will be doi FLASUN 28 ROCKYCPA
2/15/20 10:48 P
..::Hugs 'n Love coming your way! 2BDYNAMIC 22 GABY1948
2/16/20 10:24 A
…::Of all the music that reaches first into heaven, it is the beating of a loving heart. Happy Valen 2BDYNAMIC 24 GABY1948
2/16/20 10:25 A
Morning stretching routine done ✅ LESLIELENORE 8 DUCKTURNIP
2/15/20 11:22 P
Happy Saturday Spark Friends! Yesterday was so NICE - Here is our new friend - Mr. Valentino - Halfm FLASUN 29 LIS193
2/16/20 3:39 A
I spent my Valentine’s Day assembling bookcases, and then shelving books on said bookcases. Done for LESLIELENORE 9 DUCKTURNIP
2/15/20 11:20 P
Working on my daily push-ups #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 20 LIS193
2/16/20 3:38 A
I am what I eat! #foodfeats JSTETSER 29 GABY1948
2/17/20 10:24 A
I made this delicious Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quinoa vegan recipe from #eatyourselfskinnyrecipe NANHBH 7 ROCKYCPA
2/15/20 10:43 P
Moving furniture and boxes. Almost done. LESLIELENORE 8 TCANNO
2/16/20 3:14 A
what 181 lbs looks like on 5'7" me taken today - I used to weigh 212 lbs 10XPERLB 36 LIS193
2/14/20 4:03 A
Happy Thursday Spark Friends. I have Lab work this morning - No coffee till I get done. Ugh!!! FLASUN 25 LIS193
2/14/20 4:04 A
Don't hide from those things that hold you back! #foodfeats JSTETSER 23 GABY1948
2/16/20 10:29 A
I'm simply putting one foot in front of the other! #fitnessfeats #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 32 GABY1948
2/14/20 9:43 A
I got the kitchen and most of the hall closet moved today, as well as some odds and ends. I have thr LESLIELENORE 10 DUCKTURNIP
2/14/20 12:52 A
Morning stretching routine done ✅ LESLIELENORE 10 DUCKTURNIP
2/14/20 12:53 A
Sneaking back into journaling my food. One day at a time. -50HEIDI 13 KATTHOMAS2
2/13/20 6:12 A
Happy Wednesday -my FAVE day!! Taking my mom to train station this morning - Then going to my Thrift FLASUN 30 LIS193
2/13/20 3:43 A
Learning when to stop eating! #foodfeats JSTETSER 34 GABY1948
2/16/20 10:32 A
Morning stretching routine done ✅ LESLIELENORE 5 DUCKTURNIP
2/14/20 12:54 A
Today, I'll be enjoying a nice swim ! #moveit #moveit PRAIRIECROCUS 12 PRAIRIECROCUS
2/13/20 4:32 P
God may not give us what we want when we want it, but He’s always on time! NANHBH 11 ROCKYCPA
2/13/20 12:26 A
HAPPY TUESDAY SPARK FRIENDS!! I won 500 Spark Goodies on my Wheel to Spin this morning!!! Woo Hoo!!! FLASUN 32 LIS193
2/12/20 4:10 A
Good morning! #foodfeats JSTETSER 21 GABY1948
2/13/20 8:56 A
My Wintery Walk #goalfeats JSTETSER 39 GABY1948
2/12/20 10:22 A
Morning stretching routine done ✅ LESLIELENORE 6 DUCKTURNIP
2/14/20 12:56 A
…::Hope your day is great! 2BDYNAMIC 19 PATRICIA-CR
2/12/20 8:57 A
…::I recall those days of Mom cooking and PTA meetings! 2BDYNAMIC 23 GABY1948
2/14/20 9:48 A
The Cooper-dog let himself into Sweet Pea’s crate, and I shut the door, but didn’t latch it. He stay LESLIELENORE 20 DUCKTURNIP
2/14/20 12:56 A
