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Bonus Points for the team GLORYB83 2273 DOTZ1111
9/18/20 7:14 P
Glistening but 10000 steps done! #moveit SWEETNECESSITY 16 TOCONNER
9/18/20 6:48 A
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 4 GEORGE815
9/8/20 6:06 P
Posted a photo AALLEN0304 13 _RAMONA
9/4/20 1:20 A
I'll be doing my Home Gym Exercise, and then trimming a friend's hair and then cutting her son's hai VDALE4 5 REGILIEH
9/2/20 6:27 P
Goals... TAYGRL 20 _RAMONA
9/4/20 1:21 A
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 23 GABY1948
9/3/20 11:15 A
Good morning from Minden, NV. NEPTUNE1939 5 GEORGE815
9/2/20 3:22 P
R1W2D3 of Barre Blend: Cardio Blend and W1D3 of 10 Rounds. OMG I am so sore 😄 The Barre, lifting GIRLGETTINGFIT 7 _RAMONA
9/4/20 1:19 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 12 GEORGE815
9/2/20 3:18 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 13 PATRICIA-CR
9/4/20 11:22 A
Everyone have a beautiful day! GRANDMOTHER20 11 _RAMONA
9/4/20 1:20 A
Grandmother’s Sharing In September YIGOBUTTERFLY 122 APPEALSTOME
9/18/20 8:34 P
So. I've gained about 40 lbs back in the last year. Probably more, because I've been back on a heal IHEARTHELLOKITT 6 ORTATK
8/29/20 12:12 P
Our Sun yesterday at 5:00 pm very Smoky Sky,here in Sacramento, Ca. Everything is Orange outside, t VDALE4 19 VDALE4
8/22/20 12:09 A
I am so proud of myself I just have to share another before and after... 200 lbs Sept 9, 2019 / 140 CATWMNCAT 153 _RAMONA
8/16/20 2:22 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 7 NANASUEH
8/11/20 10:28 A
Weekend is finally here☺and Remember to take time to love yourself and tell your Loved ones that you GRNEYEDSPANIARD 6 VDALE4
8/7/20 12:36 P
Did the 5 minutes on the bike and already walked 5500 steps. #moveit GLOYNBYW 6 BILLTHOMSON
8/7/20 5:55 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 GEORGE815
8/6/20 3:33 P
Hi all Still the same weight as I was a year ago. I figured getting a PT job would help me stay act CLARE_B08816 6 GEORGE815
8/6/20 3:36 P
Finally finished our New kitchen floor, Love it turned out real nice, Hubby did a terrific job..😊👍 GRNEYEDSPANIARD 30 GRNEYEDSPANIARD
8/6/20 12:00 A
#friendfinder hello everyone I'm new here , just c RIAH52 22 SLIM_DEMI
8/17/20 5:18 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Friday! I met all of my goals yesterday. Food, water, exercise, TEXASHSMOMOF3 46 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
8/1/20 7:03 P
I can’t post a picture of myself in my birthday suit (to day is my birthday!). I did the next best KPINAZ 141 DCHANCE6
8/2/20 9:35 P
Today I'm in the pit of despair, no appetite only tears. HUFFELPOWELL16 6 3BOYZMA
7/31/20 3:48 P
#BeforeAndAfter ST3PH 42 BLOND1E
8/4/20 12:20 P
HI ya'all. The weekend is approaching and I wish you all a safe and happy one. 💖 SparkPeople gran DXTECH 4 CHERIJ16
7/31/20 11:22 A
Alice gave me a big old kiss! Tried to get away, but she got me! LOL She will always be my favorite! JEWELRYLOVER 13 SHOAPIE
7/29/20 9:55 P
Today was wonderful, Hubby and I celebrated our 42 Anniversary had a fantastic Salmon dinner, danced GRNEYEDSPANIARD 12 GERRYH2
7/29/20 6:45 A
A very busy Sunday watching 2 different Church services and afterwards put up a table with 10 free b VDALE4 14 JOYCEHARRIS3
7/27/20 6:27 A
Green beans almost ready for picking!!! LOSEWEIGHT1212 17 GEORGE815
7/14/20 5:23 P
Bonus Points for Our Team -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 225 MILPAM3
9/8/20 9:33 A
7/1/20 7:09 A
Weather at home and wheel spin: CAJUNBUCKEYE59 1354 RAMONA1954
9/11/20 12:42 P
My father-in-law is 86-years-old and lives with us. We have an arrangement. He maintains a vegetable PLUTONIANGIRL87 45 KAYDE53
6/26/20 10:03 P
So I decided to join WW last night! I did that 24 years ago after my last baby 😊 and was very succe RAPTUROUSRITA 32 CHRISTINEBWD
