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Weigh-in today: down 4.4lbs from last week!!:). Super happy and proud! 14.4 lbs shed in total from CLIMBOVERARIES 42 NATALIELOUISE11
1/10/21 4:27 P
Thank you all for the prayers and support. Last night my most beloved Mother....and always my best SISSYFEB48 305 ANNA907
1/10/21 12:13 A
Sometimes hope comes in the form of a care package πŸ’by way of homemade chicken noodle 🍲 soup and a GCWILLI1 22 JANEEZ4
12/24/20 5:23 A
4.2 mi Walk this morning. The alligators acted lazy like they ate too much Turkey yesterday 🐊+πŸ—=πŸ’€ CARLOSLAKELAND 19 GMACAMI
11/28/20 1:34 P
Happy Tuesday! As a dancer, I like to post pics of tutus on Tuesday. #tututuesday REDEEMED_DANCER 30 STILLSPARKLEIGH
11/24/20 7:07 P
Posted a photo 1HAPPYSPIRIT 236 CH9554142
2/17/21 8:32 P
And for the first time in my adult life I’ve reach -KARMA- 228 SMILEY2969
1/11/21 7:00 P
I haven't seen them eat from a feeder yet. They seem to be eating from the ground for now. ALLENJOSEPH 27 GMACAMI
11/20/20 11:52 A
breakfast SHANTY49 3 7STIGGYMT
11/12/20 3:10 P
It's my birthday! CHEETARA79 104 HIPPICHICK1
11/12/20 8:45 A
Good morning!!! Happy 63rd Birthday to me!πŸŽ‰ Celebrating another 4lbs lost last week. Total pounds l UNIQUEMEONE 185 GEORGE815
11/11/20 7:15 P
Today my 101 year old grandmother fat shamed me. I LATINANYC 18 PBVHCCVH
11/11/20 3:46 A
Good morning 🌞🌻. Have a fantastic day πŸ’―πŸŒˆπŸ‹οΈπŸ’¦πŸ’€πŸ‘­πŸ’–. We've got this πŸ’ͺ 1BLAZER282005 38 CHERRYZMB60
11/2/20 9:51 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 21 NANASUEH
11/3/20 11:08 A
scrambled eggs with mushrooms, spinach, and squash. SHANTY49 13 7STIGGYMT
10/27/20 4:03 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 20 JUDYD207
10/27/20 9:36 P
Making a much needed return today. Finally got most everything, if not everything updated. Now to mo LUVLYLORELEI 6 JERICHO1991
10/27/20 12:51 A
New day, new week....moving forward with purpose... ANN-MARIE-104 37 GRAMMYEAC
10/26/20 3:48 P
Good morning everyone been a while sense I came to chat. Happy to report I am officially down 104 lb LISAR421 169 FELICIA1963
10/26/20 7:56 P
The door frame that made me join the night my hips grazed both sides. The night I said yes to me! Th DOUBLELSMOM 54 NENEBFIT
10/25/20 12:22 A
I really hope that this flaxseed oil and cottage c DISCIPLINE1979 12 ALLYLIZZY
10/23/20 11:37 A
Today I'm officially down over 30 pounds since Jan EMBEM92 112 GREG42284
10/29/20 4:24 P
It's been a little minute, since I started my weight loss journey, today is day one!! I am currently JUSMITOYA2010 72 CHERRYZMB60
10/22/20 9:40 P
I have reduced my Diet Dr.pepper from 4 to 1 a day and have significant cut my sugar intake. I'm rea SHANTY49 8 GEORGE815
10/21/20 6:01 P
Good morning spark friends. Happy Wednesday! Have a blessed day :-) CARLOSLAKELAND 32 GOODGETNBETR
10/21/20 10:43 P
It’s my Birthday today 51 DEBSANKS 236 PWILLOW1
10/21/20 8:38 P
Thank you Sparkfriends for giving me advice about my leg! SHANTY49 2 7STIGGYMT
10/19/20 10:14 A
I injured the muscles behind my knee and my doctor said little walking which completely interupts my SHANTY49 6 7STIGGYMT
10/18/20 6:46 P
I joined a 21 detox challenge. I just wanted an attempt to jump start my journey, before returning t UASK4ITDAVE 6 SEBARTLETT1
10/17/20 3:47 P
Posted a photo IMUSTLOSEIT1 19 YANKEEFAN0858
10/17/20 6:02 P
Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing much but below is my cumulative steps/miles for the pastvyear. SHANTY49 23 7STIGGYMT
10/15/20 12:19 P
Posted a photo OLDSKOOL556 38 ROCKYCPA
10/15/20 9:34 P
#BeforeAndAfter It has been a long, long, long journey but I have finally 'made' it. My goal, 2 ye COCOBEBO42 102 ONEDAY@ATIME1
10/19/20 5:19 P
This might be silly, but I keep theese little vase EMBEM92 47 EMBEM92
10/14/20 2:07 P
Our dog got put down :( SLEEPYWALKER 18 ALLYLIZZY
10/14/20 2:40 P
Not all disabilities are immediately visible. Being kind or simply not being unkind should be easy. -POOKIE- 9 CD4114015
10/15/20 11:31 A
Eating at high end of calorie range today. Open-face turkey burger with mushrooms, onions and Gouda. MSMOSTIMPROVED 31 CKOUDSI617
10/11/20 5:53 P
