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10/2/14 5:32 P

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1) I've run 3 half marathons
2) My best time was 1:59:58
3) I started running because I love biscuits and cake!
4) I teach at an all girls secondary school
5) I live in Birmingham UK
6) I mostly like to run outdoors, but treadmills are good too.
7) I would love to run a marathon in under 5 hours
8) I just moved flats and am living VERY sparsely!
9) I love animated films
10) I wish I had started running when I was younger

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7/11/14 12:26 A

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This is a fun thread!

1. I started running on May 4, 2013 and ran my first half marathon exactly one year later. I finished in 02:14:18.
2. I'm running my first full marathon is two short weeks, eek!
3. I bought a $150 bottle of Dom Perignon champagne to celebrate my marathon finish. I've always dreamed of drinking real French champagne.
4. This is the healthiest and happiest I've ever been in my life, and I'm sad I missed so much time and so many opportunities being scared and lazy.
5. I live in Alaska and run outdoors all year long, even in the depths of winter. Treadmills make me sad.
6. I think it's so beautiful here that basically every run is a rave run.
7. I have a pug who is definitely not my running buddy.
8. I have a great spouse who runs races with me even though he hates running and chases me up and down the highway with snacks in long training runs. He's a saint.
9. I have a major weakness for ice cream and will always make room in my diet for a weekly bowl.
10. I run for Girls On The Run, which is an amazing program that teaches girls to embrace their limitless potential through healthy living and culminates in a celebratory 5k. I think if GOTR existed when I was a kid, it wouldn't have taken me so long to be brave.

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7/10/14 1:40 P

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1. My name is Carine and I am new on the team
2. I am 40 years old, but have not been this fit in.... well ever, probably.
3. I work as a lawyer and have a lovely husband and three kids (7, 9 and 10)
4. I run my first half marathon this year in 2:04
5. I signed up for my first marathon in October of this year
6. I have been running for about 6 years, but only the last year I really got hooked
7. I have lost around 50 pounds since April '13, and never want to find them back again
8. I live in the Netherlands (yes, we got kicked out of the World Cup Soccer last night :)
9. I got my first heart rate monitor today, am looking forward to using it for the first time on Saturday
10. When I picked up running again last year I did it with my dad (age 69), who also needed to work on his health. We train apart but sign up for races jointly. We have done 5 official runs together now (10k, 15k, 16k, 15k, HM).

the Netherlands

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10/7/13 9:48 A

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1- My name is Hazel, I'm nearly 29, and live with my boyfriend
2- I ran my first half marathon at Disney's 2012 Wine and Dine weekend
3- I spent the next day in a wheelchair, being wheeled around MGM by my boyfriend
4- I plan on running 2 half marathons and attempting the full Chicago marathon next year
5- I'm a recovering teenybopper. Backstreet and Britney rule my playlists.
6- I have two cats- Leroy and Shannon. They're named after characters on NCIS.
7- My first 'big girl' purchase was a player piano. It came with 100 scrolls of music that date back all the way to 1910. It's a gem and I'm glad I took the really scary financial plunge to make it happen.
8- I run for the American Brain Tumor Association. After losing a friend in 2006, I'm determined to help put an end to such a terrible disease. My running team, Team Carpe Diem, raised over $2,400 for the ABTA in 2012.
9- My secret ambition is to run a race in every state and to finish in Hawaii. I'll be thrilled if my knees and my IT band hold up!
10- I'm a music teacher and aspiring music therapist. I hope to start pursuing my Masters degree in the Fall of 2014.

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9/14/13 4:08 A

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1-My name is Pippa
2-I'm from the UK
3-I hate speed work!
4-I have run 3 half marathons, but I am hoping to run my first full marathon in 2014
5-You can sum me up with one quote from Hitch: "A realist masquerading as a cynic who is secretly an optimist."
6-I prefer running in the rain.
7-Running in the snow makes me feel like Rocky
8-I have never seen any of the Rocky films
9-My favourite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas
10-I think when I run this marathon, I will be a lot like Run Fatboy Run.

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8/16/13 5:22 P

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1. I am Tara and new to this group :)
2. I am training for my first marathon in October
3. It scares and excites me at the same time ;-)
4. I live in a full household with my elderly father-in-law, my husband who works from home and my 2 homeschooled children
5. I completed my 9th half marathon last weekend - a trail one that was challenging and fun
6. My fitness goal this year is to complete a race every month - so far I am on track
7. I started running in 2009 - a very hard run 10 seconds/walk 8 minutes to recover kinda deal
8. I have become a wee bit obsessed with running ;-)
9. I turned 40 last year in the best shape of my life :)
10. We are vegetarian

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6/7/13 10:12 A

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1. My name is BoB. 37yo. Married. 2 daughters
2. Huge Red Sox fan - Red Sox Nation Governor of North Dakota!
3. Newer runner - just over a year.
4. grew up as an Air Force Brat
5. Lived in Germany for 4 years (see above)
6. Fan of Mustangs, mostly classics
7. Been on a health and wellness journey for 3 years
8. I have Heraditary Hemochromatosis
9. Part time Beachbody Coach
10. Haven't runa marathon yet, but plan on it!