6/24/20 10:28 P
This lil guy wandered up. He is a polish chicken. If no one claims him my hens will love him and his CSAKABUG 14 JULESFORD
6/14/20 6:24 P
Got my 8.6 miles in! SELENACAS 30 GABY1948
5/24/20 10:43 A
Message Removed CD24318490 64 NAVYWIFESKI
5/13/20 8:30 P
Sweet little mom & baby Dove outside my kitchen window. Probably will be testing its wings pretty so VDALE4 32 _RAMONA
5/4/20 2:42 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 22 GABY1948
5/4/20 6:32 P
Thank you so much to my very dear friend who made these and sent me some. You are saving lives Steep HOLLYM48 12 PATRICIA-CR
5/2/20 10:43 A
from my files - fourth 75HEALTHYME 22 JAMER123
4/28/20 11:45 P
Netflix Shows/ Movies APPEALSTOME 190 RAWLESROSE
9/4/20 7:55 P
Post Daily Points GGKIDS7 16793 VAHINA
9/18/20 3:06 P
Oh no ! worst timing ! Found bed bugs in my Son’s room hopefully we caught them on time .!we treated LASTARLITA 12 TRIMNUP
4/10/20 10:03 A
Cooper finding Simon on our walk today. With social distancing, he hasn't seen the kids in a month. TOCONNER 12 COMEBACKKID12
4/9/20 4:59 P
4/1/20 4:12 A
Please be safe everyone and stay in. We’re working hard in NY to beat this pandemic. 123THERESA123 136 WIN2LIVE
3/28/20 11:24 P
3-24-20 After 6:00 pm: #goalfeats *Didn't Eat *Didn't Turn the TV On *Did Something Fun: LORIANNA62 11 AMYINTHEWILD
3/25/20 3:31 P
I am 72 years or age. 3 years ago I weighed in at 297 lbs. I could not even think about going on to BLARSON66 14 NENEBFIT
3/25/20 8:38 A
Daycare closed, guess who gets to spend all day, all week (and probably longer!) with my little love NENEBFIT 32 GEORGE815
3/16/20 9:07 P
Little over a year and down 171 pounds. #BeforeAndAfter EWILHITE74 135 SUZIEQIAM
3/10/20 9:53 A
Daily Chat CD7793680 4225 F8CONE8
9/15/20 6:31 P
Guys... OMG... Had to share... Not only am I to my goal for this month... I surpassed it in a way... MARNALABELLE69 5 _RAMONA
2/24/20 2:59 P
Here I am with my baby, Susie. Just starting to do this diet. I have so much to loose. One day at a MOMWELCH 22 MOMWELCH
2/21/20 9:09 A
TEAM BONUS POINTS...How Many Did You Get? CD16633328 2244 KURTZIE1998
9/5/20 8:29 P
In 7 hours I’ll be shoveling snow😭 JIMIPAGE29 16 GEORGE815
2/10/20 5:36 P
Finally back to the gym after my fall. Slow run on the treadmill and light weights. Feel kinda silly OUTSIDEJOJO 17 GEORGE815
2/10/20 5:37 P
My cheat meal yesterday! It worked out that all 3 kids were away, so we snuck out and celebrated Va MRSMICHELLEMARI 18 GEORGE815
2/8/20 3:18 P
9/18/20 9:34 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! Sorry guys, there is just no way to get my Thursday TEXASHSMOMOF3 35 TOMSGAL85
2/3/20 5:29 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 28 GABY1948
1/25/20 5:01 P
Yay!!! Successfully added my mom as a friend on this site!! Wahoo!!! BTBMKA 4 DAJODU
1/21/20 10:31 P
I am a grandma now!! BTBMKA 34 VDALE4
1/21/20 9:32 P
Snowpocalypse State of Emergency day 5. Grocery st LITTLEMISSMOUSE 19 WIZARDHOWL
1/22/20 5:22 P
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 25 GABY1948
1/16/20 9:48 A
70+ Share a Goodie 2020 KRYS210 42 KRYS210
5/17/20 4:01 P
More foster puppies. Labradoodle mixes and only 5.5 weeks old. I said I was going to take a break fo LINSEYBAKER82 40 AMYINTHEWILD
1/11/20 8:12 P
I ended up taking a 6 week break from the site and working out. My new bowflex treadmill I got my SUPERMOM_13 10 1CRAZYDOG
1/8/20 3:23 P
Grandma’s Jabbers January 2020 YIGOBUTTERFLY 118 YIGOBUTTERFLY
2/1/20 3:44 A
Wishing everyone New Year Blessings and Happiness, Health and Love LADY_KATHY 9 TEENY_BIKINI
1/1/20 3:34 P
Merry Christmas Sparks Friends, My Great Grandson was born Dec.23, Our Family has been so Blessed by VDALE4 6 NEVERORNOW
12/26/19 5:34 A
Merry Christmas from Lily and Keely PCK12J 13 KAYDE53
12/25/19 8:57 P