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6/26/19 12:55 A
How did I go most of my life without this amazing fruit? Oh how I love thee, AVOCADO! AMYJO1967 11 KHALEESIKERRI
6/25/19 5:59 P
I was given a Weslow Momentum 750 Elliptical over the weekend. OMG I need to build up my stamina. A RMCKITTRICK 9 SLASALLE
6/25/19 5:19 P
It’s My Birthday, Celebrating Today! I used to weigh 328 lbs., not the life I wanted. So, I dream PELESJEWEL 87 CHERIRIDDELL
6/26/19 1:13 A
It was hot today. After work I just had an irrepressible desire to run! So I did! Not far, not fa SWEETENUFGILL 22 MINDFULSPARK26
6/26/19 3:57 A
I had a great job interview today, feels like I'm turning over a new leaf! MST_617 23 SWEETGABROWN1
6/25/19 9:35 P
Happy Tuesday! OBIESMOM2 12 KEEPITUP05
6/25/19 7:17 P
I was doing great for a little while there by tracking everything I ate. I lost about 22 pounds, alm BUXTONBARDOT 18 SWEETGABROWN1
6/25/19 9:33 P
Posted a photo MARILYNS71 11 DALLASMAINE
6/25/19 7:06 P
JUNE 2019-Gratitude, Appreciations-PlsPost Here! REBCCA 79 REBCCA
6/25/19 11:54 A
Hey Spark, thank you for the birthday greeting! It was the first thing in my inbox this morning! In JOANNEJI 86 COMEBACKKID12
6/22/19 11:00 P
My boyfriend just shattered my heart. I really am doing so well, eating healthier and exercising por NOTTHATONE 20 NOTTHATONE
6/22/19 11:25 P
I dislike most “breakfast” foods. I can barely choke down an egg, cereals and oats are not that appe MARTINURSE 19 GEORGE815
6/22/19 4:53 P
Posted a photo MARILYNS71 8 GEORGE815
6/22/19 4:52 P
Ran the Bungalow Beach Boardwalk 5 Miler this morning! SUGIRL06 11 DLDMIL
6/22/19 7:18 P
6/24/19 4:14 P
Made zucchini noodles for the first time.... GAME CHANGER! 😍 J9GINGER 24 GEORGE815
6/22/19 4:49 P
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 22 STAR135000
6/22/19 11:02 P
Walking...... so easy..... so good for us. Well sometimes not so easy but good for us anyway. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 21 STAR135000
6/22/19 11:02 P
I feel so blessed to have such great friends💛. Today is my 30th birthday, and I finished the Long I JROCABRUSHPHOTO 28 ARNETTELEE
6/22/19 8:40 P
Good Exercises For Back Strengthening? KSMOMMY79 10 LADYSTARWIND
6/23/19 10:03 P
Limiting sugar = Weight Loss SLASALLE 3 SNUZYQ2
6/22/19 6:58 P
I love to be out hiking with my husband. I just need to lose some weight and get in shape so I can k LESLIEHUFF04 21 DLDMIL
6/20/19 7:20 P
Hello! I am new to the feed and Sparks People Community. I live in Puerto Rico and need to loose a AIXAMEL 47 JOC36BROWN
6/20/19 8:19 P
This is the whole thing... SWEETGABROWN1 9 SLASALLE
6/20/19 2:49 P
Ok folks I need help. I have a family of 8, husband, me and 6 kids ranging from 1 month to 15 yrs. I LISASLAND101 10 MCATLEDGE
6/20/19 3:38 P
😉 A Chuckle for Your Day 😳 This should be a CLO333 20 JOC36BROWN
6/20/19 8:17 P
Transforming 328 to 185 No surgery, No skin removal (people here always ask) Despite my plateau, PELESJEWEL 106 NANHBH
6/21/19 6:50 P
I promised myself when I hit 195 I'd buy myself new, smaller work scrubs. And here they are. Size la NDSTOIC44 203 NDSTOIC44
6/21/19 12:00 P
Breakfast this morning a veggie, cheese omelette and a apple! What's for breakfast at your house tod JASMINE2019 14 BABYBEE8
6/19/19 2:32 P
☕Let's have a sparkly day. RAERAERAE62 16 WOMANOFLOVE
6/20/19 11:50 A
All the wonderful people here motivating each other! JANIMOEN 17 BLONDELLC
6/19/19 1:46 P
Hey guys! I'm new here and very excited to meet others and help me be accountable! I'm 34 year old s STORMYAPRIL02 37 KAS10001
6/19/19 2:24 P
This is so going in my Fitness Journal! NOVMBRBLUE 39 SHOAPIE
6/19/19 12:10 P
It’s been a while since I posted here, working with myself in silence. But besides celebrating summe MPGYPSIE1 77 DETERMINED369