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6/4/13 12:08 P

(1) My name is Tammy, I'm 36, unmarried, no kids :(
(2) I do have 2 awesome nephews and a niece
(3) I ran a 1/2 marathon last year but then slacked off of training
(4) I run with my 3 y.o. border collie mix, who has boundless energy
(5) I am trying to break my diet soda addiction. I'm down to one a day and even went one day without a soda last week (that is *huge* for me)
(6) I have a mental block that prohibits me from running on a treadmill. I'd rather take my chances in the ice & snow (someone please remind me of this next winter)
(7) The nicest running compliment I ever got was a friend who was running with me and told me I had nice calves.
(8) I am semi-looking for a new career.
(9) 3 years ago, I lost 83 lbs and plateaued, stopped tracking, and have "successfully" gained all but 3 lbs back.
(10) I'm planning on running a 1/2 marathon in October and a full marathon next May.

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5/19/13 8:04 A

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1. I'm Amanda, 26, married for 7 months, no kids.
2. I've never run a marathon, but I've signed up for the Disney marathon in Jan 2014.
3. The only race I've ever been in was a 15k in March of this year.
4. I have 3 dachshunds, who will never be running companions.
5. My favorite foods are mangos and pumpkin muffins.
6. I drink 6 cups of coffee at least 5 mornings a week. It's more than I really need, but I love it.
7. I don't have any specific weight loss goals right now, the scale makes me cranky. I feel much better when I'm working towards fitness or healthy habit goals.
8. One habit I've finally kicked is drinking soda- regular or diet. Once I started, I couldn't stop drinking it.
9. I love living in Florida, I wear shorts 12 months of the year (though not every day in winter)
10. Other than running my favorite fitness activity is biking.

5/15/13 11:49 A

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1) My name is Pam, I'm a 26 year old mother of 3.
2) I'm going from couch to marathon this year - it's going GREAT!
3) I am self employed and work at home to be with my kids
4) My vices are McD's salty fries, pizza and coke
5) I am considering getting back into wrestling after my marathon.
6) I have 3 sisters but I only really talk to my baby sis (ADRIANSGIRL1019)
7) I hate telemarketers and solicitors
8) I have issues with "no", I'm too nice for my own good
9) I believing in working hard for the things you want
10) I hate excuses and pity parties (venting is different than a pity party)

I am actually getting a large back tattoo after my marathon ;-)

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Someday is today!

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5/10/13 6:54 P

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1. My name is Heather, and Im in my mid 40s. Married, no kids.

2. I have 6 dogs, and a cat. All discarded by someone else, except for one.

3. I have a passion for orchids - and maintain close to 100 orchid plants. Someday, I dream of having an actual green house.

4. I have completed two marathons, and have recently decided I'd like to complete a third. Depression and major weight gain derailed my running for 3 years now, but I am recovering - slowly - both mind and body. Finishing another marathon would symbolize complete healing from that dark time in my life.

5. I have a fetish for nail polish... I have probably 600 bottles, and change my finger and toe color at least weekly - usually more.

6. I tried vegetarianism for 2 years, but missed pepperoni pizza too much.

7. I LOVE live music, and will go to ANY concert - the energy of the crowd and the connection with the artist are intoxicating to me.

8. My inner child still dreams of owning a trampoline.

9. If I won the lottery, I would move to the beach. And travel - mostly to other beaches.

10. I am secretly tempted to get a tattoo - a large back piece - but worry I'm too old.


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2/10/13 7:07 P

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1. My name is Savannah aka TheCrazyMango
2. It's taken me 3 years to lose 100 pounds
3. During my 1 year anniversary, I got a phoenix tattoo to remind me daily of my hard work.
4. I still struggle with emotional eating.
5. I have ran a zillion 5Ks and three half marathons.
6. I have attempted to train for a full marathon and had to stop due to a major IT band issue.
7. In December, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science.
8. As part of my degree, I completed my internship as the leader of a beginner running group.
9. I am a certified as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach through American Council of Exercise (ACE).
10. I need to run a full marathon to believe in ME again.


Nothing worth having is easy!

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12/31/12 11:05 P

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1. I am a new resident of the state of Louisiana.
2. I am the mother of the sweetest 4 year old boy in the world.
3. We are currently saving for a Disney trip trip this summer.
4. I am starting a "Clean Diet" this year for the whole family.
5. I am a lifetime runner and fell in love with the sport at the age of 9 when I ran my first 5k.
6. My favorite movie is Up.
7. I plan to start strength training 3 X week this year in an attempt to avoid injuries!
8. I trained and ran with my husband for his first half marathon.
9. My son ran his first 1000 meter race at the age of 3
10. I have signed up for 3 triathlons and something always comes up....lol

11/4/12 5:46 P

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1.I am a stay-at-home mom of two amazing kiddos (8week old Audrey & 3 year old Jack)
2. I have run 3 1/2 marathons
3.My husband took up running to spend more time with me and now he enjoys it:)
4.Having a gym membership that has childcare is saving my life
5.I am more happy in my 30's then I have ever been...and I am still in my first year of my 30s LOL
6.When I feel like I cant run anymore or I am getting tired I think about crossing the finish line of my future marathon and the overwhelming joy I will feel and it gets me through
7.Running a marathon has always been one of my dreams. I cant wait to make it come true...but I want to do it right and I want it to be special to me.
8.A dirty Martini with blue cheese stuffed olives is one of my favorite drinks in the world...and bloody marys with all the fixings
9. I refuse to diet. If there is something I want to eat, I will. I may have smaller portions but I will never deny myself foods.
10. My family is a HUGE Disney Family

