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Name One Thing You are THANKFUL for today WIZZLEWOLF1 4846 JIACOLO
10/31/20 6:24 P
two words change one JUDYGENTRY 27716 WHITEANGEL4
10/31/20 5:16 P
10/31/20 9:15 P
10/31/20 5:14 P
Share a BEAUTIFUL Smile... --DEBY-- 502 WHITEANGEL4
10/31/20 5:13 P
Name Something You Enjoy Doing? (Daily) CD18035126 35 WHITEANGEL4
10/31/20 5:12 P
Posted a photo MARILYNS481 7 KMILLER31
10/31/20 6:02 P
10/31/20 10:02 P
Happy Halloween!!!! CHUBBYOTAKU 8 GRANNYGOOSE1536
10/31/20 4:40 P
Rest In Peace Sean Connery ST3PH 29 LSIG14
10/31/20 7:23 P
Can I get an β€œAmen” to this? NANHBH 17 LUCKYDOGFARM
10/31/20 10:24 P
Happy Halloween, have a fun day KURTZIE1998 5 GRANNYGOOSE1536
10/31/20 4:34 P
Posted a photo EDWARDS1411 13 SPEDED2
10/31/20 9:31 P
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 13 NAVYWIFESKI
10/31/20 9:55 P
Happy Halloween πŸŽƒπŸ•ΈπŸ•·πŸ˜± MISSA526 10 PWILLOW1
10/31/20 7:22 P
I am really new to moon cycles and what they mean, but today I learned about the blue moon which wil HIGHVIBEHEALING 19 NAVYWIFESKI
10/31/20 9:58 P
My entire tail about to be on fire buy it's good though πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ IMAJUSKEEPMOVN 16 ALLENJOSEPH
10/30/20 11:57 P
Posted a photo DIVAGLOW 10 LIS193
10/31/20 5:17 A
Air fried cod with brown rice veggie stir fry. Tossed in radishes, sweet peppers, scallions, asparag MSMOSTIMPROVED 21 METAFUKARI
10/31/20 8:51 P
Had a great walk this evening! The almost full (Blue Moon) accompanied me! OZCOLON 24 _RAMONA
10/31/20 3:55 A
Happy Full Moon Weekend! The moon in NM. Stay safe, Protect one another (Masks), HAPPY HALLOWEEN πŸŽƒ GO_GAL_GROW 25 1CRAZYDOG
10/31/20 6:17 P
The sunset in California this evening πŸ’« ALLYLIZZY 43 AMYINTHEWILD
10/31/20 11:40 A
10/31/20 10:43 A
10/31/20 10:42 A
homemade Mediterranean shrimp and scallop pan bake RIPLEY7981 16 EVIE4NOW
10/29/20 10:06 P
Enjoy Thursday Evening! BARBIEE52 26 AQUAGIRL08
10/30/20 8:45 A
Portion control πŸ˜‹ leftovers are great! SHADELYNN 15 EVIE4NOW
10/29/20 9:36 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 14 -POOKIE-
10/30/20 4:22 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 18 LIL-VIXEN
10/29/20 10:50 P
Enjoying the beautiful sky tonight! πŸ€—πŸ€— KENNYBARBIE12 30 ALLYLIZZY
10/30/20 1:41 P
Grilled Chicken Breast, Sweet Potato, Spaghetti Squash and Avocado Hope you're staying safe and eati CATWMNCAT 33 DLBEASYRIDER
10/30/20 9:23 A
Made this bread again today....but this one was a gift to a friend! One for her and one for us. SISSYFEB48 37 -POOKIE-
10/30/20 4:22 A
10/29/20 9:29 P
Dinner - Even my turkey burger with cilantro lime sauce was happy with my steps today considering I NAVYWIFESKI 27 DLBEASYRIDER
10/30/20 9:24 A
One big pancake drizzled in boysenberry syrup for brunch ❀️ ALLYLIZZY 31 MAYDAY62
10/29/20 9:10 A
What’s For Lunch??? Leftovers and #eattherainbow challenge make for a BIG TEXAS SIZED PLATE!! πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘… STILLSPARKLEIGH 36 HAPPYCPA1965
10/29/20 10:15 A
Well I have come to the conclusion that right now I really can’t afford to stay on the Keto diet. Tr ST3PH 32 GARDENSFORLIFE
10/28/20 9:02 P
Lunch: Eggs, cheese, turkey bacon, homemade gf bre CLIMBOVERARIES 21 TRINITY133
10/29/20 9:53 A
10/29/20 2:01 P
10/28/20 9:20 P
Shrimp Pasta salad for lunch today! Took care of my craving for pasta πŸ˜‹ I'll balance the carbs ou LILIANN400 34 AMYINTHEWILD
10/28/20 7:45 P
Bfast: apple cinnamon oatmeal. Lunch: gf penne, homemade shrimp/scallop/side meat alfredo sauce. Yu CLIMBOVERARIES 5 SHERYE
10/27/20 2:34 P