6/19/19 2:41 P
Not my post but thought to share IT here. I've read so Many people saying "I only lost on pound :(" JCMURILLOF 110 DINZEL
6/19/19 2:19 P
Made it to Sunset Rock last night as planned. Love love love. Will plan more lingering time at the t WHIRLEDP 37 GMACAMI
6/19/19 1:30 A
Posted a photo JSIELKE1944 13 SLASALLE
6/18/19 12:21 P
Posted a photo BOWL200LB 38 GEORGE815
6/18/19 3:06 P
Posted a photo ACTIV4LIFE 12 GEORGE815
6/18/19 3:02 P
We walked the trails at the park today. We’re expecting thunderstorms soon so it was super humid. CGARR442 20 FLASUN
6/19/19 4:15 A
Posted a photo NIKOLALALA 13 GEORGE815
6/18/19 2:58 P
6/18/19 4:09 P
😂 A Chuckle for Your Day 😉 CLO333 46 PATRICIA-CR
6/19/19 10:17 A
Posted a photo JANIMOEN 14 MOSLEYG1
6/18/19 5:00 P
Here's my motivation. When it's full I donate it and buy myself something that fits 😊 JDRANCHER 117 EDWARDS1411
6/18/19 6:25 P
Posted a photo J9GINGER 5 SLASALLE
6/17/19 11:38 A
Good morning Sparkers Day 539 processed sugar and gluten free. The reason I post my day Number eve STEEPERSLOUNGE 10 DEE107
6/18/19 12:11 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 66 PATRICIA-CR
6/17/19 2:54 P
Starting my day off right after overeating yesterday with my husband for Father's Day. I'm back and ELISE15615 15 BONNIE1552
6/17/19 4:41 P
Learning this in life 💕 LASTDIET88 13 ALLYLIZZY
6/17/19 1:15 P
Posted a photo TROUTPOUT 16 HEALIN1
6/17/19 10:09 P
"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. And don't write it on Facebook either!! NANASUEH 25 SPEDED2
6/18/19 12:06 A
Did a ropes and zip line course yesterday...still can’t move my arms but it was a great workout and MRSLANNING83 16 GMACAMI
6/18/19 1:17 A
Happy Saturday Everyone! HAPPYDAZ1 11 SPARKLEIGH61
6/15/19 11:24 A
The stark reality and motivation I need to see on a daily basis! It’s so true the only thing standin NOVMBRBLUE 16 SPARKLEIGH61
6/15/19 10:21 A
Beluga lentils on the right. A new discovery. Tiny, firm, shiny black and beautiful. Great for cold RED-LICORICE 6 SLASALLE
6/15/19 9:57 A
Posted a photo JCMURILLOF 31 PWILLOW1
6/15/19 7:32 P
I didn’t want to weigh myself (I was afraid I gained) so I faced my fears and just did it, and I’m s ALLYLIZZY 34 JRDUPREE
6/16/19 11:23 A
Have a great and Sparky Saturday make it Sparky . SPARKFRAN514 8 NANHBH
6/16/19 9:56 A
Finally breaking free from the strangle depression had on me for 13 months, I’m excited to get back KY_KAYLA 13 KY_KAYLA
6/15/19 10:50 A
Interesting lilies seen on my walk. Happy Saturday! OBIESMOM2 27 GMACAMI
6/15/19 7:05 P
Yes I did it I got rid of 50lbs so far. Woah in one day I went from 310.0 to 307.6lbs I checked it t JASMINE2019 207 EO4WELLNESS
6/16/19 2:01 A
Something to think about... NANHBH 22 ROCKYCPA
6/14/19 11:21 P
I DID IT!!!! I finally pushed my back end off the couch for a pre-breakfast walk. (Supposed to be re FOREVER_AGAPE 17 YMWONG22
6/15/19 10:00 A
Posted a photo MSJWALKER52 15 CLO333
6/14/19 5:43 P
Fresh from this morning, ran 2 miles on the treadmill, and broke my sweat stain record lol also now HUFFELPOWELL16 20 ALLYLIZZY
6/14/19 8:35 P
🤩Happy Friday!🤩 🥬🍓Let's eat clean today!🥑🏋️‍♂️🥦 MARYJANE_84 20 ALLYLIZZY
6/14/19 8:36 P
Posted a photo CHEETARA79 17 EO4WELLNESS
6/14/19 5:05 P
6/14/19 8:27 P
Calorie Range Change SLASALLE 5 LE_SIGH
6/14/19 6:42 A
"To the one soul reading this: I know you're tired. I know you feel aimless, confused, disappointe NANASUEH 11 JUDY1676
6/13/19 10:02 P
The weight is coming off! F8CONE8 7 ILOVEROSES
6/14/19 9:35 A
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 13 DEE107
6/14/19 12:13 A
Coworkers brought in gigantic apple fritters to the office kitchen with a “help yourself” note. Not JANIMOEN 13 NIKO27
6/13/19 4:22 P