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10/15/12 4:19 P

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I've been in this SparkTeam for awhile but barely post..
1. I've been married for 4 years and with my husband for 9.
2. I love the Southwest, which is where we live right now (El Paso, Texas).
3. I speak Spanish.
4. I ran my first and possibly only marathon in April of 2011. The entire experience.. training, becoming great friends with my running partner, the race, EVERYTHING was amazing. I could never replicate it.
5. I have a far-off goal of doing an ultra (maybe before I turn 30?? I'm 26 now), just to say I did it.
6. I'm the only physically fit person in my immediate family.. my parents and siblings do not understand why I run, haha.
7. As of this coming February, we will have three nieces and three nephews!
8. We have a pit mix that we rescued, and we adore her. She loves running, too.
9. My husband and I want to live overseas someday.
10. I have aspirations of earning my PhD in second language acquisition/teaching someday.

Check out my blog!


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10/3/12 2:31 P

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1. I'm a Canadian ex-pat currently living in New York City (previously in Paris), with my husband and two high-energy kittens (who think they are monkeys).
2. I have hypermobile joints. For example, I can rotate my feet almost all the way around backwards. This is a cool party trick but makes me more injury-prone.
3. I've been running (well, run-walking) for almost 2 years. My goal is to run a marathon, but I need to take it slowly and build up my core strength and base miles for a while longer to reduce the risk of injury. I'm hoping to do an "easy" marathon in 2013 and the NYC Marathon in 2014.
4. I've completed 11 races so far this year and have another 5 planned (including an HM and a 15K). My fastest race pace to date is 8:21 minutes per mile for the 5th Avenue Mile and 9:52 for a 4-mile race.
5. Both my husband and older sister are accomplished runners and racers, so racing is something we do together for fun. I'm looking forward to doing the Healdsburg HM with my sister later this month.
6. I love learning languages. I'm pretty good at French and Spanish, and I also speak some Portuguese. I'd like to learn Arabic and Turkish next (I've studied a bit of both but not enough for them to stick.)
7. My husband and I like travelling. I've lived in four countries (Canada, US, France, UK) and visited about 35. Our next big trip together is Borneo (to see the wildlife and go diving) in 2013 and maybe the Galapagos Islands in 2014 for our 50th birthdays.
9. I didn't meet my husband until I was almost 40, and we got engaged within a couple of months. (I proposed to him on Leap Year Day.)
10. He brings me coffee in bed every morning (it was one of his wedding vows, and he's lived up to it for over 7 years now). That makes getting up for an early morning workout much easier.

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9/26/12 10:14 A

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Hi I'm Nick Palm
1. Husband of 10 years to Jenni and father of a 4 year old boy, Josh.
2. I am a teacher, but currently working on my Master's of Ed in Science Education and a Pharm. D
3. I've been running since 2008 and have run 4 half-marathons, 2 marathons and the Goofy at Disney.
4. I ran the Goofy during the coldest winter on record in Orlando, it was snowing and sleeting during the half-marathon and everything was frozen during the marathon.
5. I love to read, mostly non-fiction and biographies.
6. I own 3 hens (for eggs).
7. My wife and I have raised beds for growing organic produce at home.
8. I really don't like sugar, but I love unsweet tea, I drink a gallon every two days or so.
9. I live in South Florida, so our running season is pretty long.
10. I've been running 5Ks this year and I'm excited to be under 30 minutes in my 5K time. (PR: 28:13 for a 5K.) (PR: 2:10:13 for 13.1)

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9/12/12 11:22 A

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1.) Runner: Kauai Marathon Finisher 9/2/2012, Chicago Rock-n-roll Half Marathon Finisher 7/22/2012, taking it down a notch and running the Nashville Germantown 5k on 10/13/2012 going for a PR (under 39 minutes)
2.) Healthy Lifestyle Adopter; Vegetarian 2/2011, Quit Smoking 4/20/2012
3.) Photography Fanatic
4.) Chinchilla Lover (Other animals included)
5.) Politricks Junkie
6.) IT Sales Person for a Fortune 500 Company
7.) World Traveler; Western and Eastern Europe, South and North America, Hope to visit Asia soon! Just got back from Kauai and Oahu, HI
8.) Bi-Lingual, Native Speaker English and Polish
9.) Constant Student; love reading, debating and listening :)
10.) Social Media Enthusiast

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9/12/12 3:14 A

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1. I love to run
2. Ran my first half marathon in Oct 2006 after 2 months of training.
3. Ran my first marathon on Thanksgiving day 2006.
4. I have stopped running since then, will start running again!!
5. Would like to run the Marine Corp marathon.
6. My happiest moments when I was in shape and did my long runs.
7. I am a imaging coordinator for a cancer clinic.
8. Would like run the half marathon in Vegas.
9. I was born and raised in Hawaii.
10 . Learned to ice skate and played hockey in my 40's

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8/20/12 3:01 P

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1. I am scheduled to run my first Half Marathon on October 7th.
2. I love to run outdoors and use my gym time to cross train.
3. I would love to dabble in a triathlon.
4. I have a one year old black lab/ pitbull mix who I would love to turn into a running partner.
5. I have lost 50lbs on sparkpeople so far.
6. I am planning to run a marathon and I'm just workout out the timing around the seasons here in the great Northeast.
7. My Husband and I don't have children yet but hope to in a couple years.
8. I prefer to do my long runs with a buddy because it prevents me from getting bored.
9. I'm a nutritionist for a living.
10. I'm also a lactation specialist.

