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Daily Check In VICKI-B--56 4935 SUNNYSIDE
1/24/20 10:14 A
35 minutes today, a definite improvement partly thanks to good weather. #moveit MAXESWIFEY 5 NOCALORIES
2/26/19 7:51 P
I love my 30 oz. "tumbler"! #h2whoa CLO333 10 1CRAZYDOG
2/27/19 1:42 P
Have a great day sparks friends IRELANDSLADY 6 SISTERPRETTY
2/26/19 6:44 P
i really try to drink my water but in the winter water is my least desired drink. but during my 5K CHANGINGDEDA 2 SKIMBRO
2/26/19 6:42 P
Pretty good on the calories in spite of the pizza and I was able to run again today. Thank you God f SCTT123 8 NOCALORIES
2/26/19 7:48 P
I completed day 3 - and I really didnt want to. #moveit PIANOKEYS88 14 1CRAZYDOG
2/27/19 1:45 P
I love those Tower Isle Jamaican Beef Patties. So popular down here, but they used to give me indige MIAMI_LILLY 30 TMP0418
2/27/19 9:07 A
Did you get all of your Protein in today? KALYN40 211 DRAGON-CHICK
7/30/19 6:42 A
Crock Pot Chat ON_A_DIET 588 CHARNA18
4/14/19 8:11 A
I am someone who struggles with maintaining potassium levels. The suggested amount of potassium int HRHHALL 4 DILBERTA
2/21/19 8:01 P
Your biggest hurdle is your mindset PIXIEDUST04 11 DININA48MN
2/22/19 1:49 A
finally motivated to lose the weight! I will get there!! MITCHIEMAC 8 FREEDOMSKEY
2/21/19 9:10 P
2/21/19 10:42 P
Fresh tomatoes, green peppers, onions and fresh mushrooms with kielbasa over jasmine rice. Thursday MISSYJ0507 12 HELLOHOLLY76
2/21/19 11:31 P
What's for dinner? Baked Coconut Chicken, Sweet potatoes and cantaloupe. It was delicious. I got th QUADCMOM 13 MIRAGE727
2/22/19 7:07 P
Can not believe it my blood sugar was 7.0 considering they were 11 and a loss of 7 lbs things are go SHKAJO50 12 URBANREDNEK
2/21/19 10:29 P
Im starting to track what I eat again and I need some ideas on what I can eat to help me lose weight CWESTER7 6 TOMORROW-C
2/19/19 8:24 P
Carne asada fries. Skinnytaste recipe. Yumo MARIAMICHELLE18 16 OCIKAT
2/19/19 9:32 P
Started really kicking in the dieting about two months ago. Already lost around 20 pounds. Been work JBENDOV 5 MYTURN215
2/19/19 8:35 P
, trying to get back on it SACT88 4 LASOLA1
2/19/19 7:36 P
Everybody seems to be doing Keto I'm not sure which diet to do what's the difference between Atkins SACT88 7 MYTURN215
2/19/19 8:31 P
Struggling to get past my roadblock weight of 52kg. Seems that no matter what l do, l can't get past MONTROSE28 7 MYTURN215
2/19/19 8:34 P
Leg day at gym = Tired, + 4 hours of pickleball = more tired BUT feeling great! TOMSTUMP 5 LORELEI781
2/19/19 7:20 P
Goals met! #goalfeats TOMATOCAFEGAL 6 YMWONG22
2/17/19 11:45 P
Got in a little at-home work out tonight. Having the holiday tomorrow was throwing my schedule off, KMW987 6 RUSSELLFORD
2/17/19 11:45 P
12 #h2whoa down VANIESPARK 7 GIGIQUE
2/18/19 3:46 P
Feeling motivated to stay on track! Menu for the week is planned :) SPRKYMOM 20 ARNETTELEE
2/18/19 5:23 A
In a lot of pain haven't been able to work out for about almost 3 years. But I do watch what I eat a TANYALIN 5 PYNETREE
2/17/19 10:49 P
Hubby did the shopping with me. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ.Went to dinner. TROUTPOUT 9 WHYTEBROWN
2/18/19 10:21 P
How do you guys beat bloat? SAMCURTIS 3 SKIMBRO
2/17/19 10:27 P
I'm new to this! I love reading everyone's posts. Looking for friends with a positive attitude, tips DELIGHTFULLY9 12 ARNETTELEE
2/18/19 5:25 A
Finish the challenge? Tell us how you did! COACH_NICOLE 364 SKIMBRO
2/17/19 10:22 P
WATER CHALLENGE, are you drinking enough H2O? MONDAYLINS 1570 MNGDOV
1/26/20 9:41 A
Letting my muscles rest today. So hard to stick to my calories today. So want to eat a-lot more than SUZANNEE5 7 ALLYLIZZY
2/16/19 8:27 P
