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It's been a rough summer, with more sorrow than I ever want to experience again. But, God is so goo UESAY1 15 UESAY1
9/9/20 5:08 P
Weight Warriors KALISWALKER 32 HUBBARD9644
9/13/20 7:33 P
Too hot really for the oven... But roasted vegetables are too good to give up! -POOKIE- 108 MADEINBRITAIN
8/14/20 4:44 A
7/31/20 3:12 A
Decieded I need to go shopping again my clothes are hanging and not flattering at all, out with the GRNEYEDSPANIARD 9 JOYCEHARRIS3
7/30/20 6:49 A
9/3/20 4:28 P
I started this journey at 230 pounds. I am 6 months in and 55 pounds down. I still want to lose anot BETSYBOO41 36 BETSYBOO41
7/21/20 4:46 P
Weighed in today and down 4.5 lbs since last Sunday when I joined here Im keeping motivated 29 lbs t GRNEYEDSPANIARD 20 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/21/20 6:59 A
Posted a photo CHRISTOPHER503 8 CHRISTOPHER503
7/21/20 4:01 A
My family and I went back to church today for the JOELLEN69 4 UESAY1
7/19/20 12:45 P
Really working hard to get my heart points up this month, and I'm on par for beating my June score. UESAY1 8 GERRYH2
7/15/20 6:20 A
Made whole wheat sourdough bread today SISSYFEB48 29 TERMITEMOM
7/10/20 9:09 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 TERMITEMOM
7/10/20 9:09 P
Today is my 70th birthday! #mobilechat 7STIGGYMT 168 BRENDA_XOXO
8/9/20 9:45 A
Nick + Me during breakfast (Black hair means bonnets, m'kay?) 💚 CANNAWRITER2020 25 STILLSPARKLEIGH
7/9/20 3:17 P
Goodnight🌛/Good Morning🌞 CATWMNCAT 37 BARBIEE52
7/9/20 3:54 P
Tonight i had tacos with meat that was beef and pork it is 80/20 it was so good i loaded mine with v MCATLEDGE 5 NITEMAN3D
7/8/20 4:31 A
7/9/20 10:18 P
Good Night... Good Morning! CATWMNCAT 25 1BLAZER282005
7/8/20 8:44 A
Have A Great Week...! ! ! HAZEL2278 4 GINNABOOTS
7/7/20 3:01 A
Doing a 100 day challenge and crushed day 1! ZEBLNG 5 MARCIE_ELAINE
7/7/20 2:53 A
Well, I didn't have a flag to wave, but I got pretty darn close with my outfit, lol! Hope everyone h UESAY1 21 CHRISTOPHER503
7/21/20 3:43 A
Posted a photo FOTOLEXIC 51 JEN-JENG
6/22/20 7:49 P
What a great feeling yesterday on Father's Day! 😁 I had this size M T-shirt since last year in July LOOTJE 133 LOOTJE
6/23/20 11:22 A
#newbie Day 14. Did well the first 12 days then got off track for 2 days. TARATARA47 13 _CRINKLE
7/9/20 12:28 A
33 minutes of sweaty wonderful hoopdancing with my new hoop babies! What a great way to end the day, UESAY1 4 NASFKAB
6/22/20 2:42 A
Did you hoop today ? CD23071347 719 SIMMONSCORNER
8/27/20 7:53 P
Sitting here not knowing what to do with myself. My dear sweet husband went to be with the Lord tod LLOURAY 60 SILVAS7
6/22/20 1:12 A
Traveling with hoops? UESAY1 10 SIMMONSCORNER
6/28/20 3:54 P
Lunch today was another salad: tuna with miracle whip (I like it only with my tuna), romaine, yellow NVRGIVINGUP 16 DAWNWATERWOMAN
6/2/20 12:04 P
Posted a photo MONTANADEB60 10 GEORGE815
5/29/20 7:01 P
Homegrown lettuce! What are your favorite dressing LILYHAXX 18 RAPTUROUSRITA
5/29/20 8:54 P
The beautiful gift my hubby gave me this morning for our 40th anniversary! BEEJAY49 69 FLASUN
5/28/20 4:13 A
Does anyone know if / how to use a food processor to make shredded salad mix, like the ones in packa WATERGUYHAWAII 7 1CRAZYDOG
5/24/20 3:26 P
Posted a photo STEPHLOKI 5 RO2BENT
5/23/20 6:58 A
The last months have been rough for a lot of us. Hubby and I are trying to keep the shirt on our bac GINGERMONKEY21 20 SNUZYQ2
5/22/20 3:12 A