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6/7/12 2:08 A

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1.) only been running since march 8,2012
2) ran first half marathon april 1,2012 in 2:15:47
3.) ran a 5k trail runwith my father-in-law in may in 29 min
4) dream would be to run the boston marathon (i know need to run my 1st marathon first)
5.) hope to be able to run a marathon in dec
6.) have 3 kids that will soon be 7,4,2 yrs old
7.) work 60 hrs a week for the next 6 months so hope to stay on track with running
8.)been slacking on running for the past month (since the 5 k)
9.)love to run to clear head
10.) would love to do a mud run

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5/28/12 10:18 P

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Hello, 10 things...I will try:

1. I ran my first half marathon in 2004-Rock N Roll Country Marathon in Nashville Tenn!
2. I have run 6 more road half-marathons since
3. I have run 1 trail half marathon (and it will be my last!)
4. I have completed 2 full marathons (Rock N Roll Phoenix and Myrtle Beach)
5. I have learned that I am much better at run/walk ratios than just running, better speed and an amazing recovery time!
6. I have led several others to complete their running goals through Team In Training (Highly recommended for newbies to the marathon world)
7. I have also completed the Nations Tri in Washington DC (again for TNT)
8. I am about to start running again after a couple years off (with my dog on the beach..tomorrow, May 30th)
9. I used to prefer running alone, then when I started my training group (The Happy Halfers) I loved running with them, now I can do either one and be fine, I learned it is ok to go at my own pace regardless of who I am running with-The Penguin is my idol (John Bingham)
10. I am determined to run another race, and do it in my best time...before I am 50!

Melody, like a song...life is about ups and down and learning to dance to the music in your head and heart!

One tree can start a forest,
One smile can begin a friendship,
One hand can lift a soul,
One word can frame the goal,
One candle can wipe out darkness,
One laugh can conquer gloom,
One hope can raise our spirits,

And...one choice can change your life.

"Mac Anderson"

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5/26/12 9:28 P

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1. I'm a mom of 2 school age children
2. I'm a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband
3. I'm a second year Ph.D, student studying Communication
4. I started exercising regularly in 2004 - I was 30 and just had my second child
5. I was a treadmill runner and indoor cardio addict for years
6. I ran my first 5K in 2009 and it hooked me on outdoor running
7. I've run 6 half marathons
8. I think it is time to begin training for a full marathon
9. I've become less motivated over the past 2 years, so I need to jump start my training
10. I don't like the feeling of not being motivated so I am certain that I want to make changes. I also need some running buddies to help motivate me.

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3/7/12 11:08 A

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Hi Fellow Marathoners!! So glad to have found this team :-)

1. I want to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon before I am 50 (I am 45 now).
2. I am a software engieer in the same job for the last 15 years
3. I live on a farm where we grow food, beef and have our own milk cow. We want to be as sustainable and sef sufficient as possible.
4. I am the mom of two middle schoolers
5. My husband and I have been together for 25 years
6. I love being outdoors, hiking, biking and running.
7. I have completed 5 marathons,my best time was 4:51 in 2008 in Portland OR, have to shave off 1hr and 20 minutes to get into Boston!
8 My best runs of late are 5K at 8min11sec pac and 11mile run at 9min pace.
9. I would LOVE to find a virtual training partner
10. I love SparkPeople

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2/20/12 4:44 P

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Hey all! I'm new to the team but not to SP, just been slacking for a while! :)

1. I finally ran my first marathon in Nov @ Charlotte's ThunderRoad and swore I would NEVER do another...that wore off when the soreness wore off! lol
2. I was a cross country/track runner all through high school and went to junior college where I ran cross country for 2 years.
3. I'm a Certified Athletic Trainer going on 8 years and that drives me to stay in shape because otherwise I'd feel like a hipocrit to my athletes!
4. I just got remarried this past May to a guy who brings out the competitive side of me and doesn't just let me win.
5. I've done 5ks, 10ks, 15ks, half marathons, a marathon and a sprint triathlon and I think thats as high as I plan to go....no real desire to do ultras or ironman's
6. Swimming is my favorite cross training activity while biking is my least.
7. I'm an avid reader.
8. I LOVE creamy peanut butter...i could eat a whole jar in one sitting with just a spoon (gross I know lol)
9. My husband and I love to travel...Bora Bora being our most exotic trip and New York city being the place we frequent most. Hoping for California wine country this fall!!
10. I also love to cook, drink wine, and have a horrible addiction to pinterest!

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2/12/12 11:28 A

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Hi! New to the team, but not new to Spark.

10 things about me:

1. I've lost 80 pounds and have found running. I love running!

2. I ran my first marathon last May, and while I was proud, declared that it would be my last. And now I've registered for my second marathon, which I will run in May. Never say never!

3. I have three kids. My 17-year-old is studying abroad in Belgium. My two youngest are 12 and 10.

4. My twelve year old is autistic, so many of the decisions I make in life revolve around what is best for her.

5. I just started being serious about strength training. I want to be strong and toned.

6. I am an early childhood teacher. I've taught kindergarten, preschool, and 1st grade. Currently I'm the Coordinator for Early Intervention (babies birth to three with developmental delays).