Eating the Entire Rainbow for Lunchβ€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ CATWMNCAT 22 RAPTUROUSRITA
10/27/20 9:08 P
Posted a photo AGQUANDT 13 VLRPRKS
10/27/20 7:36 P
Time to get moving! MMORRISON18 16 LINOVER
10/27/20 3:14 P
Yesterdays' bfast & lunch: Chinese buffet takeout. Picture is what I split for both meals. CLIMBOVERARIES 8 OPTICALXILLUSIO
10/28/20 8:05 P
Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again this afternoon. TRINITY133 12 1BLAZER282005
10/27/20 4:58 P
Breakfast, trying to eat one fruit one vege with each meal. 1 apple, 1 tomato, toast with marmite an SLEEPYWALKER 13 OCIKAT
10/27/20 4:15 P
The closer I get to goal the sillier I feel doing updates but this journey never ends. I will keep p DOUBLELSMOM 195 DOUBLELSMOM
10/28/20 12:24 P
Fruits and Vegetables You Like? Emoticon (Daily) CD23469564 49 WHITEANGEL4
10/26/20 10:49 P
Posted a photo HICKOK-HALEY 20 JAMER123
10/27/20 10:56 P
Got to spend the afternoon with the newest peanut! She's just 5 pounds and her whole body fit the le TIKITAMI 24 WIN2LIVE
10/27/20 12:50 P
A favorite quote of mine. SPARKFRAN514 18 NANHBH
10/28/20 10:10 P
Roasted Chicken and Veggies w/ Peas and Avocado Did you eat well today?🌈 CATWMNCAT 22 RREDFORD5
10/27/20 10:33 A
Went camping up north this weekend and got to do a little bit of hiking in the forest... my happy pl JESSLYNNRISH 14 GMACAMI
10/27/20 7:09 P
πŸ’–A last reminder this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Get those Mammograms scheduled. DXTECH 16 ERIN_POSCH
10/27/20 11:50 A
Sleep buddies❀❀❀ SHAKENMA 24 LWLAR7
10/27/20 1:07 A
Fail!!!! Apparently, I used up all my calories at work today? Oops. So now this dinner. ~#%€£*^+!!!! B_RAZORSHARP 40 B_RAZORSHARP
10/29/20 9:09 P
Hi Sparkers 8~) HAPPY-CATHE 26 BARBIEE52
10/27/20 5:38 P
my first ever public progress photo! I've been keeping them for myself because I am so shy I have ne JESSLYNNRISH 121 _RAMONA
10/28/20 1:20 A
Sleeping Better JAMESCL2 19 WHITEANGEL4
10/25/20 1:21 P
Breakfast - Omelette with avocado and salsa, turkey bacon and pumpkin spice cream cheese toast!:) πŸ˜‹ NAVYWIFESKI 22 NAVYWIFESKI
10/25/20 4:36 P
Nature vs walking outside First the local bear scared me to give up walking outside. He is now gone GREENISLANDMAC 6 WHITEANGEL4
10/25/20 12:58 P
Starting the day off with a Happy Meal😊 CATWMNCAT 32 PWILLOW1
10/25/20 3:01 P
First snow of the season in UT KITTENSONG 11 ZTGF04
10/25/20 4:43 P
This was shared by Wallahalla. NANASUEH 28 GABY1948
10/29/20 6:14 P
Have a relaxing Sunday! β˜•οΈβœ¨ ALLYLIZZY 27 OPTICALXILLUSIO
10/26/20 4:18 P
I love this girl's markings! Almost looks like she has a mask on. JEWELRYLOVER 13 STILLSPARKLEIGH
10/25/20 8:48 P
I did what I was scared to do in all of 2020, I updated my weight in the SP app. I've gained 39 lbs WRITING_ZEBRA 40 PWILLOW1
10/25/20 2:58 P
Veggie Prep! Meet my Misto! This little fella is a calorie saver! For those who use olive oil, this SPOKENWORD 13 EVILCECIL
10/26/20 7:09 A
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb Before I get into it here, if the calorie count is too high for you, the X-TINAKETOFIED 38 RDHDINWV
10/31/20 12:30 P
Sunday Blessings, my little dog Tobi is in remission after going through chemotherapy for lymphoma KEEPITUP4LIFE 24 SLIMMERKIWI
10/26/20 12:03 A
8 mile walk with a friend this morning. AMYG5025 35 GMACAMI
10/25/20 8:36 P
A wonderful (and tough) mountain hike - 8 hours, 20.1 km, 32,988 steps and 229 flights of stairs cli GRAVITYFIGHTING 36 EVIE4NOW
10/26/20 12:03 A
have a wonderful Sunday! Be kind to yourself and to others GREYGIN 24 LINDAMARIEZ1
10/25/20 2:16 P