I got the bathroom packed and moved today, and a bit more of the kitchen and some of the hall closet LESLIELENORE 8 DUCKTURNIP
2/14/20 12:55 A
Another interesting mailbox... NANHBH 18 SPARKLINGME176
2/12/20 4:11 P
The Songs Game OKANOG 25374 ROCKYCPA
2/12/20 12:48 A
Had to get all the goody out of this day, pushed it hard and feel good! DLBEASYRIDER 17 _RAMONA
2/12/20 10:25 A
#BeforeAndAfter one month work towards goals! KETTLEONE 39 KAY-SUPREME
2/13/20 9:43 P
I hit the gym hard today! COCOBEBO42 9 _RAMONA
2/12/20 10:25 A
Good morning! I'm making the most of today! #goalfeats JSTETSER 24 MADEINBRITAIN
2/11/20 4:31 A
Happy Monday Spark Friends!! Going Grocery shopping today! Hope you enjoy your day!!! FLASUN 22 LIS193
2/11/20 1:50 A
Morning stretching routine done ✅... added a couple extra ones to ease some stiffness from the exert LESLIELENORE 10 GARDENCHRIS
2/11/20 4:31 P
Give understanding a try... NANHBH 17 ROCKYCPA
2/11/20 1:24 A
Happy Saturday Spark Friends! Last night our walk at our Beautiful Aventura Mall. We did 8,355 step FLASUN 21 ROCKYCPA
2/10/20 12:08 A
I can do it! #foodfeats JSTETSER 22 ROCKYCPA
2/10/20 12:07 A
Be mindful of what goes in the mouth LEANJEAN6 34 GABY1948
2/10/20 1:04 P
Last night’s Sarasota sunset. Breathtaking! NANHBH 20 ROCKYCPA
2/10/20 12:06 A
Good morning! #foodfeats JSTETSER 23 GABY1948
2/10/20 1:01 P
Happy Sunday!! Keep your "Spark" going today Spark Friends!!! FLASUN 27 ROCKYCPA
2/10/20 12:05 A
I spent about 11 hours yesterday madly packing and moving while I had friends and family available t LESLIELENORE 16 PATRISNA
2/10/20 8:33 A
We visited the Ringling Mansion. Impressive! NANHBH 12 ROCKYCPA
2/9/20 10:15 P
..::Always happy for spark friends--you mean the world to me! 2BDYNAMIC 31 GABY1948
2/10/20 1:00 P
The old apartment is mostly empty now... just moved the last bookshelf out. Still have to take down LESLIELENORE 27 DIANEDOESSMILES
2/9/20 11:29 P
2/10/20 3:08 A
getting started with some easy chair exercises. FRITZYS_MAMA 16 GABY1948
2/9/20 11:52 A
HAPPY FRIDAY SPARK FRIENDS!! No dancing tonight - Going to get in my Steps later walking our beauti FLASUN 14 LIS193
2/8/20 4:03 A
I'm resting at home. When you don't feel good, stay home! #foodfeats JSTETSER 39 LIS193
2/8/20 4:02 A
When you don't feel good, stay home! #goalfeats JSTETSER 21 GABY1948
2/9/20 11:52 A
Morning stretching routine done ✅ LESLIELENORE 6 DUCKTURNIP
2/7/20 10:50 P
National Heart Day - Wear your RED !!! FLASUN 13 LIS193
2/8/20 4:02 A
And another cute mailbox... NANHBH 7 ROCKYCPA
2/7/20 9:47 P
More moving of boxes. I also started moving small pieces of furniture, and wall hangings. It might t LESLIELENORE 9 GARDENSFORLIFE
2/7/20 11:27 P
If you haven't had this, try it now! Season your ahi tuna with everything bagel seasoning, sear it MRSMICHELLEMARI 18 _RAMONA
2/8/20 1:28 A
I have lost 8 pound I am so excited because for the first time I am taking control of my weight and TAMMY3583 98 _RAMONA
2/8/20 1:27 A
Posted a photo MARJOHN164 18 GERRYH2
2/7/20 6:21 A