7. I love to read.

8. I love live music. And music in general.

9. I have a goal to learn to swim (I can get around in the water but not right, and not fast). Maybe a tri? Baby steps.

10. When I travel I love to eat at obscure, non-chain funky places (not chain restaurants) where the locals eat.


Upcoming Races: Bluff Balloon Chase 5k, Canyonlands Half Marathon, Huff To Bluff Half Marathon, Thelma and Louise Half Marathon, Ragnar Wasatch Back

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1/27/12 6:03 A

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I'm new to this team, but I've been on SP for about a year.
10 Things About Me
1. I've only been running for 2.5 years
2. My first run was a 10k
3. I started out training for a Half, but after my10 mile run I switched to a full
4. My favorite run was one out on a back road as night fell and huge, fluffy snowflakes made everything look like a snow globe.
5. I'm studying for my personal trainer certification
6. I write plays and books
7. I love teaching theater to middle school students
8. I'm a Zumba instructor, and it has completely changed my life. Love helping others get fit!
9. I like to blog about my runs and what I've learned from them.
10. I am still trying to figure out pre/post run eating!!

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1/24/12 12:31 P

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My name is Amber & I've been on SP for just about 3 weeks.

10 things to know about me...

1) I ran Varsity XC & Track for 4 years in high school. I used to be able to run a 5:50 mile.
2) Took up smoking for 10 yrs : ( But quit 7 yrs ago
3) Ran my first and only 1/2 marathon 4 yrs ago
4) Just put in my application for the NYC Marathon a couple weeks ago..fingers crossed I get picked in the lottery.
5) My favorite running partner used to be my Boston Terrier but she's getting older so now I run with our Shepherd/Pit mix named Zero.
6) I love early morning weekend runs when the rest of the world is still sleeping.
7) I love snowboarding, cycling, hiking
8) My favorite smells are the ocean, lavender and rain
9) I wear a lab coat everyday for work & make beverages for a Flavor house
10) I'm a newlywed....married my best friend of 7 years in June 2011

Very excited to be on SP...I love all the support!

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Amber - EST New Jersey

****Strong Trumps Skinny****

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1/20/12 11:36 P

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1. I have been on Spark since October 2011 but only active for about the last month
2. I have run 6 marathons and about 30 halfs (The half is my favorite distance and i plan to run as many as i can)
3. I am 47, married with a little boy who just turned 7.
4. I love a glass of red wine the night before a big race (oops)
5. I listen to lady gaga on my ipod along with the black eyed peas
6. I just got a XBox Kinect for Christmas and my favorite cross training is Dance Central and Zumba
7. I love to ski!
8. My mall is the thrift store
9. My favorite running partner is Elvis, he is a 4 year old cocker spaniel mix
10. I would love to do an ultra distance one day, maybe when i am old and i have nothing but time to train for one

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If we all did the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves.

Thomas Edison

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1/17/12 2:01 P

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My 10 Things:

1. I've been on spark since Jan of 2009.
2. I've lost 105 pounds
3. My first half marathon was in August of 2009
4. My new year's resolution is to run a FULL...I signed up for Grandma's in June!
5. I'm a DJ at a top 40 radio station
6. My favorite movie is "The Usual Suspects"
7. Besides running, I enjoy Zumba and circuit training at our YMCA
8. I'm looking into becoming a group fitness instructor
9. On Sunday, I started P90X
10. I'm married and have 2 small children.


~Fitness isn't about a crunch or a push up, it's about taking your power back. - Jillian Michaels

~A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Confucius

~Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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1/8/12 9:25 A

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Ten things about me:

1. I've been on Spark since 2008 but very inconsistently.
2. I've been running for more than 10 years, but no more than 5 miles at a time.
3. I'm running my first half marathon in April, and my first full May 20 in Cleveland.
4. I have one dog, Athena, who is 13. I'm thinking seriously about getting a cat.
5. I'm crazy passionate about rescue animals.
6. My diet is health neutral. I don't eat chips or go crazy on candy, but I don't particularly care for fruits and vegetables either.
7. I own a gelato shop
8. I love to travel. The goal is to go to Iceland this year.
9. My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years.
10. I'm 27.

Good luck everyone!

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1/5/12 11:45 P

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I've never heard of anyone not liking cherries!! Aren't they one of the top 10 yummiest things in the whole entire world! ha ha ha
All the best with your running and your health and I hope you never experience really bad turbulence whilst up in a plane - that can be a tad freaky!
Happy new year to you!!

PS this was meant for Trail Guy but I'm not sure how to do it!!

Ten things about me while I'm at it:

1 - Running 10 years - first marathon this fall - goal under 4 hours.

2 - I've run 6 half marathons and many shorter races.

3 - Did 4 Sprint triathlons and placed in my age category (the older you are the easier it is ha ha ha)

4 - I don't know how to use the Spark Team Pages.

5 - Love Spark Recipes

6 - Love animals but have no pets.

7 - I live in a place that is cold almost all year round and dream of tropical places year round!

8 - Positive person who loves to eat (especially healthful foods) and loves to move and am thankful for that! Makes staying fit so much easier!

9 - Wish folks could respond to individual's comment right here without creating a new thread. Anyone know if we can?

