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I really hate that my body has a tell when i ain't doing good. When i am hurting or don't feel good SBLACKWELL93 6 DIANEDOESSMILES
2/26/21 2:19 P
My new water bottle. Already drank one bottle. I drink lime water with one or two strawberries cut u SBLACKWELL93 12 SBLACKWELL93
2/25/21 4:41 P
I have found that i really like working out after i wake up of the morning and have my first 8 ozs o SBLACKWELL93 6 QUEEN3510VA
2/25/21 6:31 P
Absolute favorite TV show (guilty pleasure) lol?.....I rarely get to watch TV. But I always record t BRAZENRAINBOW 11 MSMOSTIMPROVED
2/25/21 9:13 P
Today is gonna be a "i don't feel good" day. Last night i started getting a headache that wouldn't g SBLACKWELL93 7 ALLYLIZZY
2/24/21 9:42 P
I need active SP friends! So if you see this and you feel so inclined, shoot me an add! PHO3NIXONFIRE 5 SPARKANITA
2/23/21 6:59 P
The day started with a 45 minutes of peddling on my peddler. Then 10 minutes of stretching. After th SBLACKWELL93 3 GEORGE815
2/23/21 5:36 P
Well, well, well. After losing 70 lbs in 2016, here I am again! Day 2, trying to get my mind, ea JUSTALIFE67 6 GEORGE815
2/23/21 5:36 P
I was so hungry not from the lack of eating but from making one of my favorite meals. Chicken (breas SBLACKWELL93 10 ALLYLIZZY
2/23/21 11:35 A
Struggling getting my sugars down can't really exercise right have a small cold so frustrated SHKAJO50 8 TLV106
2/22/21 10:50 P
It’s been a while! EJLANDRUM 5 GEORGE815
2/22/21 3:42 P
Todays breakfast was 1.5 cups Kashi organic blueberry clusters with .5 a cup of 2% milk. I am takin SBLACKWELL93 5 GEORGE815
2/22/21 3:41 P
My brunch. Breakfast burrito, Sargento pepper jack cheese stick, a bunch of grapes, strawberries, an SBLACKWELL93 23 GEORGE815
2/21/21 5:54 P
Today I did a 25 minute HasFit low impact beginner workout. I didn't use any weights. I am so tire FROGROBYN 10 GEORGE815
2/21/21 6:07 P
Sunday is breakfast out day which can be a challenge. Today was an eggwhite omlette with tomato, mus CARRIEB51X 5 GEORGE815
2/21/21 6:10 P
Today is a gloomy rainy day. It is warm enough it is just rain. It is helping melt the snow and ice SBLACKWELL93 5 ALLYLIZZY
2/22/21 1:30 P
Tonight supper is smoked chuck roast that my husband cooked today. Zuccini, onions, and mushrooms. A SBLACKWELL93 3 MILPAM3
2/20/21 8:31 P
My first goal is to get under 300lbs. CHARITYWOODS 7 MALINDAS78
2/20/21 7:55 P
#tech support. Does anyone know how to turn off an ad? My father in law just died on alcoholism an STORMJ0 6 LUANN_IN_PA
2/20/21 3:43 P
Bad reaction of an injection brought my sugar to 522. KATIEPEG46 4 LITTLEFLOWERTC
2/20/21 5:13 P
How can I change my top 5 nutrients that show before delving into the other nutrients? I need to tr NIGHLM 5 NIGHLM
2/22/21 12:16 P
It's been a year today since my sweetie passed away from cancer. Mike was a smoker. I beg you if y DGFOWLER 31 JOYCEHARRIS3
2/21/21 7:25 A
I lost 3 pounds this week 3TIMESAMOM 11 EEJAA70
2/20/21 1:57 P
Well that is a good start to the weekend. I got on the scale this morning and was down 3 pounds. Whi SBLACKWELL93 16 STRUBELISA
2/20/21 6:55 P
How do I turn off suggested meals? IBLAURAMAE 2 SBLACKWELL93
2/19/21 3:47 P
