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Happy Friday! I am looking forward to the weekend. I want to investigate ways to change up my routin SANDYHOLM 5 ALLYLIZZY
7/26/19 12:06 P
Thursday! I think I have my meals planned out really well. Lately, life has been just happening, s SANDYHOLM 4 ORTATK
7/25/19 8:18 A
7/23/19 1:02 P
Planning meals and making a grocery list! Lol! Weird how exciting it is. #foodfeats #mealplanning #i SANDYHOLM 3 _RAMONA
7/22/19 7:38 P
Doing a fruit and veggie challenge....not getting enough. Need to adjust so I can actually lose rat CP_BELIEVE 13 _RAMONA
7/22/19 7:22 P
I did good with my calories I finally almost hit 1500 calories I always eat less... JASMINEFAT2FIT 20 _RAMONA
7/17/19 8:52 P
It is going to be around 9 billion degrees and humid this week. Might need an alternative to my lunc SANDYHOLM 6 IJRYAN
7/16/19 11:34 P
Dinner! This salad is my favorite by far! Yummy JASMINEFAT2FIT 18 GMACAMI
7/16/19 12:02 P
Are u guys ready for that scream here it goes "SCREAMING LOUDLY" ok I'm done. Omg I did it y'all my JASMINEFAT2FIT 246 QSHEPP
7/15/19 10:46 P
Since I lost weight my periods have gotten worst.. I mean it hurts badly! Not sure what to do. Sitti JASMINEFAT2FIT 17 ZUBRUNSON
7/18/19 1:28 P
I can’t take being this big anymore. ANESTHESIADOC 18 _RAMONA
7/14/19 5:48 P
This is an amazing sunset from last week's vacation. I hope it fills you with joy and happiness. SANDYHOLM 48 QUARTERMASTER3
7/14/19 5:19 P
A few days ago I posted pictures of my cats I was entering into our county fair along with a landsca DGFOWLER 9 SPARKLINGME176
7/14/19 5:35 P
Back from vacation and gettimg back into the swing of things. SANDYHOLM 1 SANDYHOLM
7/13/19 6:24 P
What can I do to stop my monthly PMS binging....I do well for most of the month but ruin any progres RCOUDRIET2 5 RCOUDRIET2
7/13/19 3:04 P
So I start my weight loss journey today. I’m honestly really scared. I feel like I’m going to be jud KENZIEMCNEAR96 10 MCATLEDGE
7/13/19 4:55 P
My new toy came today- a brand new digital food scale 😀 CHEYNESMOM948 10 SANDYHOLM
7/13/19 12:51 P
I had a great time at church. And I had to take a picture I look amazing and slimmer! Can't wait to JASMINEFAT2FIT 24 SANDYHOLM
7/1/19 6:24 A
How did June go so fast!? I have been on a plateau, but haven't given up. One week before we leave f SANDYHOLM 5 JASMINEFAT2FIT
6/30/19 7:48 P
Few photos of my weekend. It was amazing and I had a beautiful anniversary! I just had to share with JASMINEFAT2FIT 23 SANDYHOLM
6/24/19 8:47 P
Here is a visual I sue for each months workouts. DARLINGD1970 11 LAMSCATS
7/14/19 11:52 A
I'm not even telling people I know in real life...and I'm not requiring perfection....but today I be AMYCURTIS01 244 MMMMD59
6/24/19 10:02 P
I haven't been online a lot lately and it has been harder to stay on track. Reading and writing post SANDYHOLM 9 DOODLEB
6/23/19 9:58 P
This post is for the ladies and it maybe TMI for s JASMINEFAT2FIT 17 JASMINEFAT2FIT
6/21/19 11:36 A
My daughter in graduating high school tomorrow. This week is also my son's last day of elementary s SANDYHOLM 3 LEAHANDD4EVER
6/17/19 6:55 A