Another successful day of water drinking!๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜Š #h2whoa HAPPILY_C 15 1CRAZYDOG
2/17/19 2:55 P
I have finally made it to 1 1/2 hours in the gym!!! GALEKOSSLER1929 4 ALLYLIZZY
2/16/19 8:56 P
Itโ€™s salad prep time!! Woohoo! SPOKENWORD 12 TEENY_BIKINI
2/17/19 3:39 P
Dance cleaning house with my baby girl to her favorite soundtrack: Trolls! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ’ƒ MOMMYWIFEYNURSE 5 TOMORROW-C
2/16/19 8:32 P
Been so hungry all day! I need this rain to go awa MISSYJ0507 5 ALLYLIZZY
2/16/19 8:53 P
2/16/19 9:11 P
16 - Are You Prepared to Reach Your Goals? KALISWALKER 22 SKIMBRO
2/14/19 10:29 A
8/17/19 11:04 P
berries, banana, salad, spinach, cucumber, mushrooms #eattherainbow ALIHIKES 10 SUNQUEE
2/10/19 12:34 P
I Just vacuumed without having to take a small 1 min break from weight induced back pain. Made it al JOY_ALWAYS 10 SISUGAL906
2/9/19 10:26 P
3 bean soup...raided my pantry and used kidney beams, white bean, black beans, and diced tomatoes. A ANNIEONLI 13 TUBLADY
2/10/19 9:31 A
I went to a Valentineโ€™s Day brunch with a ladies group I belong to today and had a great time. Itโ€™s IBSHAUN 15 HOOAH19766
2/9/19 9:18 P
had a gain at weigh in yesterday not happy OTAGOCHANGING 4 LINSEYBAKER82
2/8/19 10:53 P
Feeling strong!! FOREVER_AGAPE 15 TCANNO
2/9/19 3:53 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 2 SKIMBRO
2/8/19 5:26 P
I've now been to the grocery store 4 times and it's become a habit to visit the ice cream and then f LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 12 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
2/9/19 1:59 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 2 SKIMBRO
2/8/19 5:25 P
Posted a photo TREESAP77 22 _RAMONA
2/9/19 3:32 A
Share your long-term goals here! COACH_NICOLE 188 MOOMSHINE
8/22/19 12:54 A
5/24/19 1:22 P
Iโ€™ve lost 5.2 pounds so far, I am currently 242.0lbs my goal is to be 155 or 160lbs. MIKKELSONMLEE7 5 JULIEA7201
2/5/19 5:30 P
Today's breakfast (caprese, blueberry, banana & avocado smoothie) plant based protein MST_617 8 YMWONG22
2/6/19 7:42 A
After 7 odd years I have decided that I am going to go back to karate. As a teen it was something I 21SPONGEBOB21 5 MICKEYF57
2/5/19 5:38 P
Stuck!! Lost 20# 2 years ago and now have been hovering. Canโ€™t seem to break the plateau. Riding r BBQEAGLE 3 GODLOVESUALL
2/5/19 6:24 P
Enjoyed a great one mile walk with Granny ๐Ÿ˜Ž it was 75 degrees today MRSCAT8314 8 DLDMIL
2/5/19 7:57 P
2 steps forward, 1 step back. 3 days on plan, 2 da SHERIHB 2 SKIMBRO
2/5/19 5:23 P
walked 52 min. on treadmill 385 cal. FEB052019 2 SKIMBRO
2/5/19 5:22 P
Watching the game with friends today. F8CONE8 5 PICKIE98
2/3/19 2:31 P
2/3/19 1:48 P
Lunch DASH DIET stir fry 276 calories ENNAZUS176 6 PWILLOW1
2/3/19 4:26 P
Who says diets suck??! #ketopizzacrust #SuperbowlSunday ZIGGYSTARSHAY 11 PWILLOW1
2/3/19 5:06 P
2/4/19 7:31 A
Having a Super Bowl gathering with the family. I had to fix a fresh pot of Collard Greens. I need to FITWITHIN 4 SKIMBRO
2/3/19 1:47 P
2 more pounds gone! ARIELH5 8 YMWONG22
2/4/19 12:53 A
Breakfast with the family PBANDJ83 7 TAICHIDWAYNE
2/3/19 4:00 P
Thought you might like to see the difference that small changes create. Love SparkPeople! #BeforeA ARTSPARK 23 CMESMALLER
2/9/19 7:45 A
8/10/19 9:54 P
Well I weighed myself today and I was up a pound but have loss inches and I am building muscle. I ca JACKYR2019 6 FUTUREFOCUSED
2/2/19 1:42 P
Carrots and celery for snacks. Fruits with lunch. Yummy and healthy. #eattherainbow ALEXTHEHUN 4 MARSHA_LYNN
2/2/19 1:00 P
Went to bed last night at 11pm and got up at 7 am to pick up daughter from work. Laid back down when ANNEBOO 5 ANNEBOO
2/2/19 4:17 P