In pain but this to shall pass. Had shoulder surgery Friday. Trying to get some sleep. Good nigh 3863SMILES 21 3863SMILES
10/10/20 10:06 A
52,638 is my top day of steps, I was thinking of breaking that record today! Here's where I'm at so DLBEASYRIDER 14 GMACAMI
10/4/20 5:33 P
I'm having a problem. Ever since I started my diet I've been exhausted and depressed despite eating RYUNRYUNWILLRUN 15 JUNGLEGIRL8
10/1/20 5:37 A
I'm back today. Day 3 on a Covid quarantine. I'm tired of YoYo dieting. I went from 177 down to 139 WHEND100 26 PURPLEMOON1
9/30/20 2:56 P
**New Members, Introduce Yourself Here** THEHEALTHY3 1197 MONA_FAIR
4/13/21 1:01 P
So i have a planner and i put sll my health goals along with my usual stuff and put motivation stick SHANTY49 15 _RAMONA
9/29/20 1:28 A
I got to facetime with my son and granddaughter yesterday...she is still in NICU, up to 3lbs 8oz. S SWALLIS7 161 PWILLOW1
9/26/20 9:12 P
Anyone want to be friends on fitbit.com? TIMETOLOSEIT99 4480 4DOGNIGHT
3/25/21 8:36 A
my daughter turned 16 yesterday SHANTY49 17 ARNETTELEE
9/25/20 6:55 A
Weekly Goal - 2020 - 09/20/20 - 09/26/20 ROCKMAN6797 45 TRUDIP1
9/27/20 12:57 P
9/22/20 12:06 P
Baby steps πŸ‘£ Soon I'll be start doing my 20K stepsπŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ and running πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ LALAP1012 11 AQUAGIRL08
9/15/20 12:01 P
It has been 328 days since I started my new lifestyle and I have lost 81lbs. I have not had a taste FASHIONROADKILL 221 GEORGE815
9/15/20 9:44 P
Well, I'm a little down today. This past week remote learning started in Washington and my son who SHANTY49 12 7STIGGYMT
9/14/20 12:46 P
I can't believe it's been almost 20 years since 9/11. My children were just babies then and even tho SHANTY49 5 GEORGE815
9/11/20 5:02 P
Hi spark family. My dad passed away last night. I know it was for the best, but my heart hurts. TEXASHSMOMOF3 273 1958TMC
9/13/20 1:19 P
Forgot to post this yesterday, which was my offici CATWMNCAT 231 DAVIS414
9/12/20 4:11 P
It’s about being grateful for what we have... NANHBH 21 ROCKYCPA
9/10/20 10:48 P
Another cold dreary day. So far we've gotten about an inch and a half of rain. Another few days with EVIE4NOW 17 ALLYLIZZY
9/10/20 2:20 P
9/8/20 5:09 P
Weekly Goal - 2020 - 09/06/20 - 09/12/20 ROCKMAN6797 49 PEFITNESS4
9/21/20 3:15 P
A little encouragement on the trail. We are amazing! Thank you stranger 😁 TIMELADY23 50 GEORGE815
9/6/20 1:42 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Friday! I went and visited my dad last night. Since he isn’t β€˜ac TEXASHSMOMOF3 68 MLR_00
9/5/20 9:08 A
Done for the day! πŸ₯΅πŸ₯±πŸ˜‹ Hope you all have a great night! SW1992 26 SW1992
9/4/20 6:45 A
So thankful for this community!! Maintenance can be hard... the big moves down are well behind us... STILLSPARKLEIGH 62 GRAMMY065
9/3/20 8:39 P
9/3/20 12:36 P
One of my motivators is wanting to lose the feeling of the folds in skin on my back. Getting there.. _CRINKLE 52 KAY-SUPREME
9/6/20 8:35 A
Hello September! β˜€οΈ Optimism Rules My Plans for the Month! Setting myself up for SUCCESS through pre STILLSPARKLEIGH 63 TREKPURRSON
9/2/20 1:53 P
✍🏾 Live virtuously, give kindly, love faithfully, judge wisely "Open your mouth, judge righteousl JAMESEVER 17 JAMESEVER
8/31/20 7:13 P
Missed the mark #goalfeats MSMOSTIMPROVED 6 SUNQUEE
8/29/20 10:09 A
I've been weaning myself off Dr. Pepper. Today was my 1st day without it. I drank more water too! ANGELAGHATCHETT 5 WHITECAT19
8/29/20 11:57 A
Raising a glass (of watermelon juice) to 120 days of logging my food, pretty rainbows for my daughte LORI-K 51 JAMER123
8/29/20 11:28 P
As a friend of mine said recently, the air feels b SUSIEGETBY11 8 WAYDOWN20
8/27/20 12:25 P
Yesterday I got on the scale and I had gained a pound and a half but this morning I got into a small SHANTY49 5 GEORGE815
8/25/20 6:19 P
Well, my walk took a strange turn today, literally. I was on a new trail, doing my walk-jog, taking BENCHED 12 GMACAMI
8/24/20 11:11 A
Good afternoon spark friends. Hope you're having a wonderful day so far. Coffee, bacon, worship, CARLOSLAKELAND 16 JANS-JOURNEY
8/23/20 9:51 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 86 KKNIGHT66
8/29/20 12:19 A
Time for Coffee #8 SPEDED2 24 CD4114015
8/22/20 10:29 A