Great way to spend the afternoon, throwing rocks into the river. TIKITAMI 29 FLASUN
6/17/19 5:14 A
Went out for a nice walk over lunch today. There were about 10 turtles in this pond. They were so sw SANDYHOLM 27 BONNIE1552
6/14/19 8:16 A
We have been having some wonderful weather. Not too hot. Not too cold. Low humidity. SANDYHOLM 4 JHADZHIA
6/9/19 2:02 P
New painting that I painted last night. Had to po STEEPERSLOUNGE 109 HAPPYDAZ1
6/10/19 10:03 A
There's nothing like the lovely fragrance of Lilacs. 💝 CLO333 18 SPEDED2
6/9/19 9:31 P
Liked this, a lot, so I “borrowed”it from a Spark Facebook group post. Food for thought. Have a g PAMBROWN62 19 WOMANOFLOVE
6/8/19 10:49 P
I just heard of mini goals. I'm setting mine at 17 MAXIE4492 2 SANDYHOLM
6/4/19 8:14 P
Good morning Sparks family happy Tuesday! I'm disappointed I have hit a plateau. My weight has been JASMINEFAT2FIT 10 SANDYHOLM
6/4/19 8:10 P
Day 2 of #nosoda! SANDYHOLM 4 GEORGE815
6/4/19 9:34 P
The filling for my chicken pot pie first time making it. Going for a walk later just going to see wh BRITTANY0218 24 KOALA_BEAR
6/3/19 10:34 P
My water bottle isn't pretty. It has been around the block a few times. My daughter gave it to me as SANDYHOLM 7 RDCAGAIN10
6/4/19 10:11 A
I did NOT get a soda on the way to the bus! #nosoda SANDYHOLM 8 BIRBKITTEN1234
6/3/19 6:06 P
Hi there , I am new here - I am considering jumping from ww to SparkPeople- whats your thoughts? ANJA77 18 GMACAMI
6/3/19 8:36 P
Happy Monday morning!! It is a GREAT weigh in day today!!! Weighed in at 3.2lbs less then last week 2B-ME-AGAIN 163 GMACAMI
6/3/19 8:22 P
My cat did not want me to get up today. She was sleeping on top of me and when I tried to move her, SANDYHOLM 19 NICKYLIBERTY
6/3/19 7:25 A
Good morning my weight have been the same for the past week now it's good but it's time for it to co JASMINEFAT2FIT 11 SANDYHOLM
6/2/19 7:54 P
Tomorrow's the day! I am going to go soda free. I have done it before, but relapsed. I tend to reac SANDYHOLM 7 BONNIE1552
6/3/19 5:57 P
Happy Tuesday! I am almost at another mini-goal, down 22 pounds and have been on track for 74 days. SANDYHOLM 9 DRINKALOTH2O
6/3/19 11:05 A
Today's lunch! I had oatmeal for breakfast with spinach, apples, and banana smoothie... JASMINEFAT2FIT 10 JOCELYNH711
5/28/19 6:47 A
Happy Tuesday but feels like a monday!! I have a feeling it is going to be a long week! Have a great 2B-ME-AGAIN 44 IBHOOKD
5/28/19 8:36 A
Lol first attempt at full body pic. Still have a long way to go but I'm excited. DJJP163 23 GRANNYOF05
5/27/19 1:14 P
Its been a ruff year, losing weight this year. I been losing inches, but not much weight. I have a h MCLOPEZ54 131 LE_SIGH
5/27/19 10:31 P
Been walking my dog a lot lately. She is tired and giving me side eye everytine I get up. I think s SANDYHOLM 5 KAYAHSLOANE1
5/27/19 5:48 P
Hi spark people!!! I’m new to this app and really could use suggestion on how to use it TRACICOOK007 5 JULZ09
5/26/19 10:10 P
After a week of on point eating of my own healthy creations from my kitchen, I treated myself to a SPARKLEIGH61 64 123THERESA123
6/1/19 7:34 A
Planning to stick to 1200 calories today. No snacks for me! JANEDOE12345 9 GARDENCHRIS