10 - Wishes everyone a healthy and happy 2012 - running easy and injury-free!

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1/2/12 10:32 P

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I'm not new to the team, but I've been lurking for quite awhile. Here's my 10...

1. I started Sparky Marathoners in 2006 when I was training to run the Portland Marathon. At the time, it didn't seem that there were many people running distance races on Spark, so I started my own team. Many thanks to TAMTAM64 and HEALTHYCHIC for keeping it going.
2. I have run one full marathon, nine halves and a bunch of 5K's.
3. I have three daughters, ages 18, 16 and 11.
4. I will be running a half marathon on my 40th birthday (February 26th).
5. I plan to run another full before the end of 2012.
6. I live in Seattle.
7. I teach 4th grade.
8. I have over 100 pounds to lose. 60 are pounds I found again after my first attempt at Spark.
9. I want to be an active member of this team again.
10. I love cheese.

North Bend, WA
I run because I don't have to.

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1/1/12 5:43 A

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1. I am new to this team!
2. I have run one marathon, 4 halfs, done a few sprint triathlons, and multiple 10, 5 Ks - and I still can not lose that 10 lbs!!!
3. I live in Turkey!
4. Currently training for a marathon in Mar -Antalya, Turkey.
5. Spend my summers in Jax FL.
6. I have 4 boys!!
7. I teach yoga.
8. I am an engineer by trade, just retired from the Navy after 22 years, and now teach yoga and contract at our Embassy here in Turkey (and raise my 4 boys!! ages 6 -13!).
9. I love living overseas!!
10. I have been trying to lose that last 8-10 lbs for over 5 years!! Won't budge!!!

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12/28/11 12:38 P

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1. I was born in New Orleans
2. I love running
3. I once weighted over 200lbs
4. I love traveling
5. I'm not on facebook
6. I'm in the best shape of my life
7. I will complete a full marathon before the age 40
8. I'm a tri-athlete
9. Diehard Saints Fan
10. I've been a Sparker since April 2007

Edited by: TESS504 at: 1/10/2012 (12:04)
The pain of SELF-DISCIPLINE will never be as great as the pain of REGRET

What we think or what we know or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do."

12/23/11 1:01 P

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1) I want to run the 2013 Chicago Marathon, but I have a long way to go (for starters save up for some decent running shoes- now I use a $10 Walmart pair and I am afraid to run a long distance in them).
2) I am a 25 year old college graduate, but I have gone back to school to become a dietitian.
3) I am Canadian, but live in Illinois.
4) I am a very passionate person.
5) I speak English and Spanish.
6) I love to cook, but rarely use a recipe.
7) I am writing a novella and also write poetry.
8) I LOVE dancing. I met my boyfriend in a ballroom dance class.
9) I love mythology.
10) I really want to learn to speak Farsi (Persian).

12/15/11 9:43 P

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Hi everyone, 10 things about me:

1. I ran my first half marathon last Saturday in Walnut Creek.
2. If I didn't like sweets so much, I'd be my ideal weight.
3. Besides running I used to love dancing the Argentine tango.
4. Autumn is my favorite season; it's when the trees blush while dropping their leaves.
5. Other than cappuccinos, margaritas are a mighty tasty drink.
6. I want to run my first marathon next year when I turn 60.
7. I love to cook and I'm especially good at baking pies.
8. I grew up in L.A. and my first job was as a receptionist for American Express.
9. When I was a child I dreamed of being a ballerina.
10. I write short stories as a hobby.

When running up a hill, it is all right to give up as many times as you wish—as long as your feet keep moving. – Shama Morita, M.D.

It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end. – Ursula K. LeGuin

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12/11/11 10:23 P

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10 things about me ....
1) I am short, 5'0"
2) I teach an Early Entry Program for special needs kids
3) I was in the same grade 3 class as my now husband
4) If I wasn't a teacher, I would want to be a chef. Not in a restaurant, but perhaps my own catering business.
5) I started running to lose weight. I could not run for more that a minute at a time.
6) I ran my first marathon in August of this year!
7) I am currently training for a half marathon in February and then will be focusing on my second marathon next August.
8) I enjoy playing video games with my husband. We are currently playing a shooter in a game called Borderlands.
9) I also enjoy movies, television shows, and books about zombies. I even have a zombie head cookie jar.
10) I am going to the World Juniors Hockey Championship in Edmonton after Christmas

I believe in redefining my impossible - Nike kirstdoeslife.tumblr.com/

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12/5/11 12:34 P

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10 things about me ....
1) I only use one eye to see.
2) My favorite color is purple.
3) I am a huge Disney fan.
4) I used to hate running. Now I love it.
5) I'm a librarian at an elementary school (new hire, yeah!)
6) I have a twin, but no one can meet him/her.
7) I lived in Colorado for over half my life but have never been skiing/snowboarding.
8) I met my husband while working for a boy scout camp.
9) My favorite things to photograph are flowers, scenery or my kitties.
10) I talk way to much and act younger than I am.

