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Slowly chipping away at goals🙂🙂🙂 #goalfeats LOSEWEIGHT1212 7 BONNIE1552
3/18/19 8:57 A
Posted a photo NUNSWORTH1 14 GEORGE815
3/16/19 8:10 P
First 5K complete!!! Finished at 53 minutes. We did manage to run the last few yards to cross the fi TALULAHLES 31 LIZZIE138
3/16/19 10:05 P
Having a great day ATHENAWOODBURY9 3 GEORGE815
3/16/19 8:18 P
goals going good. plan some work in front flowerbed #goalfeats KITTYHAWK1949 4 BONNIE1552
3/18/19 8:58 A
Hi my dears, hope everyone is having an awesome day. Live, be safe, and happy. SILVERSTAR02 5 SILVERSTAR02
3/27/19 3:56 P
drinking and refill large water bottle. #h2whoa KITTYHAWK1949 5 GEORGE815
3/16/19 8:17 P
3/16/19 8:17 P
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 16 _RAMONA
3/17/19 12:56 A
eating healthy within calorie range. good habits - good health #foodfeats KITTYHAWK1949 6 ECOAXUM
3/17/19 2:21 P
So yesterday was another great day for hiking in southern Az... this time was 6 mi in 3 hrs, 1194 f NICE_TREVI 25 NICE_TREVI
3/17/19 1:28 A
Posted a photo 618LILY1 10 GEORGE815
3/16/19 8:14 P
All of a sudden, My 4 year old wanted sushi. So we took him. His 1st bite of sushi and he actually l AMYMBUNCH 17 WOMANOFLOVE
3/17/19 11:09 A
Some photos to show the comparison of measurements to my height 😓😱🤯 HUFFELPOWELL16 8 GEORGE815
3/16/19 8:13 P
Dropped another dress size LOVEMOTIVATES 27 _RAMONA
3/17/19 12:54 A
Makes me ashamed when I can but don't move. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 24 PATRICIA-CR
2/22/19 10:47 A
Good morning sparkers Flipping hours from the night shift to second shift. Greenhouse to arrive on STEEPERSLOUNGE 25 ALLYLIZZY
2/21/19 12:48 P
Yes it’s been raining for days! Rather than posting a pic of Noah on the ark proclaiming this is Ten JUSTFURKIDS 17 JAMER123
2/23/19 12:17 A
A yummy oatmeal breakfast for just 270 calories! I added pineapple, coconut and walnuts... very trop MANDOERIN 6 SPINECCO
2/21/19 11:21 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 7 SPINECCO
2/21/19 11:21 A
Nine pounds down, 20 more to go... #BeforeAndAfter ANGROYALTY 56 ALLYLIZZY
2/21/19 12:33 P
2/22/19 5:13 P
Eating more plants is my plan. JANLEIGH18 7 SASHASMOM1122
2/21/19 10:51 A
#BeforeAndAfter Not the best picture, but look... BOOTS THAT GO AROUND MY LEGS!! Edit - thank you ABELAWSKI 119 SADION
2/21/19 8:03 P
Boot camp workout ✔ 8 cups of water ✔ Self-motivated ✔ WINNER✔ Be blessed! N33D2LOSE50 5 WOMANOFLOVE
2/22/19 5:14 P
i'm almost afraid to speak on it for fear i will jinx it, but the rain seems to be gone for today. SOFT_VAL67 7 ALLYLIZZY
2/21/19 12:48 P
Three pounds down today after being stuck for 2 weeks. 48lbs down total! Almost below 160!!! Today i MISSMICHELLEB 92 OPTICALXILLUSIO
2/26/19 11:06 P
Posted a photo BEHAPPY160 4 SASHASMOM1122
2/21/19 10:46 A
Just realized I’m at my chiropractor 30 mins early. Supposed to leave house at 9:30. Instead got her KRISTINALAMBERT 4 GLASSHUNTER
2/21/19 11:28 A
NSV haven’t been able to put these on for over 2 years. I do have a wedding band tat under them. I g MISSYJ0507 14 GMACAMI
2/21/19 2:23 P
Two years ago today I started this new lifestyle! PHOXYM 68 MARYONAMISSION
3/8/19 1:47 P
Shirt from last year's fair...it was the largest size and still too small for me to actually wear. I ARTGIRLJENNL 22 HAPPYSOUL91
2/17/19 11:39 A
This picture was taken 2 years ago AMCVENEZIA 7 ALLYLIZZY
2/16/19 8:45 P
Hello , well I’ve been following SparkPeople for a long time so far I’ve lost 27 pounds since I join NELSROC6 9 NELSROC6
2/18/19 12:59 A
Burrito in a bowl? Eh, whatever, all dolloped up ;-) #keto BLESSOME 9 MONEYSTRETCHER
2/17/19 3:23 P
Most everyone is probably sick of winter by now, but not me. I love it and my hike today was absolut GINNABOOTS 17 LRJUSTUS1
2/17/19 12:40 A
I made good choices for breakfast and lunch then on way home from work I had a setback with my habit HAPPYMEG 23 STRUBELISA
2/16/19 7:47 P
almost time to fill water bottles. As long as they stay full, I keep drinking #h2whoa KITTYHAWK1949 3 TOCONNER
2/17/19 9:36 A
over slept but made it to water fit class on time. exercise streak continues. #goalfeats KITTYHAWK1949 4 ALLYLIZZY
2/16/19 8:59 P