I'm curious - do most of you follow a particular diet plan or more just tweak your bad habits? Pers KARRENLYNN 28 MNABOY
2/19/21 9:26 P
Today I did a 45 minute HasFit Kettlebell workout 💪. I used my 5 lbs weights. Does anyone here do FROGROBYN 12 GEORGE815
2/19/21 3:51 P
Happy Friday! Yesterday was a very emotional day for my family. My grandfather, who was on hospice, DRBENGSCH2021 16 SPARK_MERLE
2/19/21 9:13 P
527 days streak going on. If you would have told i would still be going strong on losing weight afte SBLACKWELL93 7 GEORGE815
2/19/21 3:56 P
So today was interesting. I had to go get my meds today and the drive was lets just say interesting. SBLACKWELL93 3 GEORGE815
2/18/21 5:20 P
Finally able to exercise after 4 weeks. Covid really kicked my butt, and now I'm ready to kick butt. KRISTINALAMBERT 4 GRNEYEDSPANIARD
2/18/21 12:49 A
Hoping that everyone caught in the snow stays safe and warm! HMKITTEN 4 SBLACKWELL93
2/17/21 11:19 P
Message Removed CD27117638 20 BONNIE1552
2/17/21 6:20 P
I feel better. I finally got a good workout in this week. It took my roommate and i figuring out som SBLACKWELL93 3 MDOWER1
2/17/21 4:31 P
#BeforeAndAfter CSEGUIN2 93 ECLIPSED
2/19/21 10:19 A
So today my dogs didn't stay all over me so i could exercise. Well i get my peddler out and start tr SBLACKWELL93 4 GEORGE815
2/16/21 4:40 P
Had fun last night for Valentine's night. ✨❤✨ enjo BRAZENRAINBOW 11 ALLYLIZZY
2/16/21 2:21 P
Oh my goodness it is cold today. I don't know what is going on with my dogs except they might be a b SBLACKWELL93 3 BYEFATNANNY
2/15/21 4:23 P
Looking for some daily encouragement and reminders. As a family, we transitioned to whole foods thi CASEYLYNN951 6 CASEYLYNN951
2/15/21 10:54 A
Pic of my Self-Love Bath, filled with epsom salt, HIGHVIBEHEALING 16 ALLYLIZZY
2/14/21 11:22 P
Feeling lazy & cold today but will really try to hop on my stationary bike later. 😊 SANDY049 3 SBLACKWELL93
2/14/21 4:53 P
I guess i just had a bad week this last week. Mark it done and lets move on. This morning i woke up SBLACKWELL93 8 CLAIREMC65
2/14/21 8:00 P
I am having such an internal fight with my mind and body. It is 14 degrees out side and i am feeling SBLACKWELL93 3 ALLYLIZZY
2/13/21 9:46 P
Hello Spark friends!! It's been a lazy morning. Don't know what is going on with me, but slept till QSIESUE1960 5 ALLYLIZZY
2/13/21 9:58 P
Anyone on here have an air fryer? I’m looking to roast some veggies (winter squash, sweet potato, Br TIME4NEW-ME 4 TIME4NEW-ME
2/17/21 3:00 P
I did really well early in the week about getting my exercise in. But the end of this week is a diff SBLACKWELL93 5 CLAIREMC65
2/12/21 8:29 P
It is a cuddle up in a blanket and cuddle with the dogs type of day. It is 19 degrees f with a wind SBLACKWELL93 3 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/21 2:43 P
The diet is working. Just weighed myself at the chiropractor office. Down 18 pounds since middle of LARETZLAFF 8 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/21 3:54 P
Starting to feel like Spring! 😌 ALLYLIZZY 40 MIAMI_LILLY
2/12/21 8:54 A
Got in my walk today, wish I could have stayed out a little longer, 71 here in Alabama today, 68 rig DARLENEK04 31 WHITECAT19
2/12/21 8:51 P