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11/18/11 12:11 P

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So excited about this group! Here are my 10 things:
1.) I have run 2 half marathons (never a full)
2.) I plan to run the Lincoln Marathon in May
3.) I ran in college-but 400 meters and 26.2 miles are VERY different!
4.) My little boy is 7 years old
5.) My husband and I have been married for 12 years
6.) I work for a Chiropractor and think free adjustments are the best thing ever!
7.) I love coffee-but it must be strong and smooth-Starbucks espresso roast is my fav
8.) I lift weights and do yoga too, not because I enjoy it, but because it keeps me from getting injured so that I can keep running!
9.) I love going to the movies with my son
10.) I love Jesus with all my heart!!!!

11/10/11 1:45 P

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New Here! 10 things about me:
1. I'm 34 - I always wanted to run a marathon by the time I was 40, and just figured I'm better off doing it sooner rather than later!
2. I am surrounded by men at work and at home - 2 boys, 4 and 18months. Even my cat is a boy!
3. I've run several half marathons
4. Running is my anti-anxiety medication
5. I tried to train for a triathlon and hate swimming for sport
6. I've lived in the same town my whole life
7. I work in finance and have my MBA
8. The only time I get to see my friends is during our runs, usually EARLY morning runs
9. I love running b/c it is the only thing in my life I have complete control over! My effort = My results
10. My guilty pleasures include wine, Real Housewives of Anywhere, and coffee

Feel the fear & do it anyway! ~ Susan Jeffers

11/9/11 9:16 A

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Hi! I'm new here. Ten things:

1. I just started running in May 2010.
2. I ran my first race (15K trail race) in May 2011.
3. Since then, I've run seven races, two of which were half marathons.
4. I plan to run my first marathon -- the Flying Pig -- in Cincinnati this coming May.
5. I turn 40 in January, and my goal is to be in the best shape I've ever been in before.
6. I love the outdoors: hiking, kayaking, camping, etc.
7. I'm crazy about dogs. I have two of my own that I rescued from a shelter.
8. I volunteer for two animal rescue organizations.
9 I love to read. So far this year, I've read nearly 70 books.
10. I don't watch much TV, but I do love "A Game of Thrones" and the books on which it is based.

"Just be yourself; everyone else is already taken." -- Oscar Wilde

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11/8/11 8:35 A

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Ten things:

1) I have run two half-marathons, but not for a long time.
2) I have a greyhound I adore.
3) I just started running again and have a plan to complete a marathon next year in my hometown.
4) I love SparkPeople's "map my route" feature.
5) I hate cheesy music, but I love listening to it when I work out.
6) Hot humid weather makes me want to move to Antarctica
7) I once ran a race in over 100 degree weather. A crazy day, but an interesting experience.
8) I attended an adult running camp several summers ago. Lots of fun.
9) I run solo, but if I could find someone as slow as me, I'd run with a partner.
10) I am a vegetarian who is currently exploring veganism.

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10/25/11 5:26 P

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Ooops...not sure how I made a new post, not sure how to delete it!

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"I just felt like running." Forrest Gump

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10/25/11 11:57 A

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Hey all i am new to the team and thought i would share 10 things about me to break the ice.

1. I live in the UK
2. I am scared of flying (have flown in the past, not a great experience)
3. I have a pet miniature Jack Russel.
4. My favorite film is Despicable ME
5. I cant stand Cherry's Or Kidney Beans.
6. I suffer from OCD and i am world class procrastinator.
7. I once kicked a ball through a basketball hoop from the other end of the court (never been able to do this again).
8. I hate commercialism an greed.
9. I am a wanna be Buddhist (my lack of compassion kinda lets me down, but i am working on it).
10. I love my family more than anything else (well there maybe on the same level as my running :).

Anyway hi everyone.

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10/15/11 8:53 A

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Hi! Here are 10 things about me that you might be interested to know.
1. I am new to running but love it! I started Sept. 11th and ran in a 5k a month later. It is my goal to run/finish marathons.
2. I am a computer teacher in a small school district in Waupaca, WI. I have my masters degree in Technology in education from Lesley University.
3. I am married almost 25 years. I have twin sons who are 22- graduates of UW-La Crosse and a daughter who is attending that same university now. We are empty nesters.
4. I love to go on trips. My mom, daughter and I went to Costa Rica this past summer for 10 days and my husband and I are headed to Guatemala for a similar trip this upcoming June.
5. I hardly ever watch tv. My husband watches while I am on my computer. I like late night talk shows like Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report but go to bed too early to watch them.
6. I am a public radio junkie.
7. My favorite season is summer and not just because school is out. I live in the wrong state because warm and even humid weather is my favorite. I would do great living in the tropics- perhaps Hawaii :)
8. I stayed at home with my kids for 10 years before going back to teaching. It was a luxury and the best thing I have done. With one income, money was tight (one car, no vacations...) but I was resourceful and we worked it out.
9. I had a art business for 5 years when my kids were little. I used an acetylene torch and recycled tin cans to make luminaries. I did many shows all over Wisconsin.
10. I love to do home remodeling projects- tiling, painting, landscaping- you name it.

La Crosse Half Marathon 5/6/12 2:09:17
Wildcat Half Marathon 7/28/12 2:13:31
Twin Cities Marathon 10/7/12 4:40:05
Lettie's Central Waters River Run 5 mile 10/13/12 48:10
Eastbay 5k Turkey Trot 11/22/12 28:47
YMCA Frostbite 10 mile 12/1/12 1:41
Arizona R'n R 1/20/13 4:58:59
Festival Foods Grandad Half Marathon 5/4/13
Minneapolis Color Run 5K 7/14/13

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10/13/11 7:34 P

My SparkPage
I'm new too, and what better way to tell more about me (hope I can come up with 10 things LOL!)