love baked potatoes with only a little pepper. had salad, banana, avocado, peach, apple and might h KITTYHAWK1949 6 1CRAZYDOG
2/17/19 2:51 P
2/16/19 10:45 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 5 ALLYLIZZY
2/16/19 8:36 P
Posted a photo KASE120 11 SMOKESMOKE
2/16/19 9:28 P
“Oh joy! It is Saturday housecleaning!” said no one in our house ever! SISSYFEB48 11 CHEIVOUS
2/17/19 11:47 A
Eat the rainbow 🌈 they said...so I did! Happy birthday to me! 😉 JUDYBEAR216 171 TMP0418
3/2/19 7:58 A
I'm down today I gained 3 of the lbs I lost. I hate this roller coaster. And I know it's me I just t SASHASMOM1122 6 LUVOFME
2/16/19 6:12 P
Wow I can feel all the positive energy out there today. Love it! BYPASS2KETO1 3 SASHASMOM1122
2/15/19 2:53 P
Just saw this online. Thinking about making a low carb meatball skillet. Decisions, decisions. 🤔 DIALYSISCHIC1 15 DIALYSISCHIC1
2/16/19 2:20 A
Pushing the liquids today. 1 bottle of water and 30 ounces of green tea so far today, besides my 30 BRENDA100757 2 SASHASMOM1122
2/15/19 2:50 P
Chipotle for lunch (540 cal): salad with chicken, black beans, guac, and pico de gallo. Hit goals fo ENGINEERMOM 8 URBANREDNEK
2/15/19 8:27 P
For lunch I made shrimp and ginger spring rolls. It was my first time working with rice paper and I KELLYRN06 27 GINGINB
2/15/19 8:01 P
Reached my first mini-goal today! JULESJET 4 KRISTYGAL
2/15/19 7:27 P
#BeforeAndAfter I saw a real difference for the first time yesterday when I took this picture. Stick ARLOHAM 26 123THERESA123
2/17/19 2:12 P
Made it to another mini goal 83kg by 14th Feb! 53Kg down from peak fatness. LA1975 5 NIKO27
2/15/19 3:35 P
Someone.....actually an employee.....knocked 5 boxes of little debbie snack cakes in the floor while BRADSWIFEY4LIFE 9 SMALLERMELORIE
2/11/19 11:35 A
happy healthy Monday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 19 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/19 11:48 A
Garden veggie patty in a kale/spinach wrap for breakfast! along with a spinach, pineapple and banana RECOVERYMAMA 3 SASHASMOM1122
2/11/19 10:55 A
I moved some snow around...now I'm wrecked... Happy news...hubby bought me a Blendtek and a battery MARIAN326 8 SASHASMOM1122
2/11/19 10:55 A
2/11/19 11:46 A
Another bus trip today—prepared healthy snacks to avoid fast food at rest stops. KAEDWARDS2 3 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/19 12:33 P
Sunday’s work out with my best partner. My daughter. And Aaptiv app. Did a HIIT on elliptical then s SUPER-MOM_ 2 SASHASMOM1122
2/11/19 10:51 A
Im new. Starting today. Hello all!! XENA10 11 MSMITCHELL2696
2/11/19 1:15 P
Have gone off track but starting today I’m going to get back at things - tracking food and water int SHIPPY 6 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/19 12:32 P
Here is a food adventure that I am in love with. Take Ball jar and replace the top with plastic emb ARTSPARK 8 ARTSPARK
2/11/19 2:15 P
I've got yoga and weight training this evening! #moveit MSPOOH404 5 TRAILTRODDER
2/11/19 10:20 P
Feeling like I'm finally back on track! Ready to kick this weight to the curb! Have a great week S FFWONDERWOMAN 21 THINCPL2004
2/14/19 6:37 A
ONEDERLAND!!!!!!! I'm down 15 pounds since Jan. 1!! I'm 15 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight OBSESSEDHIKER 9 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/19 12:07 P
Those little things we do every day matter! JSTETSER 10 I-AM-TITANIUM
2/12/19 7:22 A
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 8 CONNIET88
2/11/19 8:44 P
Just dusted off the treadmill! Closed my exercise ring by starting c25k up again. Was able to run MOMMYWIFEYNURSE 4 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/19 12:07 P
1/24 Is what it takes for Self Care. Set aside this time today, it will change your week for the b PELESJEWEL 57 NANHBH
2/12/19 9:31 A
Egg whites with zucchini spinach and yellow and red bell peppers with whole wheat tortilla JESSRABBIT719 6 FISHGUT3
2/11/19 2:34 P
Yup, this is so me today!! ANIMAI27 10 LT3AG4S
2/12/19 9:54 A
My day out fishing 🐟!!!! ANNE052291 9 ANNE052291
2/10/19 2:49 P
I’m sure you’re tired of my constant restarts. I feel like such a failure. I start the day great. Ex CONNIET88 27 FOREVER_AGAPE
2/12/19 8:07 A