Day 1. Excited to start my new journey. I know it will be hard but I know that it will be worth it. CHERRYDARLING06 13 TOMATOCAFEGAL
5/22/20 11:51 A
Question: how do I boost protein intake without overdoing fat intake? Is protein powder my only opt RICAN524 9 CNUGIN
5/22/20 9:23 A
Tried a new cereal and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! 😃😋 SIMPLYKEN32 19 CATWMNCAT
5/21/20 12:36 P
Ugh. It's been one of those days where I just don't care, I'm falling off the wagon and every spoke UESAY1 16 BOOKNUT52
5/20/20 4:16 A
Second heaviest non-pregnant weight of all time. I CONNECT4HEALTH 15 CONNECT4HEALTH
5/18/20 2:14 P
Sometimes it’s like no matter how much I eat I can’t get full What causes that? #Advice MSBATTLE30 5 MSBATTLE30
5/18/20 11:00 P
This was definitely on today's agenda! SISSYFEB48 13 PWILLOW1
5/18/20 6:34 P
Howdy, night owls! Just checkin' in to say God bless you and give you a wonderful day! UESAY1 15 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
5/18/20 8:34 A
TOPIC TUESDAY/ Question of the week -SUGARKISSES- 38 BABBIE175
7/20/20 1:53 P
Just a little wine with some little men😆 L1VEL1FE 18 L1VEL1FE
5/16/20 4:23 P
May 15th in Southern Finland. Ho ho ho! KRISUA 14 CHEIVOUS
5/15/20 12:31 P
Hey Have A Great WeekEnd...! ! ! HAZEL2278 6 SNUZYQ2
5/15/20 2:43 A
#moveit hello my Friends 🌹🍎 Thanks so much for y COMEBACKKID12 20 KAREN_EDMONDS
5/13/20 11:44 P
Saw this today on our weekly outing, lol UESAY1 17 KOALA_BEAR
5/13/20 12:26 A
The boys got me a new bike for Mother’s Day so I can go for bike rides with them. First time in like KIBBGIRL 15 BEDA65
5/11/20 11:48 P
Don’t normally do girly stuff but got my nails done for our wedding today! 🥰 KIMMYP420 118 GEORGE815
5/11/20 7:33 P
Enchanted Ballroom -SUGARKISSES- 671 LINDA!
9/19/20 9:21 P
Hi everyone,I'm new here and will appreciate all the support I can get.😊❤❤ MILLIE_ 247 MILLIE_
5/10/20 5:06 P
Just for *Giggles* -SUGARKISSES- 4 APRIL0116
5/9/20 5:45 A
Journaling Prompts -SUGARKISSES- 4 BABBIE175
7/22/20 10:18 A
8/25/20 8:49 P
5/15/20 12:27 P
F*U*N* Questions (monthly) -SUGARKISSES- 24 CROUCHINGFLEA
8/6/20 4:51 P
I need to stick with it MCOLLINS28 9 GMACAMI
4/26/20 10:02 P
Another fine day for a walk on God's green earth! I hope your day is filled with blessings! UESAY1 12 NENEBFIT
4/27/20 7:58 A
Spark friends please I need your prayers for my Mom right now. My parents live in UK my poor Mom has REVENGETIME40 164 VRAGGAMUFFIN
4/24/20 3:22 P
4/21/20 9:57 P
I turn 60 today! Diamond Birthday😉 On my birth date in 1960 Elvis on a train to L.A. AURA18 140 DSJB9999
4/22/20 5:42 A
Beautiful day! Church and then a 3 1/2 mile walk. God is good! UESAY1 13 NENEBFIT
4/20/20 6:09 A
Speak clearly & don’t panic! DESERTDREAMERS 18 SPARKNB
4/21/20 2:55 A
Does anyone else miss the blue light specials at KMart, or any other just-because-it's-fun retail sh UESAY1 5 LUANN_IN_PA
4/18/20 6:07 P
Roasted Vegetables my new favorite DEEGIRL50 18 EDLEAR
4/7/20 4:58 A
3/31/20 9:22 A
9/6/20 11:12 P
Searching for some normalcy during this time of uncertainty? Look no further! The 5% Challenges begi _WARRIOR4LIFE 8 GABY1948
3/31/20 11:44 A
How is everyone still finding motivation to workout? I’m so down right now all I have been able to JPATENAUDE1215 12 JPATENAUDE1215
3/30/20 10:35 A
Made a huge pot of vegetable soup today, seemed like a good thing to do! UESAY1 7 EEJAA70
10/17/19 11:56 P
Bowling Jokes IUHRYTR 5 UESAY1
7/1/19 12:29 A
Springtime Giggles...Just for Fun! CAROL_31649731 169 CAROL_31649731
4/17/20 12:48 P