1. I've been pretty much a life long exerciser, off and on runner (more off than on).
2. I started running seriously in March of 2010, at the age of 46
3. I'm a nurse and earned my Master's Degree in Health and Wellness Promotion in 2010
4. I have 4 kids ages 20 down to 9, have been married a little over 21 years. I was home full time with my kids for 13 years, with no regrets whatsoever.
5. I used to be a vegetarian, kind of go in and out of that it seems. Currently not.
6. In my early 20s I lived in Boulder Colorado (hippie town) and went to anti-nuke protests LOL! Still an earth muffin at heart :)
7. I'm a homebody, and would rather spend time with my husband and kids than anything else. Not much of a 'girls night out' girl, would FAR rather have a date night with hunky hubby :)
8. I listen to heavy metal and classic rock when I am running, love Metallica.
9. My daughters and I are Broadway/theater geeks. Oldest daughter is a theater major in fact.
10. I would love to do a destination marathon some day, but am still pretty busy at home with kids.

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"I just felt like running." Forrest Gump

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10/11/11 2:19 P

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Hello everyone! I'm new to the group and thought I'd use this as a way to "introduce" myself:
1. Until October 2010 I'd never run more than a mile. I'm 46 years old
2. My original goal was to run just one 5k, but I've done two, a 10k a 10miler and two half marathons in 2011 with one more scheduled in November. I also had the privilege of running in Vienna, Austria and Moscow, Russia.
3. I hope to run my first marathon in April 2012.
4. I have two children in their early 20s. They refuse to run with me b/c they hated track in school, but they're proud of me.
5. I've been in a hot air balloon, sky diving, and enjoy international travel.
6. I love to write but find I have little time for it.
7. When my son graduates from college, I'm going to enroll. My goal is a master's degree in cultural anthropology.
8. Although I love to read and have lots of books, I've rarely completed a book from cover to cover.
9. I want to run a half or full marathon in Europe within the next couple of years.
10. My favorite vegetable are beets. :)

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10/6/11 11:17 P

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It is my Dream, my Goal, my All, my Desire, my Peace, my Smile, my Future, my Picture, my Thirst, my Itch - and that's 10 - to run a Marathon. Welcome me? Am I among strangers or like-minded souls?

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9/26/11 3:26 P

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1. My middle name is really Sundae
2. I love tattoos and I am working on my first half sleeve (I have 4 tattoos total).
3. I am married to my high school sweetheart (we've been together 18+ years).
4. I am the youngest of 5 girls.
5. I have lost over 120 pounds with Weight Watchers.
6. I ran my first half marathon in March of this year.
7. I am training to run my own marathon this January 2012.
8. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
9. I hate winter.
10. I love NASCAR.

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8/28/11 8:08 A

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1.Started running in 1984 when i was 27 years old
2.Ran my first marathon in 1985
3.Have run 21 full marathons
4.My pr is 3:34:27
5.Have run many half marathons
6.last December ended up with a bad hamstring injury after taking a fall
7.Most recently finally back to running
8.Plan on running a half in october the Whistle Stop in Ashland Wisconsin
9.Been with my wife for 25 years
10.Married 24 years,got married on my birthday we are planning our 25th wedding anniversary renew our vows in a church

"The race isn't always won by the swiftest, but to those who keep running."


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8/27/11 4:54 P

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1. I never thought of myself as a runner until I turned 40 and got harassed into running my first 5K.
2. One year later, I ran my first and second half marathons two months apart.
3. Two months after that I competed in my first ever triathlon.
4. I plan to run my first full marathon next June (2012)... two years after I began running.
5. A full marathon used to be the 'monster' at the end of my athletic bucket list.
6. Now I plan to train for and complete the 2013 Coeur d'Alene Ironman! That is the new 'monster' on my bucket list!
7. All this running and cross training has not helped me 'lose weight', but it has helped me gain LOTS of muscles!
8. My greatest weakness is a lack of control where sweets are concerned. I have to learn to get that under control.
9. I am a wife, mother (of 3), teacher, artist... and ATHLETE!
10. I never saw myself as an athletic person... now I can't imagine why I wasted so many years failing to take care of myself!

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8/11/11 9:32 A

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Hmm...10 things... TEN WHOLE THINGS.....

1. I will be running my first marathon in May; I started training 3 days ago. Wish me luck.
2. I love to swim. I'm a friggin' fish.
3. I'm an up-and-coming seamstress/leather worker/book binder. My shop is called the Phantastique Phoenix.
4. I love chinese food, and indian food, and sushi. Especially sushi.
5. I love animals. I grew up raising anything that showed up on the doorstep as well as breeding german sheperds and rottweilers.
6. My older brother was my best friend for most of my life. I still see him with a little hero worship. But dont tell him.
7. My boyfriend of 1 year+ and I moved in together a little more than a month ago. So far so good.
8. I love tattoos. I have tattoos.
9. I'm attending college for my major in English and a minor in Entrepreneurial studies.
10. I could only come up with nine things.
11. Ten was a lie: I love to cook.

"Not all who wander are lost." -Author Unknown

"It's the journey that's important, not the getting there!" -John McLeon

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." -Henry Ford

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