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11/24/12 2:52 P

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Hi Suby and welcome to the team. Having diabetes sucks. It forces you to learn all new habits and to totally change your lifestyle. You have to eat healthy, read labels, take meds, drink more water, and exercise. However, you can't change everything at once. Gradually incorporate changes into your lifestyle and practice them until they become habit. Allow yourself a cheat day every now and then because sometimes being too strict can backfire. They tell us to not make any food totally off limits just to remember appropriate portion sizes and to include it in your daily carb count. I would rather exercise outside too, but have found that I enjoy dancing to my favorite music or working out with the Kinect. emoticon emoticon


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11/20/12 2:48 P

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yep linda is right..i restrain myself by always weighing and measuring my food intake and serving sizes are listed just about anywhere you look yes i eat pizza (the real thing) but i limit myself to one slice as with the party cakes and such i want mine with the frosting roses and from the corner lol me fat all my life it seems last four years maintaining a 273 pound weight loss 378 to105..and i did it here and it has been easy to maintain because i eat from any table i want but i weigh and measure always and record..of course this looks funny while i am out someplace but i'd rather look funny than be unhealthy right now..i carry a collapsible measuring cup in a baggie in my purse and it's up to every one else to 'deal' with it lol
anyway i know you can do it i have reversed kidney failure and reversed d emoticon diabetic retinopathy and a bunch of other problems and i think that is because i maintain my weight now..so start now weight and measure and record and start walking..you may not enjoy it but you will and if you don't have a dog..borrow one and drink the water..and i only weigh in the doctors office so i don't become enemies with myself over the scale
i did it and you can also
always here for you
the lady mary


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11/20/12 3:06 A

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A couple of points:

1.) Most people are so shocked when they get the initial diagnosis that they really work at making it work. Then they get complacent, for some it comes quickly, others, it takes awhile as with you..... So don't worry about that, it happens to almost all of us....

2.) Many people don't get serious about controlling this disease until they start to see complications. How many of us really want to loose a foot (or even a leg) or go blind, or lose the function of a kidney, or have a heart attack, or whatever. Everybody is different and the disease affects every body differently. So whereas I am struggling with my vision, other people have renal failure, as others still something else. The thing is, we have to be aware, and take care of ourselves so things don't get anyworse.

3. You don't have to give up any of your favourite foods as long as you can control your portion sizes. If not then, unfortuneately, yes, you may have to give them up.

Lady Mary does not deny herself, she has a bite of birthday cake or whatever, but she is very ridgid with her treats. I am sure she will elaborate..... On the other hand, many members follow a low carb diet in order to control thier sugars.

Many nutritionists recommend higher carbs than is good for diabetics..... so make sure you test often so you know what these foods are doing to your body. I know I can't eat oatmeal although I love it, but I know it is no good for me, other people can eat it at it doesn't affect them at all. My motto is test, Test, TEST. That is the only way to really know what is going on..... Record you test results and take them to the doctor the next time you go.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

I wish you well.....


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11/19/12 10:31 P

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Hello fellow diabetics! Argh, that sounds awful, we need a cute nickname like sparkabetics or something like that. Do we have one? Anyway, I'm Suby, Type 2 for the last 2 1/2 years, and I'm not living with diabetes, more like against it. I don't really think of diabetes as a disease, but my body sabotaging itself in one more way - like natural tooth decay or aging are not enough. emoticon
Ironically enough, I was okay with the whole diabetes thing for the first year, kept it under control, went to my education class, all that stuff, but the past year, I've just been annoyed with it. I guess I went into the anger phase after the acceptance phase, kind of unusual.
Right now, I'm struggling to get everything back under control. I've been avoiding the doctor's office and the tests because I know I should be doing better; my blood sugar tends to get atrociously high, and I really don't want to get another medication, I'm already on glimeperide and Actos - besides, it took me a month to learn how to pronounce glimeperide, so now that I can, I don't want to switch.
I really think I can reduce my sugar levels and eventually even my meds, but that requires eating healthier and exercising. I don't mind healthy food, especially when it's on top of a pizza, but the problem is it tends to come in large portions and to be accompanied by unhealthier buddies. I can live without donuts or hard candy for the rest of my life, but I don't understand why yummy foods such as potatoes and pasta have such high carb contents, not to mention chocolate!
Also, I'm not a big fan of exercise except swimming in the outdoor pool, so my fitness regimen regularly collapses after Labor Day weekend; the indoor pool is just not half as much fun.
I've used SparkPeople before but fallen off the wagon; now I got a new Smartphone and realized there is an app, so I can use it on the computer and on the go, so I'll give it another shot. I like the food tracker stuff, just wish there were more nifty report options.
Anyway, nice to meet all of you, and I hope we can all help each other in battling diabetes, exercise, and carbs all at once!

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