5/25/19 11:20 A
Grr. My fitbit isnt syncing and apparently hasn't been since Wednesday. 😦😢 I have been busy, so I SANDYHOLM 3 HOWBOUTTHISNAME
5/25/19 9:24 A
It is a busy week, but still managing to stay on track! SANDYHOLM 5 HEARTMEND
5/21/19 10:46 P
Please pray for me and my family I'm trying not to break down and cry my husband is at the hospital JASMINEFAT2FIT 9 FOREVER_AGAPE
5/20/19 7:24 A
What do you do when you are not a fan of a lot of veggies TAZTEASER 6 FRISKYCRITTER
5/19/19 10:44 P
Went for a bike ride for the first time in years! Surprised I could still do it. LOL! It was long (j SANDYHOLM 9 KAYAHSLOANE1
5/20/19 7:08 P
Beautiful day today! And so tired from a very busy week. Great day out with the family. SANDYHOLM 2 HOTPINKCAMARO49
5/18/19 8:00 P
My daughter's senior prom was last night. She grew up so fast. We are making plans for graduation an SANDYHOLM 12 CHRIS138
5/11/19 2:51 P
I just had to share this. 2 years and 29 days ago I started at 298 pounds, size 26/28 pants. Last OLA165 244 TREKPURRSON
5/23/19 4:57 P
Woohoo! Met my second mini goal and am official under 179! This is huge for me! I couldn't even begi SANDYHOLM 17 COURTNEYMKEESLE
5/7/19 4:55 P
All in all, I commute about 3 hours a day - when the traffic is good. It really eats into my persona SANDYHOLM 5 FRISKYCRITTER
5/7/19 7:20 A
Wanted to work out today but have had a killer migraine all day. Oh well there is always tomorrow! JWILTZER18 10 GEORGE815
5/4/19 10:02 P
Well, it has been a stressful day and I haven't resorted to comfort food. I have a month to do three SANDYHOLM 3 LKEITHO
5/3/19 8:56 P
1 pound away from my mini-goal of 179! I wanted to be there by May 10th and it looks like I will mak SANDYHOLM 24 KAYAHSLOANE1
5/4/19 3:58 A
every. week. 🤣 SHINEFROMWITHIN 25 FELICIA1963
5/3/19 9:29 A
Loved teaching three brand new beginners! BONNIEMARGAY 6 BONNIEMARGAY
5/3/19 5:13 P
Day 2 of Jessica Smith's One Mile Walk and Talk Series on Youtube. Hoping this early morning workout SANDYHOLM 14 ALLYLIZZY
5/3/19 12:16 P
Asking for prayers for my 13 (turns 14 May 19th) year old daughter. She's suicidal and was admitted ST3PH 217 GIDIET
5/5/19 9:27 P
Really busy day at work tomorrow. I will be there from 12 hours, so I packed a lot of food. #foodfea SANDYHOLM 5 KAYAHSLOANE1
5/4/19 3:59 A
Had a little chocolate tonight but didn’t binge, even though I wanted to. I call that a victory! GRATTECIELLA 39 DUCKTURNIP
5/3/19 12:22 A
looking for new friends to hold me accountable. I know WHAT to do, and i do it, but after lunch is w VIRGO3342 12 EOLIAN_WOMAN
5/13/19 11:37 A
Got up this morning and completed Jessica Smith's One Mile Walk & Talk on YouTube before getting rea SANDYHOLM 8 RYCGIRL
5/2/19 7:35 A
All set for tomorrow! It is amazing the difference planning makes. When I plan, I have more satisfyi SANDYHOLM 2 GEORGE815
5/1/19 8:32 P
A cold and dreary Wednesday. Just like yesterday and the day before. I am aching for just a little w SANDYHOLM 4 GEORGE815
5/1/19 8:46 P
I am feeling really happy and accomplished. I have been able to keep on plan and the weight is stead SANDYHOLM 13 SANDYHOLM
4/30/19 8:44 P