As I glanced across the posts on the feed this morning and saw all the happy, positive, hopeful post GETTHERE135 8 STRUBELISA
2/10/21 8:25 P
Recommitting to tracking, even though I strongly d CLEARLIGHTCLARE 18 STILLSPARKLEIGH
2/11/21 7:49 A
I had the realization that i have been neglecting my arms and shoulders. I have wrist weights and ne SBLACKWELL93 2 GEORGE815
2/10/21 5:36 P
My heart is broken today. Our 11 year-old dog Henry crossed the rainbow bridge. This photo is from w JLPEASE 196 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/21 4:08 P
Today was another rough day exercise wise. I kept getting interrupted. I did get 30 minutes in thoug SBLACKWELL93 5 ROSESAREBLUE
2/9/21 4:55 P
Why is it that I start losing weight and doing good. Lose a few pounds then stop. Gotta have that sn KDBERRY2957 9 RAMONA1954
2/9/21 9:30 P
What happened to 6 more weeks of winter? CARLOSLAKELAND 27 BARBIEE52
2/10/21 5:57 P
first day of counting calories hopw this works i have tried everything .im 294 pounds and want to lo JBROWNING854 6 19TWEETY66
2/9/21 8:00 P
feeling like im losing all these battles. SOFT_VAL67 8 EVILCECIL
2/9/21 6:02 A
Booked some physio for my shoulder so taking a step to being fighting fit again - I hate injuries!!! QWESTING 4 RO2BENT
2/8/21 5:57 P
2/8/21 6:00 P
Ever have a day when can't concentrate on your work out. It seems annoying and you just can't get it SBLACKWELL93 4 LITTLEFLOWERTC
2/8/21 3:26 P
Sometimes i think my husband is a genius or just smarter than me. I have my peddler and it moves aro SBLACKWELL93 6 ALLYLIZZY
2/7/21 8:56 P
Afternoon, my son just left! First time I am alone since my husband passed away! The Funeral is not BILLIELDANN1 14 TRIMNUP
2/7/21 5:04 P
I didn't gain or lose this week. Which i am kind of glad i didn't gain. It was a rough week mentally SBLACKWELL93 4 ROSESAREBLUE
2/6/21 6:27 P
I am still hurting pretty bad. But i got on my peddler and pushed out 30 minutes. Hurting like this SBLACKWELL93 4 YOGA1973
2/5/21 8:16 P
I am giving myself today to recoup from the fibro flare i have been having. I am feeling a bit bette SBLACKWELL93 7 CHEFGFC
2/5/21 4:37 A
Another down day because of fibro. It is a bit better than yesterday but still very exhausting feeli SBLACKWELL93 10 CMALTZAN
2/3/21 3:56 P
My calorie range seems so high... put the system calculates based on your weight and exercise, right EVOLVE77 6 EVOLVE77
2/3/21 12:50 P
Miserable is my word of the day. Fibro on top of my moon time has made me very miserable today. Movi SBLACKWELL93 5 ALLYLIZZY
2/2/21 9:03 P
I have a question. If I log in foods I've eaten, but also log in my exercise, does this app subtract RWERDJA 5 GEORGE815
2/1/21 6:55 P
I'm starting over this month being a vegetarian is helped I did lose 24 lb and last month from Decem AMANDARENFRO0 7 GEORGE815
2/1/21 6:53 P
Chronic diseases suck!! Fibro has flared yet again. I am trying to keep moving (light housework, etc SBLACKWELL93 6 GEORGE815
2/1/21 6:56 P
Back at it again - tracking everything. Restarting - that’s my plan for 2021. TEALMEOC2013 5 GEORGE815
1/31/21 4:39 P
I hate that i have damaged my body to the point that some days i just can't work out. Today is one o SBLACKWELL93 5 GEORGE815
1/31/21 4:40 P